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EN: Always the centre of attention ♥️ // PT: Sempre o centro das atenções ♥️ at Heim Cafe

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What's your shopping list for today? •Rice •Hand picked honey beans •Ijebu Garri •Low fat chicken •Fresh eggs •Gizzard •Beef •Cow leg •Cleaned Tripe(shaki) •Soft Tendon (ishan) •Cow skin (ponmo) •Groundnut oil •Yaji •Honey .. .. .. Please send us your orders via our WhatsApp link in bio or DM. .. .. Delivery from #600 (depends on location). .. .. .. #foodvendor #foodblogger #rawfoods #madeinnigeria #rice #honeybeans #ijebugarri #chicken #smokedchicken #assorted #stew #eggs #gizzard at M.K.O Abiola Gardens

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Good luck finding a better breakfast dish in Philly than @parcrittenhouse’s Polenta And Eggs Basquaise (poached eggs, piperade, Rosetta de Lyon)🍴 at Parc

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Nasi goreng🍚 @mr.chowbilaspur . Nasi goreng, literally meaning "fried rice" in Indonesian, is an Indonesian rice dish with pieces of meat and vegetables added. This fragrant rice dish with Grilled chicken🍗, Crunchy Peanut🥜 Sauce and shredded omelette🍳 is the ultimate comfort food for Indo-Chinese lovers. 🕰PREP: 25 MINS 🍽SERVES 2 - 3 🤑PRICE: 230/- Only. . ADDRESS:📌Mr. Chow, Srikant Verma Marg, Bilaspur. . Follow @bilaspurcuisine Meet , Greet & Eat. . #tuesday #chinese #chinesefood #indochinese #grilledchicken #peanut #sauce #meal #rice #eggs #foodstagram #nomnom #chefmode #foodie #foodgram #foodporn #foodgasm #foodblogger #zingyzest #bilaspur #bilaspurcuisine #indianfoodbloggers #eatingfortheinsta #igdaily #igers #likeforlikes #followme #photooftheday at MR.CHOW

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The key to controlling cravings and mindless eating is all about two things. First, eating food you actually enjoy. There’s a big difference between being full and being satisfied, and if you don’t truly enjoy what you’re eating, you’ll keep craving more. And second, eating food that balances your blood sugars aka balanced meals with fiber, protein and healthy fat (bonus for leafy greens 🥬 ). There are tons of meals, smoothies, snacks you can make using this combo. This egg, avocado & kale bowl is one of my go-to meals that’s super satisfying and keeps you full for hours. It’s an amazing combo of greens, protein, fiber and healthy fats 🙌🏻 enjoy! at Cleveland, Ohio

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Day 3 of my egg fast. I decided to be creative this morning. Made a buffalo dip omelette. This is so good! 😊 Buffalo dip omelette -2 eggs -.75oz cream cheese -1oz cheese(I used Colby jack) -hot sauce to taste -salt/pepper -fried in 1Tbsp of butter Heat pan, fry butter, mix up eggs, add salt and pepper, start your omelette. Then heat up cream cheese in microwave(10sec), mix cream cheese and hot sauce together. I flip my omelettes to get the rest of undone egg on top. Spread cream cheese mixture on half omelette, top with your cheese. Fold over your omelette. Devore it. #keto #lowcarb #ketoeggfast #eggfast #day3 #ketoeggs #egg #eggs #ketobreakfast #ketomama #ketotexas #hflc #ketowtx #ketorecipe #ketorecipes #ketokreations

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Pretty bagel 👉🏻 ugly scramble. Can’t win ‘em all I guess. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m headed to Mexico on Thursday and it can not come soon enough! We’re unfortunately only there for about 3 days 😢 but any time away from MN is so needed right now. The last couple days I deluded myself into thinking I could feel spring on the horizon. That delusion quickly evaporated as I scraped frost off my windshield in -4° this morning and my fingers felt frost bitten within 5 seconds. I am desperate for some warmth and sunshine right now. Only 47 hours till take off! ✈️ • • • • • Food deets: @traderjoes #glutenfree blueberry bagel with #peanutbutter and a sliced plum, 1 egg + 92g egg whites scrambled with peppers, mushrooms, and chicken 😋 at Lake Calhoun

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🇮🇹Far mangiare le verdure ai bambini si sa', é spesso difficile...🤔tranne quando riusciamo a nasconderle in piatti piu' appetitosi come polpette e frittate 😊 Io in questa frittatina di spinaci ho anche aggiunto un po' di mortadella e mio bimbo l'ha mangiata quasi tutta!🎉🎉🎉 🇫🇷Les enfants et les legumes on connait bien la question...🤔mais si on leur donne envie avec une préparation un peu plus gourmande que des simples épinards vapeur...vous verrez que le succès sera garanti! Moi dans cette frittata italienne j'ai mélangé des oeufs, des épinards cuits, du parmesan râpé, de la mie de pain, de la mortadella. Une poile huilée et hop! Mon petit garçon l'a mangée presque entièrement!🎉🎉🎉 #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #eggs #frittata #omelette #cucinaitaliana #uova #spinaci #epinards #mortadella #faitmaisoncuisine #maviedemaman #mammaincucina

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Mini baked egg muffins: guajillo beef, aloha pepper, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, eggs. Created to serve double duty: 1. Use up some of the leftover taco meat from dinner. 2. Portable easy work breakfast for PB (i.e. does not not require much commitment to eat since they're 2-bite muffins and require no silverware nor concentration to eat). #bakedeggmuffins #beef #guajillo #alohapeppers #sweetpotato #eggs #pepperjack #jalapeno #bufordhighwayfarmersmarket #dekalbfarmersmarket #publix

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Baë = bacon and eggs. 🍳 🥓 No sugar added bacon.. Made the eggs in bacon grease with a little goat cheese and hemp seeds.

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So you think you want backyard #chickens, #fresh #eggs and maybe even a rooster named Stew.  Oh, those pretty blue, green and brown eggs are delicious and they look great in your Instagram pictures, but be prepared for spending money, falling in love, unavoidable heartbreak, and poop. In this episode, we are talking with Michelle Marine of @simplifylivelove about how to get started raising city and backyard chickens and answer some common questions listeners may have. There might even be a crazy story or two and of course, we will chat about #food and #recipes.

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My typical @21daymealplan breakfast: 2 pasture raised @vitalfarms eggs, scrambled with spinach and cottage cheese. With a furry dose of cuteness on the side 🐼

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Day One Of The Egg Fast. It went pretty good. I'm planned my meals for the next 2 days and I'm actually excited for the things I have planned. Breakfast: BPC and one boiled eggs Lunch: Egg crepes with lemon extract and strawberry (extract) cream cheese filling. Post Workout: One boiled egg Dinner: Egg Omelet with cheddar and garlic butter topping. #eggs #eggfast #ketoworks #ketogenicdiet #ketodiet #fat #fatfast #fatfasting