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3 hours ago

Nature is so cool

2 days ago

My sweet, sensitive 6 year old is really into wild herbs right now. She loves to memorize their use, healing properties, and appropriateness on salad. Yesterday, she spent quite a bit of time choosing herbs for this salad, which included wild onion, parsley, cabbage from our still-productive fall garden, dead nettle. She had considered violet leaves and chickweed, but decided to leave them for another day.

2 days ago

Pumpkin seed harvesting on this glorious autumn morning. The Austrian Hullless pumpkins have been resting on the deck enjoying the view for the past week, and now it's time to scoop out the seeds. Then I'll fill the bowl with water and soak them for a few days to get the little bits of flesh off and activate them before drying. Peaceful, simple, whole hearted work. #ediblebackyard #nzgardener #pumpkinseeds #harvest #homegrown #growyourownfood #austrianhulllesspumpkin #goodlife at Edible Backyard

3 days ago

Taste testing some of my tomatoes with the CERES vollies today. All heirloom varieties that we grow here in prop. Ox heart, Green zebra (just out of shot), Jaune flamme, Black truffle, Beefsteak, Black krim, Nebraska wedding (my all time fav), St Pierre.

5 days ago

Pepino. Someone gave a cutting of this plant, it is doing so well this year, lots of fruits. The fruit is common in markets in South America, for e.g. Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile but less often overseas because it is quite sensitive to handling and does not travel well and that is why not many people know this fruit. The taste is similar to cantaloupe but less sweet. This rare fruit has many health benefits and full of anti-oxidants, the antioxidants present in pepinos are scientifically found to be anti-inflammatory, skin-protective and may help prevent from cancers. #pepino #backyardgarden #ediblebackyard #antioxidants #goodsnacks #superfruit #rarefruit #antiinflammation

7 days ago

I love growing potatoes!! This year I’m giving the Ruth Stout method a trial run in hopes of simplifying my garden chores...and saving my back. As much as I love digging for garden treasures, how cool would it be to simply lift up the straw layers and have all of your potatoes resting there, ready for harvest?! I’ve never grown potatoes in my backyard before, always in my frontyard root bed, but I found these adorable seed potatoes at @grangettofarmandgarden and could not resist!! Also, it seemed right to plant potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day. 🍀 I’ve chosen to try just a few in this new area, using this experimental method, and hope to be harvesting Heirloom French Fingerlings, and Yukon Nuggets by late June or early July!! 💕 #organic #potatoes #growyourown #experiment #ruthstout #growingmydream #zerowaste #healthy #garden #backyardgarden #ediblebackyard #designyourowndream #everyonedeservesahealthyday at Encinitas, California

9 days ago

Swiss Chard. A bit indulgent... but last October I bought armloads of them & packed out the raised bed along my patio. Along with some giant purple mustard, this is the first thing I see when starting my day.☕ I really love not havi ng to compromise between edible & beautiful. 🌈🌱 What's your garden indulgence? #gardenersdelight #growveggies #organicveggiegarden #organicvegetablegarden #ediblelanscapes #vegetablegardener #ediblebackyard #kitchengardener #chefgarden #northtexasgardening #zone8a #texasgardens #texasgardener

9 days ago

I have been so slack at keeping up with IG this growing season. My excuse is I've had a lot to deal with - it's been an amazing summer for fruit. We picked pears today: Buerre Bosc and Doyenne du Comice companion planted with blackcurrants, which also bore a lot of fruit earlier in the year. The preserving pan is staying out on the bench for a wee while yet. We still have apples and nashi to harvest. . #homeorchard #fruittrees #wegrowourown #homegrown #homegrownfood #homegrownfruit #sprayfreefood #barcodefree #yummyyummy #yumyumfoodinmytum #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #sprayfree #freshisbest #eatgoodfood #megaharvest #buerrebosc #doyenneducomice #pearsaremyfavourite #ediblebackyard #ediblegarden #lovethelifestyle #livethelifestyle

9 days ago

Romas are the gift that keeps on giving! Yesterday's pick

10 days ago

Autumn raspberries are going for it! To make harvesting quick + simple I pull the tops over and tie the tips to the wire making an arch shape. Best to do this in summer when they are flowering. This is great for shortys like me cos it keeps the fruit at eye level and keeps the canes from tangling in the roof of the berry house. It also slows down their urge to head for the clouds without compromising fruiting, as you can see! Check out my fav raspberry frame... links in bio. #heritageraspberries #ediblebackyard #nzgardener #autumnraspberries #organicberries #freshisbest #goodlife at Edible Backyard

11 days ago

HALAMAN LIFE. . . Not an #EdibleBackyard anymore because of ornamental plants but still AMAZING!! 🥒🥬🥦🍍🍅🍠🌶🥥 . . 1. Tomatoes -seeds from fresh tomato berry, tutubo na lang basta. Ganon. Have to keep temp. cool though, but can be penetrated by sunlight 2. Banana 3. Macapuno 4. Pansit pansitan -eaten as raw (salad) 5. Mustasa 6. Radish 7. Kamias -sugatan lang pala 'yung tree/ bark tapos, may tutubo na. Amazeballs 😮 TIL (actually, nung isang araw) 8. Bamboo 9. Purple Shamrock at Marymount Village

12 days ago

I had a dream last night that we lost all our feijoas to fruitfly, so we whipped down and bagged them all this morning. I must have a problem if I’m gardening in my sleep 😅 #feijoa #ediblebackyard #gardeningdreams #baddream #fruittrees #gardeningaustralia #gardeningaustraliamag #inmybackyard #damnfruitflies #eatwhatyougrow #growyourownfood #gardeninginmydreams #homegrown #urbangardener #thehappygardeninglife #homegrownfood #gardenlove #fromgardentotable #freshisbest at Redcliffe, Queensland

21 days ago

A year or two ago we got @metalshaper_jamieburke to build us a pergola over our north facing deck. So we've got ornamental grapes over the top (getting there) and have trained sultana grapes along the wires beneath the balustrade so we have a fruiting fence hugging the deck up to waist height. We got about forty bunches this year right at picking height for the kids (I haven't decided if that's a pro or a con yet 😉)

23 days ago

I always struggle to get red capsicums by the end of our short growing season here but I've had some success growing pimientos. I love their heart shaped fruit and they are a bit smaller than other capsicums. This year will be a good test for them though as we've had an even shorter (and then ferocious) summer. I'll set up the plastic cloche this week once the heat has passed to try to give them a bit of a help along. Some (not these) are just starting to blush. Last year we did some yummy chargrilled green capsicum pickles though so it's all good either way!

24 days ago

Keep your garden going! Dont stop at summer harvests! If you plant out leafy greens, root crops and brassica now you'll have a daily winter harvest ... right when you need it most! Grab the moment and get planting now before the cold nights set in and growth slows down. Link in bio with all my best tips and tricks for a staggered harvest + most reliable crops and fav varieties. #ediblebackyard #wintercrops #getplanting #nzgardener #growyourownfood #eatfreshbewell at Edible Backyard

1 month ago

I managed to sneak a few hours in the garden this afternoon 😊, mainly weeding 😏, but I did manage to sow a few seeds, including daikon. Just hoping that when they grow up, they are as lovely as these ones from Bathgate Farm that went in our last batch of kimchi. Any tips on growing them? at Denmark, Western Australia

1 month ago

Here’s a branch from my Dapple Supreme pluot tree ( not to be confused with dapple dandy). Wasn’t sure what to expect from this tree as it bloomed quite a bit in late December when we had a bout of warm weather. Looks like I needn’t had worried! • • • • #backyardorchard #backyardorchardculture #fruitstagram #fruitlover #ediblegarden #eatwhatyougrow #eatwhatyoulove #fruitaddict #fruittree #fruittrees #garden #gardener #gardening #socalgarden #socalgardener #pluot #pluottree #dapplesupremepluot #plumtree #apricot #apricottree #plumtree #ediblebackyard #blooms

1 month ago

Thought I was about to be weepin cuz I wasn’t seein #peppersprouts 😰Glad they end up being tears of joy since a few of my varieties finally decided to peep thru. #bellpeppers #jalapenos #cayenne . . Playing with my #slideshowmaker #bigkrit #kreation *i do not own the rights to this music . . . . . #blackurbangrowers #fresherthanfresh #growyourownveggies #homegrownveggies #ediblegardens #ediblebackyard #blackgardeners #blackgardeningcommunity #hiphopgardener #blackfarmers #blackpeoplegrowfood #growyourownvegetables #urbangardener #urbangardening #urbangrowers #urbangrowersgarden #hoodgardening #hoodgardeners

1 month ago

Not all great recipes come in fancy books. Some come in little freebie leaflets. Thanks, @chelseasugarnz. This plum chutney is a constant in our preserves cupboard. We make it every year. You suggest it's mighty fine with soft cheeses, BBQ chicken, and duck. We can tell you it's pretty darn good with wild venison, too. . P.S. I'm ❤ loving ❤ the traditional paper packaging on your raw and white sugar.👏✔👍 I'd love to see all your products packaged the same way soon. 🙂 . #plumchutney #summerfruit #homegrown #homegarden #gardendiva #barcodefree #chutney #preserveyourfood #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #sprayfreefood #oldfashionedskills #selfsufficientliving #selfsufficiency #selfsufficient #grownwithoutchemicals #ediblebackyard #ediblegarden #homepreserving #chelseasugar #freerecipes #paperpackaging #sustainable

2 months ago

Echinops has such a happy vibe

2 months ago

Carrots dont do so well in the heat so soon as they are ready get em up washed and put away. Dont feel sad if yours are pale and not so sweet, summer carrots arent the grate-est😜Sun turns their shoulders green + bitter so keep them covered right to the base of the foliage with mulch or soil. at Edible Backyard

2 months ago

Harvesting in the cool of the morning makes your fruit store longer and is such a lovely way to start the day 😊. The last of the nashis. at Edible Backyard

2 months ago

Homegrown, fresh from the vine ... rock melon for breakfast anyone? at Edible Backyard

2 months ago

Self seeded pumpkins crawling along our brick path

2 months ago

Storing fruit harvest is tricky! Heres my 3 best tips. 1. Keep it cool. This morning I'm out in the cool picking nashis and plums because keeping cool is the secret to a long shelf life (gardening is a metaphor for life 😊 ) 2. Sort the damaged fruits from the perfect ones cause one bad apple spoils the bunch! Put the holey fruits aside for preserving. 3. Get the unblemished fruits somewhere cool as soon as poss after sorting. We have a grate in the floor of our pantry that circulates cool air from under the house - I keep the baskets of stone fruit there. The nashis I store in the crisper draw of the refrigerator. at Edible Backyard

2 months ago

Make my day ... the nashis are ready! Problem is they so pretty on the espalier, I dont want to pick them 🙄 at Edible Backyard