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2 days ago

Do you feel that? The breath of air on your cheek as the wind gently passes by, the warmth of the sun on your skin making your cells come to life, the crisp air of your favorite place filling your lungs be it immersed in a forest or swimming in the ocean, do you ever just sit and listen to the birds singing there beautiful songs while you ground yourself and just stop and feel at peace, the feeling of your feet on grass and the blades poking thru between your toes, or sand squishing underneath you as you walk to your favorite spot, the days where you slow so much you notice nature doing her thing and ants walking in perfect lines to there intricately perfect homes and then looking up and seeing marshmellow clouds or the glorious moon and her ever present stars showing how tiny we really are or even climbing a tree and just feeling present while admiring the view??? Surely you've experienced this immersion of us and nature? Surely you've experienced it and if not, why not? How about today of all days you connect with the earth and feel how alive she is and the vibration she gives off and the connection we have with her?! yet we are destroying her, in every way, we are consuming to much and not doing enough to protect her. today is EARTH DAY today is the day to remember and connect with what is so important, because without a functioning earth we wont have each other or all the glorious species that reside here and who are apart of us also...look around and make changes...every little but counts....🌱💕 . . #createtoexplore #travel #gramoftones #ocean #skysupply  #seeaustralia #cloudzdelight #sunset_vision #artofvisuals #explore #beautifuldestinations #surf  #roamtheplanet  #ourplanetdaily #wildernessculture #earthoffcial #nature #stayandwonder #roamtheplanet #spacex #liveauthentic #neverstopexploring #nomad #blogger #earthscope #adelaide #ichoosesa #seeaustralia #colour #sunset #adventure #sunset_sunrise_beautiful

4 days ago

Please don't tell me I'm too far gone. at Leh, Ladakh

5 days ago

As I approach graduation (15 days but who’s counting) I have been reflecting on my journey over the past 5 years and how I ended up where I am. I started my first semester of college right after graduating high school. I felt very excited about the opportunity to learn and better myself but quickly realIzed that it wasn’t all I wanted it to be. I took a break from school to travel. This was where my heart was at during this time of my life. It weighed on my thoughts constantly, I felt like there were places I needed to see and people I needed to meet. For 2 years I traveled and did things that really inspired me and caused me to grow in ways that I couldn’t have even imagined. At one point I remember returning home from a long trip backpacking Europe with my sis and feeling like I was ready for a new journey (one that didn’t involve me being gone for 3 months at a time). I went back to school and made the decision that I was going to graduate. Not for my parents not for my career, but for ME. I’m saying this.. because I think sometimes we feel very trapped by what “we’re supposed to be doing”. Sometimes life feels rigid and planned out for us, but WE ARE IN CONTROL. There are SO many paths that we can go down that will create learning experiences and growth. I understand that college is not for everyone, but it has drastically changed me and how I view the world and my peers. I’m glad I chose the path I did. I’m happy with who I have become through my college experience at Sedona, Arizona

5 days ago

I really do hope that you're happy, I will be, eventually. - 500 Days of summer at Koh Kood