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15 hours ago

Summer is almost finished over here and we are all slowly getting back into the swing of our daily rhythm. As most of you all know, almost one year ago we moved into a new home that is situated on an old dairy farm. This year has been an incredible journey for all of us exploring and creating a new space to call home here. Not only is this gorgeous little farm house over 80 years old, we also live in a very windy part of town, which means….. LOTS of DUST!! So, we had to think of a solution to ensure that we were to live in a home environment that could be as healthy as can be for all of us. I heard a while back from someone that the air inside our homes can be up to 5 times worse than outside !! crikies that’s insane! Who would of thought. So we have decided to add a new addition to our family home, @Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan. Can you believe that this nifty little guy is capable of capturing 99.95% of allergens and pollutants within the home! I know.. ahhhmazing! Dyson also has created the Dyson Link app that can be downloaded and used to help you use your purifier to the best of its ability, you are able to create scheduled times to have your purifier on, it can review both your indoor and outdoor air quality in real time, as well as using your remote control air flow speed, mode, timer and oscillation.. I will upload some stories soon to show you all how it works! @dyson #dysonpure #dysonpurecool #sponsored

17 hours ago

Okay, so the @Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan has been a welcomed addition in our home for over two weeks now! I wish I could say this photo was taken today... but it wasn’t! Charlotte has been tucked in her bed ALL day. Two full days at Kinder.. and the result is one sick little babe 🤒The Purifier has been by her side all day. Touch wood but no germs have spread! We’ve definitely noticed a big difference in the air quailty over the last few weeks. I found this survey that Dyson conducted SUPER interesting - 46% of parents know that indoor air pollution has the same negative effects as environmental air pollution but only 50% believe cleaning the air to be very important to helping keep a healthy home! Uhhh, Do you clean your air? How? I honestly had never thought about an air purifier. Sure, I've get my oils going every now and then… but I never thought of CLEANING our air. I started using their handy little Dyson Link app and it gives me all the deets [Swipe Across if you haven't seen it in my stories. CLEVER!] Update on our hayfever… It has magically disappeared! Fingers crossed, we’re on track to a healthier home and Charlotte starts feeling better ASAP! Anyone else in the same boat with sick kids who have just started back at Kinder or School or Daycare? 😬🦠 Also: don’t look to closely at her fingernails. Play dough 💁🏼‍♀️ #dysonpure #dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson

10 days ago

TAG someone u love, if they don’t respond in 2 min they own you a #DysonPure 🤪 Un Dyson et/ou un café d’ailleurs hein, c’est vous qui voyez ☕️♥️ Bon week-end mes petits croissants 🥐 #mybedroom at Paris, France

13 days ago

When painting (especially with milla) I’m super paranoid about the mess we (she) might get on the carpet. But with the @dyson Pure Cool purifying fan, i’m aware of how much mess we were putting into the air. SO happy that’s no longer an issue and I can see exactly what is in the air we breathe! . #workingwithdyson #dysonpure #dysonpurecool

14 days ago

We do things early around here 🙋🏼‍♀️ Just casually prepping dinner with our NEWEST friend [Gimme all that Lasagne. At least it’s not Nutella today, right? 🤪] We’ve only just started using our @dyson Pure Cool purifying fan. It has been a great addition to the household, especially when it comes to keeping the kitchen area cool with its powerful fan whilst we are preparing dinner. Did you know that ovens expel a ridiculous amount of gas? I didn’t either, but I am learning. This fancy fan automatically purifies a whole room, capturing 99.95% of fine particles. It actually senses harmful particles and gases, then diagnoses and reports them in real time [Mind Blown 🤯] Not only is this great for my OCD hygiene-extreme levels but I’m assuming the improved air quality is going to do wonders for my hayfever and allergies. Did you know Gippsland is one of the highest sufferers of Allergies in Australia… that beautiful country air hey?! 🌾 #Dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson #dysonpure at Warragul, Victoria

20 days ago

This INSANELY hot weather has been making the kids so cranky. Thankful to have the @dyson Pure Cool to keep the room at a stable temperature and the kids happy with its powerful fan cooling. . #workingwithdyson #dysonpurecool #dysonpure

21 days ago

Dyson 風筒 吹髮神器👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Whatsapp 95765686

22 days ago

Flynn is still sleeping in our room and probably will be for a little while longer (last baby, making the most of it!). We do have the slight issue of our room having a large window which is right next to our neighbour’s backyard where they currently have renovations underway causing a lot of dust to be in the area… Not exactly the best environment for a tiny baby so to ensure that the room has purified air and is at a comfortable temp to keep him sleeping longer we have been using our @Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan in here too. Another great feature I love about the Pure Cool purifying fan is the @Dyson Link App to monitor the quality of air in the room so I know it’s just perfect for Flynn. . . . #dysonpure #dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson #mumswhostyle #mumswithcameras #mumsofinstagram #dailyparenting #melbournemums   #mumlife #mumsofmelbourne #mummyblogger #melbourneinfluencer #lifestyleblogger #bloggersgetsocial #itsthelittlethings #uniteinmotherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram

29 days ago

Just living my model life at 39 weeks uggggghhhhhh. Saving pregnant lives over here.... Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 controlled by the remote or on my phone (phew cause of #remotegate 😂). High tech cooling, for a low tech gal... it is making the downhill slippery slope actually bearable, cause 1000 weeks pregnant in 5 billion degree heat #SOS. @dyson #dysonpure #39weeks #cooked #butstillcool #dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson #gifted #madeitasablogger #comeonbabygirl #itsniceandcoolouthere #puhhhhhlease

1 month ago

W E E K E N D  B R E K K I E // is one of my favourites but with three kids it gets a little chaotic. The gas stove is on for ages so that each person can have their version of breakfast eggs, there is always at least one piece of burnt toast and the bacon smell lingers well into the day. Since we got the new @Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan the chaos seems a little more tamed. The usual scents are eliminated much faster thanks to it’s ability to project up to 200 litres of air per second, providing a long-range stream of purified air around the whole room. Dirty air in, clean air out. If getting rid of burnt toast smell isn’t enough it is great with all kinds of nasty scents from the *cough* boys *cough* of the house too. I have popped the link in my bio so head over and check it out. 100% worth the investment this summer. #dysonpure #dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson

1 month ago

As parents, unmade beds and messy bedrooms are just part of our daily grind. But indoor air pollution shouldn’t be! Quinns room is the dampest room in our house, her wardrobe can smell a bit musty and her windows often are the only ones with condensation on them in the morning (not something that only occurs in Winter either) so I have been most excited to use the Dyson Hot + Cool Link purifier fan heater in her room. Swipe to see the condition of the air in her room when the purifier first started working its magic vs only one hour later. We thought we were helping the problem by opening windows to air out her room and putting damp aids in her wardrobe, however airing out the room only introduces outdoor pollution and cold air, and damp aids are just not a sustainable solution – So it feels great knowing that we are now effectively addressing the problem in her bedroom and know the room she spends most of her time in has clean healthy air for her to breath. Health really is our most precious asset. #dysonpure #dysonpurehotcool #dysonhotcool #workingwithdyson #gifted

1 month ago

Home from The HIIT Squad, time to cook! I use ALOT of spices in my cooking so I was stoked to learn that the @Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifier helps to elimnate any odour. 👌Also - who would have know that cooking actually creates toxins in the air? Luckily the purifer helps to capture those as well!No more cumin smelling house for us🤣 . . . . . #workingwithdyson #dysonpurecool #dysonpure at Christchurch, New Zealand

1 month ago

THAT TIME I MADE IT! 💪🏋🏻‍♂️ Remember how I lost the remote to that big time brand I would sell out for? Well guess what brand it was?! (P.s. #remotegate - found the remote in the chess pieces in a cupboard.... Obviously) . You know a girl can’t say no to Dyson, I’d name my soon to arrive baby girl Dyson just to get the vacuum (🙏🏼🙏🏼!), but the best news is that it’s a cooling fan in what is the hottest summer on record to be full blown up the Hilary Duff. Not only does it keep me alive in my v.serious condition, it actually purifies the air in the room, and with the Link app I can actually see what it’s doing to the temperature and air quality in the room, even compared to outside. . Considering we’ve been renovating for baby Dyson, (leaving it all last minute for number 2 tbh) there is so many fumes / dust in the air, but this took the quality of the air from average to good overnight. It makes me feel sorry for Marlo that he never got any of the good stuff when he was born 😂. . Thanks @Dyson, I know I’m not ya typical choice, but me and little Dy are super grateful in this heatwave. 🙏🏼 . #gifted #virginmumblogger #hitsthebigtime #justneedthevacuum #dysonpure #dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson #thebigtime #officiallyablogger #sos #heatwave at Mount Maunganui

1 month ago

P E A C E  O F  M I N D // knowing my little Fox can sleep soundly while breathing in nice clean air. I am amazed at the difference the new @Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan is making to our quality of life. Our house gets pretty warm upstairs so I like to have a window open to let some air in. The only problem is this means that all of the pollen from the beautiful park over the road and fumes from the main road behind us like to make their way in too. The Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan cools the air without danger to little fingers as well as capturing potentially harmful gases and 99.95% of the fine particles such as allergens & pollutants that could be floating around inside our home (and your home too mama’s!). It has 350 degree oscillation and there is even a Dyson Link App that connects via wifi so that I can track the air quality. That’s pretty cool right? I have popped the link in my bio for you to check it out. #dysonpure #dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson

1 month ago

Do you give much thought to the air you are breathing in? I know it’s not something that was on my radar, but WOW, the Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan really has opened my eyes to air pollution (and it ain’t pretty 😳) This beauty shows the levels of gases and particles present in the room, via it’s LCD screen, and with the Dyson Link app, I can now control the air quality. This has been such a learning curve for me, and I have to say that it really is reassuring to know that I am now providing a cleaner environment at home for my family 🍃 @dyson #dysonpure #dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson

1 month ago

Since moving suburbs, Ben's allergies have been the worst they've ever been😩However - we've started using the @Dyson PureHot+Cool Link purifying fan and I think that the quality of our air has improved dramatically! How amazing that this little machine has such a great impact💓 . . . #workingwithdyson #dysonpurecool #dysonpure at Christchurch, New Zealand

1 month ago

I have previously mentioned about Ivy suffering from asthma and although we have it under control with a great asthma plan I’m always looking for ways that I can ensure it doesn’t interfere with her daily life. Which is why I am so excited have discovered the @Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan. I love that I can feel safe in knowing she is breathing in air that has been purified by the Dyson's HEPA filter which captures 99.95% of fine particles like allergens and pollutants! . . . . #dysonpure #dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson #mumswhostyle #mumswithcameras #mumsofinstagram #dailyparenting #melbournemums #mumlife #mumsofmelbourne #mummyblogger #melbourneinfluencer #lifestyleblogger #bloggersgetsocial #itsthelittlethings #uniteinmotherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram

1 month ago

#dysonhotcool が🏠に到着しました🌬 夏、冬、空気清浄機をこれ一台で3役もこなしてくれるそうです♡ 口コミでも評判良かったので これから期待😙 . . そして、またまた 写り込んでくる奴が🥴 もーぉ😣笑 ちなみに横にあるおもちゃは1番のお気に入りのお魚くん🐟 . . #dyson #ダイソンホットアンドクール #ダイソン #ダイソン空気清浄機 #ダイソン扇風機 #うちのダイソンピュア #ペットと暮らす家 #dysonpure #pr #ダイソンヒーター #チワワ #ちわわ #minidog #dog #dogstagram #今日のわんこ #うちの子 #お気に入りおもちゃ #チワワ画像 #チワワlove #love #deijy #デイジー

2 months ago

Our bedroom has been extra cozy since we got the @dyson Hot + Cool Link Purifier. It heats and cools while removing 99.97% of viruses, pollutants and allergens from the air in your home keeping you and your kiddos safe. 🙌🏻 I love that I can monitor the air quality in our home and set the temperature from my phone wherever we are so when it’s time for bed the temp is just right! Cuddle up for story time boys then it’s off to your own beds 💙 #DysonPure #sponsored . . #dyson #purifier #canadianinfluencer #discoverunder100k #discoverunder20k #lifestyleblog #momblog #bedroomdecor #bedroomgoals #monochromestyle #fatherson #twinningtuesday #pjday #parenthoodmoments #candidchildhood #capturethemoment #brotherlylove #the_sweet_life_unscripted #styledbyme #structube #wallsneedlove #brooklinen at Vancouver, British Columbia

2 months ago

#AD This mama bear would do anything for her kids....anything. So, when I found out that our indoor air can be 5x more polluted than outside, I needed to do something. And voila, the @dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifying fan captures viruses and removes 99.97% of particles and bacteria #DysonPure for the win! 🙌🏻

2 months ago

12월..어느날 오후 우리 집 거실뷰 너무나 다이나믹하고도 기쁨 감사 슬픔 등등 다양한 감정을 마구마구 느낄 수 있었던 2018년 #나이제정말어른 🐶 결혼하고 한살 한살 먹을수록 이런것이 인생이라는 느낌이 든다. 성숙해지고. 이제는 마무리하고 보내주고싶은 올해, 그리고 행복함과 감사함으로 새로이 맞고싶은 2019년! 아듀~ 잘가 그리고 새로움으로 내년을 맞을게,,, ^^ ❤️ . . #다이슨핫앤쿨 #dysonpure 공기청정기가 우리집에 오고나서 #iqair 공청기는 안방으로! #아이큐에어 비싼 가격만큼은 만족도가 높지않았는데 다이슨공기청정기는 아이큐에어보다 더 저렴한 가격임에도 온풍+냉풍모드, 간접바람, 회전모드 모든 기능이 마음에 든다:) 사용하다보면 정말 똑똑이. 특히나 우리집 거실인테리어와도 잘어울리니 금상첨화- 다이슨과 주부생활이 진행하는 소비자 이벤트에서 다이슨으로부터 제품을 제공 받고 작성된 리뷰 입니다 #ad

2 months ago

Esther’s staying warm this winter ❄️ with the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link 👍 @dyson #DysonPure #ad This Dyson is a purifier, heater and cooling device in one! 💯 The purifying fan capture viruses and removes 99.97% of particles and bacteria as small as 0.3 microns 😯 . . . #dyson #dysonpurecool #purifier #heater #winterlook #winteroutfit #staywarm #staycozy #cutesocks #torontolife #canadianlife #minimalistics #minimalisticfashion #neutral #neutraldecor #cozyhome #cozychristmas at Toronto, Ontario

2 months ago

H O M E 🌹 ________________________________________________ Pas de concours ce soir et demain pour vous laisser fêter la nouvelle année comme il se doit mais j’ai encore quelques cadeaux pour vous qui vous plairont énormément je pense! D’ailleurs il y en a un qui est plutôt sympa et il y a un indice sur cette photo... alors une idée ? - Sinon, merci @dyson plus trop besoin du plaid avec mon pure hot+cool ! Personnellement, je suis le genre de personne à me mettre devant en sortant de la douche 🤭🤫 ________________________________________________ #Dysoninvents #DysonPure #OctolyFamily #bordeaux #bordeauxmaville #paris #lyon #aix #home #homedecor at Bordeaux, France

2 months ago

We don’t have air conditioning. We have a dog. We are renovating our house. Coming into Aussie summer that basically means: stinking hot house, dog fur and construction dust and fumes flying around willy nilly. Not ideal! Even for me its not the best with all my super cool girl allergies but now I have a baby I’m hyper aware of it. With the @dyson Pure Cool Purifing Fan I can use the app to scan the quality of the air in our home. Makes me far less paranoid being able to actually see what is in our air and then use the fan to do something about it! #dysonpure #dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson

2 months ago

ADVENT GIVEAWAY ⭐️ DOOR 23 ⭐️ Anzeige • Das Gewinnspiel ist beendet • Einen wunderschönen vierten Advent ihr Lieben! Für diesen besonderen Tag habe ich euch ein Kalender-Highlight aufgehoben, dass eurem Zuhause ein pollen- und schadstofffreies Klima schenkt und gleichzeitig das ganze Jahr über für eine angenehme Temperatur sorgt 👉🏻 den neuen @dyson Pure Hot+Cool. Kein Winter mehr mit eisigen Füßen 🧦 und Nasenspitzen👃🏻, Mädels! Und dazu immer frische, gereinigte Luft. Der Unterschied ist nicht nur auf der App📱 in Echtzeit messbar, man spürt ihn sofort und fühlt sich einfach 🐩-wohl. Perfekt für Allergiker, für eine gute Haut, tolle Haare, ein angenehmes Raumklima und praktisch 3 Geräte in einem: Fan Heater, Cooler & Air Purifier. Zwei ✌🏻 dieser stylisch designten Allrounder im Wert von je 650 Euro könnt ihr heute bei Lou @somegoodspirits und hier mit einem Sprung in den Lostopf gewinnen! ⭐️ • 1. Folgt @dyson • 2. Folgt @lifetimepieces • 3. Verratet mir in einem Kommentar warum der Pure Hot+Cool unbedingt bei euch einziehen soll ⭐️ Mitmachen dürft ihr und eure Family & Friends so oft ihr wollt. Viel Glück ihr Lieben! . #dyson #dysoninvents #dysonpure #giveaway #dysonpurehotcool ———————————————⭐️ Teilnahmebedingungen: Das Gewinnspiel startet am 23.12.2018 um 10:00 Uhr. Am 26.12.2018 um 18:00 Uhr werden die Gewinner mit einem Zufallsgenerator ausgelost und per DM benachrichtigt. Teilnehmen dürfen alle, die mindestens 18 Jahre alt sind und einen deutschen Wohnsitz haben. Die Beiträge dürfen keine Rechte Dritter verletzten. Das Gewinnspiel steht in keiner Verbindung zu Instagram und wird in keiner Weise von Instagram gesponsert, unterstützt oder organisiert. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen. Datenschutzbestimmungen: Die Daten werden ausschließlich für das Gewinnspiel verwendet. Der Nutzer hat ein Recht auf Auskunft, Korrektur oder Löschung seiner Daten. at Cologne, Germany

2 months ago

#gifted 👃🏻One of the worst things about our home can be the smell 🤷🏼‍♀️👃🏻Like many Kiwis, we rent a wooden house with a large bank behind it, wedged between two apartment blocks. Although it’s an ace location, it’s without much sunlight. ☀️🌤⛅️🌥☁️🌧 In 3 years, we’re still fought mould, damp and some really funky odours that airing out the house just doesn’t seem to fix. I burn ridiculously expensive candles to cover the smell up but smoke creates incomplete combustion which is actually a pollutant so that’s not ideal either (5th form science anyone)! 🏡🧬🧪🔬 I know I am not alone: this is a major problem with our housing in New Zealand and it isn’t easy to solve. Dyson fans, I know that you’re going to say tell me that this Dyson Purifier is going to change the game for us here: and I’m already excited. 🧺🧹⚡️🤩 📲It’s efficient filtration and intelligent sensing app can tell what air quality is like in your home and is meant to capture 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants. 🦠🦠🦠The filter provides a long-range stream of purified air around the home, ahuge help towards making us feel at home in our own space (even on a week where we’ve been out and about in the city for The Residents every night). 🗝🌧🛌☔️ And seeing as it still feels like Winter in Wellington, even though we are in December, I think we’ll be using the heater function for a few weeks yet too! Ahh…more tea Timmy? 🐺☕️ #dysonpure #dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson at Wellington, New Zealand

2 months ago

about to spend the majority of canada's freezing cold winter indoors with @dyson. reading and snuggling with @montytabby has never been this comfy 😌. @dyson's hot + cool link purifies the air of allergens and keeps both of us warm during the holiday season 🎄. #dysonpure #sponsored at Calgary, Alberta

2 months ago

it‘s getting christmassy in my new home ✨✨✨ who‘s got a fireplace at home or likes to light up candles in the wintertime..? Or do you live at a busy street? Did you know these things leave small particles in the air which can be filtered by the air purifier and vent from @dyson?🌬 #dysonair #dysonpure #homesweethome at Zürich, Switzerland

2 months ago

#ad Welcome to our home Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link. During the holidays we spend more time indoors and it is so important to me to be able to breathe healthy air. The @Dyson Pure Hot+Cool helps reduce my family’s exposure to indoor allergens and creates a healthy environment to spend time together. Still searching for the perfect gift for that special someone? This holiday season, give the gift of healthy living with this Dyson purifier. #DysonPure . . . . . #dysonpurifier #healthyliving #pureair #homefortheholidays #myhome #christmasgiftideas #holidaytime #healthyhome #breatheeasy #bloggerbabes #currentsituation #kelowna

2 months ago

Un petit nouveau est arrivé dans l’appart ! 🙄🙈 je teste le @dyson Pure Hot+Cool depuis quelques semaines déjà et pour mon appart qui a du mal à chauffer c’est une révolution ! Il chauffe ma pièce en 2 minutes et purifie en plus l’air ! 🙈 Bref je suis fan !! #dysonpure #dysoninvents #airquality #produitoffertpardyson

2 months ago

Air purification all year round at just the push of a button. 🌬 ▫️ Find out how your loved ones can breathe better air by clicking the link on our bio!✨ #DysonDXB at Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2 months ago

. おはようございます🌈 フリーマーケット m.a.m平野店です。 10:00~19:00 営業でございます(*゚∀゚*) . . #dysonpure hot+cool link 買取致しました🙌🙌 こちらの商品は季節問わず お使いいただけます‼️ イチオシ商品でございます💁‍♀️ ご来店お待ちしております😉 . . #エムエーエム #フリーマーケット #フリマ #リサイクル #リサイクルショップ #年中無休 #何でも屋 #大阪 #大阪市平野区 #大阪市平野区長吉 . #服 #雑貨 #着物 #家電 #買取強化中 #断捨離 #売ります #買います . #気軽にフォローしてください. . #japan #osaka #used #usedclothing at Osaka

2 months ago

[Werbung] Frische Luft im Winter, ohne bei Minus-Graden die Fenster aufreissen zu müssen, um dann mit Schal und Kuscheldecke auf der Couch fast zu erfrieren.. klingt das für euch auch so fantastisch? Für mich klang das fast zu schön um wahr zu sein. Daher wollte ich auch unbedingt bei dem Produkttest vom @review.club für den #dyson pure hot+cool HP04 Luftreiniger mit Heizfunktion dabei sein. Ich hatte Glück und darf das Gerät nun für einen befristeten Zeitraum testen. 🍁🍁🍁 Seit zwei Wochen etwa habe ich ihn nun zum testen hier. Das Gerät ist mit knapp 1 Meter Höhe und seinen 8kg schon eher für etwas grössere Räume ausgelegt. Neben einem sehr schönen Design, wie ich finde, überzeugt er mit allerlei Funktionen. 🍁🍁🍁 Sehr schön finde ich die oben genannte automatische Luftreinigung und -Überwachung. Neben der aktuellen Raumluftqualität, misst er auch die Luftfeuchtigkeit, und die Feinstaubbelastung, Stickstoffdioxid und andere Gase sowie flüchtige, organische Verbindungen (=potenziell schädliche Gerüche). 🍁🍁🍁 Die Steuerung per Fernbedienung funktioniert intuitiv. Alle Werte kann man sich direkt am Display des Geräts (s. Video <-- wischen) anzeigen lassen. 🍁🍁🍁 Dazu kann er nach Bedarf heizen oder kühlen. Wobei er bei Erreichung der Zieltemperatur oder bei Einschalten der Sleep-funktion pausiert. Für die Nacht gibt es einen Nachtmodus mit geringerer Geräuschentwicklung und gedimmter LED 🍁🍁🍁 Persönliches Fazit bislang: ein rund um tolles Gerät, auch wenn wir ein paar Startschwierigkeiten hatten. Eigentlich möchte ich ihn gar nicht mehr hergeben. Wäre da nur nicht die Sache mit den Anschaffungskosten (UVP 649,- EUR) und dem leider doch recht hohem Stromverbrauch. #niemehrlüften #frischeluftohnezufrieren #dyson #dysonpure #hp04 #hotcool #luftreiniger #reviewclub #produkttest

2 months ago

New Life, New home, New family 🐶 Vous devez souvent l’apercevoir en story, je vous présente Navy, notre baby dog qui nous comble de bonheur chaque jour ❤️! Pour celles qui demandent, c’est un berger australien. Ce sont des races de chiens très dociles et qui aiment beaucoup les câlins 😘! Vous avez un 🐶 ou un chat 🐱 ? Bisous ❤️ ✔️Chapeau @monoprix ✔️Chemisier @newlook ✔️Purificateur d’air @dyson #Navy #bergeraustralien #australianshepherd at Aix-en-Provence, France

2 months ago

英國科技公司 @dyson 智能家居系列,除了帶來全新 Lightcycle 枱燈,還推出全新 Pure Hot+Cool 三合一風扇暖風空氣清新機。採用全新升級濾網,能同時過濾空氣中的污染微粒與有害氣體,工程師研發出更寬更深的HEPA濾網,並將濾網加強三倍活性碳,以有效吸收有害氣體、異味、家中油煙及揮發性有機化合物。新機已登陸 Dyson Online Store 及各大零售商,定價 $6,480 港元,想入手的朋友不容錯過! . . #lkftv #lkftvhk #lkf #lankwaifong #lankwaifonghk #Dyson #DysonPure #lifestyle #hklifestyle #fashion #hkfashion #tech #technology #winter #fan

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✘ Cold days ❄️ Le nouveau @Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ est un purificateur d’air qui permet de chauffer efficacement une pièce en hiver, ventiler en été, et purifier votre intérieur tout au long de l’année. #produitoffertparDyson #Dysoninvents #DysonPure at France

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Mon avis sur le #Dyson Air Pure Hot&Cool ! C’est sur healthylifemary.fr ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •Après l’avoir testé sous plusieurs conditions, je vous en parle enfin. •Pourquoi j’ai voulu un purificateur d’air, les dangers de notre environnement intérieur et… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Merci à @dyson Pour cette collaboration #DysonPure #Dysoninvents #Airquality ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #homesweethome #home #decor #noel #christmas #christmastree #christmasdecor #blog #blogger #blogueuse at Dijon, France

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Programme du dimanche 💓 un peu de lecture, un petit plaid, des muffins dans le four et le Dyson Pure Hot+cool en marche. C’est un purificateur d’air qui chauffe ou refroidit la pièce, super design et hyper puissant. Parfait quand on a la flemme de faire une petite cheminée. Vous avez vu, j’ai coupé court hier 💇🏽‍♀️ J’adore !!!!! #produitoffertparDyson @Dyson #Dysoninvents #DysonPure #OctolyFamily

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Dyson新產品發佈會😎 Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™三合一智能空氣淨化風扇推出啦👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻前所未有,結合 #智能淨化#涼風#暖風 功能,對抗空氣中的致敏源&污染物之餘,暖風吹送讓我們可以過個暖暖的冬天啦⛄️ 。 。 還有檯燈系列 #lightcycle ,超智能檯燈,它會依據當地日光條件調節色溫和亮度,以符合人體生理時鐘,在適當的時間點提供適當亮度。感覺超厲害👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 。 。 。 #dysonhk #dysonpurehotcool #dysonpurecool #dysonpure #lightcycle #dysonlighting

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ママにオススメ♪ ダイソンの空気清浄機 Presented by ダイソン ダイソンの空気清浄機って何が良いの? 絶対にオススメなポイントをご紹介! . Dyson Pure(ダイソン ピュア)空調家電(空気清浄機)の投稿を大募集♪ 「 #うちのダイソンピュア」をつけてインスタグラムに投稿してください。その中から抽選で1名様に、Dyson Supersonic™ ヘアードライヤーをプレゼント! お気軽にご応募ください♪ . @dysonjapan . #育児ママ #育児中 #育児ライフ #ワーママライフ #こそだて #育児の合間 #子育て応援 #子どものいる暮らし #育児を楽しむ #子育てあるある #子育ての悩み #ママさんと繋がりたい #子育てぐらむ #ダイソン #Dyson #空気清浄機 #空気 #細菌 #ホコリ #ヘアードライヤー #ダイソンピュア #DysonPure #空調家電 #おすすめ #子ども #ママ

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@laurythilleman Eh ouais, respirer un air pur ça décoiffe 🌬️😀🚨 Voilà un moment que je me plains d'allergies de plus en plus fréquentes liées à la pollution extérieure mais aussi et surtout liées à l'air que je respire en intérieur (qui peut être jusqu'à 5 fois plus pollué que dehors) ! Alors j'ai décidé de mettre toutes les chances de mon côté et de tester le nouveau purificateur #dyson qui non seulement ventile, purifie l’air, mais est aussi doté d’un mode chauffage ! Hâte de vous donner mes impressions 🤞🤞🤞 #dysonpure #winter #hot & #freshair #paris #pollution #inovation 🆕💙📻📺📹📷 at Bron

3 months ago

Can't do yoga at home without my cat, can I 🐱🧘🏼‍♀️💖? On ne peut jamais faire du yoga chez soi sans que nos amis poilus s'invitent sur nos tapis, n'est-ce pas 😘? En été, j'adore pratiquer à l'extérieur, au soleil, mais en hiver, je me réfugie souvent à la 🏠 Sauf que l'air que je respire chez moi que ce soit en faisant du yoga ou en travaillait n'est pas forcément sain🍃.Il peut être plus pollué qu'à l'extérieur😣 J'ai eu la chance de tester le nouveau @Dyson Pure Hot+Cool qui purifie l'air de nos intérieurs en capturant les particules polluantes. C'est également un chauffage d'appoint et un ventilateur👌🏼💦 Ce test m'a permis de réaliser que, même en aérant régulièrement, j'invitais pourtant de nombreuses nombreux polluants entre mes murs et que je respirais à longueur de journée, notamment en faisant mon yoga ou du home traineur😭☁️. Ces sources (chez moi: mes chats (oops), la cuisine, les bougies...) ont un réel impact sur notre santé, surtout en sachant que nous pouvons passer jusqu'à 80% de notre temps à l'intérieur 😌 Je vous donne rdv sur le blog (lien dans la bio📲), je vous explique tout cela en détail et comment j'ai commencé à y remedier 😉✨! #Partenariat #Dyson #Dysonpure #DysonInvents #dubndiducrew #catyoga at Languedoc-Roussillon, France

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Eh ouais, respirer un air pur ça décoiffe 🌬️😀🚨 Voilà un moment que je me plains d'allergies de plus en plus fréquentes liées à la pollution extérieure mais aussi et surtout liées à l'air que je respire en intérieur (qui peut être jusqu'à 5 fois plus pollué que dehors) ! Alors j'ai décidé de mettre toutes les chances de mon côté et de tester le nouveau purificateur @dyson qui non seulement ventile, purifie l’air, mais est aussi doté d’un mode chauffage ! Hâte de vous donner mes impressions 🤞🤞🤞 #dysonpure #winter #hot & #freshair #paris #pollution #inovation at Paris, France

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I am amazed at how well the Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan purifies and improves the air quality in our home and the associated benefits. Besides automatically capturing 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants, the Dyson Pure Cool is cleverly engineered to project up to 200 litres of air per second. This provides a long-range stream of purified air around the whole room, whilst at the same time, cooling to maintain our preferred temperature. We have found since using it in our bedroom the purified air flow prevents our room from getting stuffy and has improved the quality of our sleep. Swipe left to see pic of air quality in our room after running the Dyson Pure Cool versus outside! @dyson #dysonpure #dysonpurecool #workingwithdyson

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Retour à la maison ❤️Début décembre , et déjà un beau cadeau, offert par @dyson : un purificateur d’air, très design et bien pratique. Idéal l’hiver pour chauffer, ou ventiler l’été tout en purifiant l’air. Je vous ai fait une petit démo en story 😘. Demain, retour à l’école 🏋️‍♀️, motivée, après un week-end ultra reposant au château ❤️ et vous votre week-end ? . . . . #dyson #dysonpure #dysoninvents #love #maison #home #deco #noel #happy #decoration #produitoffertpardyson