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8 months ago

From 2 practice days, a show, being dehydrated (still 😒😔), and a laundry day this season has blown by so fast and it's bitter sweet. I love this family, I cannot express that in anymore words. The support is surreal and even from other corps we compete with, it's amazing. This community is so elaborate and we all at one point had that moment that pulled us into this beautiful performing art. I couldn't be more grateful to spend 3 months of my life just dancing. #legendsdbc17 #drumcorpsworld #grateful #love #bittersweet #practicedays #showday #laundryday #family #goals

2 years ago

"Jangan tanya apa yang sudah negara berikan untukmu, tapi tanyakan ke dirimu apa yang sudah aku berikan untuk negara ku?" Dari kota Gresik menuju Istana Merdeka, inilah Performance Marching Band Semen Indonesia @mb_semenindonesia pada pentas acara Pembukaan Parade Seni dan Budaya - Perayaan & Upacara HUT Republik Indonesia ke-71 di Istana Negara, mempersembahkan yang terbaik untuk kualitas, untuk bumi dan untuk Indonesia 🇮🇩💪🏻👊🏻 @semenindonesia @infogresik

2 years ago

Very thrilled to be featured in this issue of #drumcorpsworld! What a cool shot of our #trumpet line letting their inner Pop Stars take over! Happy Holidays from us, too ⛄❄ #GoldCorps2015