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Okay my Drum Corps friends, both past and present. As the season has closed and interest groups have started popping up everywhere, what are your recommendations for your local couch potato so that she has a shot at a spot on a World Class Drum Corps that’s not the Couchmen. What are good exercises? What are the basics of dance and equipment that a aspiring corps guard member needs to know? I’d love all the advice I can get!! #DCI #Colorguard #drumcorpsinternational #advice

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Friendly reminder that it's okay to sit out for a bit if you genuinely need to. Just make sure to hop back into rehearsal once you're good ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Tags: #band #bandmemes #bandmeme #marchingband #marchingbandmemes #marchingbandmeme #memeaccount #dci #drumcorps #drumcorpsinternational #trumpet #drummajor #bandnerd #bandgeek #bandnerds #bandgeeks #music #bandcamp #gaintrick #gainpost #instagood #instacool #friendlyreminder #tumblrmemes

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💥 What is your Passion?? PLAYING DRUMS! 👉 Follow @drumlovely for your passion. 😘 *** ""Sometimes all you need is a wallet to make your snare sound just right. So this we're making "wallet grooves" a thing. @dnlfsn"" ** Hope you like it ^^ 💥 Tag friends on this photo. ===================================================. ✌ No CR infringement purposed . *************************************************************** #drumming #drumandbass #drum #drumdesire #drumpure #drumnext #drumingfans

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We want to welcome Arjuna "RJ" Contreras (@arjuna_) to the Ludwig artist roster! RJ is currently on tour with rockabilly legends Reverend Horton Heat and you can catch him performing with a Ludwig Classic Maple in Gold Sparkle brilliantly dubbed "Goldfinger" in upcoming concerts! ⁣ ⁣ Ludwig Classic Maples in Gold Sparkle⁣ ‣Sizes: 14x22 Kick Drum, 9x13 Rack Tom, 16x16 and 16x18 Floor Toms⁣ ‣Custom wood hoops (Black w/ Gold Sparkle inlay) by Jody Lutz of Stellar Wood Drum Hoops⁣ ‣6.5x14 Ludwig Brass Phonic Snare Drum⁣ ‣Ludwig Atlas Pro and Atlas Classic Hardware⁣ ⁣ ... . Follow @drumtracking to see pictures 👆 . Credit : @ludwigdrumshq .

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🥁Volume Up🥁 If you missed the festivities this weekend, @dciphotos knows how to have a good time! We were thrilled to have the #TastingsVintageWineTruck in the heart of the action. Congrats to the @showbandcs for taking home top honors! Huge thanks to Bryan Bailey Productions for the amazing footage 🎥 and @visitindy for keeping our city rocking! . . . . #Panampavilion #dci2018 #visitindy #indy #indianapolis #naptown #tastingsindy #loveindy #downtownindy #keepindyindie #drums #dci #drumcore #drumcorps #drumcorpsinternational #tastingsindy #wine #vintagewinetruck at Pan Am Pavilion

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We only have 3 more days to secure sponsorships for Nathan’s March-a-thon!!! We’ve raised 67% of our goal!!! Please consider sponsoring Nathan this year! Link in bio! On August 18th, Nathan will be participating in the Courtland High School Band “March-A-Thon.” This March-A-Thon is a fundraiser to help offset the cost of his band fees (uniforms, travel, competitions, uniform accessories, etc.). 100% of the sponsorships raised will go directly to Nathan’s band account!! Donations are tax deductible and we are happy to provide you with a receipt of your donation upon request. You can sponsor him with a flat donation or by the hour. They will be “marching” for 8 hours! Please make checks payable to CBPA (Courtland Band Parents Association) or send directly to me via PayPal at https://paypal.me/valellis17 All sponsorships are due by August 18th and all money needs to be turned in by September 7th. Any and all sponsorships will be greatly appreciated as this is an extremely costly extra curricular. #bandmom #band #mellophone #brass #drum #drumline #dci #drumcorps #drumcorpsinternational #futuremarine #marines #usmc #marinecorpsband #marchingband #royalbrigade #rbmb #freshman #fundraising #fundraiser #sponsored #music

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LUKE IS A EXAMPLE 📈 . . I first watched Luke cover Animals as leaders at the mere age of 18 back in the 2011 and damn was I blown away... . . I was also really jealous and so wrapped up on my own ego that it wasn’t like me to give props to guys my age. I had this cut throat mentality that derived from the early cynicism I gained growing up being messed with and thinking I didn’t have it all as a result... . . That was a long time ago though and yes things have changed. Marriage, child birth, letting go of the ever grasping ego... it’s not easy and most of us never seem to break out of that shell but I can tell you all that It is definitely better on the other side 😎 . Now enjoy the tail end of of Luke’s play through of “Tendinitis” by the infamous @jasonrichardson. It’s absolutely insane and a great representation of all the hardwork Luke has put in over the years. . . . . . . - ... . Original Pics,video from: @drummersilike .

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Yamaha Drums Artist Donavan Hepburn gets ready for tour rehearsal with Jeff Lynn’s ELO. Donavan’s drums of choice is his Yamaha Recording Customs from the mid 90’s. To emulate the sounds from ELO’s classic catalog, his classic RC drums have the short sustain and attack he needs. Donavan also removed all bottom rims and heads from the toms and floor toms for more 70’s vibe! ... . Photo credits 📷: @yamahadrumsofficial .

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🥁😘 Awesome Pic & Funny about Drummers’ life is here. 💥 Follow @drumworldwide to see more *** ""Today is our 1 year wedding anniversary. See you next year Chicago Drum Show."" ** Hope you like it ^^ 💥 Tag friends on this photo. ===================================================. 🤙 Don't mean to infringe any CR . *************************************************************** #drums #drummer #drumworldwide #drumclubs #drumgroup #drumteams

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Bluecoats 2018! They came in 3rd behind Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard!

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Since I just started, I’d figured I’ll have 2 posts today! Here is my phone background edit of 2018 Boston Crusaders, S.O.S.🐚 Hope you enjoy! This was a really beautiful show for me and I had a lot of fun making this. . None of the pictures are mine, but all the collage designs are. I use PicCollage for all my edits. . #dci #drumcorpsinternational #drumcorps #bostoncrusaders #bac #sos

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As the first half of my last band camp comes to an end, it had me reflect on the incredible summer I had. I had the privilege of working everyday with some of the most talented musicians, interns, and event staff. I was able to help create the excellence that every single corps is perusing day in and day out. Drum Corps International allowed me to travel all over the county to make sure these inspiring men and women have an appreciative audience and grand stage to perform on. Along the way I have met some amazing people and gained some unforgettable friends. It goes without saying that marching music will forever be apart of my life. We are all winners in life. #DCI2018 #DrumCorpsInternational #BreakRanks at Lucas Oil Stadium

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I gave two years of my life to this corps and I find myself on this field again. I drove almost 1,300 miles to take advantage of this opportunity and it was well worth it to give my corps family images to share for a lifetime. Couldn't be more proud of what they accomplished this season and glad I got to help out. #MusicCityDrumCorps #MusicCity #hornline #drumline  #MCDC #MCDC18 #DCI #dci18 #dci2018 #drumcorps #DrumCorpsInternational #hellonwheels #GetonBoard #drummajor #worldclass #lucasoil #hornline at Lucas Oil Stadium

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Hello Instagram! My first edits are phone backgrounds for Santa Clara Vanguard 2018, Babylon.🌆 Sorry about the weird space in either side, I couldn’t fit the whole thing in one post without having those. Hope you like them! 1, 2, or 3?🧡 . None of the photos used are mine, but the collage designs are. I use PicCollage for all my edits. . #dci #dciedits #drumcorpsinternational #drumcorps #scv #santaclaravanguard #babylon #mybodyisacage

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🥁 Why do you love Drummers??? 💥 Follow @drumlovely to get more awesome things about DRUMMERS.😜 *** ""We’re at Finals! On the field with @bostoncrusaders! Follow our story all weekend for more! @vicfirth"" ** Hope you like it ^^ 💥 Tag friends on this photo. ===================================================. 💬 DM me straight off for dealing problems . *************************************************************** #drums #drummer #drumming #drumandbass #drum #drumhumor #drumhobby #drumjobs #drumicon

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Some snippets of my first ever DCI Semifinals lot. I can definitely say now that this run at the end of the Closer was one of my favorite parts of the show. 🌟 P.S. if anyone knows who the cameraman is please tell him that the girl who breaks mallets at the end of the Closer is really hoping he puts it in the lot video #drumcorps #frontensemble #golddrumcorps #dci #band #percussion #outdoordiddleband #music #openclass #drumcorpsinternational #lucasoilstadium #indy #indianapolis #AUFE #AUFE18 #semifinalists #ohyeahbreaksmalletsattheendofthecloser #thatme #itwasntthefirsttimeeither #inthelot #inthelotwith #lot #semifinalslot #yeartwo #thecornsquad #takemebrokencity #throughoureyes at Lucas Oil Stadium

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TOMORROW! @camille.bigeault is a drummer from Toulouse, France who's best known for her creative exploration on the drums and polyrhythmic-based drumming clips that she posts across her social media channels. She studied drums in the conservatory and went on to earn a jazz musicology degree. Camille has played with a wide array of musical projects such as "Xxelles" (a jazz-fusion band), "La theorie des cordes" (a progressive jazz-rock band), and "Genesya" (a Genesis tribute band). She also played 86 gigs at The Palace in Paris with the french rock-opera group "Le rouge et le noir". Tune in tomorrow at 4pm pacific for a free live lesson! Drumeo.com/live - don't miss it! ... . Thank you: @drumeoofficial .

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🥁🎶 YOU’RE A DRUMMER 💥 @drumworldwide 👉Follow us to see more awesome pictures and videos. *** "" @calvinr_rodgers ・・・ For those asking about the snare @pearl_drums 14x6.5 Bronze Free Floater. "" ** Hope you like it ^^ 💥 Tag friends on this photo. ===================================================. 💢 Let me know if you're unsatisfied . *************************************************************** #drums #drummer #drumhappy #drumtodays #drumloves #drumpublic

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Congratulations to the Vanguard Cadets. DCI 2018 Open Class World Champions. @scvanguard ... . Thank you: @remopercussion .

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Land of the Free...Because of the Brave🙌🏼 Happy 4th of July everyone!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ... . Thank you: @rockangel_ .

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(@mikeygooch1204) ladies and gentlemen! 👏🏼🥁 🌎 Grow your IG with us in 2018! 🥁 DM us for paid features (Slots Are Limited). ... . Repost from: @drumuniversity .

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This guy is the “Quincy Jones” of Korea. We have done many albums together, including @leemoonsae , starting new album soon, glad he could make it by the studio today, Hooney Lee ... . Photo credits 📷: @rmisticks .

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Who is going to take home the high percussion award tonight at DCI? ... . All credits from 📷: @remopercussion .

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Camp for the summer was an absolute blast. Missing these guys (and gal) something fierce!!! - photo by Julian Mendoza @julzthefool ... . Thank you: @drum_igphotos .

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😍 Do u love DRUMMERS??? 👉 @drumworldwide 💥 Let’s follow us to see more photos and quotes about DRUMMERS. *** "" with @groovekiste - 🥁 Long time no swing .... so here’s my swing update for you guys. 😃 Feels great jammin‘ to this alltime favorite of mine called „Bugle Call Rag“ by the master himself Benny Goodman. 👌🏻 especially while I’m getting ready to hit the road again with my own swing band @the_nannys soon 😎 Have a good one! 👊🏻 • • @drumtacs @drum_fill_university @drumsharing @grooveshare @instagroove_ @professional_drummers @thenewdrummer @we_love_drums @welovemeinl @drumset.up @drumuniversity @drumsoutlet"" ** Hope you like it ^^ 💥 Tag friends on this photo. ===================================================. 🤙 Don't mean to infringe any CR . *************************************************************** #drumming #drumandbass #drum #drumsuper #drumsupreme #drumcheery #drumpotent #drumpotent