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The easiest way to increase your metabolism is to...drink water! WebMD reports that researchers in Germany report that water consumption increases the rate at which people burn calories. After drinking approximately 17 ounces of water, the subjects' metabolic rates -- or the rate at which calories are burned -- increased by 30% for both men and women. The increases occurred within 10 minutes of water consumption and reached a maximum after about 30 to 40 minutes. The study also showed that the increase in metabolic rate differed in men and women. In men, burning more fat fueled the increase in metabolism, whereas in women, an increased breakdown of carbohydrates caused the increase in metabolism seen. The researchers estimate that over the course of a year, a person who increases his water consumption by 1.5 liters a day would burn an extra 17,400 calories, for a weight loss of approximately five pounds. They note that up to 40% of the increase in calorie burning is caused by the body's attempt to heat the ingested water. Have you drank your first glass of the day yet? If not, water are you waiting for? #diosanachallenge #drinkwater #drinkwaterdaily #drinkwaterallday #waterchallenge💦

10 hours ago

Did you remember to drink your water today? Did you know drinking water each day can: INCREASE BRAIN POWER AND PROVIDES ENERGY

14 hours ago

I made these water bottle carriers recently. I am finding it super useful this weekend at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention. I was able to keep hydrated and still keep my hands free while I was shopping! #waterbottleholders #waterbottleholder #crochetbottleholder #crochetbottlecozy #crochetbottlebag #crochetbaglove #bagcrochet #makersgonnamake #handmadecrochet #handmadecrafts #madebyhand #yarnaddiction #yarnlife #sunshadowcrochet #hydrateisthenewsexy #hydrateyourself #drinkwaterallday #drinkwaternotsugar #watercarrier #waterbottlecarrier #waterbottlecarriers #waterbottlebags at The San Antonio River Walk

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So you started the challenge strong and now it’s a challenge to complete the challenge. Don’t worry about yesterday, pick yourself back up and start over. Give yourself permission to drink a half gallon so you have a smaller more manageable goal. If you drink a half gallon a day for 5 days you will notice that your body joins the effort and begins to send thirst signals urging you to drink more. If you’ve maintained the challenge, don’t stop. If you’ve only thought about the challenge, take the first step today and drink a glass of water. You can read past posts and catch up on the information that’s been shared. You can do this! It’s Valentine’s Day today. Show yourself some love by joining the Diosana month long gallon a day water challenge. #diosanachallenge #drinkwaterdaily #drinkwaterallday #waterchallenge💦

5 days ago

Did you know that drinking ample water can reduce the risk of heart attack/heart disease? Men who drank at least five glasses had a 54% reduced risk of fatal heart disease and women cut their risk by 41%. We recommend you drink a gallon, but you can see that a little goes a long way. Lack of sufficient hydration makes your blood viscous, which is not a good thing. Were you aware that most heart attacks happen in the morning, when your blood is thicker due to water loss that occurs when you sleep. Lack of water in the body can also raise cortisol,the stress hormone. We all know that stress increases the risk of heart attack. Did you know that cortisol breaks down muscle and stores fat, which leads to weight gain which also increases your risk of a heart attack. Have you joined the 30 day water challenge yet? If not, what on earth are you waiting for? Your life may depend on it (slight exaggeration, but do increase water intake even if you don’t join the gallon a day challenge - the benefits are definitely worth it). #diosanachallenge #drinkwater #drinkwaterdaily #drinkwaterallday #waterchallenge💦

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Repost from @cleansingcardiff using @RepostRegramApp - Purify your water folks!! . This is our water distiller. Check out the before and after pictures to reveal what's in your tap water 💦➡️

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My hydration kit arrived today, just drank a whole bottle so far the taste is great 👍🏼 I got the 🍋 one I’ll let you all know how it plays out throughout my whole week so far I feel amazing thank you so much @liquidiv I’ll be making a live vid soon so let you knoe my thoughts and comments 💙💧🥛thanks @thenikkibella for your recommendation 👍🏼🤗 #liquidiv #stayhydrated #drinkwater #water #hydration #hydrationtreatment #watertalk #insta #instagram #thegram #liv #drinkliquidology #waterbottle #drinkwaterdaily #drinkwater💧 #drinkwaterallday #drinkwaterchallenge #drinkwatereveryday #drinkwaterinstead #changetheworld #ctw #livitup at Rowland Heights, California

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In my exercise class one of my ladies asked about the color of pee. I love this kind of stuff!! Swipe (or not) to assess your urine color. 😆 If everything is normal and healthy, the color should be a pale yellow to gold. That hue comes from a pigment your body makes called urochrome. The shade, light or dark, also changes. 💁 What color is yours? at Jacksonville, Florida

9 days ago

Goal #2 I see this chalkboard about 100x every day passing through my kitchen/laundry room/garage. My ✔️ boxes aren’t anything particularly “Instagram-worthy” but boy, are they helping me remember my #monthlygoals for water. What are you focused on this month? And how are you keeping that goal top of mind? I’d love to hear your tips!

9 days ago

Drinking water helps flush toxins from your body. You are basically completing a gentle detox as you undertake this 30 day water challenge. Your kidneys flush toxins from your system, but water is the vehicle that it uses to escort toxins out the door. Toxins that stay in your system can cause a variety of ailments ranging from something as minor as brain fog to a major crisis like organ failure. Being dehydrated by just 2% begins to impair your ability to perform tasks that require attention, physical performance, and short term memory skills. Drinking water creates an advantage that translates into every area of your life. Have you had your first glass of the day yet? If not, drink up. #waterchallenge💦 #diosanachallenge #drinkwater #drinkwaterdaily #drinkwaterallday

10 days ago

Существует заблуждение относительно того как правильно употреблять воду. 💧 🔹 🔹 В день необходимо выпивать 2 литра (или 8 стаканов) воды🌊 🔹 🔹 Это одно из самых распространённых заблуждений😦, хотя в нём есть доля правды. 🔹 🔹 На самом деле, нет никаких точных данных о том, сколько именно воды нужно выпивать человеку ежедневно😒. Это зависит от многих факторов: вес тела, уникальная химическая система организма, температура окружающей среды, повседневная деятельность человека и, самое важное – рацион питания🥗🍜🍲, из которого организм черпает до 40 % нормы воды🌧️. Известно, что вода находится во всех продуктах, которые мы употребляем. Например, в молоке🥛 её 87 %, в томатах🍅 – 95 %, в мясе🍗 – 50–70 %, в хлебе🍞– 35 %. 🔹 🔹 Согласно рекомендациям Национальной академии наук США от 1945 года организм человека👤 должен получать 1 мл воды💧 на каждую потребленную килокалорию пищи. Рацион современного человека в среднем 2000-2500 килокалорий – и мы возвращаемся к пресловутым 2 литрам, но уже вместе с потребляемой пищей🍔. 🔹 🔹 Так сколько же нужно пить воды ежедневно🍶? Наиболее разумный совет – прислушивайтесь к сигналам🔊 своего организма, пейте воду при появлении чувства жажды, пейте воду просто так❗❗❗ #upgrading_yourself #water💧 #drinkwater #drinkwaterdaily #drinkwaterallday #humanwater #eatanddrink #likewater #ilikewater #idrinkwater #climbingwaterfalls #питьводу #япьюводу #ялюблюводу #сколькопитьводы #жажда #водаэтожизнь

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Are you drinking enough water? 💦 . Just a little friendly reminder to make sure you are drinking at least half your body weight in water each day! It’s so important for your body to function properly!! . 💧 Water boots energy 💧 Water helps weight loss 💧 Water aids in digestion 💧 Water detoxifies your body 💧 Water hydrates your skin . . Try infusing your water with lemon, lime, cucumbers or berries! 😋

10 days ago

HEALTH: Handige tips om meer water te drinken in de winter 💖 . Het is weer winter. Voor mijn fibro al niet zo heel fijn, veel moe en pijn, waardoor je eigenlijk de net niet goede keuzes maakt. Ik drink in de winter eigenlijk veel te weinig. Moe, geen puf om het te pakken vind ik zelf, maar als ik bij de kraan sta pak ik het nog niet. Waarom? Geen idee! Als ik onderweg een flesje water mee heb drink ik het keurig leeg, maar mijn dopper even bijvullen, nee dat doe ik dan weer niet. Link in bio! 💖⬆️ at Boost your health

11 days ago

💦Fit Tip Tuesday!💦 You're thirsty sister, hydrate yourself! Women ask me all the time what they can start TODAY that will positively impact their health. My simple answer is DRINK MORE WATER! It's not complicated or expensive & makes a BIG difference! 💁 How are my ladies doing that committed to my water challenge this week? Share a picture of your favorite cup & tag me! 😍 💁 Missed that post? Scroll down, it was yesterday & it's not too late! My tips: 💧Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces. Example: 150lb woman drinks 75oz daily. 💧Flavor your water with fruit. Every morning I squeeze a fresh lemon, lime or both into my water. 💧I find that I drink room temperature or warmed water faster than cold. If it's too cold I let it sit. 💧You're thirsty sister! You haven't had anything to drink for HOURS! Start as soon as you wake up! I fix my water, warm a mug for 1 minute & sip on that before anything else. 💧Have a plan. There are tons of ways to track your water! Apps, writing the times on your jug, bracelets to wear & remove as you knock off a bottle, rubber bands on the bottle. Get yourself a pretty cup & try different methods until you find your groove. #fittiptuesday at Jacksonville, Florida

11 days ago

The Hardest thing for me to do was to go cold turkey and completely cut off drinking coke 😞😒 I was drinking little to NO water a day / so now downing a gallon a day has been a bit tough . I even googled “how does drinking a gallon of water a day help you loose weight” 😩😭😂 🤦🏻‍♂️ turns out it fights A LOT of fat in ur body - so I will definitely be drinking my water ! Day 6 & it’s becoming part of my daily routine already . 😉🙃 #weightlossjourney #drinkwater #drinkwaterdaily #drinkwaterallday #drinkwaterandmindyourbusiness #weightloss

12 days ago

Representing Larken Fitness while getting my water intake in for the day! 😏💦⁣ ⁣ You should be drinking at least ONE GALLON a day! ⁣ ⁣ Set reminders on your phone to drink water, use a half gallon jug with a straw in it, take a gulp every time you pick up your phone. ⁣ ⁣ Whatever you have to do to get that water in, do it! 💪🏻💦🔥⁣ ⁣ #larkenfitness #beunstoppable #waterintake #watertips #certifiedpersonaltrainer #fitfam #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits #fitnessmotivation #drinkwaterallday #getmotivated #beinspired #reachyourgoals #bethebestyou #limitless #thickfit

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We Know Monday's Can Be Exhausting, So To Get Your Monday Going, "REVITALIZE" w/ Some Electrolytes. Revitalize Electrolyte Enhanced Water ➕➖💧 "We Don't Bottle Water, We Bottle Quality" ® (Available Spring/Summer 2019) www.tcfclothing.com (Under Construction) #flyboytcfclothing #revitalizewater #revitalize #revitalizeelectrolytewater #water #electrolytewater #drinkwater #healthy #waterdiet #marketing #fitness #watercampaign #water #gym #bottledwater #bottlewater #drinkwaterallday #drinkwaterdaily #electrolyteenhancedwater #style #marketing #business #mondaysbelike #ambassadorsearch #ambassador #ambassadorswanted #brandambassadorswanted #waterquality #beautifulmodels #smile

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Water Challenge!💦💦💦 Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces every day this week! 200lb = 100 ounces/day 150lb = 75 ounces/day 💁Who's in??? ⬇️COMMENT BELOW⬇️

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Super Bowl Sunday with the fam🏈 Maddi moo was not into the football game but she did create a wonderful masterpiece 🥰 for @seth.evilsizer Teams come in many forms... this is the team I will forever cheer for!! They are my world and my reason why! Good food, lots of laughs, fun making memories with my family💕 Life is great 👍 #superbowlparty #teamatesforlife #familytime

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Keeping hydrated is crucial for health and well-being, but many people do not consume enough fluids each day. I carry these 20oz stainless steel bottles with me everywhere I go so I ensure I drink water continuously throughout my day. Plus, they keep the water chilled, which is the way I prefer it. ⠀ ⠀ How do you make sure you drink enough water throughout the day??⠀ ➳⠀ ➳⠀ ➳⠀ #littlestoriesofmylife #drinkwaterdaily #drinkwaterallday #itsabeautifullife #unapologeticallyme #lifebydesign #iamcanadian #lovethislifewelive #gratefuleveryday #littlemomentsofmylife #littlestoriesoflife #networkmarketingsuccess #sixfigureearner #freedommotivated #madeformore #destinedforgreatness #entrepreneurmentor #dreamlifestyle #dreamitdoit #makeithappentoday #createalifeyoulove #iamwellthy #bewellthy #sharethewellth #healthwealthfreedom

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WEEK 3 // DAY 6✔️ . to be honest, I didn’t want to workout this morning. I was out late last night and indulged a little. I was tired when I woke up, after 8 1/2 hours of sleep, and feeling blah. BUT I drank two full glass of water & my all-natural jolt juice, put on my workout clothes, and pressed play👊🏼 I knew as soon as I moved my body I would feel better...and I DO!!! a small change in your mindset and an endorphins running through your body makes you feel like you can conquer the world👏🏻 . Now, to enjoy the rest of my weekend by heading to the lake and spending quality time with my parents💗 . #weekendworkouts #moveyourbodydaily #smallstepseveryday #conqueryourday #setyourmind #healthylifestylechange #drinkwaterallday #lakebound #isitsummertimeyet #northdakotagirl #teamfindyourbrave at Fargo, North Dakota

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How do I drink 126oz of water a day? Well first off - I don’t always get there but I always try.:):):) Keeping my water out on the counter next to the baby’s formula helps:):):) He eats. I drink:):):) UUUUUURAH!!!!:):):)