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1 hour ago

My first time ever going into Grand canyon we got there as the sun was setting and had about 30 minutes to find a less populated spot to enjoy this beautiful view. So worth it! The smoke from the fires in the Western States sunk into the canyon but it made for the best sunset layers. 💛 at Grand Canyon National Park

2 hours ago

Creativity is like a sunrise. Sometimes is flashes amazing, vibrant colors across the sky. Other times it is muted and covered by grey clouds. But no matter the weather, it's always there waiting to light up the day. Growing up I never really considered myself creative. I think I considered people that had artistic skills to be creative. - Side note...I've never really understood how art classes can be graded. Some kids are fundamentally better than others at art techniques and skills, whereas others perhaps just have a different creative side to them. How can you "grade" that? Back to creativity: As I've grown older, I realize that as a kid I was creative but just in different ways. For example, I used to have a cassette recorder that I used to record my own radio show, you know the Fisherprice one I'm referring to with the two side mics! I used to included music clips from some of my favorite artists at the time and add commentary to the end of them. Realizing that I have creativity now, allows me to embrace my ideas and harness that power for new projects. I think creative people today could be misunderstood at times and mistakenly labeled as being "odd" or "different". I think I'm a very deep thinker and it helps inspire my creativity. Do you consider yourself creative? What skill to you admire about yourself that makes you creative? #NJspots | @njspots 📱 #shotoniphone . . . . . . #dreamingtones #ccunderfollowed #unknownlenses #global_exposures #sunriselovers #sunrisebreakfastclub #sunrise #sunriseporn #sunrisesniper #sunrise_pics #sunrisehunter #creative #becreative at Ledgewood, New Jersey

2 hours ago

Chefchaouene, overflowing with amazing culture, food, tradition and people. at Chefchaouene

3 hours ago

Scoping out our route when we first broke the tree line 🌲 at New Hampshire

4 hours ago

First solo road trip to the Eastern Sierras, was the mini getaway I needed. The last three weeks have been extremely tense and I know next month won’t be easier. I needed to temporarily run away from the chaos, in order to clear out the negative thoughts and feelings harboring within my soul. For me solitude and nature are necessities; I never felt scared or lonely this trip. A friend of mine use to always encourage me to do solo trips and now I understand why. So, if you ever have the desire to visit a place but nobody can go with you, well just go alone. Don’t overthink it, do the research, and go! at Big Pine Lakes

4 hours ago

For more sunsets like that 🙌🏽🙌🏽 at Hessen, Germany

6 hours ago

been a bit unactive due to moving across the country to start university. For those of you that dont know I moved from Lancashire to Cornwall. Will share photos soon but for now heres a repost from last summer • • • • • • #photography #edgygrams #ukshooters #visuals #aesthetics #wanderlust #agameoftones #thelensbible #justgoshoot #dreamingtones #master_shots #photooftheday #moody_tones #exploretocreate #wonderlustengland #naturephotoportal #myfeatureshoot #featurehighlight #instadaily #tumblr #dslr #world_shotz #ig_masterpiece #visualinspired #igtones #passionpassport #uk_shooters #nikond3300 #chinatown at Truro Cathedral

6 hours ago

YES, there’s more than New York City ⛰ Have you ever visited NY state? [Ita & Eng below] . . 🇮🇹 Nei 10 giorni passati ho partecipato al TBEX (una conferenza per travel blogger) e girato nello stato di New York. Ho visto laghi e montagne, mangiato piatti classici americani e provato birre artigianali in cittadine di 10.000 abitanti ricche di storia e edifici in mattoni rossi. Non avevo mai dato molta importanza allo stato di NY perché è spesso messo in ombra da Manhattan e non viene considerato come dovrebbe. Andate se amate la natura, le piccole città americane, l’ospitalità accogliente e le zone poco turistiche (ZERO italiani incontrati). Ne resterete sorpresi. ———————————— 🇺🇸 In the past 10 days I’ve been in NY state to attend a travel blogger conference (TBEX) and had the chance to explore mountains, lakes and quaint small towns full of brick wall buildings (which I love) and lovely people. I also had some local beer tasting and experienced a warm welcoming everywhere I’d go. Go upstate NY if you love small American towns and less-touristy places, you won’t be disappointed. #visitadks #NYLovesFall #SkiTheFace @lakeplacidadk @whiteface_mt @visitadirondacks @iloveny at Whiteface Mountain

8 hours ago

This temple (which I found more interesting) lies just next to the Sensōji, Tokyo's oldest temple, completed in year 645. A super popular and crowded place. But their cabbage pancakes make up for it. Sooo good! Also, we saw some fake geishas too. at Sensoji Buddist Temple

11 hours ago

Can you feel the breeze especially intensive at some times...like me? 🌬💨🌪 Then the breeze wants to wake you up, make you feel more alive, give you new energy, make you happy and let you set your sails for a new goal 🌬⛵️🗺 Just feel it and sail with the winds...it’s fantastic emotional when you’ll finally reach your destination 🦋 Yesterday I could reach such an emotional goal ☺️☺️☺️ . . . #ostsee #boattrip #breeze #oceanlife #voyageyou #oceanlove #imagesoflandscapes #cloudzdelight #incredible_ww #worldinwonder #destinednation #amazingbeautifulearth #thediscoverer #travelingdorks #pulsatingearth #discovergaia #explorecreateshare #wwtty #weekengo #wherewewilltravel #insanityworld_ #gotravelplanet #exploringdreamplaces #wearealwaysahaed #wanderlust #wanderlustvlog #dreamingtones at Am alten Strom in Warnemünde

14 hours ago

Get lost in the incredible sunset by the beach. at Seminyak, Bali

14 hours ago

winding at Utah

15 hours ago

i cant think of a word to describe this (in a good way) at Anchorage, Alaska

18 hours ago

All trail markers should be like this one 🙂🌲

21 hours ago

I think it’s time to decide what mountains to climb next... suggestions? • ||8.20.19|| at Parker Ridge Trail

23 hours ago

que vuelvan los días de sol y playa 🌅 at Marbella, Spain

23 hours ago

Moments before the sky caught on fire at New Hampshire

5 months ago

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as if ever so on the road.” - Jack Kerouac (May 2016) 🇮🇸 at Iceland