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Fun Fact: In high school i was not into sports I was a theater kid, I even did a musical. Who would of thought I would become a bodybuilder.🤷🏼‍♂️ at Orlando, Florida

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Well I had a follow up with my GI dr today. Which means sparkly shoes 💖💖💖 He helps manage with my Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. He has helped me so much, while finding a Immuninologist to help manage everything. He started off as a doctor that seemed like he would help me much and has quickly turned into one of my favorite doctors 💖 But for today, I touched base with what the new immuniologist said, also that I had a major reaction in Nov. to my Xoair. He was upset for me. He was disappointed in the fact that the one thing that could have helped me, ended up throughing me in a flare. 😪😔😓 So next steps, we are gonna do the SIBO testing and a few other labs. He was gonna test for SIBO before but my bloating went away after I stopped Zantac. But the fact that my bloating went from a 0 - 10000% over the course of a month, is a concern 😔 So he wants to test for that. We are gonna wait to see what the test results say from that, before starting the chemo based drugs. The immuinologist started me on a few meds when I saw him in Jan., but as my GI dr stated, I "feel" better or have less flushing, but its only a bandaid 😪😓😔 So we have to wait for the labs to come back, then we will see which one he wants to start me on next. One is used Sickle Cell, one is for cancer patients, and the other one is IVIG, which will help my POTS and MCAS. But comes with many risks. So we will see 🙃 I hope everyone is having a great Monday and a great rest of your week !!! At least I got #teddrews to make the appointment a little better 💖

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____________________ There’s something kinda sad about the way that things have come to be Desensitized to everything What became of subtlety? . How can this mean anything to me If I really don't feel anything at all? . I'll ... Keep ... digging Till I .... feel ... something . Elbow deep inside the borderline Show me that you love me and that we belong together Shoulder deep within the borderline . Relax ... Turn around and take my hand. _______________________________ #90s #Rock #Band #Tool #Song #StinkFist #Lyrics _______________________________ Just cause something looks #Dark and #Scary doesn’t mean it isn’t #Beautiful and #Meaningful . #DontJudgeABookByItsCover

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Next level DIY: turn your Winz-Wohnung into a Winz-Wohnung with a lot of Stauraum 💁🏼‍♀️Da ich von meinen Großeltern vor einigen Jahren eine halbe Bibliothek geerbt habe und ich zu den Menschen gehöre, die Erinnerungen gern um sich haben, musste ich mir was einfallen lassen. Also hab ich mein Bett kurzerhand „höhergelegt“, Regale drunter verschraubt und schlafe jetzt als Prinzessin auf den Bücherseiten. Prinzessin auf der Erbse kann ja jeder. #diy #hochbett #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #wochendaufgabe #smallappartment #tinyappartment

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You shouldn't be afraid to show your personality and humor. Some people might not understand it, but there are so many people out there who would. There's only one you in existence, so you better let everybody know who you are even if you're not the "norm." Nobody is the opidomy of a "perfect" or "cool" person; we're all just humans. You shouldn't be ashamed of that, and you shouldn't be ashamed of what other people think about it. Here's the annoyingly long list of hashtags to spread the possible smiles: #inspiration #beyourself #beyou #funny #funnysloth #funnysloths #thebachelor #positivepage #positivity #positive #humor #personality #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #wereallhuman #weareallhumanity #nobodyisperfect #new #newpage #newaccount #positiveaccount #unique #uniqueness #youareyou #thereisonlyoneofyou #loveyourself #spreadthepositivity #spreadthelove #positivemessages

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The best thing going for me in life is family. I am working right now 7 days a week. Getting the minimum wage increased will help a lot, even if they throw in just a dollar. Seaside Heights is really hard to live in if you have food stamps holding you up. My mom and I lived right around the corner but they kicked her out because she was on welfare. They said my mom wasn’t making enough money, but we were paying all of our bills like we were supposed to. I don’t understand it. They made us move to Toms River so we live in Toms River now. . I am 18. My mom tells me all the time that I need to keep my head up and keep making money, because as the money comes in, everything else in life that I want will come. I have been working since I was 16, because at that time she didn’t have a job, because my mom has had problems from a drug addiction she had. But she is completely off of drugs now. She has been going to counseling and therapy and all kinds of stuff. Her being clean helps a lot, because I don’t have her on my conscience worrying about her like that. But she still has a hard time getting a job, because too many people judge her because of the way she looks or because they might have her heard rumors about her... . POTJS Note: The story among others will be featured in the new Portraits of the Jersey Shore Podcast coming out soon. I will let you know as soon as it is out! ~ Gregory . #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #foodstamps #hardworking #dontjudgeme #podcasting at Seaside Heights NJ, beach

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How often do you tell yourself that you don't judge other people? And yet, the thoughts that swim through your mind at every turn are judgmental. "She can't be that short on cash if she can take that vacation." "She shouldn't need anyone to help watch her kids - she is a stay at home mom, that's her job." "What could she possibly have to complain about? Her husband seems so helpful and loving. She must not appreciate him enough." Or even passing judgment on ourselves through others' behavior: "Her kids are so well behaved. I must be doing something wrong." "I work out with her in bootcamp every day and still can't do as many pull ups as she can. What is wrong with me?" The truth is, that is only our own point of view, our perspective, built around only the things we have personally experienced. Judgment causes us to act morally superior, as if we're in a position to judge others' actions. But NO ONE knows what another person is going through. Not even when they have shared parts of their story. And people are really good at hiding the parts of themselves that bring them pain, shame, guilt, or embarrassment. - the woman who stays at home with her kids, which seems like a luxury to some, might do so because her family lives paycheck to paycheck and even if she went to work, she couldn't work a job that would pay her enough to afford childcare and still have extra left over - the mom you envy for her patience and compassion with her kids might secretly struggle with anxiety and rely on medication - the friend you think has it all - the caring husband, the big house, the well-behaved kids, the great job - has dealt with crippling loss - the woman who is nicely dressed and accessorized places high meaning on looking put together because it's all she feels she can control in her otherwise messy life - the woman who seems like she has tons of material things might just be trying to validate her worth and cover the deeper feelings of unworthiness What do you struggle with that you don't make visible to others? Remember that everyone has struggles, and just because someone's struggles are different than your own doesn't mean we have any right to judge.

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When people hear that you are using Herbalife products they think shake diet and starving yourself! This could not be further from the truth!! On a daily basis this is what I am putting inside my body - GOOD NUTRUTION! I’m not hungry, I still in tasty food and I feel great about it!! Want to try the products, message me and come to the taster evening next Wedneaday! #herbalife #herbaliferesults #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #goodnutrition #ieatsolids #notashakediet #protein #feelgood #neverfeltbetter #gainleanmuscle #loseweight #abetterme #trynow #whatyougottolose

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Du kan se mitt leende och du kan se när mina ögon fylls o tårar ringer längs med mina kinder.. du kan höra hur min själ skrattar och du kan höra mig när mitt hjärta brister.. du kan döma mig för saker jag gjort och saker jag gör.. men du kan aldrig någonsin komma i närheten av att känna hur det känns att vara jag! Acceptera mig för det jag gör Älska mig för den är! Jag jobbar med detta varje dag..jag förstår att jag aldrig kommer bli omtyckt av alla, ibland inte ens av mig själv men det jag begär är att bli accepterad och respekterad för den jag är! du behöver inte gilla mig du behöver inte följa mig men du kan behåll ditt hat för dig själv! Tack #makelovenotwar #dontjudgeme #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #youdontknowmystory #imstrongbecauseivebeenweak

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Wow! Lots of judgement out there. We are making the best of things ... please don’t make me take my account private. #dontjudgeabookbyitscover

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Q: Is there a book that you regret judging by its cover/genre/reputation? . Triple whammy #bookchallenge coming right up. We’ve got: ✨ #bookqueensfeb19 - Wish I had read this sooner ✨ #readgushfeb19 - Authors you love ✨ #allthebooksfeb19 - intriguing title All wrapped up in one post! . Let me tell you about The Great Gatsby and my eternal struggle with classic novels. . *inhales heavily, preparing for rant* . I was assigned this book in high school and promptly read the Sparknotes on it. The plot sounded boring. Why would I ever actually read such a boring, non-YA book? . Flash forward to when I’m an adult, and I’m not such a turd about judging books by their plot/cover/genre/blatant popularity. This book changed my whole viewpoint on classic literature and taught me so much about reading and writing. A story doesn’t need to be “exciting” to be exciting, i.e. there doesn’t have to be explosions and magic and reckless teens and unrequited love for a book to be worth my time. Fitzgerald’s pure skill in writing makes every word of this book worth it... The wonderful setting, complex (likable and hate-able at the same time) characters, and BOMB similes. Seriously, this guy will teach you the world about metaphors and similes. . And you know what? Reading this as an adult, I could care less about the boring high school topics we focused on. What green light? Old money vs new money, who cares? I made this story special in my own way, not in a way that anybody else tells me. . Long story short, it’s totally okay to judge a book if you give it a chance first. I never even read it in high school, just decided it sucked from the get go. Wrong. Super awful. So much regret. (But I guess I wouldn’t have learned my lesson if I’d never done it... and this book wouldn’t have changed my world if I read it back then) . The Great Gatsby. *drops mic and turns off PowerPoint presentation* . . . . . #thegreatgatsby #greatgatsby #fscottfitzgerald #fitzgerald #classicbooks #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #book #books #bookish #bookworm #bookaholic #booknerd #bookneridgans #unitedbookstagram #yabooks #reading #reader #readersofinstagram #booksofinstagram #bookaddi

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Don’t waste your time reading others like a open book. Once you feel you’ve assumed everything about them you will be more farther away from the truth than you realize. People are like icebergs and all we will ever see is just the a small glimpse of a person and deep down below the surface there is so much more to someone if you only take the time to get to know them. Have a blessed Monday and a wonderful week everyone. 📸 Ted Carrasco

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Sometimes, some intimidating looking dude with rings and chains will walk up to you with intent, only to ask for a cute selfie (with beautifying filter intergraded, naturally) #dontjudgeabookbyitscover I know I’m long overdue - a chinese NY post will make it onto here eventually 😬🐷⭐️🧧

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Shades/Rings/Earrings Don’t dress up your mess! Address your mess! The goal is to make it look easy! She wears many hats, but she had to find her voice, her weaknesses, and her blind spots before she could be anyone else’s voice! It looks good on the outside because her internal calm is not at odds with with her external calm! She’s at her best because she doesn’t settle for less! You get what you want by understanding what you don’t want! If you’re on this journey with me, supporting my work, that means we are growing and healing together from inside out! Happy Shopping! Happy Living! See you Feb 23 ————————————— The One Woman Show Secrets (written and directed by @thefemalekevinhart )will be taking place Feb 23 @capregionartscenter for tickets #dontbelievethehype #levelstothis #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #herlayers #depthsofhermind #herstory #whatliesbeneath #blackgirlmagic #morethan28days #lookgoodfeelgood #holisticapproach #happyshopping #happyhealing #fashionandeducation #storyteller #entrepreneur #shopwithpurpose #mindsetgrowth #secrets #feb23 #onewomanshow #womenwithvoicesllcshop #womenwithvoicesllc #justyouraveragebronxgirl #janeofalltrades #518 #718

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It’s not going away just because the pastor removed the review section and deleted his comments. The community does not like what he said about their home. You can’t erase stupid so here is the screenshot of one pastor’s reply to a bad review #pastor #florida #notchristianity #rude #discrimination #judgment #christiswatching #corrupt #witch #dark #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #facebook #review #badreview #truecolors #hypocrite #crooked #disgrace #unbelievable #kindnessgoesalongway #badnewstravelsfast #iaia #iaiaalumni #backwards #society #salemwitchtrials #biblebelt

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I find it funny when girls say “men are all dogs”....which I will be the first to admit is 100% true. However what what most fail to realize is that when treated right, a dog will love you back ten fold. Once a “dog’s” respect and trust is earned, that “dog” will love and admire their “owner” unconditionally. 💯 #k9unit #doggystyle #pawsome #dogsofinstagram #woof #hakkasanlv #facts #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #puppylove #doglover #illstealyourdog at Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub

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그저 맛있게 잘 먹는 배우인 줄 알았는데, 마지막 책장을 덮으며 '거 참 괜찮은 청년이네!'라고 혼잣말을 했다. #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #겉모습으로사람을평가해선안된다 #2019년열세번째책 #추천도서📖 #걷는사람하정우 #꽤괜찮은청년 #하정우

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🗣🎤🌠Its crazy when ya school mascot was the Trojans but they clowned ya cause everybody pregnant and it was a f school #DontJudgeABookByItsCover #BooksDontGetGoodTilTheEndAnyway • • • ♠Flipurachi P • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #nowplaying #instagram #instalike #genre #melody #independent #rapper #singer #link #smoke #promotions #songs  #beauty #listenlive  #streetstyle #dance  #life #beatmaker #crazy #live #followme #share #viral #mixtape #swag #me #newmusic #insta at Florida

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February Photo Challenge Day 17: Story. My life is a story written by God. I don't know how my story will end, but nowhere in my text will it ever read..."I gave up." For he has given me the power to edit at will and say, "This is NOT how my story will end." So don't judge my life's book by the chapter you walked in on, you have to read from the beginning in order to understand the full plot. . . . #februaryphotochallenge2019 #storytelling #diaryofalostsoul #iwritemymindlingers #mymindracesandmyheartcantkeepup #drowninginthoughts #loveandotherthings #latenighttherapy #latenightthoughts #imasuckerforlove #lostintranslation #beagentleman #gentlemanscode #gentlemanoftheleaf #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #cigarsnob #cigaraficionado #botl

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Setiap orang mempunyai perspektif pandangan tersendiri. Terkadang kita menilai seseorang dari perspektif diri kita. Itulah kesalahan kita terhadap menilai diri seseorang. Jadi,jangan menilai seseorang yang terlihat dari luarnya. #Dontjudgeabookbyitscover at Nunukan, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia

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If what someone else is doing bothers you then stop 🛑 watching 👀we are too grown/old to be posting subs .... get that hate out your ❤️ heart sis .... I’m just minding my business 🙏🏽💄👑💨💨💨💨💨💥🥊tell me what I can’t do 🥰so I can show you 🙌🏽 #itsenoughroomforusall #womendupportingwomen #sistersister #growthroughwhatyougothrough #thehateisreal #buttheloveisreal💗💖 #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #whiletheywasgossipingiwasworking #keepgoing💪 #periodt #matchmyhustle #thenwecantalk #hateismyfuel #grownwomanshit

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🌎🎨It’s the diffrences we share that make our world brighter 🎨🌎 . . The more people I meet from different places around the world, the more I realize how much we can learn from each other. Everyone has different experiences, opinions, mindsets and values. Whenever you let new people into your life and are open to share stories with them you learn so much. Not just about culture and countries but yourself as well. In a way you learn to see the world through different eyes all the time and through the differences between their reality and yours somethings might appear in a completely different light. You learn to look at things form a different angle, maybe one you would never experience yourself or you had never thought about. Plus you might see what you have experienced with different eyes. Not everything you take for granted is granted and not everything you think is difficult has to be difficult. By listening carefully and sharing openly we not just broaden our mind we also get a chance to reflect our own mindset and opinions. Every new person in your life is an enrichment, every time you separate by difference you limit yourself. 💙✌🏻 . . The pictures show my absolut favorite piece of street art. I went to the Wynnwood Walls several times because I love this place but this picture always caught me. Unfortunately the pictures don’t show the colors as bright as they actually are. I have never seen such bright colors. It’s absolutely breathtaking ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 at Wynwood Walls

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#sundaysockasana today!! With some #splits in the mix - swipe to see the #headstandsplit in #socks lol!! Remember y’all let’s be silly, let’s smile, let’s spread the joy and happiness near and far. Let’s be a team and do this and support each other - don’t judge others! Be kind! ❤️❤️ Bra top: Svelte Belle - use my code: KRISTIN for 20 percent off! Mat: Arc Fitness Project #yogaheart #yogi #newyogi #silly #imsosilly #joyful #besweet #letssupporteachother #houstonvibe #upsidedown #inversionjunkie #lovelife #grateful #thankful #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #spreadjoyaroundtheworld #houstonyoga #houstonyogi at Houston, Texas