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I'm always keeping an open mind and eye for ways to make my life more sustainable - to consume less energy, produce less waste, or consume from renewable sources. One idea is to use a clothes rack and a small fan instead of a dryer. My little fan pulls about 50 watts, and takes about 2 hours to dry a rack, or 100 watt/hrs. My dryer uses 3000 watts and takes about 45 mins, or 2250 w/hrs. That's a savings of 2150 w/hrs per load. I do about 1.5 loads/week, so this equates to 167,700 w/hrs or 16,770 kilowatt/hrs. Electricity in Maine costs about $.10 per kw/hr, so doing all this saves me a whopping $16.77 per year, my clothes will last longer, and I don't need a $400 machine to house and maintain. Ok, so it's not an overly compelling micro economic case, but doing these sorts of things, at the macro level, conserves huge amounts of resources, which can be used for more productive and beneficial things like science or education. And, @mrmoneymustache would be proud! #sustainability #rant #dontbelazy at Belfast, Maine

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Did you come home last night after having a big night out and went to bed without cleansing your skin? Are you often too tired or bother with a cleansing routine morning and night? If so, say hello to a little friend that you may be waking up with...“Demodex Folliculorum.” This little man lives on most of us and is harmless in small quantities. He usually lives in and around the eyes and eye lids and feeds off the dead skin cells and oil that builds up in those areas. People with weakened immune systems are more likely to be affected by this parasite and people who suffer from rosacea may have up to 4 times more compared to people without the condition. Some common symptoms this little parasite can cause are dryness, itching and redness which is also the same symptoms we get from common allergies like hay fever. Next time you want to skip an important step in your skin care routine, just ask yourself, do I want to wake up to this unwanted guest? 👀🐜🤢

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Never stop dreaming, because your dreams will become your reality if you have the right MINDSET. Doble Tap if you agree! 🔥 Always remember: SUCCESS IS NOT A GOAL, IT'S A LIFESTYLE! ✨ -- Make sure you follow @nonstop.success for more amazing content like that 👉 Follow @nonstop.success 👈 👉 Follow @nonstop.success 👈 👉 Follow @nonstop.success 👈 Turn on the notifications 🔔 Credits to @fuckmillionsmakebillions

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Thanks to an awesome lieutenant, managed to get this done in between getting my ass handed to me both nights this set: . 30 Minute AMRAP: - sledgehammers hits - sled pushes - pike pole push/pulls - airdyne calories - hose pulls (ground) - hose raises (up the hose tower) - hose pack carries (up/down the hose tower) . . . @valeriemarshallsolano @fittofightfire @720athletics @digiannantonio_cf720 #femalefirefighter #firefighter #traininyourgear #bunkergear #useyourfitness #dontbelazy

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People always ask me what gets me and keeps me motivated to workout. My answer: the mirror. If I see an area on my body I don't like or needs improvement I target that area and work on it. There are exercises to target specific areas but all around I have a good balance to hit, train and sculpt every muscle. If I notice too much weight loss or even weight gain in the wrong places I review where I messed up and correct the issue, not go out and buy bigger, baggy clothes or deceptive patterns to give a false illusion like the majority of people do. To be honest that's the laziest approach. The biggest issue with this lazy approach is falling into a comfort and content habit when you realize you can just hide your problems buying bigger clothes, then one day you look back and you're 5 sizes bigger. Don't be lazy! Address your issues and tackle them with exercise and proper nutrition💪 #workout #goals #bodygoals #summerbody #beachbody #muscles #lookgoodnaked #competition #gains #gainz #fit #bodybuilding #motivation #physique #figure #dontbelazy #melanin #personaltrainer #gymrat #instafitness #instafit #instagram

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🙏🏼🙌🏻🙏🏼🙌🏻🙏🏼🙌🏻🙏🏼🙌🏻Look what I won in the @monkeyboyart #monkeyboyartgiveaway I am sooooooo happy right now I am going to do a giveaway with half or so if this cool stuff soon. It’s important to share the love and follow @monkeyboyart core values which are put people first, because find, be honest, always learn, be accountable, act courageously, find the silver lining, don’t be lazy, treat everyone with respect and take initiative!!!!! I DONT KKOW ABOUT YALL BUT I LOVE THAT and the first one is put people first!!! so I’m gonna do just that and do a giveaway too. I may even #bossup and do a live giveaway #fuckyouanxiety I got this 😬 Thank you @monkeyboyart for such a great motto, giveaway and super@fast shipping. Much live #cannafam 💚😎🥰🤘🏼🍁😎🔥🙏🏼 #cannabiscommunity #glassart #putpeoplefirst #bekind #behonest #alwayslearn #beaccountable #actcourageously #findthesilverlining #dontbelazy #treateveryonewithrespect #takeinitiative #420 #710 #au79 #brooklynrollingpapers #boveda #greenroads #hazo #christinewatkins #greylinetastefactory #savagecannagars #quikwikk #carbcap #bubblecap # at Seattle, Washington

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I keep telling myself this on days that are hard!! I missed yesterdays workout and so doubled today..I have to say that although I am tired, I feel more at peace. I am really loving my workout and how it helps me to refocus all of my energy into something more positive!! #happyfriday #positivevibesonly #sweatforyou #dontbelazy

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Welp Friday night and I’m here, you know 🤷🏻‍♀️ just getting ready to put in work out! Gonna drink my energize, because without it I don’t know where I would be 🙁 • Getting this work out in so I can sit down tonight and get some work done for my team, such great things to come and I am not going sit back and let everyone else take my success! • Hope you all have a great night! XOXO 🥰 • #goals #motivation #putinwork #workforsuccess #dontbelazy #tgif #workwithme #dontgiveup #noiinteam #doitfortheteam #lovewhatido #healthymom #happymom #letsgetit at Wenatchee, Washington

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Little step toward low-impact living: stepping vs driving! . I know... not the best picture, but an important one. This is the parking lot of my most visited shopping area. See, I live in chain-store-hell... there are no small, independent stores (grocery, gift or otherwise) in the town I currently call home... so, I've had to do the best I can with what's available... . I read once that most of driving (outside of commuting) trips are less than 1 mile! As in, I need to go to this store and that store, I'll drive between them! Well, not me! I walk! If it's cold, I bring a jacket. If it's raining, I walk quickly. This isn't a small parking lot, but, I have NOT ONCE driven between stores in it (my husband on the other hand... let's not go there). . I usually go to 3-5 stores here, scattered throughout the parking lot. I try to park in the middle (I messed up today and parked near the store I was at because I forgot I needed dog food...) and go to the stores in a row or from the one I need the least at to most. Today I got 3,500 steps just walking between the stores! . It takes almost no longer than fighting with traffic, un-parking and re-parking. It's good for my car, the environment and me! And, it keeps my impulse buying in check - always keeping "I have to carry this the the car" in the back of my mind. #littlestepstoward #littlesteps #walking #lowimpactlifestyle #lowimpact #shopping #parkinglot #chainstorehell #forgetthecar #walkingisbetter #stopbeinglazy #dontbelazy

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Comment below and hashtag #ilkbpittbloomfield your #GOALS and WHAT YOU’RE DOING TODAY to make it happen‼️ Shoutout to Emily for always coming to class with a positive attitude and destroying the workout‼️👊 We’re so happy to have you as a member here at #ilkbpittbloomfield ‼️ Your smile is contagious ‼️ • • • #motivation #dontbelazy #happiness #fitnessjourney #fit #muscles #ilovekickboxing #ilkb #ilkbnation #ilkbgear #kickboxing #workout #workoutideas #fitness #pittsburghpa #pittsburgh #pittsburghfitness #pittsburghkickboxing #pittsburghfit #downtownpittsburgh #bloomfield #steelcity #ilkbpittbloomfield #flexfriday at ILoveKickboxing

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I know a little unicorn that is whip smart, super squishy and adorable BUT very lazy. This little unicorn, whom I love very much, loves to spend every waking moment watching YouTube videos of people playing video games. Mama Unicorn considers this to be almost a criminal use of time. The only worse use of time is the amount of time spent arguing about the merits of watching said YouTube videos. ⠀⠀ Today he wants to plan a play date with his bestie. I told him to come up with a plan for the date because the last thing I need is another lazy unicorn on my sofa watching YouTube videos. I explained to him that I refuse to let him become a lazy person because lazy people live mediocre lives and we are UNICORNS! We don’t do mediocrity! We do eccentric. We do unique. We don’t do LAZY. Lazy people end up with mediocre jobs they hate in relationships with other mediocre people and live entirely uninspiring lives. Not my boy. ⠀⠀ But there is a lesson in here for us. While others squander away life’s most bountiful resources, we can dig in, work our tails off and excel. Get out there and live like they dream. 😎 at San Diego, California

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If you travel in February you can be lucky to see so much snow which is not usual for Bavaria in winters. In particular it’s wonderful to visit within snowing such place like Oberammergau - the small fairly tale village famous with its painted houses. This small village located in #alps #mountains, which gives peace to your soul. There are hotels cozy and smart designed right for good rest and joy of your weekend. If you are not lazy to travel, please spend time for a road trip or go with a train. I travelled by the trains around 1hour and 40 minutes, waited in between 15 minutes just jumped from one platform to another. I should say that trains in Germany are very comfortable and rather seldom go with delay. Even this snowfall didn't disturb train connection, and several trains I travelled with alltogether came on time. If you travel alone or with company in Bavaria you can buy #Beyernticket it's nice profitable opportunity to save money for 1 person or couple or even for a company of 5 people and one dog, price is different depending on number #travelmates.This ticket works within the whole day and around 3 am of next night not only in Bavaria but little bit even abroad in Austria and in Swiss. Let's go #bavaria #oberammergau #snowfall #fairlytail #roadtrips #alps #mountain #germany #mountainview #love #austria #swiss #letsgo #travel #enjoylife #dontbelazy #weekends #realwinter #winteradventure at German Alps Mountain - Oberammergau

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A co Zuzko v tý posilce vlastně cvičíš když ne na strojích, ani s činkama? 🤔 Tak třeba tohle, ale i mnohem víc 🤷🏼‍♀️😃 Každopádně nejdůležitější je to, co není vidět, správné zapojení svalů, dýchání atd atd.. Mám na sobě ještě spoustu práce, ale i tak se snažím být svému tělu vděčná za to, že funguje, alespoň tak, jak funguje 🙏😊 Buďte taky a neničte si tělo nevhodným cvičením a nesmyslnýma výzvama při honbě za sixpackem nebo 🍑 jak Kim, jde to i zdravě a smysluplně 😉 #health #healthy #healthymovement #healthylifestyle #work #motivation #inspiration #fit #physiotherapy #lovemywork #mywork #feelgood #happy #mylife #myway #dontbelazy #zalepsija #zpetdoformy #rehab #mobility #stability #muscle #breath #mind #gymball #workout #trainig #gymbeam #bfyzio #loveit at Chýnov

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Montmartre, its history.... Go read it online yourself! We live in the age of Information but yet still many do not make full use of it. Still trusting the old ways of, "Go to School, Graduate, Get a Job, Get Some debts, Get married, buy a house, get more debt and hopefully pay it all off when you're..." Oh wait, upgrade to bigger house, get more debt and sure, the job will always be there. Economy will always be great! Go and get informed on our short economic history. We live in the information age. Don't abuse it Facebooking or just reading my posts. "Winter is Coming..." So what are you going to do about it? Are you prepared? #montmatre #onlinebusiness #extraincome #planb #digitalnomad #recessionproof #buildyourownbusiness #mindyourownbusiness #dontbelazy #earnyourfreedom at Cité du Sacré-Cœur

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سلام جمعه آفتابی همگی بخیر باشه یه روتین ساده ولی عالی جهت تقویت و خوش فرم تر شدن پاها و باسن که به راحتی در منزل قابل اجراست. قبلش حتما بدنتون رو گرم کنید. پیشنهاد میکنم هر حرکت رو برای ۳-۴ست، و هر ست رو بین ۱۲-۲۰ تکرار اجرا کنید. متغیر ها بسته به شرایط وزنی،هدف و توانایی شما متفاوت خواهد بود. میتونید زیر همین پست سوال بپرسید. پ. ن:بیشتر دوست دارم خودم براتون کلیپ تهیه کنم. ولی به خاطر شرایط نا مناسب نور یا فضا گاها مجبور میشم از نمونه های حاضری استفاده کنم🙏🏼 #hometraining #homeworkouts #homeworkout #legdayathome #inshape #fitnessathome #dontbelazy #moveit #تمریندرخانه #fitbyraharad #رهارادفیت

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