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18 hours ago

Adventures in Domesticity today. Earlier this week I had a casserole dish break in the oven while I was making pork belly. Grease everywhere, smoke everywhere, it was a mess (but delicious 🐖). This morning I put muffins in the oven and filled my kitchen with smoke. Despite the cold I had windows and doors opened and everything turned out fine. Before cooking dinner tonight, my husband @playroom.discussions agreed that Dawn and elbow grease would get it up, so that's what I did. #funtimes . . #makingahomemaker #proverbs31 #grease #smoke #kitchen #oops #cleaning #domesticity #homemaking #oven #fun #funny #cold #lessonlearned #nosmokenow

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Unknown artist, Shah Alam II, ca. 1770 . This painting portrays the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II (r.1759-1806) and princes in darbar. The strict hierarchy of the Mughal court is represented by the placement of the figures in relation to the ruler. Shah Alam is seated on a golden throne, with a small parasol above and a nimbus, or halo, encircling his head. These are all symbols of his royal status. The ruler's ministers and courtiers surround him and three princes face the throne to the right. Visitors to the court are depicted on the lower level, outside the pavilion, indicating their secondary status. The architecture is richly decorated with marble inlay and intricate carpets cover the floor. . #aseriesofrooms #documentingspace #domesticity #indianminiature

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Don't miss the final week of the Comfort Zone I (Home) exhibition @vcuq_gallery • • Bringing together the works of three international artists (Basma Alsharif, Khalid al Gharaballi and Setareh Shahbazi) from different artistic backgrounds it addresses the comfort zone quite literally, as an allegory for the nation state and the establishment of borders or a form of escapism, as an (imaginary) place to which we want to retreat from the often overwhelming reality of our everyday life. • • Comfort Zone I (Home) will be open until Feb 23. Photograph by Raviv Cohen.⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #vcuartsqatar #vcuq #exhibition #doha #qatar #educationcity #qatarfoundation #comfortzone #kuwai t #palestine #photography #videoinstallation #painting #domesticity #privacy #isolation #escapism #refuge #belonging at Virginia Commonwealth University

3 days ago

. . . '10am.' . . . 10x8 inches acrylic on canvas . . . I know when and where the light will hit the walls in certain patterns. I know that the garbage truck never comes first thing in the morning on trash day so I can put more trash in there till at least mid morning. I know that if I am late loading the dishwasher on any given day it will take me two to catch up. I know that if my daughter is having a tough day, then she will say she won't want a bath, but it will be the best thing for her, and with a few kind reminders of how good she will feel after a nice bath, she will be happy once she gets in and starts relaxing. I know where my husband's shoes are anytime he forgets. I know that if the week seems crazy and overwhelming, on Friday morning I will make a nice breakfast, we will sit down for breakfast together and everything will be ok. I know if one member of my family has a bad night of sleep, we will all feel the reverberations. I know that we need to spend as much time outside in the spring and summer as possible to save up sunlight in our bodies for the winter when we so suffer indoors too much. These things are nothing important. These are the tip of the iceberg of things I know. . . . #morninglight #lightandshadow #windows #domesticity #domesticlife #contemporary #contemporaryartist #contemporaryart #contemporaryfigurative #tile #bathroomart #atlantaart #atlantaartist #10am #painting #acrylicpainting #acryliconcanvas #instaart #instaartist #emergingartist #smallbodyofwork #smallworksoncanvas #artistsofinstagram

4 days ago

❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤️ I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do for holiday traditions for my son. This year little man ended up getting sick, so a Valentine’s Party for one it was. My kid is not a morning person at all, so I opted to to do a cute little lunch. I am a fan of @target (who isn’t 🤣) and simplicity so I used cookie cutters, plates, and cups to make the table scape a little more festive. Again with simplicity in mind, the desserts were versions of his favorite things. White chocolate covered popcorn sprinkled with candy hearts, layered funfetti mini cakes, chocolate strawberry rice krispie treats. What do you do for your kids to celebrate the holiday? - A 💘

4 days ago

Over the past ten years or so, I have completely stopped buying bars of soap and use only liquid soap in pump dispensers. But of course, that’s not very eco so recently I have bought quite a lot of bars of soap – including shampoo soap – to try. I'm not very sure how much I am going to like using these. For a start, once soap has been used a few times it produces a slimy, soggy, unappetising and possibly unhygienic mess on the basin or wherever it is kept. And then there’s the soap itself which becomes cracked. I have bought one of those knitted string bags and that seems to work ok. It hides the soap which is lucky as who really likes using a bar of soap once it becomes cracked, damp and possibly soggy? My soap bag hangs off the cold tap which is wall mounted. But not all taps are wall mounted. And you need more than one bar of soap if you’re going to take this seriously. One for the shower, one to wash your face, one for shampoo and what about conditioner? It’s just too many bars of soap all joining together in one big soapy puddle. ⠀ Over the next few weeks I am going to try a few of these. I will let you know how it goes. I will also try out soap dishes (only eco ones) and string soap bags. If my soap experiment goes pear-shaped, there is another option. I can re-fill pump dispensers as I’m lucky enough to live near a Source Bulk Food shop which has good (and appealingly scented) hand and body wash. But I will report back on these over the next couple of weeks. And I thought it would be good to use a model for one of these photographs as bars of soap aren’t that interesting. Also I live in Acton, part of which used to be called Soapsuds Island because there were so many laundries there.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #soapbar #ecological #ecoliving #lessplastic #domesticity #goingzerowaste #zerowastelife #zerowasteliving #zerowasteuk #ecofriendly #sustainablelife #zerowastehome #nomoreplastic #endplasticpollution #ethicalshopping #wastefree #reducewaste #nomoreplastic #saveourplanet #labradoodlelove #dogsoap #dogphotos #sustainablebrand #sustainablebeauty #sustainablelifestyle #sustainablelife #saveouroceans #nopalmoil at Acton, London

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. . . Just an experiment, and thoughts below . . . I'm exploring all aspects of the domestic realm right now because that is what I see day in and day out, most recently: windows, light and shadows. I think because windows provide us with views, with light, with safety from the elements. But they are something to be looked through, not at. I find that interesting that something so important to me, a person often confined to the home with a younger child, is something that is not found to be as interesting as what can be seen through it. Why am I fascinated with this idea? I don't fully know yet. So I am experimenting and exploring until I figure it all out. . . . #abstractart #abstractartist #abstraction #windows #life #domesticity #experimentalart #experiment #artisticexploration #findingmytruths #instaart #instaartist #artwithastory #atlantaart #atlantaartist #exploration #artistsofinstagram #paintcutcollage #handpaintedcollage #home #contemporary #contemporaryartist #arteveryday #creativelife

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Posted @withrepost@charlotte.brisland 'Heimweh' will open Friday 5th April 5-8pm at Gasp Gallery, Art Space Portsmouth Pippa Blake @pippablake Me Katy Dove Emma Dove Jacqui Hallum @jacquihallum #jacquihallum Patti Gaal-Holmes Evagelia Hagikalfa @evageliahagikalfa Rachel Johnston @rachel_johnston_art Kate Street @streetkerridge @artspaceportsmouth #heimweh #homesickness #malaise #displacement #landscape #unheimlich #fragmentation #loss #lost #place #unhomely #art #exhibition #domesticity #unhomely #contemporaryart

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Despite the excessively elaborate nature of the architecture, these videos portray contemporary visions of female space. If you can look past the popping of champagne and the extravagant interiors of a much wealthier lifestyle - one that remains inaccessible to the majority of the population - what remains are multiple varieties of unapologetically female space, created by women who announce their own visions for their life and future. As Maya Salam points out, men do not appear in the space. The women are not spending time gyrating on men’s faces, grinding them from behind, or physically pushing them into a space of submission. Instead, they celebrate their own passions, aspirations, friendships and SPACE. People, women, are creating this: a space that represents the contemporary social movements of our time. While grandiose, the architecture questions the definition of home, domesticity and space in 2019 – creating an architecture that has a striking presence in this conversation. #architecture #house #domesticity #womeninarchitecture #womenindesign #feminism #space #architecturaltheory

5 days ago

Już jest! Światowo, bo po angielsku. I domowo, bo temat najnowszej „Kultury Popularnej” to „Domesticities” 🏠🙂 New issue! The topic: “Domesticities”. All in English. W tym numerze kwartalnika autorzy artykułów badają mity kultury amerykańskiej związane z „domowymi zaciszami” (domesticities), odnosząc się do wybranych tekstów i praktyk kulturowych. “Domesticity” and a related concept of “home” doubtless belong among the pivotal ideas in contemporary cultural studies […]. Homes can be many […] The meaning of “home” may go far beyond the individual house, or homestead: it may refer to the whole country, or region, where one feels truly “at home,” and which is marked as home town or homeland. Be it real or imaginary, a family home, or country-as-home, its inhabitants feel defensive about the encroachments and (mostly illusory) threats from what, in their perception, is not-home or not-homey. Along with the fear of change proceeds an idealization of home leading to an ideology of domesticity, strongly affected by culture-specific power relations - Piotr Skurowski, in charge of the concept, preparation and editing of the issue, has written in the introduction. Kultura Popularna nr 4 (58)/2018 Cały numer/entire issue: #kulturapopularna #popularculture #culturalstudies #domesticity #entrapment #gothic #superhero #comics #security #surveillance #receptionstudies #neuromancer #retrofuturism #journey #vagabondage #movement #nomads #hoboes #subcultures #nonconformity #family #herstory #transculturation #home #tenement #immigration #orphan #place #birthplace #landscape at Uniwersytet SWPS

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👋🏽Hi Sew-a-longers!!! . . Let’s finish up our Wiksten Smock! This week we’re working on the neck edge, and pages 8 & 9. . . Choose whether you are doing long sleeves (p 11 & 12) or sleeveless with an armhole binding (p 13 & 14). Check the highlights for a video. 😉 . . And guess what? You’re DONE!💃🏽🕺🏾 . . For the rest of the month, it’s #finishitfebruary. I’ll post finishes for the rest of the month, as well a little preview of our upcoming SALs. 💖 . . #domesticity #domesticitysews #charmcitysewcial #wikstensmock #createdomesticity #domesticitysewalong #cottonandsteel #sarahwatts #protip

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MENTAL LOAD The mental load is all the mental work, the organising, list-making and planning, that you do to manage your life, and that of those dependent on you. Most of us carry some form of mental load, about our work, household responsibilities, financial obligations and personal life; but what makes up that burden and how it's distributed within households is not always equal. It is often the case that women resent the unspoken expectation that they will carry the mental load of parenting, rather than it being shared equally by both parents. To be a "good mother", it seems that they must NOTICE & TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for everything related to their children. This is exhausting, particularly for those that are in full time employment. Census data clearly shows Australian women spend, on average, 5 to 14 hours per week in unpaid domestic work, whereas men spend less than 5 hours a week. Women also spend an additional hour a day looking after children. Helping to maintain a functional family has intrinsic benefits, the joy of knowing everyone had a wonderful day and satisfaction that comes from helping others. But the work of household manager is often relentless, exhausting and can be stressful. It can affect your health, in particular your sleep, and women are known to have more disrupted sleep than men. In a mature equal relationship the mental, parenting and domestic load belongs to BOTH partners. When this sharing takes place without prompting, women are significantly more satisfied and connected to their partners. Worth thinking about! Extra reading: Photo: Devils Marbles in NT. I camped nearby & was able to watch the sunrise from on top of a marble. June Gay Psychologist #psychologistchatswood #psychologydemystified #heathyrelationships #marriageadvice #marriages #equality #equity #maritalproblems #marriagebreakdown #coupletips #coupleproblems #maritalproblems #couplesgoals #mentalload #unhealthyrelationships #maritaladvice #relationships #relationshipgoals #familydynamics #sharingresponsibities #equalrelationship #maritalsatisfaction #maritalproblems #maritalissues #domesticity at Devils Marbles NT

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