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what a man😳 this is literal porn pls don’t tell my mom lol. ac mavericks| dt tagged😎

49 minutes ago

ETHAN LOOKS AMAZING. THE FITTED PANTS WITH THE SHOES AND EVERYTHING. also gray looks like he’s a billionaire who owns a yacht and lives in spain

50 minutes ago

at nearly 20, they have accomplished so much. there are so many ideas they have which i know we are not ready for. all of their achievements and creativity never goes unnoticed and i cannot be more proud than i am right now of everything they have done thus far. thank you for constantly working hard, making all of us smile and laugh, and never giving up on what you want. thank you louis vuitton for this and thank you paris for making them fall in love with every small detail which they have been getting excited over. i hope their happiness continues to remain as their journey continues @ethandolan @graysondolan

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64 hrs 🖤 Follow for more updates on this drawing of @graysondolan!