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"Culture is the widening of mind and the spirit" The iconic wooden boat of Doha with West Bay Backgroud 😍 **Next time i will snap some pictures from the boat lets see I think I will have lots of beauty to capture 😉. . . . . . . . #qatarlife #dohainstagram #indoha #dohanightlife #dohardthings #qatar2022 #qatarstyle #qatarphoto #qataria #qatarinsta #dohadesign #dohalandscapes #qatarlandscape #dohacornish #dohacorniche #dohabeauty #amazing_qatar #simplydoha #dohabloggers at Doha

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Look at my eyes...Don’t you quit your life, your dream, your marriage, your parenting, your pursuit of Christ. Stumble. Fall. Bloody up your nose. Kick. Scream. Cry. But do not quit. When you want to quit, press hard into the Author and Perfecter of your faith. It won’t be pretty a lot of the time - but you are being made who you were designed to be through the bumps and bruises and hard climbs. Fist bump. 👊🏻 I’m cheering for you today! . . . #hardplaces #lifeishard #dontquit #momboss #girlboss #momlife #marriageishard #parentingishard #dohardthings #encouragement #mompreneur at Louisiana

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I’m not a shake kinda girl! Give me food!!! But I’ve been making these shakes when life gets a little busy and I don’t have time to eat well and I like them! It’s vegan and I think my body likes plant base shakes vs animal protein. My kids think it’s ice cream! Haha! These shake have worked well for us! at San Diego, California

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So many things in my life have shown me that this year it’s all about being intentional. With my time, money, and even eating habits💪🏻💕 #dohardthings #intentionalliving

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Ah, that moment of ~ what the hell just happened?! Did I really just do that?! • • You know what I’m taking about, right? Like completing your first run after an injury; completing your first workout at the gym after all the excuses you had for months. • • Everyday that feeling comes after this 20 Minute HIIT workout. But today, today something else happened. • • Today was all about going faster, beating your own best time. And not quitting. And I freaking wanted to quit. The last transformer, the last moment was hard. But determination, conquering this workout took over. And that is exactly what happened. • • There will be moments of struggle, of needing a break. But the push to the end -> when you Finish <- there’s nothing quite like it. • • Starting any fitness program is hard. Committing to working on yourself everyday is freaking scary. • • But doing hard things that can transform your life ~ there’s nothing more rewarding. 20 minutes nearly kicked my ass, but instead I conquered it ✊ • • This program is helping so many of us through some really hard things -> and I’m not just talking about the physical transformation, but the mindset struggle. Some of us lack belief in ourselves; some of us have emotional struggles, are fighting depression, dealing with new lives after kids, and the loss of lives. And this program gives you control, power and belief 💕 • • What is something in your life that you are going through that is hard? What are you doing to conquer it? Do not give up! You got this 👊 now go out and slay it! #youarestrong #yougotthis #donotgiveup at Bend, Oregon

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Grabbing the kids a snack before I press play on my workout today. Today I workout for sanity- anyone else?! Yesterday was a long and hard day in clinic. Working with kids in foster care is never easy but some days hit you harder than others. What these young people have endured, and their resiliency as they fight for normalcy in their disrupted lives- it’s really inspiring, and heart breaking. As a provider I’m honored to sit and hold a hand, to listen, to educate and advocate, and then to pray, hard, as you leave that child and head into the next patient room. Grateful for today. Where my day is about building forts, cutting up red pepper snacks, pressing play on a workout, and cuddle time with some books and my kids. Whatever your challenges, the things that you give to with your time, resources and energies— how do you recharge? Netflix, wine, Target shopping trips... they make funny memes and are well and fine in themselves, but that is not a self care strategy. It’s taken me a long time, and was built out of NEED and survival, to find a self care strategy to works for me. So I can fill my cup and continue to give back to those in my life. Everyday we can, and should, take some time to fill our cup. Eating foods that nourish, moving our bodies and being active, connecting with people who build us up and cheer us on, knowing when to rest and recharge. That’s what we’re about in my Wellness Warriors Bootcamp. If you’re interested in learning more, drop a comment, DM or see my bio for enrollment info ✨ Make today a good day 💕 . . . #ohheymamas #workingmomlife #selfcarestrategies . . .

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”I dance with myself, I drunk myself down Found people to love, left people to drown I'm not scared to jump, I'm not scared to fall If there was nowhere to land I wouldn't be scared at all At all...” I’m not entirely sure of the lessons these struggles of the heart and mind have in store for me, but I’m certain that I am tough enough to see it through. I’m feel your legs shake, the breath being sucked from your body and fall from the sky tough. Because I know that even when your head feels like it’s going to explode, and your so nauseous that you can’t stand up straight afterward, you’ll regain your balance and conquer what you feared most. And you will not die. These pictures reminded me of that strength, so I’m putting it out in the universe ❤️ #fall #dustyourselfoff #rise #dohardthings #stilllearning #brave #committed #listenandspeak #theuniversehasyourback #byanymeansnecessary #thisis39

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TONIGHT @hamsayogaschool 6pm AYURVEDIC YOGA FOR ATHLETES ...-...-...-...-...-❤️-...-...-...-...-...-... We all feel broken sometimes. As a HUMAN- I have been there in so many ways. So many times. As an ATHLETE- I train myself to take on hard things to explore who I am in my worst moments. Where I have grown. Where there is room for growth. As a TEACHER- I have the opportunity to share what that sense of brokenness has to offer: Courage. Strength. Humility. Potential. Balance. 🏹 And in sharing my #humanexperience I remind myself... #iamthe3leggeddog #neverbroken #braveryrequiresfear #dohardthings #trainhardloveharder #stayhumblehustlehard #shareyourexperience #limitless #findyourbalance #findyourself 🕉✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

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Tempo Tuesday work is done 🙌 This swanky fitness center had treadmills with touch screens, I had to ask for help to get it to turn on 😂🤦‍♀️ I guess my treadmill is out of date🤷‍♀️! Proudly reppin' my favorite place, @the_sneaker_store_new_hartford 🏃‍♀️👟🏃‍♂️ Off to make more memories with the kiddos 😍💕☀️ #riseandrun #uticaroadrunners #miles #tempotuesday #tempo #boilermaker15k #runnersofinstagram #3run5 #training #dohardthings #bondibandambassador #halfmarathon #lakeeffecthalfmarathon #run315 #run #runitfast #strongmom #strongnotskinny #vacation #SNEAKERSTOREruncoaching #coachjosh #goals #prchaser #igrunner

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This week I share a part of my story with you. It's real, raw, and vulnerable. My hope is that it will point you to Christ and show you that freedom can be yours too! I will share how I dealt with sin since I was six years old, but didn't find freedom until I confessed to a friend. No matter who you are, we need God in our lives to overcome sin. You will hear of all the ways I tried to find freedom on my own strength and in my own plan but failed every single time. We so desperately need God to come in and show us the way to truth. I pray that my story will help light that way for you so that you can experience true freedom in your life. Listen and be encouraged, friends. Link in bio. #thefragrantlife #godisfaithful #powerfultestimony #podcast #thefragrantlife #bebrave #thefragrantlifepodcast #realwomen #realstruggles #realhope #realfaith #livingthelifeoffaith #bevulnerable #havefaith #dohardthings #encouragement #beinspired #livecourageously #livebig #thefragrantlife #ephesians5 #asweetaroma #lifeofsacrifice #bevulnerable #freedomfromsin

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As I wrapped up my workout today I realized I’ve only got 4 DAYS LEFT😱 . That means this weekend I get to review the materials and meal prep for a new program - the one that started it all for me!!! . I’m so excited to use these bad boys again and build some serious 💪🏻💪🏻 at East Gwillimbury

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Don’t be afraid. Don’t be lazy. ——— Know your goals. Do the work.

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Oh my, yes! Do you want to succeed in life? Then you must push past your self doubt. Everyone has self doubt, but the successful people push through it because they know the best things in life are on the other side of fear. What do you need to push past to get you to the next level? For me it was getting past the fear that no one would want to read my book. I mean why write a book that you think no one would want to read let alone buy. But this book has been in my head for a few years and it is pushing to get out. So even if no one but my editors read it, that's something. I have to start somewhere, just like you. And that start is pushing your self doubt out the door for an hour and do the hard thing you've been afraid to do. #choseyourhard #dohardthings #othersideoffear #pushpastselfdoubt #bestversionofme #positivemindset #possibilityinthemorning #positivenergy #positivechanges #positiveselftalk #theselfcaremama #inspiredbylucile

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People tell me all the time they could never do what I do. When I ask why, they tell me they are scared 😱 Scared of what? Whatever your are scared of, is exactly what you need to do to grow! The fulfillment of overcoming fear far out weighs the what ifs 🙌 So in the famous words of Nike, JUST DO IT! #justgoforit #justdoit #reclaimbeautybykathy #reclaimingme

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Encouraging the peanuts to do the hard things. . 🌬Oof, oof, oof, said the momma running uphill after her peanut, drenched in sweat . #startemyoung #dohardthings

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I worked through my mindblock to move my box up to 18". It took me a good 15 minutes to talk myself through it but I did it. Today's workout called for 4 rounds of 25 box jump overs plus G2O with a plate and wall walks. I did every single one of them! But, I also ate it pretty bad twice. Instead of throwing in the towel I got back up and finished the workout. I wasn't going to let that box win again. Sharing my falls again to remind us that we can do the hard things. Box jumps are hard. Getting back up after you fall is hard. But YOU 👏🏼 CAN 👏🏼 DO 👏🏼 HARD 👏🏼 THINGS!!! WE can do the hard things. Don't let a fall or a setback keep you out of the game. Get up, dust yourself off, and get back at it. We got this 💪🏼💪🏼

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Sometimes we spend so much energy fearing steping out of our comfort zone, just to find out when we do a peace will overwhelm us and take over when we take that first step. He is amazing like that, after all he walked on water and so did Peter. So just step out and keep your eyes on Jesus and see what He will equipt you to do !!!<3-srm . . . #stepout #faithoverfear #dohardthings

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Day 29/42 I’m still here! Life literally is crazy lately. Did a double workout tonight to catch myself up with my program and boom. Done! ✅ Feeling ridiculously strong & so excited- 2 more weeks left! My goal for this program was to lose 12 pounds and I’m already there! Can’t wait to see where I am in another 2 weeks!! 🙌🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #beconfident #dohardthings #wisconsingirl #latenightworkouts #myweightloss #momlifebalance #stayathomemom #sahmlife #accountability #boymama #mycrazylife #momsohard #myfitnessjourney #myweightlossjourney

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@facefiesta you sure know how to get me to challenge myself! For today's #februaryposh the prompt was "gulf," so khaleeji style henna...which I rarely ever do, and have actually NEVER done on myself. Until now.😲 Heavily inspired by the work of @nurahshenna whose flawless work consistently blows me away!! Thanks as always for the challenge!! #facefiestaposh #practicehenna #dohardthings #challenge #gulfstyle #khaleejihenna #gulfhenna #mehndi #hennaartist #hennapro #hennadesign #hennainspire

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Chasing those gains! I’ve put on about 5 lbs of muscle mass since end of September. This is just the beginning... •PSA these seamless pants from @target are amaze-go getcha some. . #bodybuilding #fitspo #fitness #fitnessinspiration #motivation #fitlife #bikinicompetitor #npcbikini #transform #keeppushing #thegrinddontstop #chasingdreams #determination #dowork #dohardthings #followyourheart #dreamchaser #naturalathlete #livefit #dedicated #fitchicks #gymlife #iliveforthis #dietplan #healthyeating #musclegainz #maxmuscle #gainz

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This kid helped me get through my final phase of #transform20 #likeaboss 🤯💯👏 I’m not gonna sugar coat this, week 5 day 1 was filed with LOTS of curse words, crying and shenanigans. Gunnar didn’t show up until the last 5 minutes when I was in the thick of it. He rooted me on and finished up the last few minutes with me. This #conquer phase is NO JOKE! I wanted to quit after LITERALLY 30 seconds into in. @shaunt are you serious homie?! But you know what, I finished that bish and man, I feel UH.MAZING! My body can do all the hard things. All👏of👏it👏💯 #getitgirl #justdoit #gettingfitish #dohardthings #fitness #shaunt #shauntfitness #effyourbeautystandards #fitnessmotivation #digdeeper #conqueryourmind #transformyourbody #fattofitish #beastmode #selflove #confidence #buildingconfidence #motivateyourself #bbcoach #beachbody #bod #strongerthanyouthink #creeper #grumpydog #dwightdog at Fallbrook, California

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You’re freaking TOUGH!! I’d be dead trying to do what you’re doing!🙀💀 - 👆🏼👆🏼this is something a gentleman told me as he must have witnessed some of my leg workout tonight. But the heaviest I lifted was a total of 40lbs. That’s it. Really not a lot & I can lift a lot heavier if I wanted to, but that’s for a different lesson. - What looks difficult to you, usually isn’t as hard as you’re letting it become. If you can take the first step, you can take the second, and third, and you can keep going, further and further. - It’s not that it gets easier, it’s that you BECOME stronger, more balanced, focused, and you transform.🦋 - Don’t be afraid, and jf you are, do it anyway🖤 at Colorado

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This is the first year I have broken my goals into quarters. Guys! It has totally changed the game for me! Annual goals can be so daunting sometimes, but 13 weeks seems much more tangible. I can focus on anything for 13 weeks! We are just over halfway through the first quarter, and I can't wait to share the results with you! Tune in April 1st, when I share how I did. Comment below, have you ever tried quarterly goals? . . . #goals #quarterlygoals #goalsetting #goalsetting2019 #goafterit #q1 #mompreneurlife #bujo2019 #bujogoals #tngoals #travelersnotebooklove #setgoals #goafteryourdreams #liveyourbestlife #goafterwhatyouwant #thinkbig #purposefilled #purposefilledyou #writedownyourgoals #dohardthings #ownyourlife

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Social media makes it easy to put your best foot forward. You can take 10 pictures to get one that is flattering and looks "just right." Because of that, I think it's extra important to be real.... even if it makes us uncomfortable. I bought this shirt a couple weeks ago and I love it.... but it's cropped and makes me self conscious so I hadn't worn it yet. Because, the thing is, most days I love my body. But some days, I fall victim to comparison and it steals my sense of accomplishment and replaces it with envy and shame. That is straight crazy. My body is amazing..... it can lift crazy heavy weights, run marathons and all sorts of other stuff I never imagined and it deserves to be loved and appreciated.... not compared to a 22 year old body who hasn't been through a fraction of what it has. #youareamazing #loveyourlife #dontcompare #dohardthings #workforit #Spartan #girlswholift #athlete #hshive #stingorbeestung #becourageous #changeispossible #weartheshirt at G365 Fitness

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Many of the fabrics that @thebravelittlebow and I choose for our pouches are vintage. I LOVE using vintage beads in my jewelry, furnishing my home with vintage finds, have always been drawn to vintage clothing because there’s a story there behind all of these treasures! This particular Cream and Brown Zipper Pouch is made from Thai Hmong Hemp Fabric from the 1980’s, traditionally handwoven and hand-dyed 😍😍😍 #vintage #hempfabric

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Well today isn’t how I imagine my day would go...🙄 • Can I be real honest with you guys? I really wanted to sleep in today. 💤 I been working my butt off and just wanted sleep. However, this morning I had to run my little sister to the dentist before 8 AM!!!!! 🦷 • So did I sleep in? Nope. But was I thankful I didn’t? Absolutely! What Ashlyn!!! 😧 • Why? Because today was such a productive day for me. I...cleaned my room, finished all my EMT school work for Saturday’s class, cut my bangs, read a chapter in my pathophysiology book for school, listened to voice threads, worked out, studied, worked on my business, and even had time to make a smoothie before going to work, and then worked 💪🏻💪🏻 • Yes, today wasn’t how I imagined my day going, but I am sure glad it turned out the way it did! Sometimes being productive is hard because it is so much easier to just sleep, or sit on the couch and watch TV. But I am telling you, there is no better feeling then crossing things off your list and being one step closer to your goals and dreams! ☁️☁️ DO HARD THINGS!!! • • #do #dohardthings #productive #productiveday #busy #college #happy #goals #dreams #bigdreams #teenspirit

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I know what you are thinking. You have heard about God's love for you but you have also heard about his rules and you aren't sure you can make the cut. #goodnews you already have. You know what you have done, you know what you are guilty of and although you have heard he loves us all you believe you are the exception. #goodnews there are no exceptions. You aren't even sure you want to be on this path, this narrow way, where Jesus is calling you. #goodnews you belong here. You can't understand why he would choose you, you can't believe he would give his life for yours. #goodnews he already did. I want you to know that he absolutely loves you. Even if no one else ever has. Maybe you were abandoned by your father. Maybe your husband just walked out the door. Maybe you have been hurt by a man who promised to love you. Maybe everything you ever believed about love was WRONG. Love is not dependent on you. It can not be bought or earned. Love reflects the heart of the one who gives it. God, in his perfection, can not love you imperfectly. If you're broken, he loves you. If you are angry at him, he loves you. If you have questions about him, he loves you. If you have failed, he loves you. If you have made mistakes, he loves you. Do you hear me, friend? I am so broken over the stories I hear of women who don't see how God could love them. I want to shout it from the rooftop, he loves you! Let yourself feel his love, it's a love you can trust. God loves you. No matter what. #goodnews #dohardthings #sprinklesinmycloset #jesus #christian #ohhowheloves

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💃 I can do hard things! 💃 . Today I took my first math test in almost 20 years...and I got an A!!!!! . I am so proud of myself. . School was not easy for me growing up, so when I graduated the last thing I was wanting to do was pay to go to school! . But over the last few months I have been working on me, not just physically but on the inside too. . I am stronger 💪 now than I have been in years, but I am also more confident! . Confident enough to do the scary hard things, from posting my weight loss journey to going back to school! . And guess what? . I am succeeding at those things I have been so scared of! . So how about you...have you been scared to: 💫 make you a priority? 💫 jump in on this weight loss journey? 💫 go back to school? . What have you been putting off? . The time is now to jump in! . If you are ready to jump in with me on this weight loss journey? . Drop me a comment or a DM and I will get you all set up! . . . . . #joinmytribe #doitforyourhealth #doitforyourself #confidenceisbeautiful #youareworthit #joinmyjourney #pcosfit #pcossupport #pcosjourney #pcosweightlossjourney #pcosstrong #empoweringwomenwmpowerwomen #backtoschool #dohardthings #wecandohardthings

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We out here just Trainin! Out at Bear Creek Park for a longer 8 mile distance. Not quite enough distances to warrant the vests but we had new gear to train into. The cold weather usually creates excuses to cut a long run out. Its much easier to get out with a friend to make up the mileage. We managed to stay close to the proposed 8 while avoiding the muddy trails. We are training for the Colfax 10 Miler and I hope to end my Spring training with a new PR at the Colfax 5k! #runcolfax #runcommunity #runningwithfriends #accountability #dohardthings #mud #trailstewards #testnewgear #outrunyourexcuses #mountcarbon #tooofthemountian #weaintatelevationyet at Bear Creek Lake Park

18 hours ago

The value of training for teens is much deeper than performance or appearance. ⠀ These non-physical benefits may be even more important for young men than anything else:⠀ 1) Understanding that something EARNED is worth more than something GIVEN. ⠀ 2) The pride of overcoming what seemed impossible. ⠀ 3) Realizing that outcome is directly proportional to EFFORT. ⠀ 4) Learning how to stick with something after it ceases to be “fun”. ⠀ 5) Learning HUMILITY. Only those never challenged are arrogant. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #youthathletes #character #raisingmen #men #liftlocal #train #lift #powerlifting #strengthtraining #bodybuilding #weightlifting #knightdale #raleigh #wendell #extremeownership #discipline #strengthcoach #strength #gymmotivation #mindset #winningmindset #work #workethic #dohardthings #barbell ⠀ at Arise Athletics

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**Giveaway**Last call to enter!! 1,300+ followers sounds like a giveaway celebration time to me, wouldn't you agree?? . What you get: ⚡3 Sticks of Energize (pre-workout) ☕3 Packets of Shakeology (superfoods) . 💖How to get enter:💖 1. Like this post 2. Tag a friend below 3. Share why you want to win. Must do all three to be entered. Entry Deadline... Monday 2/18 @8pm PST. Winner to be announced Tuesday 2/19 @8pm PST . . . . . . . . . #ajtakesbackherhealth #healthyfromtheinsideout #doitforyou #singlemomfit #strongereveryday #dohardthings #singlemomsrock #thyroidstruggles #singlemomofteens #singlemomofgirls #singlemomlife #dancemom #cleaneating #selfcare #giveaway

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Remain consistent. I know it can be hard, but that doesn’t mean it’s not doable. - keep your vision at the top of your list. - Be kind, especially to yourself. - Have faith, believe you can, because you CAN do hard things, love🥰😘 at Colorado

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OOOOOOOOOH BABIES! This program is my #spiritanimal 🧜‍♀️ Only ONE week left, and I’m more than a little sad to kiss it goodbye! (Don’t worry, I’ll be back to it SOON!) You know I’m obsessed with working out at home. But THIS? This is a next-level love affair. I want everyone to know what I know about it: Physical change✅ Mental shift✅ Confidence boost✅ Good vibes✅ All-around bad-assery✅ When I say that I feel like I’m living my best life at FORTY, I mean it. I’ve never felt better in my skin than I do TODAY. If you want to feel this EMPOWERED, I suggest you HOP ONBOARD! I can give you all the tools, but baby, you’ve got to take the first step! Our challenge group is running, and all we need is YOU. Let’s get you plugged in and on your way to BADASS. Message me, or drop your favorite emoji below, and I’ll be in touch! 💋 . . . . . . . . #badassbabe #badass #empowered #empoweredwomen #thisis40 #goodvibes #makingchanges #flightattendant #flightattendantlife #dinklife #athomeworkouts #shaunt #transform20 #dohardthings #stepup #bestlifenow #yougotthis #selfcarefirst #neon #mentalshift #mindset #mealplan #hoponboard #physicalchange #startnow #fitandfunky #teamjames #obsessed #bod at Indiana

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What I have learned from getting rejected… . 1. Every rejection is an opportunity to ask myself, “What is this experience teaching me?” 2. Every decision to put myself out there and risk rejection is an opportunity for me to get feedback on how I can do things differently. 3. Every time I get up and try again I am one step closer to being accepted as long as I take into consideration 1 & 2. . Last week I found out I was not selected in the second round of interviews for a BIG speaking engagement I was super excited about and I got the email first thing in the morning… . #28746590 NOT to look at your phone and check your email the second you wake up> . …but after I read the first 3 words of that email (even though they were nice and complimentary and uplifting) I knew what the rest of it was going to say and I wasn’t upset, I was excited! . I jumped out of bed and got to work on applying what I had learned from this experience to my next application. .
I could have been disappointed…which would have led to self-consciousness…which would have led to isolation..which would have reinforced shame… . I could have labeled myself a failure…not worthy…or blamed myself for having a dumb idea. . But I didn’t. . Because I know none of those emotions help me get to where I want to be, but rather they offer clues about what is important and meaningful to me - and that is not a bad thing! . Consistency is 🔑 even though sometimes it’s boring, sometimes it’s filled with rejection, sometimes it doesn’t go as planned... . And I hope I can look back on this post 12 months from now and tell you that after 2 years of pitching, I finally got the gig. 😉 Stay tuned... . 📸 by @bazphotoman ❤️ at New York, New York

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@wcclydesdales32 P O D C A S T . Just got off the phone with the Clydesdales and they said our podcast is kicking butt. Thank you to everyone that has given it a listen and if you haven’t and need some good run podcast material. We’ve got you covered. Link is in our profile. 💚🐎 . . . #marathonmaniacs #bostonmarathon #runners #instarunners #findyourself #marathontraining #marathon #run #bettereveryday #marathonrunning #runnershigh #runningmotivation #marathonrunner #runnersofinstagram #marathoner #runrecovery #runboston #boston2019 #chasingunicorns #bostonbaby #runpodcast #podcast #rrpodcast at Norman, Oklahoma

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So here I am with my boy this Saturday past, working on our exam day to get our new belts. This day gave me a moment of pause, thinking about all the years I spent telling myself I couldn’t do things because of my health issues, my back pain, my lack of physical strength, and so on. I used to be the master of “I can’t do that because __________.” My excuse list could wrap around the globe several times. Then, in March of 2017, I got invited by Cassie to do some workout programs and be part of a group bootcamp online. Boy, you should have heard the excuses I was trying to come up with! Ultimately I decided to do it, and soon decided to be a coach for other ladies just like me in these online boot camps. And what a life changer that’s been!!! Now I can life up to 25 pounds depending on the exercise, I can do 6 push-ups on my toes (this year my goal is to reach 12), and I have learned a lot about modifying to avoid back injury since I have osteopenia and disc degeneration, and my doctor has told me to avoid high impact exercise. My favorite thing is that I recently figured out I can do karate! And doing this with my son has been a super amazing journey that I look forward to sharing for many years to come. See, you CAN do hard things! Join me for our next group on February 25, and find out for yourself just how many hard things you can do! #karate #newadventures #dohardthings #learnnewthings #keepgoing💪

21 hours ago

I’ve been way under the weather far longer than I hoped. But the day is warming up and so am I. Keep going. Do hard things. Challenge yourself. Breathe deep. Love hard. #dohardthings #pushandpull #thinkbigger

22 hours ago

My dad drove an hour to Barnes and Noble to read our little blurb in Backpacker Magazine and to buy them out of magazines! 😍😂 I couldn't be more grateful for the gift he gave me— raising me an outdoor girl. Thanks dad. Here's a pic of him "raising me wild." @backpackermag @merrell @hikingmyway #raiseemwild #raiseemright #backpackingwithstorygrace #specialneeds #tubie #dohardthings #roadlesstraveled #strongertogether #goadventuretogether #welivetoexplore #outdoorkids #kidswhohike #hikeitbaby #optoutside #familyadventure #outdoorlife #momoffive #justamom #specialneedsmom #sheexplores #forceofnature #womenwhohike #adventuremamas #parenthood #singleparent #divorce #merrellmagic #merrell #backpackermag

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Gosh dang yessss!!! . Workouts sometimes suck, get sweaty anyways! That goal of writing a book can be daunting, start typing! Leaving a job is hard, but if there’s a new opportunity go! Working on a side hustle even though your exhausted from your full time job, hustle for it anyways! . Hard things are what M A K E us, not what breaks us!

2 days ago

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