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3 months ago

Living in Turkey, I’m told the culture encourages parents to keep their children at home as long as they can, at least until marriage. In North America the culture is to make children independent at an early age. Although the joke on this baby onesie I saw in a Canadian store is a bit of an exaggeration, the contrast made me chuckle. #diversityisawesome at Kemptville, Ontario

3 months ago

The 5th grade Heritage Project is one of the highlights of the year. Students use all their literacy skills to research, interview, write, and present their family’s heritage and culture. Parents and grandparents attend to support their student as well as their child’s classmates. All the students learn more about their own family and gain appreciation for others. Typically, they are surprised to see how much they have in common with their classmates. The event ends with a delicious feast of favorite family dishes that are shared. #yum #diversityisawesome #research #literacy #appreciation #respect at Union Academy

6 months ago

8 months ago

‘It’s all about individuality’. I’m the New Beautiful - an empowering campaign for girls. Buy your t-shirts at www.milagirls.com. Available sizes : 7 -16

11 months ago

My least favorite things about living here is the heat. I hate hot weather, and it’s the main reason I didn’t ever think I wanted to live here for the majority of my life. But I’m getting better at working around it. Getting up early to get things done outside, after being a big time night owl for my entire life, has been a major adjustment. But one of my favorite things about living here is the diversity of things we can grow. My family has been experimenting with what they can grow here for a long time, like apricots, mangos, dragonfruit, cherimoya, and pomegranates. And since we’ve been here @kaikrupa and I have added agaves (for future mezcal making!), hops, many herbs, yuzu, gogi berries, star fruit, and pink pummelos. And we’ve only just begun 😍🌱🌳🌿💚. This is @kingandkingranch posting for #countryqueers . #diversityisawesome #queerfarmers at Fillmore, California

1 year ago

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 🇲🇽 “Cinco de Mayo... is a day the celebrates Mexican victory over the French during Napoleon’s reign. May the world also remember that not all Latinx are Mexican.” - a dear 🇵🇪 Peruvian friend. #diversityisawesome #educationisawesome

1 year ago

Las Adelitas team is built by amazing people from all over the world. 🇲🇽🇨🇿🇸🇰🇨🇲🇨🇱🇨🇴🇪🇨🇨🇷🇪🇬🇪🇨🇪🇺🇬🇪🇮🇷🇵🇱🇷🇴🇷🇺🇪🇬🇾🇪🇸🇾🇪🇸🇻🇪🇺🇦🌎 #diversityisawesome #lasadelitas #lasadelitascz #lasadelitasprague #praguerestaurant #mexicanrestaurant #mexicanfood #mexicoinprague #authenticmexican ... @terme_ @klepacek @thedzn @kris_vok @morxzla @luu.oe @amistadpop @liberty_knows @impepeochoa @rociorangeltinajero @kakarashki @klarisa.b @hanesbaka @flariosmc @fabomuzka @e.joken @polina_bori at Las Adelitas

1 year ago

Sometimes I forget how blessed I am to have such a unique and amazing family! I had the best Thanksgiving ever. This Thanksgiving was special for so many reason, and I truly don’t have words to express my love and admiration for every individual in this picture. It is because of you all and your consistent prayers and support I was able to fully participate in this day. Eating Disorders rob you of so much in your life, specifically enjoying the food, family, and the overall experience of Thanksgiving. I am thankful I was able to have one of the most amazing trips to Chicago. I’m thankful for my family, and I’m thankful for my recovery. #chicago #thanksgiving #family #lovemylife #lovethisday #pureawesomeness #blessed #diversityisawesome #justkeepliving #blessed #goodtimes #love❤️❤️❤️ #keepmovingforward #EDRecovery #fuckanorexia

2 years ago

Only some of my favorite foods from Toronto! This city is a culinary revelation, it has it all! It has to be a the top of the list for real foodies! 🍱🍣🍛🍜🍕☕️🍵🍻🍘🥐🍖😋😋😋😋 #Toronto #TorontosBestFood #CulinaryRevelation #TorontoOntario #BestFoodEver #ItHasItAll #ICouldLiveHere #AmazingDiversity #DiversityIsAwesome #Canada #canada2017🇨🇦 #FoodiesLand #FoodLovers #AllFlavors #Trendy #RealFood #uncletetsuscheesecake #Cacao70 #pizzaolo #stlawrencemarket #poutine at Toronto, Ontario

2 years ago

Saya Rou Romano, bernama asing tapi asli Jawa, lahir dan di besarkan di Wonogiri, Jawa Tengah. Saya agnostik, Bapak penganut animisme, ibu katolik, dan kakak muslim yang taat. Kawan-kawan saya ada yang Kristen, Hindu, Budha, konghucu, rastafarian, penghayat dan atheis. Mereka dari berbagai suku dan bangsa. Saya menghormati keyakinan mereka seperti halnya yang mereka lalukan pada saya. #rayakanperbedaan #diversityisawesome #indonesiaindah

2 years ago

Today is International day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination. #remembersharpville #rememberhistory #humanrightsday #diversityisawesome #lovenothate #peacenotwar #racedoesntmatter #weareallhumanbeings #equality #noracism #nodiscrimination #noxenophobia #humanism #kindness #mercy #compassion #respect #love #help #belikeapanda🐼 #pandarules P.S. [It's #концептуальненько.] I am reading now the great book of Noble laureate - "Life&Times of Michael K", written by genius south african author John Maxwell Coutzee. This book makes my heart bleeding, my eyes drowning in the ocean of tears. This story is abt humanism above the war, humanism above the hate, it shows that a human may always stay The Human, even has been suffered a lot, even without family, without home, job, friends, even if people around forgot how to be mercy&kind for each other. Very impressive book, south african "Grapes of Wrath". #lifeandtimesofmichaelk #coetzee #greatbook #mustread

2 years ago

The 7:20am You & Me Boogie Bounce crew!! Both segments were amazing!! The host John loved our space. He kept calling it "just a spiritual good vide!" That made me so proud! I even asked my hubby to be in the taping and he finally said yes!! He doesn't like being in the spotlight at all. It was great to have him with us. Sorry 6:20am Team, we forgot to take a pic! God is awesome!! LOVE MY D3 FAMILY!! #boogiebounceUSA #boogiebounce #d3getfit #letsgo #diversityisawesome

3 years ago

Thank you all for your interest in the CBFY Summer Leader position. We launched our new website platform yesterday, and unfortunately the postings were taken down in the process. As a result, we will extend the deadline to next week Friday June 3. Please continue to check http://www.cbfy.ca/about-us/careers for more information. The job posting should be back up by Tuesday at the latest. All the best in your applications! #SquadGoals #DiversityIsAwesome #yycbridge at The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth