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3 months ago

Transformation Tuesday... ok here goes 😬 The pic on the left is two months after my second baby.. my belly did NOT bounce back this time around.. don’t get me wrong I’ve never ever had a six pack or even a two pack for that matter 😁 BUT it was a lot easier after baby #1! These are MY own personal results since I have started my get fit/keto journey. #heaitatedposting #myjourney #gottastartsomewhere #keto #fitmominthemaking #progresspic #dirtyketolifestyle #gymlife #maybeicaninspiresomeone #tenlbs #transformationtuesday

4 months ago

Got to cross off another box today!! Very happy with my progress. This is doing Lazy/Dirty Keto! Integrated PiYo a couple weeks ago but need to get better at sticking with it. I keep pushing myself to do better and try not to be hard on myself when I "fall off" so to speak. I didnt get this way overnight; lifestyle changes take awhile, the key is to keep trying until I no longer have too! #ketolifestyle #piyoresults #ketogeniclife #ketoprogress #dirtyketolifestyle #lazyketoforwomen #lazyketo #weightlossprogress #reverseliverdisease

5 months ago

I am not perfect, I too "fall off the wagon" but it's about never giving up. My health will be my top priority. I was diagnosed with NAFLD and My goal is to reverse it before it becomes worse! So Boiled egg prep to start. To avoid "keto flu" I will slowly start decreasing carbs until I can get to <20. For now, Dirty/Lazy Keto it is. #backintheswingofthings #dirtyketolifestyle #lazyketoforwomen #ketodiet #reverseliverdisease

9 months ago

A big problem for me and this weight stuff is snacking. I bored eat ALL the time, especially when i have nothing to do at work so i made some keto snacks today ! And they all came out delicious, this is only half of my concoctions , i also have celery & ginger dressing, blackberry green tea ice pops & keto chocolate moose 👅 , my progress definitely slowed down but the scale is still moving and the fat is melting away ! I love this Keto Life • • #keto #dirtyketo #dirtyketolifestyle #ketogenicfood at Massachusetts