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10 hours ago

Кадр с концерта Die Antwood на который мы ходили этим летом. #concert #dieantwood #cgspeak

1 month ago

♩🎤Long ago I was a little girl yeah I was never ever able to fit in My teachers at school would try to tell me what to do but, yo I would never listen 'Cause I was high all the time, stoned out of my little fucking mind Misunderstood, lost and confused looking for a sign All the popular kids at school were always super mean to me and made me cry I never knew what I should do so I just walked away and said "Fuck off and die" They said that I'm weird, that I'm ugly, and that I suck I knew that one day all of those kids would grow up to be boring as fuck #dieantwood #songlyrics #filters how do we always match clothes? Lol

1 month ago

Did they commission #dieantwood to design this room or something #wtf

1 month ago

✨ My new artwork. Today is a portrait of one of my favorite performers, Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord. I love and aggressive music, as well as memorable unusual images. I turn on the audio louder and shake my rolls every morning to the sound of “Baby's on fire”! ________ ✨ Моя новая работа. Сегодня портрет одной из моих любимых исполнительниц Йоланди Фиссер из группы Die Antwoord. Люблю и агрессивную музыку, а также запоминающиеся необычные образы. Включаю аудио погромче и трясу своими булками каждое утро под звуки “Baby's on fire”! ________⠀ #art #illustrations #artscloud #desturm #портретпофотомосква #портретпофотографии #dieantwood #yolandi at Moscow

2 months ago

After 10 hours driving over 2 days our 2 year old son has identified 3 songs that really get him going: The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Queen - Another One Bites The Dust and Die Antwood - Expensive Shit You know, that classic Queen/Beatles Die Antwood cross over. #roadtrip #queen #thebeatles #dieantwood

2 months ago

No hay soluciones mágicas 😌 que no te vendan mentiras. Lo mejor que podes tomar son BUENAS DECISIONES. 💪💗👇 come conscientemente 🍽cuida las porciones, 😋disfrutá la comida, 🙇come pausado que NO ES LA ÚLTIMA CENA DE TU VIDA. Tranqui! Y RELAJAAAA😉 Así como no entramos al gimnasio y salimos el mismo dia con el culo de @lasobrideperez tampoco vas a a echar a perder todo por una comida: Los cambios NO pasan de un momento a otro SE CONSTRUYEN con esfuerzo y dedicación... son nuestros HÁBITOS los que harán la diferencia, lo que hagas repetidas veces sostenidas en el tiempo 📆 -equilibrio-☆ Pd: Amo esta imagen de NINJA. la voy a usar mil veces😁💗

2 months ago

Without dreams, there can be no courage, and without courage there can be no action. -Wim Wenders- . . -me as Grotesque Angel in 1997. . My third eye says 🔮🎱 -Tequila + brother ➡️ out! Finally!🖕🖕🖕Sortout your food ❤️ and I won't sort out your fucking fashion! .👗💨 . Angel #rats #mexico #tattoos #southafrica #nazi #fuckyo #tequila #fuertevetura #idiots # #u.f.o #strategies #puppets #enigma #roberto #justdance #alejandro #karma #laspalmas #tenerife #argentina #stefani #gaga #manson #madonna #dieantwood #monsterball #brazil #rome

3 months ago

Sometimes it feels like coming from this planet people are so sick and twisted I don't wanna fit in anyway, I'd rather be a misfit Fuck a normal life, that's lame, me I'm insane in the brain They laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at them because they're all the same🎶 👽💕👽 #aliengang #dieantwood at Universo Alien

4 months ago

With all the bad things that happened in October it was all forgotten in one night due to the greatest people in the world! It's because of this group of individuals that I have faith in humanity once again... even the weirdos that followed us into line to call you women liars 😂 👽🖤 @chandy_mariee@infinite_pirate08 @omgitssfaralieee and javid lol #badluck #betternight #hardfest #dayofthedead #love #dieantwood #jackbeats #saviors #rageaholic #mysquadisbetterthanyours #beautifulpeople #letsgetit #