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Research has shown that you can keep diabetes at bay permanently just by changing your diet, which is part of the three-pronged integrative approach we take to treating prediabetes here at #centrespringmd MD. There are ways to reverse diabetes with diet alone . . . •Go high fiber, low sugar. Fiber, best in the form of fruits and vegetables, takes longer to digest, preventing insulin spikes and blood sugar peaks and valleys. Aim for 40 g of fiber a day. (The average American gets only about a quarter of that!) Then follow the “no white food” rule: Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates. This will also help manage insulin resistance and can help you avoid or minimize use of medications. . . . •Add superfoods. Fenugreek, garlic, vinegar, and aloe vera are considered to be diabetes superfoods. Watch your diabetes markers improve once you start adding fenugreek seeds and garlic to your favorite recipes, dressing salads with oil and vinegar, and drinking a few daily ounces of aloe vera juice, available in drugstores. . . . •Meditate. In studies, mindfulness meditation reduced blood sugar spikes and improved hemoglobin A1C scores—a diabetes marker—within 3 months in people with diabetes. Stress can cause blood sugar to rise, so managing daily tension is critical for diabetes prevention. Devote 2 to 3 hours a week to practicing a stress-management technique. . . . •Try Gymnema sylvestre. You probably haven’t heard of this Ayurvedic herb, which can be found in health food stores, but studies show that, taken in a starting dose of 250 mg, it may lower blood sugar levels; improve the function of the pancreas, where insulin is made; and help the body use glucose more effectively. Add this to a diabetes-beating supplement regimen that includes 2 to 3 g of omega-3 fatty acids, 200 mg of alpha-lipoic acid, and 500 mcg of chromium picolinate daily. (Check out other herbs that heal.) . . . If you still need support other than diet modifications, it’s important you schedule an appointment with one of our providers who can recommend a customized diet and treatment plan to reverse your diabetes naturally! 404-814-9808 . . . #diabetes #diabetesawareness at Atlanta, Georgia

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Favorite blood sugar management tip? Go ADVENTURING ⛰ Steady & consistent movement is the secret potion for keeping glucose levels steady all day. On hiking days I lower my long acting insulin dose and usually snack on fruit/ granola bars all day without dosing ( since the exercise takes care of that for me!) at Golden, Colorado

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Here at Home Health UK we are proud to offer a 10% discount on our SD Codefree blood glucose meter. Visit http://ow.ly/KCWx30obeiV and use discount code 'hhten' at the checkout. Alternatively search "homehealth codefree meter". Remember diabetics do not have to pay VAT but unfortunately most other companies will require you to pay the full price including VAT and will leave you to fill out a long form to claim the VAT back. But if you buy from us, all you need to do is to confirm you are a diabetic from the drop down menu and you will be charged the price excluding VAT. Benefits of the SD CodeFree System? - Quick and Easy to use. - Convenient – the meter is small (47mm x 95mm x 17.5mm) and lightweight (47.5g with battery) and comes with a free carry case. - Low priced replacement strips and lancets – 50 replacement strips for most blood glucose meters will cost you around £10 or more but you can buy 50 replacement strips for the SD CodeFree Meter from us for just £7.69 including postage!! You can also buy 100 lancets for just £5.99 including P&P!! - Comes with a free 1 year warranty. - Management Software to store your records on your computer. #diabetes #health http://ow.ly/OAYt30obeiW

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#DicaDaDraLetíciaMariosa todo papai e mamãe de primeira viagem fica ansioso em saber se o seu filho está se desenvolvendo corretamente. . Nos primeiros meses de vida as medidas podem ser mensais, mas depois a cada três ou quatro meses. Nos primeiros dois anos de vida a criança acontece o período de maior crescimento, ocorrendo uma desaceleração progressiva da velocidade de crescimento, voltando a acelerar na puberdade. . Lembrem-se sempre que o acompanhamento com o um Endócrino Pediatra é fundamental para detectar precocemente qualquer alteração da velocidade de crescimento, e com isso permitir o diagnóstico precoce de doenças que afetam o crescimento 😉 . #DraLetíciaMariosa #endocrinologista #endocrinologia #endocrinologiaporamor #endocrinologiapediátrica #pediatria #pediatriacomamor #pediatriadescomplicada #qualidadedevida #crescimento #diabetes #diabetestipo2 #diabetestipo1 #puberdadeprecoce #puberdade #pais #mães #filhos #crianças #adolescentes #pousoalegre #pousoalegremg #mg #minasgerais #suldeminas

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#quote #lshlwclquotes 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚Tag someone who might need to see this 👀 Share to who you care 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 Follow us👍 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369151797221286/ Twitter @LetsSeeHowLong Instagram @LetsSeeHowLongWeCanLive 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 🏃🏃Follow us 👠👠 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 #keto #ketolife #ketomom #ketosupport #ketolifestyle #ketogenic #eatfatburnfat #ketogenicdiet #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #lchf #lchfdiet #eatfatloseweight #fattofit #ketorecipes #ketofam #ketocommunity #internmentfasting #foodporn #journey #recipe #recipes #ketojourney #diabetic #diabetes #quotestoliveby #diabetic2 #quotesfortheday

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Have you followed our cream cheese frosting recipe yet? 🧁🥰 . You could be missing out on a low calorie alternative to your highly calorific standard frostings on your wonderful cakes! 🤪 . Shout out to @mad4fit_pt for combining carrot cake, donuts and eatlean cream cheese frosting recipe and creating this delicious, mouth watering dessert! 🤤❤️ . Full sized donuts, 188 kcal for one whole donut! 👏🏼💪🏼 . Check out @mad4fit_pt page for the recipe and don’t forget to follow our cream cheese frosting recipe too (link in bio) 😋😘

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Weigh in when you feel GOOD! When you know you've done everything you can! Don't punish yourself. And if you're doing EVERYTHING right and still not losing weight, call me so I can help you figure out what's going on! 😁📞 Our meetings are designed to help you love yourself more, be more aware, and treat yourself better! 😊❤ #weightloss #community #sanjose #california #transformationtuesday at San Jose, California

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Being able to walk pain free is a blessing, being able to walk without showing the pain is a skill Maybe life isn’t about avoiding bruises Maybe it’s about collecting the scars to show we showed up for it

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Percy appreciation! • The other night we encountered a terrifying moment... Percy was out of batteries... at 3am... with no batteries in the house! • Matilda was laying there with an expectant face, eyes slowly widening into utter awakeness! • So came the frantic scrambling of tv remotes to scavenge batteries that may work.... • We didn’t realise at that point how Matilda (and we) rely on Percy for white noise at bedtime. Especially for resettling her when she stirs! • I even found myself coughing to reactivate it to send myself to sleep last night 🙈 • (Shout out to @thegrocompany for creating her Percy as well as her gorgeous sleep suit!) #diabetes #diabetic #t1d #type1diabetes #typeonediabetes #diabetesuk #omnipod #diabeticpregnancy #typeonepregnancy #typeone #typeonemum #mum #baby #mummyblogger #newborn #mumlife #babygirl #percythepenguin

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Por favor! 😂😂

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Quando você pede com carinho😍💙

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why? Turns out it lowers your risk of type 2 diabetes! Follow the link in our bio to discover two more things you can do to keep this condition at bay.

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More than 400 million people around the world have #diabetes; about 40 percent of them are unable to feel pain in their feet. That means even tiny wounds or blisters can grow larger and become infected, increasing the risk of foot amputations. #HopkinsEngineer alumna Ran Ma is the co-founder of @sirencare, a company that has developed socks that alert wearers with diabetes to foot problems before they become serious. "I really want to work on devices that are about prevention," says Ma. "The diabetic foot problem kept coming back into my head." . . . #diabetes #podiatry #medtech #DiabetesAlertDay #diabetic #johnshopkins #johnshopkinsuniversity #jhualumni @jhubme @ranimalma at San Francisco, California

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Hoje 26 de março, é o Dia de Alerta para o Diabetes nos Estados Unidos #DiabetesAlertDay 🔴 #Diabetes afeta a capacidade do organismo de fazer ou usar adequadamente a insulina. 🔵Faça o #quiz da #ADA – Associação Americana de Diabetes para ver se você pode estar em risco: https://donations.diabetes.org/site/SPageServer/?pagename=Diabetes_Risk_Test&source=dorg&cate=link&loca=diabetes-risk-test ➡Para as pessoas com diabetes, o pâncreas produz insulina, mas ou não produz o suficiente ou as células do corpo não usam a insulina que produz. ▶️A insulina é um hormônio que suas células precisam armazenar e usar energia dos alimentos. *️⃣A insulina ajuda a glicose, ou açúcar, a entrar nas células para que possam usar energia. Se você tem diabetes, a glicose se acumula no sangue. Assim, seu corpo não está recebendo a energia de que necessita. Além disso, os altos níveis de glicose circulam pelo corpo, danificando as células ao longo do caminho. 🆘Diabetes aumenta o risco de ter um #ataquecardíaco, #acidentevascularcerebral #AVC, danos em rins, olhos entre outros. ❇Tipos de Diabetes: 1⃣Diabetes tipo 1: o pâncreas não produz ou tem pouca insulina. É uma doença autoimune que geralmente começa na infância. O início é repentino. Apenas 5% das pessoas com diabetes têm Tipo 1. Não pode ser prevenida através de dieta ou estilo de vida. 2⃣Diabetes tipo 2: O pâncreas não produz insulina suficiente ou o corpo não usa a insulina que produz. O tipo 2 geralmente se desenvolve lentamente. Oito em cada dez pessoas com este tipo de diabetes estão acima do peso. Outros fatores de risco incluem história familiar de diabetes, história de diabetes gestacional, metabolismo deficiente de glicose, idade avançada e inatividade física. 🚺Diabetes Gestacional: A causa é desconhecida. Mas, pensa-se que os hormônios bloqueiam a ação da insulina. O diabetes gestacional geralmente desaparece depois que o bebê nasce. No entanto, as mulheres que desenvolvem este tipo de diabetes estão em maior risco de diabetes tipo 2 mais tarde na vida. ✅Como reduzir o risco de diabetes: Você pode prevenir ou retardar o diabetes tipo 2 fazendo 🍽 mudanças na dieta e sendo ativo ⛹‍♀🏊‍♀🏄‍♂🏋‍♀🚴‍♂ #NutriDG

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❓Vocês sabiam que DIABÉTICOS QUE USAM BOMBA DE INSULINA precisam informar esta condição na inscrição do ENEM? . 📆 Este ano, as inscrições do ENEM serão de 06 a 17 de maio e sabemos que não é permitido a entrada na prova com nenhum equipamento eletrônico, e os fiscais por sua vez, não são obrigados a saber do que se trata a bomba de insulina. Além do que, se a bomba começar a apitar no meio da prova, pode gerar certa desconfiança e para evitar constrangimentos, o ideal é se prevenir e informar o uso deste aparelho no ato da inscrição. . Na inscrição você deve informar que necessita de: ✅ Atendimento Específico ✅ Pessoa com outra condição específica ✅ Anexar documento que comprove a condição (em .pdf, .png ou .jpg) contendo o CID da doença e o CRM do médico ✅ Se a condição FOR ACEITA, é informado por SMS ou e-mail, mas também pode ser consultado na página do participante se a solicitação foi aceita ❎ Se a condição NÃO FOR ACEITA, você tem 5 dias para enviar um novo documento comprobatório . Compartilhe com quem interessar!! . . . . #diabetes #diabetes1 #diabetestipo1 #sorocaba #saúde #diabeticos #diabetesmellitus #diet #vidadediabetico #diabetesblog #diabetesblogger #t1d #dm1 #type1diabetes #type1 #type1diabetic #enem #enem2019 #inep

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We had a very productive meeting today discussing ways to improve access for people experiencing long term health conditions such as Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Diabetes, Musculoskeletal difficulties. If you have any of the above conditions and experience low mood or anxiety, we would encourage you to contact us so that we can support you to manage your wellbeing. Our telephone number is 01952 457 415. #primarycarewellbeingservice #mentalhealth #everyoneswellbeingmatters #nhs #iapt #telfordandwrekin #telfordiapt #depression #anxiety #psychotherapy #counselling #selfhelp #selfcare #longtermhealthconditions #ltc #asthma #COPD #diabetes #musculoskeletal at Telford

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Slimming world member @sarah_sw_recipes is enjoying her fit cakes! Don't forget to have a look at our new Limited Edition Jaffa Orange Choc Cakes. Link in bio ✔⠀ .........................⠀ Who doesn’t love a yummy cake delivery? 😍 Gorgeous guilt free cakes from my buddies at @fitbakes.co.uk Their new website is up and running so why not check out the great range of goodies available... super low in calories/syns so these can be enjoyed while still losing weight 😇 you can save 10% off all orders on their website by using the code SARAHSW10 🎂🍰 ・・・ ・・・ ・・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ #gym #liftheavy #slimmingworldmeals #weightwatchers #gains #muscles #lifting #squats #protein #lowcalorie #personaltrainer #pt #fitness #fit #slimmingworld #macros #diabetics #strongnotskinny #weightlossjourney #iifym #slimmingworlduk #diabetes #weightloss #workout #bodybuilding #fitfam #fitbakes #fitchick #cake #foodhub

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TAGoverzichtje 💕 Het is weer tijd voor een overzichtje! Jullie taggen @Steviala ontzettend vaak en dat vind ik zo ontzettend leuk om te zien! 😍 Wauw wauw wauw de tags blijven komen!! We beginnen met een chiajam gezoet met Steviala Kristal Sweet Vanille! Van @Ketol0t! Daarnaast van @masja_groot een stapeltje pannenkoeken! En rechts van @love_healthylifestyle een ontbijtje met frambozen en chocolade 😍! Vervolgens beginnen we met een heerlijk tartelette van @denisvr gezoet met Steviala Frost! Daarnaast van @keefy_keto een stapeltje pannenkoeken gezoet met Steviala Kristal Sweet 💕 en rechts van @anne.funhealthyfood wortel cheesecake bars! 🥰 Tot slot onderaan chocolade pudding van @love_healthylifestyle, daarnaast ook van Love healthy Lifestyle een heerlijke ontbijtkoek met krokante noten topping 😍 en tot slot rechts donuts gemaakt door @karinpauw volgens recept van @denisvr! Ontzettend bedankt allemaal voor het taggen!! Ook kans om getagd te worden? Tag dan @Steviala in je foto en bericht 💕🤗 #Stevia #steviala #zoetstof #amandelmeel #kokosmeel #sweetener #lowcarb #sugarfree #fitfam #fitness #food #foodie #foodporn #instahealth #healthylifestyle #diabetes #recipes #recepten #fitdutchies #dutchfoodies #healthy #koolhydraatarm #koolhydraatarmerecepten #suikervervanger #lchf #instafood #recept

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It's Reintroduce week 😀 yahoooo So for the past year and a half I have been doing Very strict Keto and have hit a plateau and simply needed to tweak what I'm doing a Little Bit....I was introduced to R3....it's not a diet and WOW oh WOW!! ! How exciting to be able to actually add stuff like this amazing granola back into my life 😍 You can be #Vegan, #Plant-based, #Paleo, #Lowcarb, #Mediterranean, #Dairyfree, #Glutenfree, anything you want to be..... Just follow the #guidelines....and you will have some success and you will experience positive changes..... I love the fact that I don't have to keep track of anything anymore. 😍 There is an informational zoom tonight at 9PM EST to just share the science on how and why this is making a difference to so many. #WeightLoss #NotADiet #smartchoices #nomorecounting #DietsDontWork #ChooseHealthy #RealLife #diabetes #glucose #TellAFriend #TagAFriend #granolaheaven #BestGranola #ShopSmartLiveWell

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Tá bunito isso!!! Finalmente saindo da nhaca que essa gripe me causou, e voltando ao fogão... Estava numa situação que não podia nem sentir cheiro de comida 😱! . Aproveitando para informar que a Quitutear também vai voltar a produção!! . E também dizer a quem passa por aqui: se cuidem, saúde é um bem muito precioso. Sem ela, algumas vezes, não conseguimos cuidar nem de nós nem daqueles que amamos, da maneira como gostamos de cuidar. . Nesse prato maravilindo tem alface, tomate, Maionese caseira, abobrinha refogada com sal e pimenta, carne de churrasco que sobrou de domingo ainda, reinventada num refogadão, que óbvio, ficou defumado, meus amados ovos(não enjoo nunca) e #kombucha de uva com hibisco. #beijodaquituteira 💋 #amocozinhar #comidadeverdade . #comidasaudavel #saude #alimentaçãosaudavel #kombucha #diabetes #resistenciaainsulina #lowcarb . at Manaus, Brazil

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This thing is pure evil and has made my arthritis pain flare up. I’ll go sparingly on the #stairmaster from now on! 🤨 I did actually enjoy it though! #t2d #diabetes #type2diabetes

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Very happy with this weeks weightloss to say I’ve been out for a meal this week!. As my weight is going down my blood sugar levels are also getting lower, which I’ll be so happy when I’ve reversed my diabetes!. Hope everyone is having an amazing week ♥️😊

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#Repost @nl.frutaselegumes • • • • • • Uma das principais aliadas contra o colesterol alto e a diabetes, a berinjela é conhecida pelos seus altos índices de vitaminas, com destaque para as do complexo B, além de sais minerais como o cálcio, fósforo, ferro e fibras. Em sua composição, ela contém ainda uma grande quantidade de água, o que faz dela um item recomendável para quem procura perder peso, e antioxidantes de extrema importância na prevenção do surgimento de doenças cardíacas. 😉🍆 #berinjela #benefícios #diabetes #vitaminas #nutrientes #cálcio #fósforo #ferro #fibras #prevenção #doençascardíacas #nlfrutaselegumes

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Ugh. It’s morning and you discover a new level of lack of inertia as every cell in your body yells out in a single solidaritous cry to Stay. In. Bed. With few other options available you set your sights on your favorite, aptly named morning ‘fix’: a cream cheese and cranberry-orange muffin from your favorite coffee shop with a side order of double mocha, salted caramel latte... extra latte.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ While you’re busy patting yourself on the back for yet again cleverly managing to get your daily reward out of the way early you may not be aware that you are also exploiting some pretty clever physiological wiring. We’re talking about dopamine.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Dopamine is responsible for those unicorn-rainbow-sprinkly happy feelings you get when you’re in proximity to a reward, and is released like a tiny tsunami when sugar spikes or a stimulant is consumed. But not without a cost. Spikes put increased pressure on the pancreas to produce insulin so abusing this mechanism too often can increase your risk for diabetes. So that short-term morning reward you keep giving yourself may actually be more of a trap in the long haul.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Here’s some tips on how to interrupt the cycle and regulate your habit:⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ •Reduce the intake of stimulants like caffeine & nicotine that feed the cycle by jotting down your daily consumption values.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ •If the idea of going cold turkey with your caffeine gives you vertigo try herbal teas or 50:50 caff:decaf coffee working towards 100% decaf.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ •Make sure you are getting enough Omega 3s in your diet (think fatty fish). The brain is 60% fat so too little omega 3s can cause dopamine production to drop, making you seek it other ways.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ •Consume foods that help with dopamine production—not release. Fava beans, chicken, ricotta cheese, seaweed, wheat germ, mustard greens, oatmeal, duck, and edamame are all great choices⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ •Don’t go it alone. Behavior management works best when you have support. Find a friend who needs to make the same changes and cheer each other on. Or if you’re serious about making a shift contact us about a customized hypnosis program and get your subconscious mind on board with making healthier choices.

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Spring is in the air & I’m walking on Sunshine☀️ 🌺God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. Have a fantastic week💕 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 👘Kimono: Karibu Ruffle Sleeves - link in the bio 👗White dress: @littlesecretofmine at Maldives

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The future that she’s creating may not have a clear path, or a certain next step. But she knows how it will feel and that’s what she follows ✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️⠀ ✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️⠀ #justliveblognl #chronischziek #chronischepijn #chronicfatigue #chronicpain #chronicillness #chronicallyill #spoonie #spoonielife #spoonieproblems #fibrowarrior #pain #spooniecommunity #spooniesupport #quotes #lifequotes #diabetes #diabetic #endometriosis #warrior #fibromyalgia #depressions #ptsd #spooniewarrior #diabeticgirl #spooniesisters #spooniesupport #spooniesunite #endometriosis #mentalhealthawareness at Netherlands

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#avokado (scroll for English) 🥑 Yüksek oranda protein, potasyum, magnezyum, folik asit, E, B ve K vitamini içerir. 🥑Kalbe yararlı olan tekli doymamış yağlar bakımından zengindir. 🥑İçerdiği fitokimyasallar sayesinde; 📌kolesterol düşürmede, 📌prostat kanseriyle savaşmada, 📌makuler dejenerasyon ile savaşmada etkilidir, 📌kanser, göz problemlerine ve kalp hastalığına karşı korur. 🥑Dişeti iltihabı ve diş periodontal hastalıkların oluşmasını engellemeye yardımcı olur, 🥑B12 vitaminiyle beraber, sedef hastalığı oluşumunu azaltmada etkilidir, 🥑Önerilen düzeylerde ve düzenli tüketildiğinde; total kolesterol, trigliserid ve kötü kolesterol (LDL) düzeylerini düşürmede, iyi kolesterol (HDL) düzeyini yükselmede etkilidir. 🥑Tekli doymamış yağ sayesinde kan şekeri kontrolüne katkı sağlar, 🥑Avokado yağı ve soya fasulyesi karışımından yapılan bir besin takviyesinin #osteoartrit semptomlarını azaltabileceği düşünülmektedir, . . #avocado 🥑Contains high levels of protein, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin E, B and K, 🥑rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial to the heart, 🥑Thanks to its phytochemicals; 📌effective in lowering cholesterol, 📌effective in fighting prostate cancer, 📌helps to fight with the macular degeneration and 📌protect against cancer and heart disease. 🥑Helps prevent the formation of #gingivitis and periodontal diseases, 🥑When used with vitamin B12, it is effective in reducing psoriasis formation, 🥑When avocado is consumed at recommended levels and regularly, it helps to increase HDL and descrease total cholesterol, trigliserid and LDL, 🥑Thanks to monounsaturated fat contributes to diabetes control, 🥑As a result of researches, 📌It is thought that a dietary supplement made from the mixture of avocado oil and #soybean may reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis. . . #healthyfood #nutrition #diet #diyet #teklidoymamışyağasidi #monounsaturatedfats #loweringcholesterol #maculardegeneration #protectcancer #protectheartdisease #cardiovasculardisease #sağlıklıbeslenme #obesity #losefat #araöğün #snacks #prostatecancer #kalphastalıklarındabeslenme #diabetes #diabetescontrol #weightloss #zayıflama #sedefhastalığı #psoriasis at İzmir, Turkey

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RnL - the hard work has paid off !! Final certificates through 2dat from over a year of tough study !!" Level 4 physical activity & weight management for Obesity and Diabetes. We are very proud of our academic achievements (who would have thought- RnL "academic"!!!!!🤓🤓🤓!) It's been tough graft. If you need any help or know anyone who would like our advice or support. Pease contact us . Level 2 fitness instructors Level 3 Personal trainers Run coaching Nutrition advisors Medical/ exercise referral specialists Ricky Hatton boxing padding qualified Level 4 diabetes/ obesity Russell & Louise X #personaltraining #obesity #diabetes #fitness #training #runcoaching #trailrunning #boxingtraining #nutrition #triathlontraining #ironmantraining #type2diabetes #loseweight #burnfat

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״יש לי הכל ואני לגמרי מסוגלת״ 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 - 15 דקות קודם לכן- היא: נמאס לי. 👹באמת שניסיתי הכל. 🥺 אני מיואשת. 😖אני לא מצליחה לרדת במשקל❌, לא מסוגלת לשלוט בעצמי כשאני מול מאכלים מפתים❌, לא מסוגלת להפסיק לאכול גם כשאני שבעה ואז אחרי שהמשכתי והמשכתי לאכול אני מרגישה כל כך רע עם עצמי. ❌😭 נמאס לי. אני👩🏼‍💻 : תעצמי עיניים היא:?wtf? למה? 🙄🤔 אני 👩🏼‍💻: trust me 😴היא עצמה. אני👩🏼‍💻: מה את אוהבת בעצמך? היא פוקחת עיניים: אבל מה הקשר לאוכל?😯 אני👩🏼‍💻: trust me. תעצמי עיניים ותספרי לעצמך, בלב❤️, מה את אוהבת בעצמך. היא: אוקיייייייייי 🧐🧐🧐🧐 (אמרה ונעה בחוסר נוחות בכיסא.💺) 💭💭💭💭💭💭 היא: אמרתי. אפשר לפקוח עיניים?😐 אני👩🏼‍💻: עוד לא. עכשיו תיזכרי במשהו שעשית לאחרונה שהיית מאוד גאה בו.🎊 היא: שקשור בדיאטה? אני👩🏼‍💻: שקשור בכל תחום, כל דבר שעולה לך. 💭💭💭💭 אני👩🏼‍💻: עכשיו תחשבי על 5 יכולות וכישורים שיש לך שעזרו לך להצליח במהלך החיים. (היא מתרווחת בכיסא...)🛋 💭💭💭💭💭💭 אני👩🏼‍💻: עכשיו תחשבי על סיטואציה שהיית ממש גאה בעצמך. (היא מעלה חיוך קטן על השפתיים.)😏 💭💭💭💭💭💭 אני👩🏼‍💻: ועכשיו תשאלי את עצמך, מה כבר השגת בחיים? ✔️על מה את יכולה להגיד תודה בכל בוקר כשאת מתעוררת. (החיוך גדל בשלב הזה.)🥰 💭💭💭💭💭💭💭 אני👩🏼‍💻: את יכולה לפקוח עיניים. עכשיו תגידי לי, האם יש משהו שאת לא מסוגלת לעשות? האם באמת אין לך את מה שצריך בשביל להצליח? 💭💭💭💭 היא: לא באמת. יש לי הכל ואני לגמרי מסוגלת.🎆🎊🎆🎊🎆🎆🎊🎆 (מוסיקה מרגשת ברקע) למה שקרה פה קוראים- חשיבה חיובית.✔️🙇🏻‍♀️ לפני כל צעד שאנחנו רוצים לעשות, בין אם הוא גדול או קטן, אנחנו חייבים לייצר חשיבה וסביבה חיובית.🧚🏻‍♀️ מזדהים עם המקרה? תשאלו את עצמכם את השאלות, תבינו שאתם מסוגלים ותתחילו לעוף 🦄 צריכים עזרה? דברו איתי ☎️/📱/🕊