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The darkest place in the world is actually in human’s mind 🧠 I know people who has no idea about that place. I also know them who tell they do but I still know they don’t. I also know them who tell the don’t but still I know they do. I do know it because I feel it. It’s something you can’t see with your eyes because those people who really are or has been there can hide it so well. The shell is called Smile 👄 - When I was there the first time in my life, I couldn’t explain why. I was there just because of nothing and because of everything. Today I do know better, it asked years of self-searcing and by that self-understanding. Today I know myself, today I know where I am coming from and my own personal triggers. Today I can sit on the stairs front of the dark place luring me behind and I am strong enough to recognize it. I am strong enough to turn my back and walk away 🚪 - It was worth it to say good bye for toxic people. It was worth it to cry and scream my pain out. Did it help? Well, it didn’t change things happened, it didn’t bring people I have lost back to life. It didn’t take my pain away but it changed it the way I can live with it without wanting kill myself ☠️ - It wasn’t easy. It was hard and most of time I felt helpless and I was so lost. But I made it. I had no one, I was most alone. If you do, receive their help. If you don’t have anyone, do not still give up. You don’t need someone to save you, the only one who can do it after all is you 🥀

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Verse 1 Take it back I don’t want this fucking life, I think I might just end it too, Fucking night I’ve given up on due to love, Hopes and dreams, I hate them all so much, I wanna fucking scream, But somehow, I keep myself together, I want to ask you my world, babygirl, What the fuck happened to the forever? Chorus: I told you this world was so fucked, Society messed with my dreams again, Had these people thinking, I was gonna ÿmake it again, Go on sing it for me brother, Come on man sing some more, Tired of being fucked over by these dumbass hoes, Fucking with my feelings stupid bitches, Makes me sick to my stomach, Tired of the lying and unloyal bitches we have on this fucked up planet, Outro: Even better thinking I was done with this shit, I’m gonna let you smoke them feelings to dust my brother, You look at these hoes and say fuck em, Ima die thinking of you again babygirl, I rock them bitches like they nothing, Scream, scream, scream some more, Fucking hate the dumb bitch, These drugs get me hella fucked up, videos out of you being all cute and shit, makes me sick and to think I lost you, It’s 3am thinking of ending it but it isn’t my time bitch, just for petty laughs, Ha fuck em jokes on them. #grunge #aesthetic #darkgrunge #tumblr #sadquotes #sadquote #depressingquotes #depressingquote #tumblrgrunge #grungeaesthetic #sad #depressed #sadedits #followme #likesforlikes #quotes #imissyou #sadboys #sadboy #aestethics

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You can’t wait for life to happen you just have to create it!! I finally have been working out and man has it changed everything. I see from a completely different lense. • I am happier, motivated, stronger and ready to take on life. Don’t get so busy that you forget to take care of you!!!! #selfcare I know I did and I was miserable. I was #depressed, #angry and just plan #lost ! Then I made a mental switch to just win!!! • If can do it so can you!!! • Live tonight and Friday 8pm est #lularoechristyt #lularoeleggings

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How is everyone today? 💞 at Love Black

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Triggers: drug abuse Domestic assault bipolar swearing . So now my "father" has gone into his anger cycle so now he is calling the cops on us and has sent out a custody mediation order so fun . Story time part 2: Let's go back to exactly what happened in September in detail I came home from school and was told by my mum that he had been screaming at her over some wood that needed to be cut I thought nothing much of it and went and did my own thing a few hours later I heard him come through the back door and mum was struggling to keep the door shut on him so I came out to see what was Going on he had busted through the door and started screaming and demanding that my mum gave him the pills she refused and that made him angrier so he started throwing stuff at her to which I stepped in and started yelling at him telling him to quote "f*** off and leave us alone" it went back and forth between me him and mum screaming for close to 10 minutes until he got so pissed that he decided to kick a small freezer at me which ended up bruising me on the leg then he said after that "don't make me do something I don't want to" to which I replied "f****ng do it you c**t" then he attacked me he got me in a headlock and started squeezing me (because he can't actually throw a punch) I started laying into his ribs and his kidneys any mum lated into the back of his head and he still didn't stop my little sister saw the entire thing and ran across the road then he let go of me and continued screaming until I was fed up and gave him the drugs he wanted and he left. . A little bit of advice to those going through something similar don't let them bring you down you can stand up and defend yourself you are strong you can get past this don't let a junkie get the better of you. . #sad #depressed #bipolar #domesticabuse #drugs #drugaddiction #father

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Hi Na, Ich habe mich entschieden. Als erstes möchte ich mich jedoch noch ein letztes Mal bei euch bedanken 💘 Diese Seite hatte schon in der ersten Woche sehr viel Aufmerksamkeit bekommen und das ist für mich auch nach knappen drei Monaten noch unglaublich. Neben den vielen Likes &' Follows habe ich jedoch auch zahlreiche Nachrichten per DM erhalten, dir mir oftmals ein Lächeln in mein Gesicht brachten. Ich habe viele nette Menschen kennengelernt und bin sehr dankbar dafür. Da ich aber nicht mehr wirklich zufrieden mit meinem Design bin und sowieso sehr viele Abonnenten inaktiv geworden sind, werde ich die Chance nutzen um einen Neuanfang zu wagen. Ich habe mir eine neue Seite erstellt, die ich ab dem heutigen Tag (hoffentlich) aktiv führen werde. Desweiteren werde ich mich vorerst komplett von dieser Seite abmelden. Die Bilder werden allesamt online bleiben, doch es kommen keine neuen mehr dazu. Ich bin mir bewusst, dass durch das Abmelden der Kontakt mit vielen Personen automatisch abgebrochen wird (vor allem eben mit denen, die ich nicht auf WhatsApp oder Snapchat habe). Wer also in letzter Zeit mit mir geschrieben hat und es auch weiterhin tun möchte, der möge sich bei @nurnochbetrogen bei mir melden :) #abschied #sprüchezumnachdenken #sprüche #svv #stresseddepressed #denknach #depressiv #depressed #depressionen #schmerz #pain #zitate #zitateundsprüche #traurigesprüche #traurig #ichvermissedich

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I’m at school rn & I got this breakfast reward so, I’m just sitting here alone. I have no friends ;-; im so embarrassed because everyone’s looking at me, plz send help #depressed #selfharm #sad #helpme

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Having quite a red breakfast today! . . . . . Really trying to eat my servings of fruit in the mornings otherwise I won’t get them in 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . . . Today’s gonna be a great day you guys! Just cause we are going to make it one 💜 . . . . ❤️ #mentalhealth #mooddisorder #mentalhealthawareness #depression #anxiety #anxious #depressed #bipolar #ocd #hope #inspiration #life #lifestyle #fitness #health #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fit #healthy #fitnessinspiration #weightloss #weightlossjourney #getfit #healthyfood #vlogger #blogger #youtuber

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orang yang bunuh diri itu adalah orang yang kehilangan arah. bukan kehilangan keyakinan. . tuntun mereka (yang berpotensi melakukan bunuh diri) ke jalan yang benar, bukan menyuruh mereka untuk meyakini kuasa Tuhan. . feel free to share/repost my arts, but please credit me or tag me as well 😊 . #art #artwork #artist #draw #drawing #paint #painting #lines #line #lineart #sketch #sketches #illustrate #illustration #digitalart #digitalpainting #design #sketchbook #medibangpaint #pain #hurt #like #depressed #depression

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»Im "okay"« Joa. Kleine Hintergrundstory: Auf Instagram Gib sich luz glücklich und voller Lebensfreude, ebenso wie auf YouTube. Sobald die Kamera aus ist verfällt er in Traurigkeit und Depressionen. Aber er tut weiter so als wäre alles okay. Ib: lvcatilo Ac: idk Cc: mine Dt: tagged & everyone that gives feedback. {Ignore} #like #lucrew #sad #depressed #okay #imfine #concrafter

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Whats worse than seeing him with tears in his eyes, And the reason being you, And whats worse when youre suppose to be the light, But you plan to hurt him like the lonely nights, with all your might. And whats worse when he'll hella smile for you, and tell you that he loves you, but you being the cold hearted you, treat him like the i love yous are easy to get for you. While he makes you feel wanted, something you forever wanted, will you still choose someone over him? And maybe people fall for you, but he fell so hard to find a way out, for when you leave him, you ask him to be a man and be over it. And while he betrayed the laws of life to find each bit of love for you, you find these 3 words easy, as for everyday someone falls for you. But he'll still be there for you when the lonely nights will haunt you, as for he knows how hard it was, to get over you. ..................For his heart still beats for you................. . . . . . . . . #sadness #sad #depression #depressed #love #sadquotes #alone #sadedits #suicide #mood #broken #cry #quotes #anxiety #heartbroken #lonely #aesthetic #depressionquotes #crying #l #follow #hate #hurt #pain #life #tears #art #like #suicidal #bhfyp♥️ at I'am Happy But Alone