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3 days ago

Another one! There’s something really comforting about taking a classic and turning it into something new. We wanted to give you the best of both worlds: the comfort of your favorite t-shirt with the flare & elegance of your mom’s best sari. Part 2 of FINESSE is learning to turn traditional and timeless into a trendy keepsake for the modern day woman. Seeing our moms in their old saris getting ready for poojas and family get togethers were some of our first memories of South Asian clothing (as is probably true for most of you as well). We wanted to take our first connection to our mothers’ closets and find a way for us to reinvent the garments to match our stories today. This dress is ‘Devotion’ to something new and old. Devotion to making peace with our complex identities. Devotion to loving both worlds. . . . . You can shop the ‘Devotion’ dresses at (link in bio). Model: @sonamnaidu Accessories: @namaslaydesigns Outfits: @agnistyle Styling: @sonamnaidu @itsnehalicious . . . . . . #namaslayer #reclaimthebindi #sareenotsorry #productofculture #bindibabe #decoloniseyourwardrobe #buzzfeedindia #voguetalents #badbeti #desifinesse #desiart #southasianartist #r29fashion #brownbeauty #sarinotsorry #indianart #huffpostarts #graziaindia #bazaarindia #popsugarfashion #buzzfeedfashion #flaremagazine #bbcasian #browngirlsgang #viceindia #streetwearlove #indiaculturalhub #estelamag #bbcworldservice

4 days ago

Your Nani’s closet…but make it fashion! 👵🏽✨ The final piece in this new collection is inspired by the generations of strong women before us, your grandma’s love of layering shawls and coats over her saris, the cozy embrace of someone you haven’t seen in a long time, kitty parties, afternoon chai, and our dedication to preserving our roots in an ever-changing world. I strongly believe, in order to know where you’re going, you must know where you come from. That’s why going back to India to personally source our new fabrics and design this new chapter of my line was really important to me. To me, it’s not just about the glitz and glam of making fashion, but creating a newfound respect for our culture that we can all understand and appreciate. Culture is complex, but our love for it doesn’t have to be. . . . . . You can shop the ‘Devotion’ jacket at @agnistyle. If you enjoyed this, check out the lookbook @namasaydesigns and I put together (link in bio). Accessories: @namaslaydesigns Outfits: @agnistyle Styling: @sonamnaidu @itsnehalicious . . . . . . #namaslayer #reclaimthebindi #sareenotsorry #productofculture #bindibabe #decoloniseyourwardrobe #buzzfeedindia #voguetalents #badbeti #desifinesse #desiart #southasianartist #r29fashion #brownbeauty #sarinotsorry #indianart #huffpostarts #graziaindia #bazaarindia #popsugarfashion #buzzfeedfashion #flaremagazine #bbcasian #browngirlsgang #viceindia #streetwearlove #indiaculturalhub #thecut

11 days ago

Excessive...but make it fashion! Our new crewneck/ jogger sets feature sequin mirrorwork & hand beaded details. Who said we couldn’t bring a little bling to the streets? ✨✨✨ . . . You can shop the AGNI crewneck sets plus individual crewnecks at (link in bio). Accessories: @namaslaydesigns Outfits: @agnistyle Model:@sonamnaidu Styling: @sonamnaidu @itsnehalicious . . . . . . #namaslayer #reclaimthebindi #sareenotsorry #productofculture #bindibabe #decoloniseyourwardrobe #buzzfeedindia #voguetalents #badbeti #desifinesse #desiart #southasianartist #r29fashion #brownbeauty #sarinotsorry #indianart #huffpostarts #graziaindia #bazaarindia #popsugarfashion #buzzfeedfashion #flaremagazine #bbcasian #browngirlsgang #viceindia #streetwearlove #indiaculturalhub

12 days ago

dancing my life a w a y —————— (In this outfit, with those people, at that time) at London, United Kingdom

16 days ago

how to be a beautiful woman: 1) identify yourself as a woman 2) the end at London, United Kingdom

17 days ago

People will stare…Make it worth their while. 👯‍♀️ A huge part of our process when putting this new collection together was literally “if it’s not a LEWK, then we won’t even bother making it.” Not gonna lie, this set is going to make you feel some type of way! If there’s a piece that could make all of you feel loud, proud, and invincible this would be the one. ✨ From the streets of the motherland to the streets of your city, the AGNI crewneck sets are everything that we love about our culture: intricate and extra af! Let’s celebrate ourselves and be fearless about it. DO YOU and also do it for the culture too boo! . . . You can shop the AGNI crewneck sets in both red & black as well as individual crewnecks on @agnistyle. If you enjoyed this, check out our lookbook with @namasaydesigns (link in bio). Accessories: @namaslaydesigns Outfits: @agnistyle Models/Styling: @sonamnaidu @itsnehalicious . . . . . . #namaslayer #reclaimthebindi #sareenotsorry #productofculture #bindibabe #decoloniseyourwardrobe #buzzfeedindia #voguetalents #badbeti #desifinesse #desiart #southasianartist #r29fashion #brownbeauty #sarinotsorry #indianart #huffpostarts #graziaindia #bazaarindia #popsugarfashion #buzzfeedfashion #flaremagazine #bbcasian #browngirlsgang #viceindia #streetwearlove #matchingsets

18 days ago

People will stare…Make it worth their while! A huge part of my process when putting this new collection together was literally “if it’s not a LEWK, then I won’t even bother making it.” Not gonna lie, this is the first thing I’ve made that really makes me feel some type of way. And I’ve realized, having that confidence is truly so important!! If I could design a piece that could make all of you feel loud, proud, and invincible this would be the one. Everyone always talks about wanting to feel empowered, and to me, especially as South Asian women, I feel like fashion is one of the outlets that will give us the strength to love ourselves and show people how important our stories are. We come from a part of the world where people are incredibly knowledgeable about fashion and have quite literally invented some of the most intricate & elaborate techniques in the industry. I want to take that part of our culture, which is so deeply engrained in our DNA, and make people understand it’s significance. How many times growing up did you feel shy or uncomfortable rocking Desi clothes in a non-brown setting? How many times did you feel like the bright colors, crazy patterns, and bling of our style were “too much” outside of special occasions? Well it’s time to change that dialogue. Being extra is literally a part of our culture! Let’s celebrate ourselves and be fearless about it. DO YOU and also do it for the culture too boo! Also,(sidenote) how dope is my partner I’m crime @sonamnaidu?! Go show her some ❤️. . . You can shop the AGNI crewneck/jogger sets plus individual crewnecks on @agnistyle. If you enjoyed this, check out the lookbook (link in bio). And more about this collection on my last post! Accessories: @namaslaydesigns Outfits: @agnistyle Styling: @sonamnaidu @itsnehalicious . . . #namaslayer #reclaimthebindi #sareenotsorry #productofculture #bindibabe #decoloniseyourwardrobe #buzzfeedindia #badbeti #desifinesse #desiart #southasianartist #r29fashion #brownbeauty #sarinotsorry #indianart #huffpostarts #graziaindia #bazaarindia #popsugarfashion #buzzfeedfashion #flaremagazine #bbcasian #browngirlsgang #viceindia #streetwearlove #urbanasian

21 days ago

🚨New collection alert! 🚨 4 months ago we went all the way back to the source (our beautiful motherland) to explore and start a journey. All we knew was that we wanted to bring back our culture in a way that hasn’t been done before. We wanted to inject the intricacies of our South Asian art style into the minimalistic world of streetwear. (And do it in a way that will make people proud & excited to show off who we are). FINESSE is not just an artistic exploration, but elements of our identity cut into familiar silhouettes. It’s Desi excellence and the idea that ‘more is more’. It’s the sights and experiences of a journey brought to you by an American Born Creative Desi. It’s wandering the busy streets of our country, scouring mountains of fabric past the eye can see, taking in the lessons of textile masters, jumping trains in search of answers, taking adventures through the tiniest alleys, and being unafraid of what’s unknown all sewn into something contemporary. It’s the hands of skilled artisans passing down their techniques to the next generation. It’s the art of our people, built for strong, unapologetic individuals. FINESSE is me and you. It’s our life and our stories. Hopefully it’s something we can all resonate with. . . . More looks to come, but in the meantime, please take a second to check out the lookbook we put together in collaboration with @namaslaydesigns (link in bio). And GO SHOP THE COLLECTION!! Accessories: @namaslaydesigns Outfits: @agnistyle Styling: @sonamnaidu @itsnehalicious . . . . . . #namaslayer #reclaimthebindi #sareenotsorry #productofculture #bindibabe #decoloniseyourwardrobe #buzzfeedindia #voguetalents #badbeti #desifinesse #desiart #southasianartist #r29fashion #brownbeauty #sarinotsorry #indianart #huffpostarts #graziaindia #bazaarindia #popsugarfashion #buzzfeedfashion #flaremagazine

2 months ago

Do these shades make me look too ABCD? 🤔

2 months ago

Took a stroll through a place so historic and iconic. I wish I could experience moments like this more often. . . . The Chota Imambara is a mausoleum and former congregation hall in the city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Built in 1838, It is known as the “palace of lights” for its many chandeliers and lavish decorations inside, including the crown of King Muhammad Ali Shah. The tombs of Muhammad Ali Shah and his family members are inside the imambara. Two of these tombs are small scale replicas of the Taj Mahal. The overall structure of the imambara has a gilded dome and several turrets & minarets, with the majority of its walls decorated with Arabic calligraphy. MAKEUP: @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade (ebony) @fentybeauty pro filter foundation (260) @juviasplace Afrique palette @anastastiabeverlyhills Maude & Ashton liquid lipsticks @nyxcosmetics matte liquid eyeliner . . . . . . #indianweddingsmag #browngirlmag #browngirlsgang #desifinesse #bindigang #reclaimthebindi #badbeti #decoloniseyourwardrobe #sareenotsorry #abhbrows #juviasplace #juviasplaceafrique #fentyface #fentyfriday #fentyfoundation #livetinted #southasianfashion #productofculture #bindi #desifashion #bretmansvanity #abhliquidlipstick #norvina #chotaimambara #indianartist #lucknow #uttarpradeshtourism #lucknowtourism #gottapattiwork at Chota Imambara

3 months ago

DRIPPING IN CULTURE. 🕌 This has been the busiest trip ever, but luckily I was able to squeeze in 1 day to do some sightseeing in Delhi. You guys know how much I love ancient history, so every time I come to India I have to see as many forts, palaces, and temples as I can. Spent a Sunday afternoon visiting Humayun’s tomb and it was absolutely breathtaking! Indian architecture is honestly just an entire experience in itself. You step inside and instantly become overwhelmed (in a good way) by the grand presence, scale, and incredible amount of detail in every nook and cranny. I honestly felt like the tiniest human lost in these tall walls of greatness. ✨ Humayun was the son of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, the first Mughal emperor of India. His mausoleum was built by his widow, Hamida Banu Begum between 1565-1572. Humayun’s tomb is the earliest example of Persian influence in Indian architecture, and is said to have over 100 graves inside, earning the name “Dormitory of Mughals”. Built of ruble masonry, it is the first structure to use red sandstone and white marble in massive quantities. MAKEUP: @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade (ebony) @fentybeauty pro filter foundation (260) @juviasplace Afrique palette @anastastiabeverlyhills Maude & Ashton liquid lipsticks @nyxcosmetics matte liquid eyeliner . . . . . . #indianweddingsmag #browngirlmag #browngirlsgang #desifinesse #bindigang #reclaimthebindi #badbeti #decoloniseyourwardrobe #sareenotsorry #abhbrows #juviasplace #juviasplaceafrique #fentyface #fentyfriday #fentyfoundation #livetinted #southasianfashion #productofculture #bindi #desifashion #bretmansvanity #abhliquidlipstick #norvina #humayunstomb #indianartist #delhitourism at Humayun's Tomb

4 months ago

One of my favourite outfits last year. A blazer, my favourite tan-ish dress and some chimmiky (cannot spell it in English!) earrings and a Tamil dad to capture me in all the decked out glory. #decoloniseyourwardrobe

4 months ago

Hello everyone! Just posting on here to let you all know that even thought this account it on hiatus, I have started a new one which isn’t all about running or fitness! • While I will be updating stories on here every now and again, normal service is happening on @rosh_radia ❤️❤️❤️ • EDIT: still love the follow / unfollow account I get on here even when I’m not that active. I am not going to follow you!

4 months ago

Not all who wander are lost. I live every day not knowing where the future is gonna take me, but one thing I do know is that I’m on a journey to make moments count, make people feel, spread creativity, & and soak in knowledge. Next week I’ll be heading to India to start some projects I’ve been wanting to do forever. I’m nervous and I have no idea what to expect, but I’m ready to try new things and be adventurous. Most importantly can’t wait to be surrounded by so much art & culture, to hang out with my family, and finally buy some new Indian clothes LOL ✨✨✨💃🏽✨✨✨ Top is from my new Goddess Collection (full lehenga set available at : @agnistyle) Necklace: @vanessamooney Makeup: @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade (ebony) @fentybeauty pro filtr foundation (260) @morphebrushes @jaclynhill Jaclyn hill palette @nyxcosmetics matte liquid liner @fentybeauty mattemoiselle lipstick (freckle fiesta) @anastasiabeverlyhills dream glow kit . . . . . . #bindigang #reclaimthebindi #sareenotsorry #decoloniseyourwardrobe #popsugarbeauty #fentyface #fentymattemoiselle #fentyprofiltrfoundation #fentyfoundation #morphejaclynhillpalette #morphejaclynhill #morphexjaclynhill #morphebabe #morphegirl #abhbrows #vogueindia #nyxeyeliner #badbeti #desifinesse #indianweddinginspiration #southasianartist #norvina #abhdreamglowkit #desimakeupartist #southasianmakeup #southasianmakeupartist

4 months ago

Another fun plant-based recipe from #decolonizeyourdiet firmly rooted in indigeneity. Kabocha Squash in Pipian Verde. Not pictured- rice, black beans and pan fried tilapia breaded in Macaxeira. The sauce is boss and featured many roasted items such as roasted garlic, roasted tomatillos, roasted pumpkin seeds, etc. it also called for roasted poblanos but we left those out this time to keep it mild. We also substituted the Kabocha squash with acorn squash this time around 😋 ‘twas sooooo delish #decolonize #decolonizeyourdiet #decolonization #decolonizeyourmind #decolonizethisplace #decoloniseyourwardrobe #decolonizefeminism #decolonizeyourmedicine #decolonizeyoursyllabus

4 months ago

It was about time for some new art… Continuing the “Say My Name” series with the 3rd installment: DRAUPADI 🔥 “Before she became fire, she was water. Quenching the thirst of every dying creature. She gave and she gave until she turned from sea to desert. But instead of dying of the heat, The sadness, the heartache, She took all of her pain And from her own ashes became fire.” . . . . . . . #devi #indianart #desiartists #reclaimthebindi #sareenotsorry #decoloniseyourwardrobe #bindi #bindigang #indiangoddess #browngoddess #badbeti #oiloncanvas #draupadi #wocbeauty #hindumythology #hinduartist #oilandacrylic #hinduart #graziaindia #vogueindia #elleindia #bazaarindia #buzzfeedindia #mahabharat #desifinesse #huffingtonpost #artistsontumblr #weandtheurban #southasianartists #southasianart

4 months ago

“If an opportunity does not exist, create it. If an idea does not exist, create it. DO NOT WAIT.” . This is one of those projects I wish I had the guts to just go for from the very beginning. I always thought I needed to start simple then work my way up with fashion, but I’ve learned that waiting is just a big, fat way of delaying your greatness. Why start later what you can start today right? I always had this idea of taking art and applying it to traditional Indian clothing patterns in a way that breaks the standards of everything you’re used to. That’s why designing this fabric textile was one of the most exciting things I’ve worked on in a long time. (I’m so excited I’m finally getting to share this with you guys!!) Imagine a lehenga that relied more on an illustrated motif rather than the glitz & glam of heavy embroidery or thread work. I wanted to scrap the floral & paisley prints you’re used to and make the Devi artwork a new imprint that’s not just pretty to look at, but says something empowering too. I wanted to create something that wasn’t for the average girl or event, but rather a piece that makes statements in more ways than one. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ This is my absolute favorite AGNI piece to date- I’m still floored this idea actually happened :) If any of you want to check it out, you can purchase this set @agnistyle The link is also in my bio for anyone interested! (It would mean the world to me if you took a second to head over to the website or even a minute to check out the full Goddess Collection lookbook) Finally, just a reminder- let’s make 2019 about continuing to break boundaries and making things HAPPEN. We all are doing such amazing things- I’m honestly so hopeful and optimistic for all of us & what’s about to come💪🏽 . . . . . . . . . #devi #indianart #desiartists #reclaimthebindi #sareenotsorry #decoloniseyourwardrobe #bindi #bindigang #goddess #browngoddess #badbeti #tinted #wocbeauty #wocentrepreneurs #fusionfashion #desifusion #hinduart #vogueindia #elleindia #bazaarindia #buzzfeedindia #thefader #desifinesse #huffingtonpostfashion #livetinted #weandtheurban #thefader #bollyhood #r29fashion #popsugarfashion #lehengalove

5 months ago

“Whoa that’s a hard one. Do you have a nickname or something?” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✔️ That sounds like a personal problem. 💁🏽‍♀️ We promise, it’s really not that hard. We’ll be over here rocking these sharara pants while you work it out. 👍🏽 at San Francisco, California

5 months ago

“You look just like this Indian girl I went to school with.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✔️Nah we probably don’t, but we bet she’s dope! Just like this cape-style top that’s become popular with lehengas, except ours felt better with some denim. 👖 at Castro District, San Francisco

5 months ago

forgive yourself i do the alternative is too exhausting and i am busy taking over the world • Happy 2019 everyone, stay utterly fabulous! ——————— Dress - @zara Janjri / anklets - @shopdixi at London, United Kingdom

5 months ago

Hey wonderful people!! I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas, if you celebrate. I wanted to thank you all for your continuing support for all that I do - I can’t tell you how grateful I am! I still won’t be updating this account regularly but my new account @rosh_radia is being updated with photos like this one - hopefully I’ll see you there! at London, United Kingdom

5 months ago

I am 90% brussel sprouts and mince pies and I wouldn’t have it any other way ☺️ • So happy with my sale purchases this year which include this @zara trainers! at London, United Kingdom

5 months ago

When your mum can hear you whisper something under your breath but can’t hear you shout YEAAAAAHHH from the room next door after she calls your name ten times in a row 🧐🤣 at London, United Kingdom

5 months ago

“You should go change. What will people think?” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✔️We won’t change our clothes, but you can go change your mindset. 💁🏾‍♀️ This bralette came with a salwar top and was meant to go under it, but we think it stands out on its own! at San Francisco, California

5 months ago

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. • Investing in some stunning Anti-Waste Accessories, starting with this hair tie from @bugclothing x @glasshousejournal. It’s make from linen scraps, in the most beautiful pink colour and absolutely perfect. at London, United Kingdom

5 months ago

“Don’t you know she’s always at pubs and partying? Chiii” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✔️How about we quit with the double standards, and double-up on embroidered vests and delicious cocktails instead. 🙃 at Oakland, California

5 months ago

“What are you?” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✔️It’s fine to be curious about a person’s ethnicity, but there’s a better way to ask. 🤦🏽‍♀️ More than fine: casually rocking that decked out sari blouse. at Mission District, San Francisco

5 months ago

representation is vital otherwise the butterfly surrounded by a group of moths unable to see itself will keep trying to become the moth ———— rupi kaur ———— at London, United Kingdom

6 months ago

Feeling so inspired by the Voices of Fashion on Mental Health that ICAAD put on today. Simran is an absolute favourite of mine and it was a pleasure to meet her! I loved the #decoloniseyourwardrobe series she had and I wish I had the courage to do that in Canberra. Not sure I could rock it at Woden Westfield yet 😭 The video has a panel of speakers but one particular message resonates with me where @fabianhirose says “wisdom is in the air, we just need to apply it.” I’m surrounded by intelligent, driven people but sometimes I think we are apathetic or afraid of speaking up. The world needs informed people to speak up and tell their truth. If anyone had me on Bebo back in the day, they would know how I used to whiten the shizeeeeer out of my skin tone in edited photos. Why? Because Fair and Lovely. Because Dolly magazine. Because European standards of beauty were the only standards that mattered. It makes me so sad that 14 year old Lukshini thought that her skin colour sucked so much that she had to wear harmful creams every day, stay out of the sun and “edit” her skin tone to appear attractive. That’s why representation MATTERS. That’s why voices like Simran’s and WoC imagery in popular culture MATTERS. We’ve got to do our bit to make life easier for each other whether it’s in the justice system, the fashion industry, the education system or health. Wherever we are, make life easier for the people who are already struggling and empathise empathise empathise. #mentalhealthbutmakeitfashion #icaad #melaninmagic at Science Gallery London

6 months ago

“Oh, I’m a total makeup guru.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✔️ We’re gonna have to walk away from that appropriation fam. We’ll do it looking good in a moto jacket and lehenga combo too. 🏍 at Mission District, San Francisco

6 months ago

it is a blessing to be the colour of earth do you know how often flowers confuse me for home —— rupi kaur —— at London, United Kingdom

6 months ago

And the devil whispered in my ear ‘your not strong enough to withstand this storm.’ And I whispered back, ‘you’re.’

6 months ago

Who got inked again? 🎉 BRAND NEW TAT 🎉 • Traditionally in India, tattoos like this and more intricate ones, were seen as a symbol of wealth and status in some cultures. Mine is inspired from the lines girls used to get tattooed on their hands and neck. • Jumper - @andotherstories Necklace - @katiemullallysilver at London, United Kingdom

6 months ago

“Beta, you’re looking very healthy these days.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✔️Aunties aren’t all forgiving, but drawstring chudidar pants are. 👍🏽 Just cover up those awkward pleats at the waist with a longer top. at San Francisco, California

6 months ago

I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with @chezphotocosplay to capture one of my favourite outfits I ever put together! @ixdoxdeclare put so much care and effort into sourcing the materials and designing this dress, I’m so grateful that I get to wear it. I tried to put a South Asian spin on angel iconography with this coordinate. I have a hard time making direct eye contact with cameras, but after seeing the final outcome I look so powerful!🌟 I want to keep channeling justified strength and feminine energy~ I’ll be posting more photos throughout the week, so keep your eyes peeled!✨ . . . #lolitafashion #eglcommunity #southasian #longhair #ロリィタファッション at Tryon Palace