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7 days ago

~New Custom💧🔥🔥 (Comment “🥶🥶” if these are hard) Lv Air Force Ones Commissioned for a friend - #dccustoms @ angelusdirect

16 days ago

Training day today with an exciting new peelable paint product. This is without doubt the best out there and we have tried them all inc Autoflex, Ngenco, cardip. Available gloss or matt for use as a PPF, or use for a colour change and add any colour you can imagine or have us custom make for you, this includes drop in Pearl's, chameleons and colour flips which is more than you can do with any other peelable paint out there. Can also be taped on for 2 tone paint jobs or custom stripes/graphics etc. What's more is that as this takes less coats than most others out there to get film thickness, this saves time and therefore makes this product and us cheaper than any other we have used or most other companies out there will be using. More info to come over the next few weeks but get in touch for prices and more information. This is the next big thing in peelable paint and PPF technology. . . . #peelablepaint #ppf #pps #dccustoms #dcclassics #custompaint #sata #ngenco #autoflex #cardip #plastidip

17 days ago

The all new 2019 Ram equipped with the Carli Pintop Kit w/ King’s, Custom Fuel Forged Wheels on Nitto Trail Grapplers — Stop by our shop and let’s build something! We have specials going all month long in celebration of 15 years in business at DC Customs

20 days ago

An old friend turned up today, rebuilt and painted this over 10 years ago and has been in storage for the last 6 years and hardly used since being built. With us for recommisioning then its up for sale. Fitted with @airkewld brakes and custom made billet wheels, centre of bonnet fuel filler, play station with monitors in the headrests, leather interior and digital gauges it has some trick bitd on it. Will be for sale near the end of the month but anyone interested please DM for more info . . . #dccustoms #vw #beetle #custom #billetwheels #lowered #forsale #leather

26 days ago

Today’s project turned out awesome!. This machine got a full wrap, street legal kit, @ssvworks 5 speaker system, rugged radios, front and rear windows, buggy whips, rock lights, skid plate, fuse distribution, light bar, and cube lights! Come see us for all your UTV needs! #ssvworks #dccustoms #turbos #RZR #polaris #canam

1 month ago

Harley truck looking fresh! #Dccustoms

1 month ago

#wheeltubwednesday ... the last photo of my Acty progress shots for a while ... I didn’t mind the exposed wheels so much but one thing I did want to hide in my latest phase of the Acty was the suspension brackets ... finding wheel tubs / inner arches to fit was so frustrating because they’re just listed for specific cars rather than by size. Even when I did get measurements very few were wide enough to cover the wheels and reach out to the spaced out drop sides. There were several nice aftermarket ones in America but eventually found this unused pair of Chevy blazer tubs on eBay. They’ve been cut right back to just the top few inches and welded onto the bed with suspension accessible by removing the drop sides. To fit with my main requirements for this build they look like they’ve always been there. 1. #freshandminty 2. #hondaacty 3. #honda 4. #acty 5. #imagewheels 6. #polishedwheels 7. #smallwheels 8. #wheelwhores 9. #threepiecewheels 10. #smoothbodywork 11. #splitrims 12. #customcars 13. #keitora 14. #keitruck 15. #keicars 16. #rayvernhydraulics 17. #dccustoms 18. #vibeaudio 19. #scrapemetal 20. #superflyautos 21. #statuserror 22. #stancedminitrucks 23. #lowwrecks 24. #slammeduk 25. #fitteduk 26. #fitmentjunkies 27. #oldhonda 28. #retrorides 29. #retrocars

1 month ago

Thinking through some customs. I want to update Hawkman to a figure with better articulation and make a Classic Hercules using toybiz parts. If you have suggestions note them in the comments... #thisweekincustoms #marvellegendscustom #dccustoms

1 month ago

#tailendtuesday - side by side for differences again. Don’t worry I’ve nearly used up my photos from this set I took. 🙂 1. #freshandminty 2. #hondaacty 3. #honda 4. #acty 5. #imagewheels 6. #polishedwheels 7. #smallwheels 8. #wheelwhores 9. #threepiecewheels 10. #smoothbodywork 11. #splitrims 12. #customcars 13. #keitora 14. #keitruck 15. #keicars 16. #rayvernhydraulics 17. #dccustoms 18. #vibeaudio 19. #scrapemetal 20. #superflyautos 21. #statuserror 22. #stancedminitrucks 23. #lowwrecks 24. #slammeduk 25. #fitteduk 26. #fitmentjunkies 27. #oldhonda 28. #retrorides 29. #retrocars 1985 Honda Acty Specification List • Fresh&Minty - modifying vehicles of the unique variety to keep the roads interesting • Exterior Wiper jet holes smoothed on front panel Washer filler hole smoothed on front panel Badge holes smoothed on front panel Aerial holes smoothed on a pillar Bedford Rascal front bumper Door mirror mount holes smoothed Front arches cut and tubbed Custom fabricated lower side panels Custom fabricated lower rear panel Rear tailgate widened 4” Bed cut to allow wheels to poke through Chevy wheel tubs cut and welded on bed Petrol filler relocated to bed Oil filler relocated to bed 3” chrome peep mirrors LED 7” front headlights Stealth LED tail lights on custom brackets Hundreds of dents and holes repaired • Interior Smoothed dashboard Astrali dished steering wheel Chrome rear view mirror Chrome door pulls Seat covers swapped from donor van Door cards swapped from donor van Brown seat belts • Handling Hydraulic suspension 7” maximum drop Raised front suspension turrets Custom rear 4 link setup 2 x 13x3.5” Image Billet 19 3 piece wheels 2 x 13x6” Image Billet 19 3 piece wheels 145/60/13 Hankook K715 front tyres 175/50/13 Yokohama A539 rear tyres • ICE Dashboard mounted vibe powerbox amp Dashboard mounted vibe speakers Dashboard mounted tablet Custom built box on bed comprising... Vibe CVEN6 6 channel amp 4 x Vibe BlackDeath 8” speakers 2 x Vibe BlackDeath 4” bullet tweeters 22” LED TV Nintendo wii Dual battery setup • Performance K&N cone air filter Full stainless steel custom exhaust system Standard 2 cylinder at Tailend Pet Cleanup Service