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29 minutes ago

#Day26⁣ ⁣ Starting to feel the nerves kicking in these last couple weeks before the #LAMarathon. Regardless, I’m sticking to my routine and I’ve seen payoffs in all aspects of my running! 💪🏼 ⁣ ⁣ I’ve been focusing on my posture and breathing + increasing my mileage to great effects. Can’t stress enough how much posture matters when you’re doing long distance. 🕵🏻‍♂️⁣ ⁣ I wish my NRC didn’t crash during the first mile and a half or so. Overall, about 7.5 miles for today in the Zoom Flys; always forget how responsive these are for longer runs!🔥 ⁣ ⁣ For these last weeks, it’s going to be crucial to eat good, stick to the routine and to continue increasing my VO2 max! Lets get it! 🏃🏻‍♂️🔥💯⁣ ⁣ #NikeRunning #MarathonTraining #vaporFLYWW at South Gate Park

3 hours ago

*TAG 26* Gestern war ich so richtig faul und hatte überhaupt keinen Bock auf das Training🙈 Zur Strafe habe ich heute deswegen gleich zwei Traingseinheiten gemacht 🤣🙈 Ziele errecht man eben nicht wenn man nichts tut ... 😉 Das Shirt gibts übrigens bei Hafensänger Fashion 😍😍 . . . . #day26 #hafensängerfashion #fitnessjourney #ziele #fitwerden #abnehmen #fitnessmom #ziele2019 #fitnesspicture #freeletics #freeleticscommunity #fitbit #fit #fitness #fitnessgirl #workout #Training #health #noexcuses #vonnichtskommtnichts #nopainnogain #workoutgirl #instablackandwhite #instafitness #picoftheday

3 hours ago

#error #DAY26 #ERROR LEPSZA WERSJA SIEBIE ... Umarlam w butach 😂😂😂😂 Poprostu. Nie ma mnie. Po "wspaniale spedzonych walentynkach" , pod nazwą" wszystko moge nic nie musze"dzis chillout. żenada 😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕🖕 #walentynki #porzadki #zwiazek #bezkwiatow #bezslowa @profitmilion brawo!!!! ❤️❤️😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🖕 #facet #to #facet 😂😂😂😂😂 Czym mniejsza ilosc lajkow tym lepiej!!!! 😂😂😂

5 hours ago

Нужно было сфотографировать ДО, но я забыла 🙆‍♀️ . За последние три дня в инстаграмме я заметила следующее. . Как же все одинаково, что ли. . Позавчера инстаграмм провел чистку подписчиков и все начали считать свои копейки и жаловаться. . Вчера был день влюблённых и все в сердечка, ужинах и признаниях. . Сегодня пИтница. Все желают приятно провести время и хороших выходных. . Как же тут не быть как все? . #krisha_nail_30days #day26 at Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya Oblast', Russia

5 hours ago

#100happydayschallenge #feelyourlife #day26 Сегодня я впервые за очень долгое время взялась за чтение) это круто) Харуки Мураками стал приятным открытием, напомнил своим стилем горячо мною любимого Чака Паланика)

6 hours ago

【day26】 今天真的已經無力再錄影,就用好聽的新天堂樂園當作一天的練習成果吧!額然後中間音有點不準,不用把它完整聽完拉!!!今天是我的第一次音樂會,等到照片齊全我會再Po一個音樂會感謝文的!!再次感謝今天大家的蒞臨❤❤ #100daysofpractice #day26 P.s.感謝@4616swiftiech 的攝影!!

6 hours ago

#day26 half term Yay!

8 hours ago

15 Februari 2019 #Day26 #DUHketochallenge #30daysketochallenge Alhamdulillah 4 hari lagi kelar hahahaa. Kelebihan sejam fastingnya nih 😂😂😂 makan2 lagi dirumah ibuk @anikwidiast bareng sama umik @ummatul_hidayah plus krucils yg maa syaa Allah Kuping masih aman, ibu2? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jazaakillahu khayr, ibuk @anikwidiast .. sudah dimasakin telor sama sayur kacang panjang yg uenak... ciiieeee ada yg nemenin aku makan ga pake nasi sekarang.. *lirik @ummatul_hidayah 😆😆😆 at Bukit Palma, Citraland

8 hours ago

Phoenix, Arizona - LOL Comedy Slam Valentine's Edition Hosted by Comedian Pierre @comicpierre with Special Guest Performance by Day 26 @officialday26 at The Celebrity Theatre 440 N. 32nd Street Phoenix, Arizona 85008 tonight February 15, 2019. #newbookings #talentagent #bookingagent #bookingagency #rnb #Talentagency # #day26 #upcomingevents #upcomingconcerts #followus #artist #tours #concerts #RNB #neosoul #musicartist #music #independentartists #touring #livingmybestlife #pierre #comedy #day26 #music at Celebrity Theatre

12 hours ago

#Day26 30 mins float fit hiit, 30 mins float fit balance, only 1700 steps and way more calories than I'd even like to think about... But that ends the Valentine's getaway and so tomorrow is back on it hard!

13 hours ago

#불금엔 #영어공부지👍 #어제못하고 #오늘도저녁에서야하는... #영어회화100일의기적 #day26 #100일의기적 #언제오나요오 #오긴오나요오😢 #오늘영상은 #자체블러처리됨 #초점망...ㅋㅋㅋ

15 hours ago

Day 26 of our challenge and this will not only help you, but help your family and home! Every day I want you to de-clutter for 15 minutes. Don't do any longer and don't try to sort out more than you can deal with in this given time. Start with the table top or kitchen counter, the place where you always dump the post and work through that a bit at a time. Within a few days you'll have it clear and you can move on to somewhere else. Do not beat yourself up about any clutter that you've got, just get rid of it and feel lighter with every day 💖 . . #lifecoach #lifelessons #motivationalquotes #30daychallenge #selfcare #day26 #declutter

1 day ago

🌈✨ Heyyy💞 Bei diesem Challenge Day musste ich sofort an dieses Bild denken. Echt krass, dass Hier mit dir inzwischen schon wieder über drei Monate draußen ist und morgen der nächste Song kommt😱😍 Aber ich freu mich wahnsinnig auf das Album omg😍 • Bald fangen bei mir Vorprüfungen an, weshalb ich ab dem Wochenende nur noch einen und nicht mehr zwei Beiträge pro Tag posten werde, aber es kommt auf jeden Fall täglich etwas. 💞 ~K💓 • #idolchallenge #day26 #idolwithfriends #hiermitdir #plaene #irgendwieanders #wincentweiss

1 day ago

#100dayshappychallenge #day26 Not to ruin a winning streak of mental health madness, today has been much the same only with random hysterics and paralysing fear, I’m sure in some small way, spurred by being single on the couple holiday. Anyway, Miles disappeared to his room for a few minutes, when he returned he had this in hand and I pretty much turned into a happy puddle. . . . #valentines #cptsdrecovery #depressionrecovery #abusednotbroken #anxietyrecovery #singlemum at Leatherhead

1 day ago

"211" is a film that doesn't really say anything new. It features two cops getting caught in the middle of a stand off with bank robbers while they are also trying to protect a teenager on a ride along. And, already, that sentance is more intriguing than the way the actual movie plays out. All that stuff in the description is true, but the story plays out in such a jumbled mess that none of it coalesces into a good movie. You don't care about the cops or the robbers or the kid because not enough time is spent on any of them. It's not "Den of Theives" or even "Ride Along", not that it's trying to be either. The point is, it doesn't know what it wants to be, and that's a big, lingering problem with this film. Also, some basic filmic problems drag down the viewing experience. Locations are shot and colored in a way that make them come off as really fake. Action is good, but sometimes the pacing is off and we lose a lot of fluidity. IF YOU WOULD TO FOLLOW THIS YEAR'S 100 DAYS ALONG WITH ME: FOR THURSDAY 2/14 I AM WATCHING "ROMA" AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX. . . . . #100daysoffilm #day26 #film #action #nicolascageappreciation #cagerage

1 day ago

#Day26 When you take a look at the gowns, they will take your breath away!! The good part is they are made from Kenya by the amazing designer @ogakemosomi . ______ The gowns are not ordinary but just exactly how you want them to be, not too much and still not too ordinary. They demand attention because of the detail and garment used to create the perfect fit. A bride will be sure that on that day she will be looking like a tall glass of magic. The wedding gowns ideas are outside the box, not what you are used to, and she is open minded ready to play with colours and daring designs. _______ @ogakemosomi makes your dream gown become a reality. So look no further she is the one with your dream dress. 📷 Courtesy of @ogakemosomi #madeinkenya #100daysofKenya #ogakebridal #weddings #FashionPR #MutheuMbalukaPR

1 day ago

Superman Begitulah mungkin jika disuruh memilih hanya satu kata untuk menggambarkan orang yang sedang menggendong anak kecil di foto. Hari ini adalah tanggal kelahirannya , do'a terbaik akan selalu saya panjatkan untuk beliau , tidak hanya dihari ini, setiap hari InshaAllah juga selalu saya do'akan untuk kebaikannya. Teladan yang baik selalu diberikannya kepada saya, tidak hanya pandai bicara beliau juga selalu mencontohkannya , mungkin dulu saya tidak sadar, saya hanya beranggapan bahwa beliau sosok yang galak dan tidak segan memukul saya, namun lambat laun saya mulai sadar dan faham bahwa beliau sangat tegas kepada saya demi kebaikan saya , demi bisa melihat saya menjadi orang yang sukses , bisa menjadi orang yang lebih baik dari beliau, dan semata mata dilakukan karena rasa sayangnya yang begitu besar kepada saya. Tidak pernah terucap bahwa beliau sayang pada saya, namun begitu terasa rasa tersebut dari tatapan mata, tutur kata dan tindakannya kepada saya, teringat betul dulu saat masa sekolah SD & SMP sangat sering saya dijemput saat sedang asyik bermain sepak bola hanya untuk mengingatkan kalau saya belum sholat ashar 😥 dan tentunya masih banyak sekali kisah keteladanannya yang lain. Saya yakin itu juga yang dirasakan oleh @imaashim dan @aanashim . Beliau pasti juga sangat menyayangi mereka berdua. Selamat ulang tahun Ayah, BarokAllah , semoga panjang umur, sehat selalu, murah rezeki, dan selalu menjadi inspirasi dan teladan bagi kami. Ekspresi foto ingin segera gendong cucu 😁, InshaAllah mohon doanya 🤲😇 #30haribercerita #30hbc2019 #onedayonepost #day26

1 day ago

Road trip #Day26 88 aukštas. Pakyli per kelias sekundes. Ir matai visa Melburna. Net ir saulėlydi! Baimės aukščiui nebėra, kai matai tokius vaizdus 🌇🏙 at Eureka Skydeck 88

2 days ago

Day 26 So, tomorrow is Valentine's day and today I decided to do a little something for someone. In this photo I'm with a friend of mine who's helping me with the gift. I hope this person likes what I've done. If not, at least I can say that I tried. I've put a lot of effort on this. Now I'm tired and ready to go to sleep. I wish all of you have an excellent day tomorrow, remember that you're not alone. Remember that you're beautiful. Remember that you're loved. Thank you for being alive! 🤗 #day26 #bestrong #dontgiveup #enjoylife #selfmotivation #youcandoit #yourchoice #lifeisbeautiful #loveyourself #selfconfidence #stilltrying #keepgoing #enjoytheday #youarebeautiful #itwillbeworthit #yourenotalone #selflove #selfmotivated #selfcare #youmatter #smile #everystepcounts #happyvalentinesday❤️

2 days ago

i’m sooperrrr oooooper tired and exhausted. i’ve been studying all day and stressed for tomorrow, so this is what i worked on a little bit... other than my solo. (also i found out i made zero hour jazz band!!!! woot!) • • • • • #100daysofpractice #day26

2 days ago

if you’re in this i love y’all and you don’t need anybody for valentine’s day cause i’m here💘🤩❤️💞😉💖💘🤠🚫🧢 #day26

2 days ago

#day26 where do i get some chocolate covered strawberries? 🤔

2 days ago

#安利蔡黃汝 #Day26 Day26-因為她 想努力的事 1 認真讀書吧!😳 唯有成績才能爭取我們見面的機會,真的已經好久沒見了😢 2 努力盡到花粉該盡的責任🥰 在你需要的時候替妳加油打氣、隨時回頭都會有一個花粉陪著你❤️ 3 努力存錢💪🏻 追星本來就比較花錢,這幾次寄出去的禮物沒有很高級,搜哩~~下一次的禮物絕對比這幾次還要好😎 #安利蔡黃汝30天 #fafa19871115 #永遠的小花粉 / @fafa19871115 真的不用擔心啦!只要我成績有達標,我媽不會反對我追星吶~ 我會平衡好追星、課業的⋯ ㄌㄢˊ後勒~我用手機的時間要被我媽限制惹⋯一天只能一個小時用手機,我會不會太可憐😂 / 今天真的是嚇死我了! 看到妳的文 我還以為我看錯人😂 早日康復~ 下次見面要看到好好的妳 不要再受傷了😘

3 months ago

11.11.2018 🌸 #day26 The day, when my husband decided to tell me that he doesn’t love me anymore, that he was cheating on me for two years, that we’re breaking up. 😬😒👍🏾