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Постепенно убиваю в себе перфекционизм ⠀ Я охренеть как люблю работать с огонь-людьми: творческими, легкими на подьем, теми, кто активно поддержит все мои "а давай?" ⠀ Ценю их. Но, увы, часто так трясусь над результатами совместного творчества, что не выкладываю полгода, год... иногда больше. Оставляю лазейки, возможность сказать прежде всего себе: это не конечный вариант, мы еще вернемся и всё-всё доделаем... Бесконечный круг. ⠀ Наверное, хватит. ⠀ Сейчас я стараюсь бороться, вытаскивать себя за шкирку из этого круговорота. Перфекционизм и педантичность - такие себе друзья творчества. ⠀ На фото шикарная @_molly_anna - моя прелесть, что в топе любимых моделей, а над гримом работала @deieiskalt - пряморукий талантливый гример и визажист. И да, они - те самые огонь-люди ❤ ⠀ #creepy #horror #faun #horn #dark #gothic #gothicmakeup #scary #cosplay #halloween #makeup #sfx #darkart #monster #horrormakeup #demon #darkfashion #darkphoto #gothicphoto #portrait #photographer #blackeyes #spider #photoshoot at Orenburg, Russia

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I wasn't thinking really..just needed to paint after a rolling spell of my depression. Accepting that it's ok to take time for myself when I have other projects to do it hard. But if I don't I can sink worse. So if you or someone you know is struggling reach out... I made something rater neat just letting go. Oxoxox Shelby #art #depression #darkart #painting

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Telah selesai pengerjaan bagian kanan oleh @romadhoniart untuk sisi kiri nya nanti akan di lanjutkan oleh @bayandart menggambar dengan dua tangannya dengan menggunakan pulpen COLLABORATION ROMADHONI ART X BAY AND ART (-PENCIL- -PEN-) MONALISA REDRAWING 40cm x 60cm . . Ikuti terus akun @gerat_hitam untuk melihat progress nya Media Partner @senirupabhayangkara @ruang__seni @mandala_artindonesia #art #artwork #artworks #artsy #arts #art_spotlight #artofinstagram #artistoninstagram #artforsale #artlife #artcollector #artstagram #seni #seniman #drawing #pencildrawing #pendrawing #realism #darkart #artlovers #artoftheday #arts_help #painting #painter #hot #progress #collaboration #artcollaboration #indonesia #berkarya

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'Zoantharia II' 💦 A dying coral, choking on overheated and polluted water. Her bleeding comes with her bleaching; opalescent colours turning pale, until nothing is left in the world but the grey we have so heavily enforced. Model: @ginaharrison Designer: @adazanditoncouture Blood: @vfxartistry at London, United Kingdom

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ɖʀɨք ɖʀɨք 🌹💉 at Art ∆

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All Quiet • Behind the scenes still of the new music video by @blk_llama Directed by @gucciberri

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"When you're as happy as this Time starts to fly, it's true But I built these wings after jumping Not dreaming of the sky, for you And it's all for you My skin is gray too And I'll lay by your side 'till everything is rotten through"

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"As I lay me down to fall asleep With my demons dying And my pilot light weak"

2 days ago

"This life is a maze with only one way out."

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"Dance with me my dear On a floor of bones and skulls The music is our master The devil controls our souls"

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I decided to do something a little different in time for Valentine's Day, so I've gone for a bit of a mixed media styled piece called 'Depression in Winter'. It is the time of the year when most people will make a statement about their relationship for one reason or another to celebrate this romantic period in our calendar. I am very grateful for my partner and everything they do for me. They are the kindest, most loving, beautiful and are a generally all-round wonderful human being I have the pleasure of knowing. I also know that this time of year is the most difficult for them. Seasonal Affective Disorder really starts to become overwhelming during winter and by this point in the year, bleakness, hopelessness and apathy begin to manifest as their new reality. They become lost in a whirlwind of sadness and a misguided perception that life is passing them by and leaving them behind. This piece is dedicated to the person I care about the most in the world. Spring is just round the corner, and just like every year, we'll get there soon. at London, United Kingdom