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Do you find time to tell your children stories? . Storytelling is an ancient form of communication. For millennia, people have passed on traditions, legends, and historic events through the telling of stories. True story telling does not require the opening of books, you can tell them compelling stories about your self or your spouse, family stories and you can also research on other stories you love.The aim is to make that story telling time a teachable moment for your children to convey an idea simply through the spoken word and it is another opportunity to bond with them too. By telling them stories, you are also equipping them for challenges of life. . . Good morning😘 . . #naijamums #mummy #daddy #momboss #mumsupportingmums #lagosmums #lagoswives #naijadads #lagoshousewives #wivesandmothers #momsofinstagram #lagosschoolowners #naijateachers #galparenting #redirectingchildrensbehavior #parentingtips #motherhood #peacestartsfromhome #lagoscaregivers #lagosmummy #intentionalparenting #parentingblogger #daddyparenting at Lagos, Nigeria

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daddy + emma. by far, one of my favorite pictures of them. heart eyes!!♡ at Miami, Florida

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#끄적끄적 다른 사람이 주는 그 어떤것보다 의미있고 값진 선물. 단순히 돈의 액수가 크고 작고의 문제가 아니라 그 어느집 보다 무뚝뚝한 아버지가 아들 생각하며 선물을 골라서 내 영어 이름까지 각인해서 보낸걸 생각하면 기분이 참 묘하다. 나이가 먹어도 서로 따뜻한말 하나 할줄모르지만 서로 의지하는걸 알게모르게 느끼는 참 특이한 부자지간의 증표다. . . . #감사 #생일선물 #몽블랑 #지갑 #thankyou #Daddy #birthdaygifts #montblanc #gift #happy #like #toronto #각인

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Вспомни тот океан его серых глаз.💙 И он к тебе на миг вернётся.👼 *** Давайте никого не будем забывать Из памяти своей любимых не терять Сквозь время и года и смерти вопреки Они живут во мне, со мной всегда они Давайте вспомним тех, кого сегодня нет Кто, уходя от нас, оставил в сердце яркий свет.(с) #вечнаяпамять #всегдавмоемсердце #папа #люблюпапу #япомню #Iremember #dad #everlastingmemories #lovedad #alwaysinmyheart #rip #rlm #вспомнионем #япомню #вечность #remember #daddy #миг

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We been waiting for this day for a long time , A day in which a Great man of God was born to deliver his prophesy . On this day I pray for More life , Health , wealth , wisdom , more hits songs and more awards to come . You’re the best motivator to us and we happy to celebrate 🎉 your BIRTHDAY with you today . #DADDY we’re blessed to have someone like you in our lives . LLNP , HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎁 DADDY Help me type - HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎁🎂🎊

18 minutes ago

this sounds so nice, especially right now 💗

20 minutes ago

i make it rain where my bitch say

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21 minutes ago

When the best part of your day is rolling around on the Gymboree Play & Music floor, it's a good day.

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Work hard in silence, let success make the noise...but let me rephrase it😉😉😉😉 Work hard in silence let my noise spread your succcess😂😂😂😂😁 #daddy

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Having a man that can be your Bestfriend and lover is the best , we fight and we argue then laugh after and talk about how dumb it was 😂😂 you still give me the same butterflies 🦋 you gave me 3 years ago when we met , we can talk for hours and never get bored !!! Even tho your so over protective I wouldn’t trade you in for the world 🌍 or the most money ; you gave me the best most beautiful gift i can ask for and i also thank you for that , i dont think i tell you i love you enough like i should cause you risk it all to get me and royal whatever we want and need , your just a amazing person all around even tho your sooo crazy stank .. but your MY crazy crazy fool lol but i promise to be the best wife , Girlfriend, Mother to your child FORVER !! Dont let the arguments and dumb shit fool yaw instagram cause im stuck wit him 🤦🏾‍♀️ no matter what ❤️ like i always say what’s understood aint ever gotta be explained wit us cause you’ll never figure us tf out , EVEN WHEN YOU DONT SEE HIM HE STILL AROUND #Daddy #MyPapi happy birthday again so happy I could enjoy another year wit you , lets see what Chaper #25 Brings Us #AllBlessings I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #MinesForever #AlexaPlayOnTheRunPart2 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 at My Happy Place

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Growing up as an athlete I always wanted to look in the stands and see my dad. The night before my sons game I thought it would be impossible to make it because I had a big speaking engagement around the same time..... I spoke to him about how I expected him to have fun and perform. He looked me in the eyes like don’t miss this... He gave me a hug and a 👍 and I told him to do great... 🙏 The feeling never left of needing to be at this particular game... It was a challenge but so worth it. To see his face when I made it there before the game started priceless. No problems only new solutions! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #fatherfirst #baseballislife #blackfathers #tsrpositiveimages #blackwallstreet #loclivin #dad