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'The drama of creation, according to The Hawaiian account, is divided into a series of stages, and in the very first of these life springs from the shadowy abyss and dark night...At first the lowly zoophytes and corals come into being, and these are followed by worms and shellfish, each type being declared to conquer and destroy its predecessor, a struggle for existence in which the strongest survive....As type follows type, the accumulating slime of their decay raises land above the waters, in which, as spectator of all, swims the octopus, the lone survivor of an earlier world.' . . Lets hope these majestic beauties can survive the anthropocene. #cephalopod #knowledgeofceph #cephtitled #octopus #cuttlefish #squid

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Task 1: Cuttlefish Score: 4.28 out of 5 Designed by Marcelo Arispe-Guzman Folded by me.

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MAR BELO (@marbelorestaurant): If you love seafood and Portuguese cuisine, then you haven't tried anything until you've eaten at Mar Belo. A gem of Broadway, Mar Belo specializes in authentic Portuguese dishes full of flavor and expertly prepared. Whether you're in the mood for lobster or a rack of lamb, know that you're in for a big treat and that you'll be bringing home leftovers! We’re happy to have them participating in our Taste of Long Branch again! at MAR BELO Restaurant/Lounge

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Seppie 🦑 , spinaci 🌱e limone 🍋

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Sunbeam steaming out for a day in the Bay! . What makes Reserve Seafood special? We use a set of codes that ensure the delivery of high quality, sustainable and provenance-assured seafood. Vessels like Sunbeam use tracking apps to ensure traceability and only use static gear. The codes also feature #cuttlefish, #lobster and #wrasse conservation measures. 🐟 Credit: Paul Shearing

11 hours ago

3 little cuttlefish, each is about 8cm long. I’m really pleased with how the glazes are turning out, and these small cuttlefish are extra cute! Gotta find them some homes... at Omega Centre

12 hours ago

The shots you don’t even realized you missed...I didn’t see the Shaun the Sheep nudibranch to the left of the cuttlefish until I was editing last night. Must go back for a do over! @dive_timor at Dili,Timor Leste - East Timor

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갑오징어 삼겹살 불고기,갑삼불고기 (pan-stired spicy cuttlefish and porkbelly,bulgogi) . . . 간단히 제육볶음을 하려다 갑오징어까지 투입. . . 고추장,고추가루,간장,물엿,후추,설탕, 참기름, 매실액, 마늘 등등 양념에 양파,파,당근,호박 넣고 고기와 오징어를 미리 숙성시켰다가 볶자. . . 야채는 나중에 따로 볶으면 아삭하고, 같이 볶으면 채즙의 깊은맛이 좋다. 쌈싸먹고,비벼먹고,마구 먹고. 갑오징어의 쫄깃함이 최고. . . #갑오징어 #오삼불고기 #갑오징어불고기 #제육볶음 #삼겹살 #쌈밥 #한식 #아빠요리그램 #집밥스타그램 #오징어불고기 #냉동삼겹살 #cuttlefish #squid #porkbelly #bulgogi #koreancuisine

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오징어집 . 농심 . 1400원

17 hours ago

Bumped into this guy on an otherwise uneventful dive and managed to get almost face to tenticles in a true underwater faceoff 👀 at Australia

22 hours ago

澎湖在地各種美食🏖 #新北橋 #牛雜湯 #豬肉餡餅 人氣早餐 學長強力推薦 內餡飽滿豐富 半顆拳頭大 且便宜又好吃 CP值高 湯頭濃郁 口味偏重 早上喝一碗暖暖身很不錯 #外垵刈包 跟我想像中的不一樣 一整個黑糖饅頭切開 有 #酸菜 #煎蛋 及兩大塊 #控肉 CP值也很高 便宜實惠 #滿拿炸粿 #花枝丸 炸粿有 #蝦子 #鯊魚 跟綜合三種口味 搭配特製的辣醬味道很好 外表酥脆裡面濕潤不至於太乾 花枝丸雖然不夠Q彈 但是很大顆 這個時節的澎湖非常冷風又大 不過為了品嚐在地美食 我覺得一切都值得了 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 #bovineoffal #porkpie #satchel #sauerkraut #omelette #shrimp #shark #huazhiwan #Cuttlefish #baisha #xiyu at Penghu, Taiwan

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WORK PERK: CUDDLEFISH! I love working in the tank because it is fun to see progress and I get to hang out with these guys! The first video is of baby cuttlefish and they are only a little over 1 INCH!! Look how cute they are! The other videos are from behind the scenes of the my buddy the common cuttlefish who is in an exhibit tank. He is very cute and friendly! #cuttlefish #cephalopod #octonation #conservation #education #newenglandaquarium #bostonaquarium #neaq