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18 minutes ago

Hi!😀 You all probably know that moving with animal is not as easy as it seems🤔 So, here you have my new story... ⠀ Once, our client asked if he could take his iguana🦎 to the driver's cabin during the move: “It is small and it doesn’t take a lot of space.” Foreman driver asked about the size of the cage, but the client became outraged. He explained that his iguana wanted to ride in the passenger seat🤗 “I have it tame,” he said, “it will be sitting still. I just don’t want to hurt the animal, it’s already stressed out because of moving!” ⠀ By the way, on our website you will find some useful tips about moving with animals (link in bio)📝✅ ⠀ #easiksstories #animals #animal #pet #pets #instagood #nature #animallovers #pets_of_instagram #petstagram #petsagram #cuteanimal #animalplanet #funny #story at Los Angeles, California

2 hours ago

I Said Hello To The Poodle 😁😁 Take A look at This Cool Merch 👆👆👆👆👆 ------------------------------------------- Shop Link In Our Bio 👆👆⭐⭐

2 hours ago

Curly has the most beautiful ears I've ever seen. Why are they so long? 😂🐐 at Kanchanaburi, Thailand

3 hours ago

Name this cute dog! . . Love ANYTHING CUTE? Follow @cutieristic . . Don't want to miss new post? Turn on post notifications! . . Use #cutieristic to be featured! Tag 3 friends to win a shoutout! . . Video via @thedailypomeranian

3 hours ago

salut! je m’appelle astrid! je suis un chat noire alors je suis trés mystérieux et j’adore à frapper les gens parce que je suis cool hehehe

7 days ago

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