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18 minutes ago

Me and my red-green color deficiency smh

1 hour ago

Si 🥺

2 hours ago

I definetly can't owo ~K

2 hours ago

Wheres the milkk

3 hours ago

Lmao my dawg fucked a girl n the bathroom during class n everybody was standing crowded up outside the bathroom cause word spread cause this other nigga walked in and recorded them from over the stall😂 shawty walked out the bathroom all fast covering her face as if people didn’t know, unfortunately I smoked too much n was sleep in class when all this went down so I only heard about it after that class period, shit was still funny asf tho at Atlanta, Georgia

3 hours ago

I hate people who go hard on people who believe in god, like dam just cause u don’t have faith n shit don’t mean u gotta put ppl down. With that being said I do understand where atheists r coming from. Like I believe n god but I don’t really believe in the Bible or any other religious books. The Bible was literally used to justify slavery, that’s how black people were introduced to Christianity. Also it’s a lot of shit about organized religion that I don’t understand. A lot of that shit is like “if you don’t believe in my specific god and follow my specific rules you go to hell or whatever version of a bad place in this religion” which basically means if you’re born in a society that doesn’t shove Christianity down your throat even if you’re a good person you go to hell cause u don’t serve god, like think about someone born in Asia, most people in the Asian continent are Muslim or Buddhist, so most of them are going to hell cause they don’t believe Jesus is the savior? I know there’s a god, but I think humans need to stop reading books and saying their god is the 1 true god, cause these books were written by other humans. Y’all niggas fighting wars and arguing over books written by people who literally can’t relate to you at all. Imagine if we lived by the rules they lived by back then💀 it was 13 year olds marrying 20 year olds back then, these the niggas y’all finna listen too about god? it was so much fuck shit going on, I don’t trust it at Atlanta, Georgia