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1 day ago

I love her but so died and she is safe in heaven 💔 #creamlegbars

3 days ago

Our highest priority before moving in was to have a home for Beatrix, Joyce and Rosie-Mae. These girls give us much more than eggs. Thanks to @castleandcubby this was possible. We were able to order and purchase a Castlemaine dream in miniature to go with our own aspirations. There was also a ridiculous amount of hard work and elbow grease from paid and unpaid labour to create the prettiest of Alcatraz-like enclosures. #diamondgullyintherough #castlemaine #our_sunshine_house #chickensofinstagram #chickens #creamlegbars

5 days ago

The 2 little old ladies 😂 . Turn back to number 1 (right) and number 6 ( left) living their best life having chicken cuddles ♥️. They would sit there for hours, cream legbars have the calmest temperaments ever! . Are there any other breads that are this chilled out? . . . . #chickensofinstagram #chickenlove #happyhens #creamlegbars #number1 #number6 #bathchickens #bathhens #citychicks #pets #instapet #backyardchickens #mypetchickens #lovethem #crazychickenlady #emshens #emandherhens #chooks #chooksofinstagram at Bath, Somerset

6 days ago

Rundvandring ☀️🐓👶

11 days ago

STRING is dangerous for all animals and Lucy my Cream Legbar had to have her toe removed. Even though I handle and observe my girls daily I somehow missed this little bit of weed Matt ! Lucy has spent the week low key inside with Melody my German Shepherd. I came inside tonight from working outside and there was lucy In The middle of the plate😆 Thank you to Summer Hill Vet who have done a great job looking after Lucy 🙏 I phoned five bird vets and Summer Hill Vet was the only one who had a vet with bird experience on. Birds are a specialist field so ideally you don’t just go to any vet because things can go very wrong quickly with birds. #holymosesdog #chickens #creamlegbar #backyardpoultry #creamlegbars #chickentips #chickenadvice #string #weedmat #gardening #lucythechicken #toeamputation #birdvet #summerhillvillagevet #

19 days ago

Cream Legbars are a rare British autosexing (Which means you can tell the gender when the are born by the feather pattern.) chicken breed. This breed was created by cross breeding Barred Rocks, Leghorns, Cambars, and Araucanas, The Araucana is what makes this breed have the crest and the ability to lay blue eggs. They are rare but are definitely gaining popularity here in the US. 🇺🇸 Some reasons why we love them... They are good layers, (They lay about 250+ eggs a year.) They do well in confinement, they are really good foragers (Probably the best in my flock.) and lay the prettiest sky blue eggs! We are hoping to be adding more to our flock this year and will be choosing breeders for next year. 🌿🐓🌿 • • #creamlegbar #creamlegbars #chickens #blueeggs #blueeggers #chickens #chickensofinstagram #chickensofinsta #bluebonnetpoultry

22 days ago

I had to sneak up to catch a photo of these three dust bathing girls. It is my two newest girls, the Cream Legbars, and Custard who has reluctantly come out of her broody daze for a dust bath. The chicks behind them can come out of there but that is their spot where they feel a bit safer when everyone is out in the garden 😊 #creamlegbars #dustbathingchickens #chickenkeepersconsortium #pekinbantams #hensofinstagram ====================== 📢 Repost from: @hens_of_a_feather 📣 📣 Follow us: @chickens.chook for more videos about Chickens 💮

1 month ago

Hello from Blue! 💙

1 month ago

Another really nice Cream Legbar cockerel we grew out this last year. This was a favorite and is still my current number 2 pick from the grow outs. But I have decided to keep the father and am letting this handsome boy go. Love seeing my birds mature so nicely.

1 month ago

I know I’ve been really MIA lately, but there is a pretty good reason! My first trimester was pretty rough, and I didn’t feel up for much time with the chickens or creating posts. My husband has been AMAZING and really stepped up to help with my farm chores and I am so thankful! We have been in talks about cutting down the flock size or possibly selling them all now that my focus will be baby for at least the next year or so, and starting over when we don’t have any infants. However, I’m pretty bummed I may have to do that without seeing what color of eggs my latest generation will lay, I’ve been waiting so patiently! If you’re interested in any of the flock please DM me and we can discuss. I’d prefer to deal with people locally but, I’m also open to over night shipping if you’re willing to pay for it. It’d be a great opportunity to buy a group of already established rainbow layers! #zephyrcreekfarms #chickensforsale #chickens #chickensofinstagram #rainboweggs #eggrainbow #blackcoppermarans #oliveeggers #creamlegbars #ameracuanas #eastereggers

1 month ago

Pleased with these little Legbar girls. They are little egg-laying machines. Hopefully the size will get even bigger since these have only been laying a few weeks. #pulleteggs #creamlegbars #greeneggs #blueeggs

2 months ago

You guys have sure spoken with what content you liked the most this year...RAINBOW EGGS!!! I won’t lie, at times it does get old. I want to share other content, other knowledge but I know what people really want are the eggs so I try to stick to that. When I was posting different rainbow eggs photos almost everyday I was getting hundreds of new followers a week. But then we had some illnesses, we cut down the flock and the new chicks wouldn’t be laying until Spring 2019, so I just stopped taking them because it seemed silly to just keep photographing the same 5-6 colors over and over again—and new followers virtually stopped. It’s interesting how people really want accounts to stick to one single theme. I like when farm accounts vary the content they share so I receive a wealth of knowledge from gardening to animal rearing to cooking and much more. That is what is so great about starting a farm, you have to learn so many different skills in such a short amount of time! But good news— for Christmas I received a beautiful light box and tripod from my husband so get ready for some new egg content in 2019! #best9of2018 #top9of2018 #farming #homesteading #familyfarm #rainboweggs #eggrainbow #eggsofinstagram #chickens #chickensofinstgram #farmhouse #zephyrcreekfarms #georgiafarm #pastureraisedeggs #freerangeeggs #pastureraised #freerange #blackcoppermarans #creamlegbars #ameraucanas #oliveegger #goldencuckoomarans #eastereggers

2 months ago

#creamlegbars egg vs snow. They're a beautiful faint blue.

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2 months ago

Wanted to share my Quincey-boy for #roosdaytuesday with @newburyfarms . He has grown so much, and his coloring is coming in. 😍 . . The #creamlegbars are still quite shy and not the best photo models. They seem a bit flighty, but they are very gentle natured and make adorable little clucks. . . Still no beautiful, blue eggs to share. Soon though. Hopefully. 🤞 . . #rooster #chickens #chickensofinstagram #backyardchickens #creamlegbar #animaladdicts #raiseyourown #homestead #homesteading #homesteadersofinstagram #homesteadersofnewyork

2 months ago

I found Lucille's first egg under the coop ramp while I was installing their water bowl. Figured I'd add some new bedding to the coop. Not 2 minutes later, she went inside and left me a fresh egg. 😍 They're so beautiful! #creamlegbars #chickenaddict #backyardflock #incubateyourown

3 months ago

2018 Cream Legbar offspring. Cream Legbars are one of my favorite breeds. They are the best foragers in my flock, Do good in confinement, Friendly, Lay the most BEAUTIFUL sky blue eggs, (That I miss so much rn) and they have a crest which makes them so adorable! 😍😘😌 I have 8 hens right now, but Vanilla Ice got eaten by the bobcat so I can't breed anymore! 😩😤Looks like I'm going to have to buy another rooster which I NEVER do! I always end up with more then half of my chicks being roosters so I'm always swimming in roosters. 😒😐🐓 • • #creamlegbar #chickens #chickensofig #creamlegbars #chickensofinstagram #bestchickenbreed #bluebonnetpoultry

3 months ago

Merry has laid her first egg and it's green. Unfortunately the camera on my phone can't pic up the lovely shade it is and therefore it shows up paler 🤔🙄 anyway my first ever green egg! Well done Merry! She is the one at the back. Pippin at the front started laying a few weeks ago nice blue eggs. Bunny's have gone from warm blue to a baby pale blue. Love how they all change. #greenegg #blueeggs #creamlegbars #blueegger #greenegger #backyardpoultryuk #chickens #pullets #chickensofinsta #chickensofinstagram #rurallife # countrylife #firsteggs #fresheggsdaily #poultry at The Leigh

3 months ago

Some of our Cream Legbar pullets still growing out. We have a lot of really nice ones to choose next years breeders from.

3 months ago

Now that we are getting some nice type on our Cream Legbar girls, we are going to work to get crests like this on all of them.

4 months ago

“Feed me lady, or so help me God, I will take a giant steaming 💩 RIIIIIGHT HEEEERE!” 😶 (Imagine in your very best Al Pacino voice, if you will, and feel free to use whichever word for 💩 you feel comfortable with.) We’ve been having serious issues with the migrating starlings eating so much chicken feed that the chicken’s feed bill tripled for a while there. I tried all the tricks in the book to keep them out of it to no avail. One or two would find my hidey hole and call for five hundred or so of their friends. 😤😠😡🤬🤯 Well, my blood pressure can’t handle too much more of that 💩, so I’ve started feeding the chickens by hand a few times a day, which has more or less solved the problem. But now I have an entourage of 30 or 40 chickens, no matter where I go on the property. 🤦🏼‍♀️ . Well... you win some, you lose some. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . #creamlegbar #creamlegbars #pasturesandpineschickens #mypetchickenofficial #hatchingeggs #eggs #chickeneggs #easteregger #farm #oliveegger #farm #minifarm #homesteadersofinstagram #homestead #homesteading #hellofall #farmlife #crazychickenlady #chickens #farmlifebestlife #chickensaspets #chickenlover #fall #rainboweggs #autumn #coloredeggs #growyourownfood #growyourown #freerangechickens #freerange at Montana

4 months ago

The Twins 👭 These two basically look like identical copies of each other, therefore their names are Mary Kate and Ashley. As of right now, I have no idea which one is which. Hopefully some comb development will give some distinguishing features. For whatever reason, these two HATE me. You would think that I abuse them. It’s ridiculous. I don’t know what I did wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️

4 months ago

Cl höna😍

4 months ago

All the others in the flock are in a hard molt. Then there’s this pretty girl. She has made me a huge fan of #creamlegbars.