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#MotivationalMonday If you believe you can you will. 13 books, producer of an award winning stage play, produced two successful comedy shows, producer of the year, magazine covers, won an African American Literary Award, featured author at the NAACP conference, featured author at The National Book Club Conference, non profit helping countless women monthly, and now production assistant on an upcoming major motion picture directed by my childhood friend and co author in my book The Success Factor. #sayit #seeit #seizeit #soulmovement #Godsgirl #mindset is everything #ceomom #believer #businesswoman #empoweringwomen #womeninfilm #womeninministry #womeninmedia #winningwithgod #crazyfaith @tbn @oprah @owntv @blacklovedoc @blackenterprise #driven #massiveaction #godsfavor #affirmations

3 days ago

BLOG ON FAITH: I always say to people: it's amazing what happens when you let go of fear. Have you ever asked God to use you? Have you ever told God to guide you? Did you actually follow him? Or did you allow fear to hold you back because you where unfamiliar with where he was leading you to? We are all afraid of getting lost! Everyone is afraid to walk when they can't see where they're going, ESPECIALLY when you are on a road you dont know. That's when FAITH kicks in! When we ask God to guide us and we DON'T follow him, it shows that we trust in ourselves more than him. It means that we operate in fear. I don't know about y'all, but I was FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY made. I am a child of the most high and I trust him more than anything. Today, I officially graduated to the next level of faith. I love bonding with the Lord. #fearless #faithoverfear #thedevilmad #healingthroughnutrition #brave #purposed #herbalremedies #crazyfaith #praisehim #inspireothers #inspirationalquotes #ambitious

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God and I have a crazy relationship. Our highs are high, our lows are low. Sometimes I run and He pursues, other times I run and He simply waits. Often He speaks to my heart, seldom is He silent. Most often I swear He asks the most ridiculous things of me... most recently; ‘put your wedding ring engraved with Ecc 4:9-12 back on (your other hand) as a covenant to ME. Trust me, wait on me, look for crumbs of MY love, fight the good fight, keep your eyes only ever focused on me. Find rest in Me, find purpose in Me, trust My plans, vow to Me. I will uphold you, I will bless you, I will be with you always. Give me your everything. Because only by giving me your everything can I begin to show you the life I have for you... ‘ Alright Jesus, let’s do this. #vulnerability #whenGodcalls #allforjesus #mountains #adventureawaits #allforgodsglory #faith #love #crumbsoflove #climbthemountains #brave #bebrave #thisbraveheart #answeringthecall #authenticity #scripture #beingbrave #asks #jesus #crazylove #crazyfaith #bigfaith #myeverything #allinall #purpose #plans

7 days ago

🦋113 people die every single day from metastatic breast cancer in the U.S. Yet only 2-5% of funds raised for breast cancer research is allocated to research for the already metastasized patient like my beloved angels in heaven, my mother Gloria, 😇😢💔sister Londa😇😢💔 and the beautiful patient models that graced the @anaonointimates runway on Sunday. The 2019 NYFW @anaonointimates x @projectcancerland show raised $100k 👏🏾 which will benefit @metavivor, a non profit which puts 100% of its donations towards grants for metastatic breast cancer research. #notjustone Visionaries: #champagnejoy😇 #danadonofree #bethfairchild at New York, New York

7 days ago

This. Photobooth. session! 📸last night at the @anaonointimates NYFW show after party was the breast time ever! There is a common denominator in each pic. It’s not just the fact that we are all proud members of the wonderful #anaOno community but if you look closely, with the exception of two pics, a bad a$$ metastatic breast cancer patient name Halli Lannan in the red and blue shirt ❤️💙made her presence felt. Halli boldly owned the #PHOTOBOMB 😭🤣😂📸 just like she did the runway at the NYFW @anaonointimates x @projectcancerland show supporting @metavivor yesterday. Halli we see 👀 you, we’re with you and we love you. ❤️ You are definitely one of a kind but you are #notjustone Halli thank you for making me laugh so hard until crying as I looked at these pics on my flight back home today. 😘😭😂🤣 at The Delancey

7 days ago

God continues to show me that all of His promises are yes and amen!! I’m pictured below with individuals who have crazy faith like me. That’s all it takes. Qualified for a company paid for luxury car!

8 days ago

Every purchase will help our community! ♡Restore♡ About restore: Restore is a community-based organization with the intent to build relationships and empower the local community. Our aim is to equip individuals and families with the needed skills to gain independence and give back to the community. The heartbeat behind this all is to build authentic relationships. Our emphasis is on valuing people and embracing all cultures and backgrounds. At Restore, we understand the importance of adding value to people and how that can influence and impact the larger community. Just a few of the services they offer! Playgroup Food and Clothing Budgeting Support Café Writing Resumes English Classes . . . #crazyfaith #love #blessed #godfirst #marketing #instastyle #apparel #fashion #jesus #christianapparel #christiansworldwide #designer #womeninbusiness #sheboss #brandrep #contentmarketing #restore #community

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I just want to share with you some good takeaways from my 40 day Prayer challenge me and the girls are doing in our wellness group. We are on Day 10. Today was about having Crazy Faith. What is normal anyway? Praying before bed, or first thing in the morning, and that's it? Crazy miracles are a result of crazy faith. The times that we are so desperate for answers or miracles that we go BEYOND the norm to spend time with God. When he is put as a PRIORITY, as we believe in his power to make mountains move for us. That's the moment miraculous changes happen. So, my friends have your crazy faith and through HIS works, people will know you are blessed. . . . . . #drawthecircle #crazyfaith #personaldevelopment #momof4 #workingmom #accountability #betteryourself #myjourney #mystory #loveyourself #takecontrol #prayertime #virtualfriends #devotionfortoday

10 days ago

🌈Rainbows always remind me that God’s promises are real💯 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ After 2 long years, starting the My Beauty Truck up again took a HUGE leap of faith! 🙏🏽 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tbh I was REALLY scared! I didn’t have the 💰 I had when I first started so basically I was starting over from scratch! 🚫 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s hard to explain, but I kept hearing: USE WHAT YOU HAVE!Use what I ALREADY gave you!You CAN do this! 💪🏽 I got you! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So I pushed forward👉🏾 with a prayer 🙏🏽 and a PLAN (which I never had btw)! And this time God is getting ALL the GLORY! 🙌🏾❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #godiswithhershewillnotfail #aprayerandaplan #crazyfaith at Los Angeles, California

10 days ago

I have been speaking this over my life among other scriptures in my prayers. The word of God never comes back void. Speak to the God in you not to what you see! #crazyfaith #expectgreater #OnlyGodcandoit

11 days ago

When you have purpose and dreams, you have to make up in your mind that nothing is going to stop you. No one said it would be easy. So, be prepared for obstacles and discouragement to come your way. But, can you finish this statement?, “I won’t give up until _____________. Here’s one of mine: I won’t give up until I have taken a course on blogging. Feel free to share one or two of your statements. #nevergiveup #dontquit #dontstopbelieving #keepthefaith #youhavepurpose #letsgoal #godgoalsgrind #godandgoals #goalsetting #smartgoals #godfirst #wegotthis #crazyfaith #daringgreatly #praisegod #neverfails #faithnation #walkbyfaith #keeppounding #godhasgotthis #womensbiblestudy #womensministry #godlywoman #godlywomen #faithinspired #faithblogger #christianblogger #christianwoman #shereadstruth #savedwomen

12 days ago

I just posted my January goals update on the blog! If you feel like you are the only person on the planet not crushing goals, then think again. I have failed at something every month. But, I’m becoming more and more content with slow progress and my failures. And, it’s not a race to the finish line. I know where I want to be, so I just keep it moving. The Let’s Goal Worksheet helps me to stay on track and re-think giving up. Get your free download and read the January goals update with the link in my profile or just head on over to #godgoalsgrind #godandgoals #goalsetting #smartgoals #godfirst #wegotthis #crazyfaith #daringgreatly #praisegod #neverfails #faithnation #walkbyfaith #keeppounding #godhasgotthis #womensbiblestudy #womensministry #godlywoman #godlywomen #faithinspired #faithblogger #christianblogger #christianwoman #shereadstruth #savedwomen #savingshannond #purposedrivenlife

13 days ago

Faith is the currency of Heaven. God don’t care what’s in your bank account or what you can only do yourself. He wants us to have #crazyfaith God is my provider. Not my job and not my bank account. Just meditate on His word. If He said it, He will do it. #Godismyprovider

13 days ago

Do you pray "the safe bubble" around your kids. That's what I did. Over. And over. And over. Again. It's great to pray for safety for our children and believe that God listens to those prayers, but what am I forgetting to arm those children with? Boldness! Courage! I want them to live a bold, courageous, crazy-faith-filled life that makes the world pay attention. I want them to follow Jesus when everyone around them says it doesn't make sense. 🌿008 Bold, Not Safe 🌿You can find all my other videos on YouTube at Ferns on the Porch🌿 #jesus #jesusfollower #faith #knowinggod #godislove #crazyfaith #gospel #truth #boldness

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Last night was our first night of small group Bible study for this session. The awesome lady I get to co-lead with and I are both artist and decided we want to integrate some new things into our group this year. So last night I brought a small bag with little pieces of paper that each had a different attribute of God written on them. I prayed over the words and asked God to give each woman the word He wanted to be to them in this season of their life. There were 20 different words. I passed the bag around the circle and I was the last want to choose my word. I got the word MIRACULOUS. I can’t help but be in awe of Him. I have seen him as comforter, protector, provider and many many more things in the past few years of my life especially. But I believe this is the season he wants to show me his miracles and I’m ready for it! #miracle #miraculous #believe #faith #hope #love #marriage #restore #restoration #dontgiveup #crazy #crazyfaith #goals #transformationtuesday #truth #jesus #artist #biblejournaling

14 days ago

Jesus, my captain, My soul‘s trusted Lord, All my allegiance is rightfully yours Like the wind, You’ll guide Clear the skies before me And I’ll glide this open sea Like the stars Your word will align my voyage And remind me where I’ve been and where I’m going. ( Captain - Hillsong United) • my hearts anthem for ages to come. #justjesus #birthday #shereadstruth #wellwateredwomen #blog #crazyfaith

15 days ago

My pose when Daddy said to me "AB, I know the plans I have for you... as written in the Bible". I love you over and over again Lord. #PISTIS #CrazyFaith #Love #Moneymoves

16 days ago

How many times have you caught your kid coloring on something they were NOT supposed to? Walls, tables, doors🚪 a dresser, their sister👧🏼, the white dog 🐶, and books📚. Those are just a couple of the items that have been graced with my daughter’s artistic ability🖍🖍. Of course catching them red-handed makes for a “lively conversation” 😡 but then what about the times when you come across a piece of “artwork” randomly? 🤦🏼‍♀️ Yet, how about the look on her face when you tell her she can color in your Bible? 😳 A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to join a Bible Journaling bible study. I’m not a crafty person whatsoever. I’m not the DIY mama. Nor am I the Pinterest perfect-er. Art is not my gift. Thank the good Lord! However, after 1 session I was hooked! But actually taping, painting, coloring, drawing, or any other crafty art in my Bible the 1st time was quite difficult. It had to become a mental shift for me. This was a new way to worship and create in God’s living word. But it wasn’t until someone shared a drawing by their son in The Book, that it clicked. This can be something that I share with my girls for years to come. We can create around verses that are meaningful to us. We have something to share together in God’s word. And when I’m dead and gone, they can fight over who gets it. ha! Seriously though, I’m not crafty, artistic or visionary. When focusing on His word in a whole new way, it gives me a sense of peace and harmony that I can’t explain. So for now, I may still tell my girls that they can’t color on walls, doors, the dog ... but let’s go color in the Bible 🖍🖍 #illustratedfaith #crayola #biblejournaling #noahandtheark #notacraftymom #colorinbooks #notadiymama #motherhoodmissionary #ministryofmotherhood #supportmoms #crazyfaith #midwestmama #midwestmom at Overland Park, Kansas

17 days ago

Just a late night reminder 💡📝 You don’t need #permission from not one soul to accomplish or see a vision through, that God gave you. You may eventually need “participation” by way of support & prayer...but, never permission. 🗣 RUN with the vision 💨 You take ☝🏽 step, God will take ✌🏽. #PERIOD #Godistheplug #FYI #PSA #godistheconnect #allgasnobrakes #crazyfaith #dreamchasing #hemakesallthingsnew #dreamscometrue #blessingsonblessings #Godsplan #cantstopwontstop #dontstopgetitgetit #begreat #makesomethingshake

18 days ago

Earlier this month, EOF Scholars attended the Bryant Student Leadership Group’s African-American Student Leadership Experience in Arlington, VA. This year’s theme was “Leading With #CrazyFaith.” @eoframapo students met and listened to powerful and dynamic keynote speakers from across the disciplines and engaged in workshop and activities that cultivated their sense of self, leadership skills and much more. We hope you had a great time growing your leadership experience!   #rama1steof #rcnj #ramapocollege #AASLE19 at Arlington, Virginia

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It will drain you! Your faith is like your lungs and heartbeat. If you lose it, you die🤷🏾‍♀️. Guard your mind and heart. Set new standards. Everyone shouldn’t be qualified to pour into you. . God wants us to have a ridiculous kind of faith that makes us look crazy. Like the woman with the issue of blood. She was bleeding for 12 years, DECIDED to touch Jesus’ cloak because she thought “if I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.” Immediately her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering . . But Jesus realized that the power had gone out from Him.🤔 (Mark 5:30) (Luke 8:46) . When we’re operating in faith we’re not operating in our own power. We’re extracting the very power of Jesus Christ. That’s why God stresses faith because faith is power and His power is made perfect in weakness! (2 Cor.12:9) . F A I T H ! . #jesuschrist #faith #believe #powerofgod #daughterfirst #queenupmovement #wog #👑 #crazyfaith