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6 months ago

Add authenticity to your dining table with these hand-crafted salt or pepper shakers under our 20% discount sale. We make deliveries to your desired destination while this offer lasts for a limited time. #saltshakers #ishemeza #discountsale #cowhornproducts

9 months ago

These decorative tissue boxes are individually handmade, work with any décor and will add a stylish touch to any living space. Available in different shades at just 60,000/= each. Inbox us to place your orders. #Ishemeza #cowhornproducts #tissueboxes #interiordecor

9 months ago

Home décor tips: Brighten up your living room by using beautiful flowers and flower vases like these from Ishemeza. Fill the vase with fresh flowers or high-quality fakes to add color and brightness to a room. Available upon order at 38,500/= #Ishemeza #flowervases #homedecortips #cowhornproducts

10 months ago

One of the must have accessories on any dinning table is a salt shaker; Attractive, functional and a great addition to your week. #Ishemeza #cowhornproducts #newweek

11 months ago

Different shades, different textures but durable & Long-lasting. Shop with Ishemeza for these items that serve as both salt or pepper shakers. Ps; they are a unique addition to your dining table. #shakers #cowhornproducts #Ishemeza

12 months ago

Ishemeza is a cowhorn product online store that creates a wide range of kitchen ware, interior decor and items you can use in your house daily all at affordable prices. Give us a call on 0756 711 563 to place your orders and let's shop small business today. #Ishemeza #cowhornproducts #madeinuganda #purelyafrican

1 year ago

Did you know that our products are made from cow horns? Yes, cow horns!😀 . The Ankole cow horn is durable, making it an ideal material for carving solid designs like jewellery and house/office decor among others. They can be used for serving hot food (kitchen ware), but must not be left immersed in hot liquid. #Ishemeza #cowhornproducts #madeinuganda🇺🇬

1 year ago

Are you having guests come over for lunch/dinner on the weekend? Make perfect use of these trays for any food or drink servings and p.s; they work great as household gifts! 😉😀 #Ishemeza #cowhornproducts #hometrays #african