Costumerendering Photos & Videos

21 days ago

Having some fun doing costume renderings for the show I’m working on at my university. These inspirational images may not necessarily be the exact things the actors end up in (that’s part of the process after all) but they’re a good start and I had a lot of fun making them. This one is for Nina, in Stupid F # #king Bird (yes, that’s the name of the show), which is an adaptation of Chekhov’s The Seagull. The first of 7 costume renderings, which I’ll share later. It’s all that and a sucker punch ta boot. Intense, personal, probing, existential, hilarious, tragic, laugh-out-loud funny and a real trippy ride for the audience. Done with the Old Globe/USD Shiley Graduate Program in Theatre (@globeusdmfa *** *** *** #procreate #costumedesign #costumes #oldglobemfa #theseagull #stupidfuckingbird #theatre #costumedesigner #costumerendering #sandiegoartist #digitalart #digitalrendering

26 days ago

Expanding on my previous rendering of the trans soldier: Category is: Cocktail Realness. They look quite dapper if I do say so myself.

26 days ago

The women of Chinquapin, Louisiana: Ouiser. Costume renderings: @oliveragajic_

28 days ago

The women of Chinquapin, Louisiana: Clairee. Costume renderings: @oliveragajic_

28 days ago

A glimpse into the costume shop as our artisans select fabrics for Susan E. Mickey’s design for Gertrude in #cstHAMLET. Performances begin April 17! at Chicago Shakespeare Theater

1 month ago

S11 Week 2 ‘What’s Your Sign?’ Sagittarius! I really hope to create this look someday - I loved this challenge and found it really inspiring to do! A structured bodice with blue illusion sleeve/gloves, blue skirt with contrast gold lining, and ruffled ‘fur’ pants and bust appliqués. Featuring blue wig with horns and mottled blue/gold veil. #costumes #costumerendering #sketch #costumedesign #zodiac #sagittarius #centaur #rpdr #runway #lewk #drag #dragqueen #dragnyc #designer at Versailles, France