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11 days ago

The best part about these tarts is that we use fresh fruit to make them!! And if you don’t like one kind, there’s so many others to chose from!! The blueberry with pineapple is my go-to!! What’s yours?!? #fruittarts #frenchwaycafe #winnipegbakery at Frenchway Cafe

13 days ago

Literally the only song I was ever able to perform on the recorder... Quite painfully I might add! Hot Cross Buns.. A spiced sweet bun made with currants or raisins, marked with a cross on top. Traditionally eaten on Good Friday! We usually have some in the showcase during the Easter season but you’re welcome to call ahead and place an order to guarantee you get some!! #hotcrossbuns #goodfriday #frenchwaycafe 📸 @megan_kentner at Frenchway Cafe

16 days ago

It’s true... I do tend to forget about posting our breads... but that’s only because they are so delicious, I think they sell themselves!! Pictured here is our sourdough and multigrain! We also carry a sunflower flax, hearty whole wheat, challah braid, baguettes and banana bread... Our baker also does some specialty breads and buns if you’re ever looking to switch it up!! (Keep an eye out for the Summer Herb 🤤🤤🤤) #sourdough #multigrain #freshbaked 📸 @danielle.proutt at Frenchway Cafe

18 days ago

I never knew I could fall in love over and over again... but here we are... 🥰😍🥰😍 Sable Breton base, white chocolate mango whipped ganache with fresh blueberries and 🥭🥭🥭🥭 #sable #breton #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

25 days ago

So did you all know that our bakers can do a lot of special orders... Like take this cake for instance. The “Mandarin Dream” a lemon sponge, mandarin citrus pastry cream, orange whipped cream and finished with fresh orange and mandarin! 🍊🍊🍊 (currently we have one in our showcase 🤭) #frenchwaycafe #winnipegbakery #mandarin at Frenchway Cafe

29 days ago

Back by POPULAR demand... The 🐝BeeSting🐝or Bienenstich (as the Germans call it)... A sweet yeast cake with vanilla pastry cream filling and a baked caramelized almond topping! #bienenstich #beesting #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

29 days ago

Monas is having a throw back month! All of April we will be throwing it back to past menu item that were in the hit list! 🎧 Come join us any time in April to taste some oldies but goodies! • The best part? We will be throwing back the price point to what they were throughout the last new decades! Mozza sticks anyone?!?🧀 at Mona Lisa Ristorante

1 month ago

It’s hard to avoid the classics... the ones that bring back memories of grandmas house or baking with family on the weekends!! Oatmeal Raisin and (my personal favorite!) Snickerdoodle cookies! 🍪🍪🍪 Come grab one before I steal them all!! #reallifecookiemonster #snickerdoodle #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

1 month ago

Having a professional photographer in the kitchen was so cool, every single photo showcased something different!! 📸Thanks so much again @car._ssa It was so amazing to work with you and feed you! Can not wait to do it again!! #winnipegfood #cheflife #truecooks at Frenchway Cafe

1 month ago

One of the new items causing a stir on our menu... The “Farm to Sandwich” Roasted garlic goat cheese, beets, spinach, mushrooms and red onion. It comes on our housemade Sunflower Flax, grilled to perfection and finished with a balsamic reduction... Vegetarians Rejoice!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #grilledcheese #roastedbeets #frenchwaycafe 📸 @car._ssa at Frenchway Cafe

1 month ago

Usually I take the shots of our food... but every now and then, I feed a photographer and they come and take some super amazing photos!! Trust me, it’s not always about the food... there’s so much going on behind the scenes and I’m gonna be sure to show you more of that as well!! 📸 So I would like to thank @car._ssa for coming down and taking some amazing photos and for also just being the most wonderful human being!! Thank you my friend, the @frenchwaycafe appreciates you! #winnipegphotography #winnipegphotographer #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

1 month ago

So if any of you know Larissa... you know she hates to have anything be about her... But let’s be completely honest, if it wasn’t for her, NONE of us would have the Frenchway! 🔹 Seeing as it is International Women’s Day 2019, what better day to showcase this amazing woman! Not only is she the owner of the Frenchway, she is the proud mother of two amazing children, she volunteers and donates her time to many local charities. 🔹 I brag to everyone I know about Larissa! She has given me the reigns of this account and the cafe and I am forever grateful! Her trust in us, her respect of the workplace and the overall care for her staff is truly remarkable! So thank you Larissa, from all of us! 🔹 (I am going to catch so much flack for this, but someone had to do it) #internationalwomensday #frenchwaycafe #throwback at Frenchway Cafe

1 month ago

Sunshine, strawberries and a mirror glaze so shiny, that you can check your💄in it... Today’s a good day!! 🔹 🔹 Our new cake, a 🍓Strawberry 🍓Basil insert with a vanilla milk mousse, genoise and chocolate fantastic crunch base!! #strawberrybasil #thatnewnew #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

2 months ago

Large chocolate raspberry macaron... had to shoot this one in that gorgeous sunlight beaming down!! ☀️☀️☀️ Come grab some treats and celebrate this lovely weather we are feeling!! #macaron #frenchwaycafe #winnipeg at Frenchway Cafe

2 months ago

Sweet, salty and fluffy... Our bread pudding is sure to make you stop dead in your tracks and take a second look (or bite) Pear, almond, chocolate and salted caramel... I’ll stop so you can catch your breath... 😩😮 #frenchwaycafe #breadpudding #saltedcaramel at Frenchway Cafe

2 months ago

Chorizo, ham, green onion and cheddar🔶 Diamonds🔷... (a play off a savory danish) Our bakers are always trying to outdo themselves, and I am a huge fan of these ones!! Try one out and tell me what you think!! #danish #freshbaked #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

2 months ago

Oooohhhhh guurrrlll... wipe that 🤤🤤from the corner of your mouth and come down to snag one of the most popular items in our showcase! The Pecan Butter Tart... each one oozing with caramel and crunchy pecans with just that tiny hint of salt... oh wait, now I need to wipe my mouth... 🤤🤤 #buttertarts #frenchwaycafe #droolworthy at Frenchway Cafe

2 months ago

Dang that wind just cuts through ya, eh?? 🌬 🌬 🌬 Come down and fend off the breeze with a quick bite to eat and take some of these delicious babies home!! Coconut and Maple Walnut macarons!! #cantwaittoseeyou #macarons #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

2 months ago

Life is all about counting blessings, not calories ☝🏼🤪 . . About 2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of tasting @milksmithicecream menu. They have a wide menu of delightful treats ranging from creative and refreshing in-house curated craft beverages to waffle pops and to my favourite of them all, rolled ice cream and waffle tacos! 🤑 (FYI: on Tuesdays they have it for #TacoTuesday!) . Being here brought back the inner child in me - it made me feel like a child in a ice cream store all over again. The menu definitely hits all age groups with varying taste buds - they got you covered! The decor was beautiful and well thought out. Definitely felt some LA vibes in there. My favourite colour is pink so you can bet I was LIVVING in there. It’s fair to say this is my new favourite spot in Winnipeg to get my treat fixes on! 🐷 . Thank you again to the @milksmithicecream team for the amazing hospitality and to @thetastytidbits for the invite 💕 . . 1️⃣ Nutty Monkey Rolled Ice Cream Taco 🌮 2️⃣ SPF 3000 💓 3️⃣ Strawberry Bae Waffle Pop 🍓🍫 4️⃣ Flamingo Fresca 💘 5️⃣ Bam Bam Waffle Pop 💥 6️⃣ Tropic Like It’s Hot 🌴 7️⃣ M’oreo Waffle POP 🖤 8️⃣ Riot Van 💛 (my favourite beverage it was so refreshing! I also love ginger) 9️⃣ Sugar, Hi Waffle Pop 👋🏼 🔟 Milk Tea with Sea Salt Crema and Foam Art ☕️ (I was so amazed by this 🤩) . They also have reusable boba bottles and reusable straws (silver and rose gold) available for purchase. Join them in helping our environment and GO GREEN!! 💚♻️💚 #milksmith #mymilksmith #treatyoself #rolledicecream #wafflepops #waffletacos #curatedbeverages #treatsgalore #sweettooth #winnipeg #manitoba #wpgeats #travelmanitoba #exploreMB #eatitwpg #wpgfoodlovers #winnipegeats #dessert #corydoneats #foodstagram #eeeeeats #satisfeed #nomnation #hypefood #foodie #winnipegfoodie #tummmytales at Milksmith

2 months ago

Well... it’s the freakin’ WEEKEND!!! And trust us, if you can’t decide what to get, don’t stress! Just get them all 🤤😍 ◾️ ◾️ Cherry walnut, Fresh Berry, Apple, Coconut Cream, Salted Caramel Ganache and Lemon Meringue 📸 by @tanith_nz #frenchwaycafe #itsthefreakinweekend #tarts at Frenchway Cafe

2 months ago

Our newest addition to the showcase... “Winter Break” - This is a taste of vacation in a cup!! Our take on a mousse cup, filled with coconut 🥥🥥mousse and caramelized 🍍🍍pineapple!! Refreshing and transportive!! Also... GLUTEN FREE!!! Come down and snag one today!! #pinacolada #moussecup #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

2 months ago

We do what we do because we LOVE what we do!! Special occasions let us showcase new products and our hard work finally pays off!! 🍓🍯 Introducing “Aphrodite” and yeah, she is the goddess of beauty and love... with lavender, honey, white chocolate, and fresh berries. Though most of these have been reserved for tomorrow, we will still have a few available to order and some in our showcase for you last minute rapscallions!! #giantmacaron #macarons #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

2 months ago

Feeling the love nice and early in the cafe... Red Velvet is almost seasonal, and I don’t get why?? It’s so delicious!! Come get one of these little mini hearts today, or pre-order your Valentines treats now!! #redvelvet #valentines #frenchwaycafe

2 months ago

Bocconcini e pomodoro 😍😍 This dish makes our salad dreams 💭come true with all the flavours! 🍅 Nothing will stop you from cleaning up the rest of the juices on your plate with our homemade bread! This is what the Italians call “Scarpetta”!! at Winnipeg, Manitoba

3 months ago

Its so hard to be anti-Valentines day when all the treats are so delicious!! Plan ahead and order from us for your special someone (even if that special someone is yourself!) 🙋🏿‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋‍♂️ #imperialcookies #valentinesday #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

3 months ago

Yeah... it’s that time of year when every day seems colder than the one before... But here’s some things you can look forward to... 👀🏒 1. It’s Game day, our @nhljets are back in action tonight. 2. It’s National Fun at work day... so take a break and have some fun like we try to do every day. 3. We bake our baguettes and bread fresh every day! 🥖🥖🍞🍞🥖🥖 We love what we do and we thank you for braving the cold to come get brunch and snacks!! We have two soups on to warm you up!! 🍲🍲 #freshbread #frenchwaycafe #winnipegbakery at Frenchway Cafe

3 months ago

Ladies and Gentlemen... This is Mambo No. 5! Cuban roast pork, ham, house pickles, Swiss cheese, maple mustard hollandaise, pickled onions and fresh sprouts! #mambono5 #frenchwaycafe #brunch at Frenchway Cafe

3 months ago

When it gets this cold... when the wind cuts right through... I always want to reach for these guys! If I stand near the window, let the sun hit my face just right and take a bite... I can actually taste summer, you should come down and try it!! 🍓🥝🍍🍒🍋🍐 #fruittart #frenchwaycafe #dangitscold at Frenchway Cafe

3 months ago

How many Macs can you stack on Macs if you could stack Macs on Macs?!? Today’s Macaron Flavors are: Banana Creme🍌 Lavender Honey🍯 Pistachio Coconut🥥 Pink Lemonade🍋 Coffee ☕️ #macarons #frenchwaycafe #winnipegcafe at Frenchway Cafe

3 months ago

When you Jumbo size a favorite, everyone wins!! I can never share the regular size tarts because... I mean... I don’t want to... so today our baker made one large enough that I might be tempted to share!! (If you don’t, we won’t judge!) 🍋🥧🔥 #lemonmeringue #freshbaked #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

3 months ago

So my boss asked me who won the giveaway... and I said, well we haven’t reached 3000 followers yet... She said, who cares, give it away tomorrow and we will do another one when we hit 3000!! So this is your last chance, tag two of your best brunch friends... tell them to follow us, and tomorrow we will do the draw! Who says the holidays are over?!!? #giveawaytime #frenchwaycafe #winnipegcafe at Frenchway Cafe

4 months ago

If you didn’t know... today is National Personal Trainer awareness day... which also happens to fall on National Cream Puff day... We can help you celebrate the latter, which might leave you in need of the former... 💪🏻💪🏻 #nationalcreampuffday #frenchwaycafe #winnipegbakery 📸 is our Hot Chocolate and Strawberry Cream Puffs at Frenchway Cafe

4 months ago

What a year it has been, but I am always looking to the future and can not wait to show you what 2019 has in store!! First off, I would like to thank all of you for coming to support us, for trying our new items and for giving us a reason to open our doors everyday! Thank you to our amazing staff, without your hard work, dedication and passion for the cafe... we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you for continuing to grow with us and for offering your creativity and great ideas!! And lastly, I want to thank Winnipeg... what an amazing city to be growing a business in! The local support from guests and other business is incredible and heart warming. Our donations were an all time high this year and we couldn’t have done it without Winnipeg and your huge ❤️❤️❤️’s. THANK YOU FROM EACH AND EVERYONE OF US AT THE CAFE!!! Can not wait to open the doors tomorrow to 2019!! 🎉🥂🎉🥂Happy New Year Winnipeg, we love you!!! #winnipeg #frenchwaycafe #happynewyear2019 at Frenchway Cafe

4 months ago

Our last feature for this weekend... The “Challah”Day French toast... Challah, Eggnog cream, gingerbread crumble, pecan praline bits and finished with a Spiced Rum Caramel... 🤤🤤🤤 #challah #frenchtoast #winnipegbakery at Frenchway Cafe

4 months ago

Introducing “The Grinch”- Grilled Roast Beef, caramelized onion, cheddar, garlic parsley hollandaise and topped with pickled onions and fresh green onion... Don’t worry, the garlic is in our soul too!! 🎄🥚🎄 #thegrinch #frenchwaycafe #weekendfeature at Frenchway Cafe

4 months ago

Introducing the “Clark Griswold” weekend feature... If you don’t know the National Lampoons movies, this will be over your head... Roasted Turkey, mushrooms, Swiss, garlic sage hollandaise, topped with red wine cranberry sauce and pickled onions... He will be here all weekend, so come say HI!!! #clarkgriswold #eggsbenedict #frenchwaycafe at Frenchway Cafe

4 months ago

#Repost @a.delapaz_ with @get_repost ・・・ For every $50 purchased your name will be entered in this draw to win $500 worth in services and products (eg. $50 = 1 ballot $100 = 2 ballots etc.) come on down and purchase a gift certificate for your better half, mother, father, daughter, son, grandparents, friend or anyone! You can never go wrong with a tonic spa gift certificate! . . . #winnipeg #winnipegspa #winnipegsalon #winnipegdeals #winnipegchristmas #winnipegjets #winnipegeats #winnipegpromotions #winnipegpromo #winnipegbusiness #corydon #corydonavenue #corydonavenuesalon #corydonaveuespa #corydoneats #corydonbiz #corydontimes

4 months ago

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Holiday GIVEAWAY!!! 💫🎄💫 We have decided that when we reach 3000 followers, we will giveaway a 6 pack of assorted macarons and a 50$ gift certificate... all you have to do is follow us and tag two friends who enjoy a great brunch!! Thank you for continuing to support us... #frenchwaycafe #holidaygiveaway #winnipegbakery at Frenchway Cafe

5 months ago

#Repost @a.delapaz_ with @get_repost ・・・ For every $50 purchased your name will be entered in this draw to win $500 worth in services and products (eg. $50 = 1 ballot $100 = 2 ballots etc.) come on down and purchase a gift certificate for your better half, mother, father, daughter, son, grandparents, friend or anyone! You can never go wrong with a tonic spa gift certificate! . . . #winnipeg #winnipegspa #winnipegsalon #winnipegdeals #winnipegchristmas #winnipegjets #winnipegeats #winnipegpromotions #winnipegpromo #winnipegbusiness #corydon #corydonavenue #corydonavenuesalon #corydonaveuespa #corydoneats #corydonbiz #corydontimes