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14 days ago

One of the nicest parts of start-up life as a mum, is the opportunity to pass the entrepreneurial spirit (and a never-ending to-do list) onto young minds. Helping out with small jobs, the kids learn skills for the future. And when things don’t go as planned, you can show them that obstacles are a part of life, and an opportunity to retool an idea or a method. In these photos, Jack and his Icelandic buddy Jon have perfected our online Ketchup order system 💪🏻! at Stäfa, Switzerland

16 days ago

Ayam Woku 💚 . Mulai hari ini, karena keterbatasan waktu dan tenaga serta untuk memaksimalkan pelayanan, Connie’s Kitchen untuk sementara hanya melayani pesanan Ayam Woku, Tuna Woku, Risol Mayo Smoked Beef, dan Macaroni Schotel sharing size yaa. Update harga juga akan kokimin share. Mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanannya, tentunya kokimin akan terus belajar dan berusaha memberikan yang terbaik dengan menerima kritik dan saran dari Teman Makan. Jangan ragu untuk chat kokimin ya! #ayamwoku #ayamwokubogor #tunawoku #tunawokubogor #risolmayo #risolmayobogor #risolmayosmokedbeef #connieskitchen #connieskitchenbogor #kulinerbogor #jajanbogor #makanbogor #cemalcemilbogor

18 days ago

Crafting flavorful food that brings people together makes me happy🤗. Within our families or at work, eating together makes us stronger as a team. . Check out the Connies Kitchen blog for the recipe of this week’s catered lunch: Chili Bean-Chickpea Stew served with fresh Guacamole, Sour cream & homemade Bread #EatTogether at On HQ

21 days ago

Prior to start-up life in Switzerland, the boys, John and I went on a once in a lifetime ‘Weltreise’ for a year of exploring and family adventures. It was actually on our travels that the idea for a reimagined healthy Ketchup was born. In honor of Australia Day yesterday, the family revisited some of our fondest memories from down under. We loved every bit of our time there - from living in roof tents for 3 months, the wildlife, beautifully remote campsites, great foodie cities, and of course the wonderful Aussies. Happy 🇦🇺 Day! at Sydney Opera House

24 days ago

For my vegetarian 🌿catered lunch this week I served up this cold-weather-friendly, chunky stew that packs an awesome flavor punch👊! . Roasted Spicy Pumpkin with Crispy Chickpeas, Coriander and Dollops of Greek Yoghurt served with my Homemade Sourdough Bread. . The pumpkin delivers the slow burning carbs and plenty of fibre that keep your energy levels high and your belly content🤗. The yoghurt and chick peas up the protein🏋️‍♀️ and keep you fuller for longer💪🏻. . In the mad hustle of serving 50+ hungry souls, I didn’t get a 📸, so big thanks to @thal_fitfrenchy for capturing this and enjoying the stew! at Zürich, Switzerland

27 days ago

I am a HUGE fan of the incredibly juicy oranges and citrus fruits. They say good things come to those who wait, so Boris and the crew wait until the perfect ripeness to pick. These organic crates of ☀️☀️ are then shipped direct to households and collection points all over🇨🇭 . 🍊My Nutrition Tip🍊: Oranges are well known for their vitamin C content which is a powerful antioxidant. What you may not know is that they also contain health-promoting compounds known as flavanones which have anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Flavanones are mostly found in the peel and inner white pulp of the orange, SO.. don’t peel your organic orange too well! Leave some of the white stuff, and grate some of that zest into your sauces, smoothies, and fav dishes for an extra health boost👍 at Casa del Mas

28 days ago

A luscious day at the Mamalicious market yesterday! We met so many lovely mamas & papas, cool-cat kids, and local businesses on a mission to shake-up the status quo for good! We especially fell in love with two little sisters who kept returning to our stand for another taste while their mama shopped for clothes. They proclaimed that Connie’s Ketchup tasted even better each time they came back😉 👍. They used sustained pester power to ensure their mama left with a few bottles😍. at Heslihalle Küsnacht ZH

1 month ago

Kürbis-Brot (Pumpkin Bread). Our co-founder Suze is just back from a family Christmas in ☀️Australia, and needed something hearty to ease back into the ❄️Swiss Winter. She turned to the @kidsamtisch App for family friendly recipe inspiration and got baking! Pumpkin is near to our hearts (we use it to help sweeten our Ketchup) so Suze thought she’d give this yummy veggie bread a try. Check out her blog post on (link in bio) 📸 @kidsamtisch at Hagendorn, Zug, Switzerland

1 month ago

This super-simple yet very tasty and nutritious Kale Omelette is quickly prepared and makes a great mid-week meal. It’s also a stealthy way to introduce leafy greens to youngsters in the house. My boys love it with our Ketchup🍅. The eggs and kale deliver plenty of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins, like Vitamin K which helps in healing and to keep keep eyes healthy! Check out the recipe in our blog (link in bio) at Canton of Zürich

1 month ago

Our Ketchup will be strutting it’s good stuff at the @mamalicious_world market. It’s a meet up and one day market for young families that sells everything for baby, kid and mum to be. Saturday 19th Jan. in #küsnacht . Stop by and taste some goodness🍅🍏. Was ist der @mamaliciousmarket ? Ein Markt und Treffpunkt für junge Familien. Verkauft wird alles fürs Baby, Kind und die werdende Mama – und das zu unschlagbar günstigen Preisen! at Küsnacht / Heslibach

1 month ago

Red Lentil, Curry & Coconut Stew. In the depths of a snowy winter week, I did my best to warm up 60 souls yesterday with this fresh & flavorful stew. Vegetarian comfort food packed with protein, fiber, slow burning carbohydrates and important minerals like iron which, all together, will help to keep your energy levels up in cold weather. Interesting Nutrition Tip: serving legumes (beans, chick peas, lentils) with lime or 🍋 helps with the absorption of iron. And it gives it a lovely citrusy flavor punch👊!. You’ll find the recipe on the blog. 👇Click the link on my profile page. I’d ❤️ to hear your story if you give any of my recipes a go🙌🏼. Please tag me Thank You! at On HQ

2 months ago

As a real Ketchup lover and mother of a ketch up lover I really can’t give up on it. To learn that the Ketchup we all know has almost nothing to do with (real) tomatoes and so much sugar added broke my heart. So I decided to keep it on my plate every now and then and just not care for that very moment because I did not like any of the alternatives that I’ve came across. But hey, today I found a WINNER! . . (Chef, Nutritionist and smart mum) has got what I need: A really yammie Ketchup with NO added sugar (sweetened with fruit and vegetables), organic (mhm…), Gluten free (check), Vegan (right on), Paleo (justsayin) – I ablsolutely love it and (especially if you have kids) you just have to get it and they will 100% love it like it’s the crappy one. I swear. Get your Ketchup now with your 10%-Voucher "WELCOME" on . . #holihealth #healthyalternatives #KetchUp #Connieskitchen

2 months ago

What do you want to be when you grow up? When we asked our cute Ketchup bottle, she told us she wants to be a creamy juicy smoothie, a zesty vinaigrette or a hearty pumpkin soup😉 We’ve made sure the label on CK Ketchup is super easy to remove, so you can make her wish come true! Here’s how: Method (swipe left for demo in 2X fast forward):. ♦️Don’t wet the label. Keep it dry. ♦️Loosen the entire edge of main label on one side with your finger nail. ♦️Peel slowly in one piece. ♦️Repeat for top label ♦️Wash and Reincarnate💫 at Stäfa, Switzerland

2 months ago

Heute steigt Vincent’s 8. Geburtstagsparty 🎈und wir sind alle schon seit 6Uhr früh parat und ein bisschen aufgeregt! Die 12 Ketchup Soldaten sind auch schon ganz quengelig und warten drauf in die Goodie Bags reingepackt zu werden. Das war Mama‘s Plan. Mal schaun was Vince davon hält(🍅anstatt 🍭)!? Es ist wohl mehr ein Goodie für die Mamas als für unsere kleinen Gäste😉. . . The excitement for Vincent’s 8th birthday 🎈is building since 6am this morning! And the 12 ketchup soldiers are also pestering to get packed into the goodie bags. That was mama‘s plan💡. Let‘s see what Vince thinks about it (🍅 instead 🍭)!? It‘s probably going to be appreciated more by the mama’s than the little guests😉. at Stäfa, Switzerland

2 months ago

Continuing with my Ottolenghi hero worship, my catered vegetarian power lunch this week was: Honeyed sweet potatoes with chickpeas and spinach served with zesty yoghurt sauce. The soft, warm sweet potatoes almost melt over the chickpeas, while the citrusy yoghurt lightens them with its velvety smoothness. This extremely satisfying dish delivers plenty of complex carbohydrates, antioxidants (like beta-carotene) and minerals (like potassium) and is a great post run meal for my friends @on_running #Recipe on our blog (link in bio) at On HQ

2 months ago

The Ketchup revolution is growing! The red dots represent the amazing🇨🇭stores that stock Connie’s Kitchen Ketchup🤗. And breaking news! We are super excited to bring our tasty organic ❤️ to La Suisse romande! The proud outlier pin on the left of map is a gorgeous boutique store and design workshop in the heart of Lausanne. Come join the revolution! Find your local stockist on our store finder (link in bio) at Lausanne, Switzerland

2 months ago

We are featuring locally made Connie's Ketchup for a limited time at Urban Fork. Why it is different: NATURALLY SWEETENED WITH WHOLE FRUITS & VEGETABLES NO PRESERVATIVES, THICKENERS OR SWEETENERS GLUTEN FREE | VEGAN | PALEO Connie's Ketchup makes our burgers and fries even tastier! . . . . #urbanforkzurich #connieskitchen #conniesketchup #localisbest #noaddedsugar #realketchup #forkandbottle #zurichrestaurants #eatzurich #zurichlunchmenu #restaurantszurich #zurichlocal #zürichfood #zürichrestaurant #eatlocalzürich #zurichbeer #zurichlife #zurichlifestyle #zurichcity #zurichparty #zürichrestaurants #visitzurich #zürichmittagsmenu #lokalweinzürich #lokalbierzürich #zürichrestaurants #zurichdowntown #zurichcitylife #essenzürich #zurichrestaurantguide at Urban Fork Zürich

3 months ago

When we travelled through Vietnam last year on our family ‘Weltreise’ we were saddened at the amount of waste arriving on the local beaches choking the seas and wildlife alike. Zero waste shops are becoming a real force for showing how conscious consumerism can change the way we buy and eat our food. They help to reduce both packaging and food waste. That’s why we are super happy that our Organic Ketchup is now available @foifi_zerowaste_ladencafe a pioneering waste free store and deliciously cosy café in Kreis 5. Foifi will charge a deposit (Pfand) on our glass bottles and they will be reused upon return (after cleaning and sterilization). Next step is figuring out feasibility on a sustainable ketchup dispenser system 🤔. All and any advice from dispenser experts welcome 🙌🏼 at FOIFI - ZeroWaste Ladencafé

3 months ago

Still dreaming of NYC, I jumped into a healthy lunch catering gig for my chocolate friends at Mondelez. On the menu: Honey roasted Pumpkin with Lentils & Rice, crunchy Seeds and Dolce Latte. For dessert, a chia seed pudding topped with a fresh berry smoothie. The delicious sweet honey roasted butternut pumpkin goes perfectly with the crunch of the seeds and the lightly melted blue cheese (dolce latte). It makes a hearty💪🏼 winter salad that's packed with antioxidants like vitamin A but also with protein & fiber that keeps you satisfied for longer (so you don’t overdo it on the 4pm 🍫 craving😉) Recipe on our blog soon! at Glattpark

3 months ago

This is Connie and she’s very excited to have Connie’s Kitchen Ketchup in her beautiful Thalwil @muellerreformhaus store😊. We like to think that it was the delicious taste of our Swiss Organic Ketchup with No Added Sugar that got us listed, but maybe the name helped a little bit too😉 Calling all Silver Coast shoppers. Stop by this bright and friendly oasis for the best selection of organic and sustainable products and ask for Connie😊 at Müller Reformhaus

3 months ago

Selamat sore, Teman Makan! Gimana cuaca di tempat kalian? Di Bogor lagi gerimis manja nih, jadinya kokimin bawaannya laper aja. Untung ada stock Macaroni Schotel di kulkas 😋 Kalian udah stock belum? . Selalu berhati-hati dimanapun dan kapanpun ya, Teman Makan. Semoga hujan yang turun menjadi berkah untuk kita semua. Mumpung lagi musim hujan, perbanyak berdoa juga yuk, karena kokimin pernah baca, salah satu waktu mustajab untuk berdoa itu adalah ketika hujan turun 😊 #macaronischotel #macaronischotelbogor #connieskitchen #connieskitchenbogor #makaronipanggang #jajanbogor #kulinerbogor #cemalcemilbogor #makanbogor

3 months ago

So happy to be visiting New York this weekend where back in 2005, John & I began our family adventure together. Today when Jack, our eldest boy (now 11) is asked where he’s from, he rattles off in Swiss German: “I was born in New York, my mum is Austrian, my dad is Irish, but I’ve grown up in Switzerland” 😊. A proud United Nations boy🙋🏼‍♂️! Perhaps it’s the Americana influence that has shaped our ❤️ with better Ketchup 🤔... at Brooklyn Bridge

3 months ago

Red is the new black😉🍅! For the day that’s in it, we are offering free shipping in Switzerland and 10% off your order with code WELCOME! Offer valid on our website till this Monday 26th😊 #bioketchup #ohnezucker #madeinswitzerland at Switzerland

3 months ago

It’s not often that the humble turnip gets to be the hero. It seems to be a vegetable that is largely overshadowed by the beautiful bright orange pumpkins that are abundant in autumn. However, in Switzerland there is a lovely tradition that brings this little ‘knolle’ to the light and soul of the party. See our latest blog post from Greg & Suze, and read more about the traditional “Räbenlichterumzug” Link in bio. at Switzerland

3 months ago

Thank you @kidsamtisch for pairing us with those yum ‘crispy on the outside, tender on the inside’ baked 🥔 wedges. An oh so simple, but oh so delicious combo. The Connie’s Kitchen team are big fans of your family friendly, local and wholesome recipes. Check out the Kids am Tisch free online magazine and app for your daily dose of ‘what shall I cook for the family’ inspiration👏 at Zug

3 months ago

Ketchup - dass die meisten Kinder es lieben ist ganz klar. Kennst du Connie‘s Kitchen Ketchup ?Das köstliche Bio-Tomaten-Ketchup ohne Zuckerzusatz - natürlich gesüsst mit ganzen Früchten und Gemüse. Ohne Konservierungsstoffe und Verdickungsmittel. Glutenfrei und Vegan. Bezugsquellen unter 🍅🍅🍅 . . . . #kidsamtisch #familienrezepte #foodmagazine #gratisapp #onthetable #foodstyling #foodie #foodies #ketchup #connieskitchen #kartoffeln #potato #potatoes #potatos #patatas #swisspatat #schweizergemuese #everydayfamilygoodness at Neuheim, Switzerland

3 months ago

Selamat pagi, Teman Makan! Bagaimana awal minggunya? Jangan lupa awali hari dengan sarapan ya karena selain menjadi salah satu peranan penting dalam mengatur pola makan, sarapan juga mempengaruhi konsentrasi dan mood Teman Makan dalam memulai aktivitas lho. Tidak perlu banyak, yang penting ada makanan yang masuk ke dalam tubuh ya 😉 . Buat Teman Makan yang di Bogor, kalau bingung cari sarapan atau bosan dengan sarapan yang itu-itu saja, mampir ke Connie’s Kitchen yuk! Lokasinya di Taman Soka, Tanah Baru. Kami menyediakan beberapa menu khas Connie’s Kitchen, beberapa di antaranya Nasi Goreng Jagung, Macaroni Schotel, dan Thai Tea. Cocok sebagai bekal makan atau sajian untuk acara kecil di sekolah/kampus/kantor Teman Makan nih. Untuk harga bisa dilihat di highlight yaa 💛 #connieskitchenbogor #connieskitchen #sarapanbogor #kulinerbogor #jajanbogor #makanbogor #cemalcemilbogor #macaronischotel #macaronischotelbogor #makaronipanggang #nasigoreng #nasigorengjagung #nasigorengbogor #nasigorengjagungbogor

3 months ago

• Ayam Woku • . Bosen dengan lauk yang itu-itu aja? Wajib cobain menu andalan ini. Perpaduan ayam dengan cabe dan kemangi, dijamin menggugah selera. “Tapi aku bukan penyuka sayur.”, tenang. Sejauh ini, yang nggak suka sayur dan udah pernah cobain Ayam Woku kokimin, langsung doyan lho. Malahan kalau ayamnya udah habis, makan nasi panas sama sayurannya aja udah enak banget 😋 Bagi teman makan yang mungkin sibuk dan nggak sempat masak, Ayam Woku ini bisa jadi stock lauk di rumah untuk beberapa hari. . Kabar gembira untuk teman makan yang berada di luar Bogor, sekarang Connie’s Kitchen menyediakan pengiriman same day (sampai di hari yang sama) ke JAKARTA, DEPOK, TANGERANG, BEKASI, BANDUNG, SEMARANG, JOGJA, dan SOLO melalui PAXEL. Untuk info lebih lanjut, bisa tanya-tanya kokimin ya 👩🏼‍🍳 . 💰 1 KG = 105.000 1/2 KG = 60.000 (semua harga belum termasuk ongkir) 📍 Pengiriman dari BOGOR 🛵 Go Send/Grab Express/Paxel #connieskitchenbogor #connieskitchen #ayamwoku #ayamwokumanado #ayamwokubogor #woku #ayamwokujakarta #ayamwokubandung #ayamwokudepok #ayamwokutangerang #ayamwokubekasi #ayamwokujabodetabek #kulinerbogor #jajanbogor #makanbogor #laukbogor #visitbogor

3 months ago

We joined forces this weekend for Expo Stäfa with our favourite local store, the magnificent Mölki Stäfa. Their famous cheeseboard selection brought the crowds in from far and wide, so Vincent could close the deal with his well practiced tasty-healthy-ketchup sales pitch😉 at Stäfa, Switzerland

3 months ago

⭐️Recipe now on our Connie’s Kitchen blog - link in bio⭐️ Quinoa, Couscous, Red Cabbage & Feta bowl. The protein packed quinoa, juicy cabbage & apples, creamy feta, crunchy toasted seeds & nuts deliver a balanced mix of nutrients to support your healthy, active lifestyle. Give it a try and tell me how it goes👩‍🍳👨‍🍳! at Zürich, Switzerland

3 months ago

Just 💗 this one and my ON guys were pretty happy too! For a change I managed to serve a not-messy plate AND take a picture!! All this in the midst of a crazy busy catering hour for 85 hungry, sporty workers☺️. And in case you are wondering...this colorful dish is a juicy apple-cabbage and quinoa-couscous bowl served with crunchy almonds, feta and a fresh tahini-yoghurt dip. Recipe on the Connie’s Kitchen blog soon! at Industriequartier

4 months ago

Potatoes, frozen spinach, and free range eggs - #locally sourced and always #organic . . My go-to ingredients for a quick, wholesome and tasty mid-week lunch for the kids. Visit the brand new Connie’s Kitchen blog (link in bio) to see the simple recipe & some #fussyeater tips😋 . . . #quicklunch #freerangeeggs #spinach #potato #fussyeaters #everydayfamilygoodness #connieskitchen #kidfriendlyrecipes #kidsamtisch #gesundekinder #ernährung #kochenfürkinder at Stäfa, Switzerland

4 months ago

An ode to pumpkins on this Halloween with my rockin’ @on_running family and my own little monsters and goblins. For today’s catered lunch, I served a hearty winter salad made of roasted butternut squash & red onions, citrusy lentils, heaps of sage, tarragon, mint and parsley, topped with a decadent creamy blue cheese. In the afternoon, in between ketchup deliveries, and a futile attempt to tidy the kitchen mess that I left this morning, I (kind of) supervised a #dextermorgan style dissection of Mr sick Pumpkin (no plasters required - yay!). Tonight, I’ll sleep by 9, and for a change, dream of pumpkins instead of ketchup! at Stäfa, Switzerland

4 months ago

Calling all healthy ketchup fans in the #rotkruez and #weggis area. Lots of people in Canton #Zug and Canton #luzern have asked us to sell Connie’s Kitchen in the two magnificent stores of Berchtold Metzgerei. We are super pleased that we have found a new home, in this renowned family, fine-food and local focused establishment. Come on down and taste our Swiss organic Ketchup with no added sugar! .. Store Locations: Rotkreuz (Buonaserstrasse 2), Weggis (Luzernerstrasse 1) #connieskitchen #local #shoplocal #familiengeschichte #foodculture #swissbloggers #sumptuousfoods #feedyoursoul #organicketchup #ketchuprevolution #healthyfamilyfoods #healthyketchup #swissfood #madeinswitzerland #foodstartup #noaddedsugar #bioketchup #familienessen #natürlich #ernährung #ausderregion #gourmet #sustainable #berchtoldmetzgerei #metzger #ohnezucker at Rotkreuz, Zug, Switzerland

4 months ago

⭐ Grüezi Schwiiz - An alle Ketchup RevolutionäreInnen ⭐ Jetzt könnt ihr ONLINE direkt auf unserer Website bestellen! Köstliches Bio-Ketchup natürlich gesüsst mit ganzen Früchten und Gemüse, gratis Lieferung innerhalb der Schweiz aber nur für kurze Zeit! 😉 . ⭐️Hello Switzerland - Calling all Ketchup Revolutionaries⭐️ Now available to buy online from our website! Great tasting Organic Ketchup Sweetened Naturally with Whole Vegetables, Fruits, and for a limited time, Free Shipping in Switzerland!😉 at Switzerland

4 months ago

Connie’s Kitchen Organic Ketchup is now in Luzern🎉. Ueli-Hof Bio-Hofladen is in 3 locations around beautiful Lake Lucerne (Moosmatterstr, Meggen & Ebikon) and is well-known for its high quality and sustainable assortment. In fact, Bio-Suisse had to create a new level of sustainable organic farming just for Ueli-Hof👏. We are delighted to find a new home amongst other delicious organic & sustainable specialties #connieskitchen #Luzern #local #Uelihof #shoplocal #Ebikon #Meggen #foodculture #visitluzern #visitswitzerland #sumptuousfoods #feedyoursoul #organicketchup #healthyfamilyfoods #healthyketchup #swissfood #madeinswitzerland #foodstartup #noaddedsugar #bioketchup #familienessen #natürlich #ernährung #ausderregion #gourmet #sustainable #biosuisse at Luzern, Switzerland

4 months ago

You might think that ketchup is the only thing I work on these days😉. Not the case - I’m always looking out for new dishes or reinventing old ones to share at my cooking & nutrition gigs. Given the time of year, I wanted to share the recipe for my all time favorite cosy fall pumpkin soup. It’s from our US based days and my good friend from Ithaca (🙌🏼 Greg May) shared it with me. I made it for the first time on a crisp Fall day in upstate New York and fell in love. Since then it’s been an Autumn staple in the Kelly household. You will find the recipe on the link in my bio. If you do make it, I’d love to hear what you think and see a picture! P.S. You might recognise the repurposed bottles I used for storage🍅 at Zürich, Switzerland

5 months ago

Letting our ingredients do the talking at the #veggieworld Messe in Zurich today. Organic Italian tomatoes, butternut squash, apples, dates, white balsamic vinegar, piment (all spice) and sea salt. Added sugar didn’t make it to the party😉 #betterketchup at Messe Zürich

5 months ago

🍅 Homemade Pizza Night in Connie’s Kitchen 🍕 we’ve discovered that our Ketchup has a secret life🤫 It’s been known to moonlight as an awesome pizza sauce. That’s because it has no added sugar and every bottle is packed with the tasty goodness of Italian sun-ripened tomatoes, dates, apples and butternut squash - all 100% organic. We’d love you to try it out on your next pizza night and let us know what you think! #pizzarecipe #homemadepizza #pizzasauce #healthypizza #familyfriendly #familydinner #connieskitchen #ketchupwithbenefits #zurichfood #healthyfamilymeals Now available to purchase online with our friend and awesome blogger @anyworkingmom 🙌🏼 at Stäfa, Switzerland

5 months ago

One of the nicest feelings in start-up life? The satisfaction of figuring out how to get stuff done on a ‘bootstrap’ budget, using the assets you have on hand. Pretty chuffed with our new Connie’s Kitchen attire. I took my fav Danish @theorganiccompany wrap-around aprons, got our logo printed on a nice piece of natural linen, and got the sewing machine out from the cellar. The CK team will look sharp at our first ever #veggieworld expo next week😊 #apronstyle #connieskitchen #startuplife #bootstrapping #theorganiccompany #creativemornings #sewingproject #seamstress #apronlove #danishdesign #homemade #messe at Stäfa, Switzerland

5 months ago

⭐️Now available in #küsnacht at the amazing Moreira Gourmet House⭐️Great tasting Organic Ketchup with No Added Sugar. Curious to have a try?? Connie and Greg will be sampling at Moreira tomorrow Saturday 8th Sept from 10 to 1pm. Oberwachtstrasse 2, 8700 Küsnacht. Swing by and say hi👋 at Moreira Gourmet House

6 months ago

A busy Saturday for the Kelly’s with a dual sampling event. Jack & John brought the show to #öpfelbaum organic store in #uster, and Vince & Connie to #bachsermärt in Zurich. Lots of brotherly 🤼‍♂️ competition to claim the top salesman title🏅🍅 #afamilyaffair #businesseducation #salestraining #alternativeeducation #connieskitchen #familybusiness #degustation #bioketchup #noaddedsugar #ohnezuckerzusatz #bachsermärt #öpfelbaum #madeinswitzerland #familienleben #ketchuplover #ketchupenterprise at Öpfelbaum Bioladen Uster

6 months ago

...I got my red dress on today...but no summertime sadness here! The rain has gone and the sun is back☀️on glistening #zurichsee Check out our great tasting organic ketchup with no added sugar - naturally sweetened with organic fruit and vegetables, and made locally in Switzerland. Add some yummy goodness to your end of summertime BBQ! Check out our store-finder on our website (link in bio) #connieskitchen #summertime #everydaygoodness #lanadelray #healthyfood #ketchuplover #ketchuponeverything #ketchupontour #tsüri #lastdaysofsummer #familienessen #grillparty #bioessen #veganfood #chefmum #ökologisch #fiveaday #zurichexpats #reddress at Lake Zurich

6 months ago

Connie’s Kitchen Ketchup is showing up on the dining tables of friends of friends 🙌🏼. It’s early days, but we are off to a great start: all our stores are on their 2nd or 3rd order after a quick early sell out 👊. We’ve had our 2nd production, and made triple the quantity of the first batch🍅🍅🍅 Most importantly, feedback from families is unanimously extremely positive. A huge thanks to all our Connie’s Kitchen Ketchup pioneers and ambassadors👏 Stay tuned for more updates on our #startupjourney and do #comedinewithme - check out our store finder on our website (link in bio) at Zürich, Switzerland