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Hubiera desmayado si no creyera que veré su bondad✨

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Depois de muita pesquisa sobre cores quentes e frias, é bom deixar claro que essa distinção não é a mesma nas artes e na física. O bom do estudo, é que agora entendo um pouco mais sobre arte e aprendi muito sobre ondas de cores com @asdurian (obrigada 😘). . . After researching about warm and cold colors, I must say that their definitions do not apply in both arts and physics. What is nice about such study is that now I know a bit better and I've learned about the waves of colors with @asdurian (thank you 😘). #colors #jj_fashiontips #fashionblog #fashion #fashiontips

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Viajar nem sempre é fugir das coisas...às vezes é correr em direção ao que vc realmente quer!🥰 . . . . . . . . .

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Trains - Suicide Hotline, the sign says don't jump. The tracks are bare, high voltage is it not? The trains won't stop. They'll screech and they'll sizzle and cut. The trains will stop with banners of your skin on their rims, a quick parade for those whose eyes catch it running in. To the yard of metal husks where the graffiti spreads at dusk. Suicide Hotline, call if you must.

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Trains - Pt.3 This one's asking for directions like I know anything. Did that help? Yes it did. Leaned into the garbage can again, brush it off, lean onto the rails on the side of the stairs, and stare at the buildings as you wait for the train. People like ants marching from place to place across the bridge. You missed your train by some seconds, the screen says wait some minutes then sprint. These people aren't playing, it's either stand up or sit. The guy the other day got the doors closed on him. Twice. Then he stumbled in embarassed without raising his face. Weekday outing in the evening at the city of the lake, people mind their own business. Lucky for him. Giggle again at the memory of it, wait don't. What if it happens to you for laughing? The other line passed, but it's not the color you await. Why is there another, and another, but your own line is still so far away? The starbucks cup is empty, the dunkin lasted more. Is my ventra low? Do I have enough money, or need to add some more? I'll pass on to the other side of the platform and take one of those flying colors, I'm not waiting anymore. I should be going home but I think I'll wander some more. I like to sing along to Journey, silently wear out their lyrics in my head. I like to read Girl on the Train and think of the adventures I can see through the window as the doors close and close again. Doors closing. They open for me instead. My escape is through the trains.

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¿Te ha pasado que a veces estás buscando un lápiz y lo tienes en la mano? Con la felicidad pasa lo mismo ... LIFESTYLE🌿🌱 & LIFEDESIGN✏🎨. #china Arte por encargue. El placer de vivir por y para la Naturaleza... Mueble artesanal de diseño 'Life Design'... incluye un acuario con peces, landscape con bonsais, cascadas y un mural integrador al espacio. Nombre: 'Natural Harmony, by Wild China ' Tamaño: 4 m x 1,2 m . Experimentando el diseño por medio de la armonía entre el hombre y la Naturaleza. El fin es evocar mediante un estilo de vida moderno y verde una vida sustentable y conciencia natural, sumar calidad de vida ya sea al hogar o de una manera espiritual al humano. 1 Etapa: mueble. 2 Etapa: mural. 3 Etapa: acuario. 4 Etapa: iluminación. . . . #greenlife #relax #f #happy #art #art🎨 #love #drawing #color #obraarte #pencil #beautiful #pasion #f4f #follow #picoftheday #photography  #followme #colors #like4like #9 #fashion #smile  #repost #cool #me #instagram #instagood #artist #china at San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Buenos Aires

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LIFESTYLE🌿🌱 & LIFEDESIGN✏🎨. Arte por encargue. En proceso... Evocando lo sagrado, la Naturaleza. Viví por lo que encienda tu alma. Colección Nature, "Valor terrenal". Estilo: (Hiperrealismo). Técnica: Grafito sobre panel de madera y tintas mixtas totalmente impermeabilizado. Premarco de acero. Tamaño: 2 m x 1,2 m. Homenaje a los felinos salvajes y libres de cautiverio. El hombre, desposeído de todo lo material en este mundo, todavía puede conocer la felicidad aunque sea sólo momentáneamente si contempla a lo más sagrado. La Naturaleza. . . . #art #art🎨 #love #drawing #color #obraarte #pencil #beautiful #f4f #follow #lion #picoftheday #green #photography  #followme #colors #wild #9 #fashion #smile  #repost #cool #me #instagram #instagood #artist #artlovers #likeforfollow #tbt #colorfull at San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Buenos Aires