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Momma bear. Baby bear 🐻💕

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Hello Moose! I've seen moose on 6 out of 7 drives to work this spring. These two were hanging out on a popular hiking trail near Ward, Colorado. Considering they're one of the most dangerous animals in North America, it's advised to give these guys plenty of room. Fun to see, but I'd never want to find myself between a mama and her babe!! #naturegram #coloRADical #earthofficial #naturelovers #animallovers #picoftheday #getoutside #mountaingirls #radgirlslife #sheadventures #neverstopexploring #staywild #wildlifephotography #moose #coloradooutdoors #coloradolife #adventurefamily #rockymountainhigh #coloradolove

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Hello! As we head into summer, Visit Durango is going to start  promoting the @naturefirst_org principles into our Instagram messaging. We adore seeing beautiful photos of our backyard and sharing them with our audience but we also want to do so in a responsible way! Please check out the Nature First Photography website to learn more on how to get informed and involved! Here is a snippet from their website "Nature First is built on seven core principles that help communicate how each of us can enjoy nature photography responsibly. The Seven Principles of Nature First Photography were developed to help educate and guide both professional and recreational photographers in sustainable, minimal impact practices that will help preserve nature’s beautiful locations. " . Beautiful photo by 📸 : @jared.andrada . #coloradooutdoors #colorado_photographers #coloradotrail #coloradoviews #coloradolove #coloradophotography #coloradoactivities #coloradosprings #coloradomountains #dnvrcolorado at Durango, Colorado

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(ad) Until last week I hadn’t thought about visiting Denver for a family holiday & now I’m itching to go back with the kids. The weather is amazing, the people are SO friendly and there is so much to do! If that wasn’t enough, having a city surrounded by AMAZING views of the Rocky Mountains is pretty cool too! We enjoyed the impressive architecture at Union Central Station, ate the most amazing locally sourced food (that’s a BIG thing in Colorado) and explored the local landmarks with an Urban City Tour with @etukridedenver (this was AWESOME!). Top that off with great museums, impressive street art in @rinoartdistrict and all that sunshine (300 days per year!), Denver has holiday vibes written all over it! Have you been? @VisitDenver @visitcolorado @blackdiamondpr #cofamtrip #coloradolive #travelblogger #visitcolorado #coloradotography #coloradogram #colourfulcolorado #coloradoinstagram #coloradogram #coloradolove #goldencolorado #colorado #coloradoroadtrip #explorecolorado #viewsfromcolorado #COFAMTrip #Denver #DenverColorado #DenverCo #VisitDenver #milehighcity #denversbest #wishyouwerehere #denvernow #denverlove #igersdenver #igerscolorado #usatravel #usatravels #americantrip #usatrip at Denver, Colorado

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✔ Please doubletab and tag a Friend below “I am a miracle made up of particles And in this existence I’ll stay persistent And I’ll make a difference And I will have lived it!” ~ @nahkobear 🎶 . . Sunrise over the big Thompson last Wednesday with @emilee_moyer ❤️🌈💜 we had a special treat this morning with frost tipped mountains and fog filled valleys! 📸📸📸@estesparkphotographer . . ——————————————-🧜‍♀️📸🧜‍♀️——————— . Looking to take incredible star photos inside the RMNP?! Well guess what?! . MAY PHOTO STAR TOURS are available!!! 🌌📸🌌📸🌌📸🧜‍♀️ . 175$ a person for 4 hours. ❗️Must have a DSLR that shoots ISO 3200 or higher. ❗️Must have a lens thats 35mm or wider with f3.5 or lower (f2.8, f1.8, f1.4), and that lens 💥MUST💥have a little window showing the infinity ♾ mark!!!. ❗️Must have a sturdy tripod, and clothes to keep you warm and dry, we are standing outside for 3 hours! . We will shoot at 2 locations with a little hiking- up to 2 miles. PM me for booking. 50$ retainer fee due 5 days before your tour! . Dates are as follows, 6 spots open for each date- . 🌌🌄📸MAY 3rd- MAY 12th Each night is a new tour. . Meeting time: midnight- 4am . ————————————————-🧜‍♀️ * Follow us @Colorado.H.Hudson 💝 * 💕 Make sure you push like follow for daily pics! 😃 * 💞 Thank you my friend #coloradophotographs #visitcolorado #coloradocameraclub #coloradical #coloradolove #coloradolive #coloradomountains #coloradoproud #viewsfromcolorado #coloradophotography

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Tired of the busy-ness cycle? Work, kids, home, activities, errands, lists...things to do and stuff to plan and places to be never ends! ⁣ ⁣ You often wonder how you can you be more present, aspire to be happier and healthier, and commit to doing less in the chaos of everyday life.⁣ ⁣ This is exactly the reason that I’ve put together a weekend retreat to provide you with the time, space, tools, and inspiration to do less and be more in your everyday life. ⁣ ⁣ With the backdrop of the beautiful town of Crested Butte and fresh mountain air along with peaceful, luxurious accommodations, I’ll lead you through an intentionally planned weekend where you will…⁣ ⁣ 🏔Hit the pause button on life’s demands and commitments ⁣ 🏔Nourish your body with healthy food⁣ 🏔Feel invigorated through fitness adventures - hiking, stand-up paddle boarding (no experience required), and plenty of time outdoors⁣ 🏔Receive my guidance to determine what it is you want more of in your life and what you need less of in order to make your goals happen⁣ 🏔Connect with other women for laughter and support in making these new commitments to ourselves⁣ 🏔Relax, rejuvenate, and ease tension⁣ ⁣ This retreat is a girls’ weekend you don’t have to plan and doesn’t leave you needing a vacation from your vacation! You’ll be able to reset and recharge to return home an even better version of yourself. Plus, you’ll have new tools, new friends, and new experiences to supercharge your ability to make your intentions come to life.⁣ ⁣ This retreat has space for 8 women and will sell-out. Save $500 with the early-bird discount! Visit the link in my bio to learn more. ⁣ ⁣ Join me. Do less. Be more.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #crestedbutte #coloradolife #coloradolove #303 #coloradogram #womensretreat #coloradoretreat #coloradical #womanonamission #visitcolorado #fitnessretreat #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslife #happyhealthy #dolessbemore #mindfulnesscoach #takeabreak #bemorechill #colorfulcolorado #healthylifehappylife #viewcolorado #stressless #livewell #makeithappen #beinspired #5280 #ladyboss #colorado #aspen #coloradoinstagram at Crested Butte, Colorado

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Not a bad place to take your boots off and feel the sand between your toes 👌The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is located in the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado, and it is tucked perfectly into the west base of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains Range. The main draw of the park is that it is home to the tallest sand dunes in North America, but what makes the park truly unique is its wildly diverse ecosystem ranging from sand dunes to its neighboring snowcapped mountain summits over 14,000 feet in elevation. || Photo by Outdoor Project Contributor @outdoordetour #viewsfromcolorado #coloradoriver #ilovecolorado #coloradolove

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Down Valley A term you hear a lot in the mountain environment. When you live in the vertical world life is up or down and you get in tune with your environment. This section of the Million Dollar Highway is aptly named “Ruby Walls” and has been the spot of many rockfall, avalanche, blowouts and unfortunately; car fall. Arguably the most icon section of the 24 miles between Ouray and Silverton at Ouray, Colorado

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It rains for one day in Colorado and I feel like I haven't seen the sun in months 🌞 Shoulders: 1️⃣ Barbell Press 5x6-8 2️⃣ 1-arm Dumbbell Press 4x8 each arm 3️⃣ Lateral Raises 5x12, then half reps to failure 4️⃣ Front Raises 5x10-12 ss. Supinated Lateral Raises 5x12+ 5️⃣ Machine Rear Delt Flye 5x10-12 6️⃣ Around-the-world Raise burnout 3 sets to failure at Indian Peaks Wilderness

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🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨ We’re so pleased to present @jfreemond . . Happy Birthday Enzo!! Thank you for sharing! 💫🌟💫🌟💫🌟💫🌟💫 Selected by: @3jessicaaa _________________________________ Follow and tag your best Colorado shots and edits to #colorado_creative or #coloradocreative for your chance to be featured. If you don’t use one of these tags on your shot we don’t have your permission to feature your photo. No internet-taken photos, please! . #ccjfreemond _________________________________ #colorado #coloradophotography #coloradolove #colorfulcolorado #coloradoinstagram #coloradogram #colorfulcolorado #coloradoskies #coloradomountains #donttramplewildflowers #coloradotography #ilovecolorado #coloradophotographers #coloradophotography #LeaveNoTrace #stayonthetrail #dontpickwildflowers #keepwildanimalswild #dontfeedwildlife #keepcoloradobeautiful #denver_afterdark

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“Perhaps we're put on this earth not to simply live - But rather, impact. As I stand here before you all Now I rise, but one day I too will fall Life is filled with heartache How do we make sense of it all? Love. Love I tell you. School taught me that 3-1 is two, That roses are red and violets are blue, But it never taught me the value of "I love you." We spend our days sitting behind desks, Filing reports and signing checks, I must ask amongst all the daily things you do - How many times do you stop to say "I love you?” The course of tomorrow different than today, Love those who bring you sunshine, when the skies are grey. For when the sun comes up, some eyes won't blink. Some hearts won't beat, and it'll hurt more than you think. You'll wish you would've said "I love you" One more time For the simplest pleasures do not cost a dime.” -TB

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There are so many great roadsides orchards in the West, and picking your own fruit is a fun, healthy roadside treat! Hurry up, cherry season! . Follow @greatwestvacation for more travel ideas! . Want help planning your visit to the Western U.S.? We help with itinerary planning starting at only $50! 🌎 . . . #roadtrip #roadtripusa #roadtrippers #weekendgetaway #weekendgetaways #weekendwarrior #weekendwarrior #traveltips #traveltip #travelideas #travelwest #colorado #coloradotourism #visitcolorado #coloradolove #coloradoinsider #flatheadlake #palisade #palisadepeaches #palisadecolorado #orchard #cherry #cherrypicking #cherrypicker #vacationideas #fruitpicking #flatheadcherries #rainiercherries #travelfun #coupletravel