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Looking forward to the show💚🇦🇺 Repost @glutenfreeexpoau ・・・ One month to go until the Perth Gluten Free Expo!! We are so thrilled to have long time supporter @_simplywize on board as a Perth Gluten Free Expo sponsor! @_simplywize is a modern brand that will win your taste buds over from the first bite, with delicious, great tasting products. At @_simplywize, they believe that gluten free foods should taste like the conventional product but they haven’t stopped there, bringing you the most delectable, gluten free food, from across the four corners of the earth. at Perth, Western Australia

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Say hello to the true love of my life - mini pavlovas. Sweet, fruity, crunchy, filled with cream and colourful to boot. There’s even chocolate shavings on the top so all the food groups are covered 😉 Since I was in Canada for Christmas I missed out on the traditional seasonal pav so I’m making up for it now. Like, really making up for it. . . . . . #glutenfree #glutenfreedesserts #glutenfreelife #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreelifestyle #noglutennoproblem #glutenfreesweets #glutenfreeaustralia #glutenfreebrisbane #coeliac #celiac #coeliacdisease #celiacdisease #glutenfreeblog #glutenfreeblogger #coeliacsafe #celiacsafe #celiacfriendly #celiacfriendly #autoimmunedisease #dessert #coeliacaustralia #brisbanecoeliac #australiancoeliac

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Does pineapple belong on pizza? Gluten free pizza base is possible with YesYouCan Pizza and Focaccia Bread Mix! It’s also wheat free, all natural, and non-GMO! Grab #YesYouCan gluten free products in independent supermarkets and health food stores near you! Or buy online at #YesYouCanBake #glutenfree #glutenfreegoodness #allergyfriendly #coeliac #glutenfreeaustralia #coeliacaustralia #glutenfreebaking #glutenfreerecipes #recipes #homecooking #yesyoucan #bakingau #plantbased #glutenfreebaking #coeliacbaking #australia #guiltfree #sansgluten #lowsugar #lowsodium #vegansofaustralia #celiac #vegan #vegetarian

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Enjoying the Australian beach on a warm summer day 🌊☀️

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. P A N C A K E S . Give me allllll the pancakes. But hold the gluten. No worries here for special people.. I mean coeliacs, here at @cafehenkel. Entire menu gluten free & accredited by @coeliacaus. Do it. Ya know ya want to. at Cafe Henkel

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The most amazing gluten free and dairy free WAFFLES you will ever have! makes the prettiest food 😍🤤 at Mama-P

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GF Dumpling Wrapper Recipe 🥟🥟🥟 ⠀⠀ ⠀ This recipe made 16 big dumplings for me and they were delicious and easy to make. ⠀⠀ ⠀ * 3/4 cup tapioca starch (also called tapioca flour) * 1/2 cup gf plain flour rice flour * 1/2 cup white rice flour * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 2/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon boiling water * 2 tablespoons vegetable oil ⠀⠀ ⠀ Directions: ⠀⠀ ⠀ Mix the dry ingredients together well. Pour in the boiling water and oil and stir with a spoon to mix and also release steam and heat. As soon as the dough is cool enough to touch, knead with your hands in the bowl for about 2 minutes until the dough is stretchy, smooth, and shiny, and has pulled away from the sides of the bowl. Put the dough immediately into zip lock bag or cling to prevent moisture loss. Cut into 16 balls. Roll out and put filling in - we used chicken mince with cabbage, onion, ginger and coriander. Put dumplings into a pan filled with 2cm if water, bring to a simmer and put them into water. Takes about 10 mins to cook (water to absorb) and you can crisp up the bottoms if you like. Full recipe from at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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VEGEMITE AND AVO TOAST 🥑 . . Happy Saturday! 🌿 The gluten free vegemite tastes exactly like the original! If you haven’t tried it on toast with avocado, you need to try it! . . Being Coeliac, it’s really important you use a toaster that is solely used with gluten free bread, there is a high risk of cross contamination otherwise!

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Searched for and found! The new #glutenfree #vegemite is amazing. It’s everything I remember 👌🏻

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💗 Love is in the air! 💗 And so is the smell of my amazingly simple #glutenfree Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding. . Made in 5 minutes! With only ingredients you've got in your pantry! In the microwave! The perfect serving for 2 (ahem, 1 I mean) . Head to the link in my bio for the recipe and whip this bad boy up asap. Then proceed to sit on the lounge and watch #MAFS reruns while stuffing it in your face wondering why your not out on some hot date.... . .... or is that just me? 🤔 . . . . . . . . . . #thebakefeed #feedfeed #glutenfreelife #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreedessert #recipeoftheday #instafood #igfood #buzzfeedfood #huffposttaste #foodphotography #homemade #lovebaking #foodblogeats #dessertoftheday #foodblogger #perthblogger #foodporn #buzzfeast #foodforfoodies #weekendbaking #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreelifestyle #glutenfreeideas #allergyfriendlybaker #coeliacaustralia #ilovegfcake #champagneandgumbootsbakes

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CHOCOLATE CAKE 🍫🍰 . . Decadent chocolate cake, the perfect treat on Valentines Day 💕 . . 180gram dark choc, I used Lindt dessert premium dark 8tbsp coconut oil 1 flax egg, 1 tbsp flax seed meal and 3 tbsp water - leave to sit for 10 minutes 2/3 cup coconut sugar ¼ maple syrup ¼ cup gluten free flour ¼ cup almond meal ½ cup almond milk ½ cup cacao powder 1 tbsp coffee, mixed with 2 tbsp hot water ¼ tsp baking soda 1 tsp vanilla paste ¼ tsp pink Himalayan rock salt 2 tbsp icing sugar 1 punnet of raspberries . . - Pre heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius - Grease springform pan with coconut oil and baking paper - Melt chocolate and coconut oil in double boiler - Make flax egg - Once chocolate has completed melted, take off the heat and add maple syrup/almond milk/vanilla paste and salt - Sift/mix together coconut sugar, almond meal, gluten free flour, cacao, flax egg, coffee and baking soda - Transfer mixture to prepared pan and cook for 30-35 minutes - Completely cool, dust icing sugar and add raspberries -Enjoy!

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FISH AND CHIPS 🐠 . . The Salty Crab 🦀 in Vincentia/Jervis Bay area can make everything on their menu gluten free, have GF batter and a separate fryer! . . Really crispy and tastes like the real thing! . . 9/10 GF Rating!

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TACO TUESDAY 🌮 . . Well.. a healthier version of it 😅 these were so delicious and fresh! Homemade teriyaki sauce with baked salmon on a bed of spiralised cucumber 🥒 this recipe is a must try! Gluten free, keto and paleo! . .

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Beautiful food @gingerandrosecafe and I felt absolutely reassured that there was no chance of gluten cross contamination. Management are very aware and knowledgeable of food allergies and intolerances. The food and coffee was delicious and so beautifully presented. I will be back again to try the rest of the menu very soon.

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Home cooking! Football nights need football feeds - @beerenbergfarm never disappoints! Gluten Free meal bases in a number of varieties for for the slow cooker and the one pot wonders. I love cooking these meals for those intimate evenings, nights in watching the football or sharing a meal and laughs with friends. I added extra veggies to pack it full of goodness! You can find this range in Foodland and other independent stores and @tonyandmarks (Best of all you can order all of this range from Beerenberg’s website and have it sent to you 😉). I love being able to buy from South Aussie local companies and I love that they take care of us with Coeliacs! Apologies for the picture and mess, this was my second bowl because it was so good and was distracted by the incredible smell I forgot to take a picture before I started eating... #coeliacfriendly #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreemeals #coeliacsdisease #glutenfreerecipe #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreefoods #glutenfreefoodie #glutenfreeaustralia #coeliacfoodie #coeliacaustralia #coeliacaustraliamagazine #coeliacsouthaustralia #pleasesircanihavesomemore #beerenberg #slowcookerrecipes #delicious at Adelaide, South Australia

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Okay so as you can tell, I’m a little obsessed with Pizza. What’s your favourite? Mine is Cagney’s Meat Lovers GF pizza and it tastes as good as it looks 🍕😍 Thank you for having me @cagneys_sydenham I will definitely be back 😊 - #NationalPizzaDay #GF #GlutenFree #GlutenFreePizza #GlutenFreeFoods #GlutenFreeEats #GlutenFreeRestaurants #GlutenFreeFoodie #GlutenFreeAustralia #GlutenFreeMelbourne #Coeliac #CoeliacFriendly #CoeliacAustralia #CoeliacMelbourne at Cagney's Pizza & Pasta

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BLUEBERRY AND LEMON MUFFINS 🍋 . . These muffins are fluffy and delicious! They’re gluten free, refined sugar free and vegan. But the best thing about them is that no one would be able to tell the difference! . . I added more lemon juice and some zest to make it more tangy 🍋 . . 9/10 GF Rating! . .

9 days ago

I DID IT! I got my hands on this pure gold and OH MY GOODNESS IT’S DELIGHTFUL. Honestly, tastes like the Vegemite I remember and I couldn’t be happier! Found it in my local IGA, and it’s endorsed by the wonderful @coeliacaus ❤️😍🙌🏼

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Starting from February 25th when I have my procedure, follow me as I navigate the changes in mine and my daughters life as I change our diet. 🍇🥦 . Harriet under goes gene testing to rule out if she has it or not.😀 . Our massive lifestyle change, new receipe ideas that I promise will be yum because I love my food too much . . I will be raw, REAL and honest throughout this journey 🙏 . #coeliacdisease #coeliacaustralia #scopes #lifestylechange #wegotthis #betterhealth #notsoscarednow #guthealth #secondbrain #healthyfamily #tests #awareness #glutenfree #gluten #didntknowitcouldmakeyouthissick #lifeimprovements #allergyfamily #allergies #intolerances #greatguts #gut

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GF PROFITEROLES - they work! INGREDIENTS * 250ml (1 cup) water * 80g butter, at room temperature, chopped * 1 cup plain GF flour, sifted * 3 eggs, at room temperature, lightly whisked CREME PATISSIERE * 435ml (1 3/4 cups) milk * 1 Vanilla Bean, split lengthways, seeds separated or essence will work * 3 egg yolks * 70g (1/3 cup) caster sugar * 50g (1/3 cup) plain gf flour TOPPING * Nestle choc buttons METHOD * Place the water and butter in a saucepan. Bring to the boil. Remove from heat and use a wooden spoon to beat in flour until combined. * Cook, stirring, over medium heat for 2-3 minutes or until the mixture forms a ball and comes away from side of pan. Set aside for 5 minutes to cool. * Gradually add egg, 1 tablespoon at a time, beating well after each addition. When making these with gluten, dough will be thick and glossy - with GF not so much but they still work (see dough pic). * Preheat oven 200°C. Line baking tray with baking paper. Place heaped dessertspoonfuls of dough, about 3cm apart, on trays. * Use wet hands to pat down any peaks of dough. Sprinkle trays with water to create steam. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until puffed and golden. * Turn off oven. Use a knife to pierce the base of each profiterole. Place profiteroles in oven for 20 minutes to dry out. Transfer to a wire rack to cool. * For the creme patissiere, warm milk and the vanilla seeds/essence in a saucepan. Whisk yolks and sugar in a bowl until thick. Whisk in flour, then milk mixture. * Return to pan and cook, whisking, over low heat for 5 minutes or until mixture thickens. Cover surface with plastic wrap. Place in the fridge to chill. * Spoon creme patissiere in a piping bag fitted with a 5mm nozzle. Push nozzle into the base of each profiterole and fill with creme patissiere. * Dip them in melted choc and let them set at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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SYDNEY PEEPS!! Do yourself a favour and visit @warrenandholt for brekky. These Banoffee Hotcakes are insane and the rest of their menu looks amazing! ⁣ ⁣ Fellow Coeliacs, W&H are fully across cross contamination and the only gluten item on the menu is bread which is prepared separately. ⁣ ⁣ 🤤🤤🤤🤤

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FETTUCINE NAPOLITANA 🍅 . . Such a quick and easy dinner! . . 1tbsp of olive oil 1 clove of garlic 1 green onion 1 can of diced tomatoes 2 tbsp of tomato paste 2 tbsp of vegetable stock powder 2 cups of water Salt and pepper 2 servings of your choice of pasta Grated Parmesan for garnish . . . Dice the onion and garlic and sauté in a heated pan with olive oil. Add the diced tomatoes, tomato paste, vegetable stock and water and simmer for 20 minutes. In the meantime cook the pasta as per the instructions on packaging. Once sauce has thickened, season with salt and pepper and add pasta into the sauce and serve. Grated Parmesan is optional but highly recommended and enjoy!

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Woo woo! GF donuts 🍩 • It’s been awhile since any donut for me and I swear these are like the ‘real thing’ #happydays @darringtons_pastry . (I got some pies and aranchini too - I have a weakness for aranchini) . . #eatingfortheinsta #coeliacaustralia #nogluten #autoimmunedisease #glutenfreeperth #semgluten #senzaglutine #sansgluten #soyceliaca #coeliaclife #celiac #nocrumbs #savemyintestine #coeliaceats #thislittlecoeliac #whatdiet #nocrosscontamination at Perth, Western Australia

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The wonderful @fitfattynatty and I ventured out to @shop_225 for an incredible gluten free Italian fare tonight! They are accredited by @coeliacaus and their passion for their craft is evident. It geeks like a warm embrace walking into this restaurant and this bowl of bolognese was honestly one of the best I have ever had. So rich and tasty and the texture of the pasta was better than I ever could have imagined! We're already planning our next date! . . . #coeliac #celiac #coeliacdisease #glutenfree #glutenfreelife #glutenfreelifestyle #glutenfreefood #glutenfreefoodie #glutenfreepasta #glutenfreedinner #glutenfreemelbourne #glutenfreeaustralia #nightout #melbournefood #melbournefoodie #melbournerestaurant #coeliacaustralia #fitfoodie #healthychoices #lifebalance #eeeeeats #cheatmeal #melbournefoodscene #whatceliacseat #whatcoeliacseat #foodiesinmelbourne #glutenintolerant #yummy at SHOP 225

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It’s official!! Happy little vegemite 🙃 📷: @coeliacaus

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Yep- the rave reviews are accurate! It may be in an obscure spot + very few seats inside but geee whizzz can they make a bloody burger!!! We’re in Burg Heaven people. BURG. HEAVEN. Special mention - best chips we’ve had in over a year. Boom! 🤙🏽🤙🏽🔥 • • • @cafehenkel #coeliacdisease #safeeats #coeliacaccredited #coeliacaustralia #alloverit #nailedit #glutenfree #gf #lunch #brunch #hellsyeah #gfphantoms #thecoeliaccrew #gffoodie #coeliaclife #coeliaceats #burgerandfries #glutenfreelife #gfbeer #nocrumbsplease #nocrosscontaminationhere #winning #wellbeback at Cafe Henkel

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Don't miss out on celebrating a fun day- International Bagel Day on February 9- choose your favourite toppings and ... find a great gluten free bagel recipe, then see what you can make with Simply Wize gluten free Crusty Bread Mix- give it a go! at Sydney, Australia

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Gluten free means it’s healthy right? NOT ALWAYS Yesterday I picked up this delicious looking GF chocolate raspberry loaf to have as a treat. When I got home, I thought I’d check out the nutrition information panel. Guess how many calories in ONE loaf? 457 calories! That is nearly a quarter of the average recommended daily calorie intake. It will also not keep you full for very long at all. My plan now with these you may ask? I am going to cut them up into bite size pieces and freeze them so I can have a small treat with my cup of tea in the afternoon when I am craving chocolate. #cake #chocolate #raspberry #chocolateloaf #afternoontea #treat #glutenfree #glutenfreecake #glutenfreefoods #glutenfreefoodie #coeliac #coeliaclife #coeliacdisease #coeliacaustralia #dietitian #nutrition #dailycalorieintake #healthylife

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MACARONS 🌸 . . 80% of Passiontree Velvet’s macaron flavours are gluten free! They’re the perfect gift and they even have other GF sweets on display! . . 8/10 GF Rating! . . Cacao hot chocolate recipe: 🍫 - teaspoon of reishi mushroom powder - teaspoon of cacao - 2 teaspoons of coconut sugar - hot water - dash of coconut milk .