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11 hours ago

Mum said I’m boopaful ❣️ - Poppy Clumber

12 hours ago

Wir haben das tolle Wetter voll Ausgekostet 😍. Ab zum #Revierparkvonderort beim #Waldhof 😊. Amira läuft immer besser nur leider wird es wieder eine Operation geben 😕. Dort werden dann wieder die Achillisseenen Durchtrennt 😢. Aber trotzdem nützen wir jeden Tag um zu Üben . Hat riesigen Spaß gemacht bei der Sonne mal wieder Warm raus zu kommen ohne dicke Jacken 😅. #Sonne #wetter #instgood #instafamilie #Amira #baby2017 #girl #engelelchen #püppy #Süße #mamasmädchen #meinglück #meinbaby #meineengel #mama #stolzemama #klumpfuss #clumber #behinderung

2 days ago

Today, we (and about a million other people!) went to @clumberparknt to make the.most of the weather. We met Chris' parents there and had a long walk around the lake finishing with a hot chocolate that was half chocolate, half whipped cream. The dream! Florence was in a diva mood and was wanting to escape the pram and be carried- so odd how some days she is fine and others she hates it! at Clumber Park National Forest

2 days ago

No, seriously. I want a treat. - Poppy Clumber

3 days ago

Good morning!

4 days ago

Dear all. Happy Valentine's Day. Here in my native Finland we call it Day of Friends. Maybe because Finns are so shy. Anyway I'd like to take this opportunity to recognize all my friends. You are the bestest. #clumberspaniel #clumber #valentines #ystävänpäivä

4 days ago

Wee Jensen’s little butt is taking up all the room! - Poppy Clumber

5 days ago

Not doing morning today. I did a morning yesterday, that’s enough! - Poppy Clumber