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2 months ago

12.28.18//: vacation vibe is unplanned midweek coffee dates with bae whilst she sings me blink 182 and we wait for new brakes & tires. and yes, she did find an edible garden and a plant that smells like licorice. ahhh, the good life. #thetripathiclarks #claimitgood #thisis33 at Sebastopol, California

2 months ago

12.24.18//: Every Sunday of advent we turn out all of the lamps, gather round our altar, light a candle, say prayers of justice, peace, love, and hope. We dance and sing our favorite carols accompanied by the sweet voices of Aretha, Mahalia, Sam, Eva and Whitney. It’s a simple practice that helps me remember that the light will come. It will come even in the darkest of times, shining without discrimination on my imperfections, on the hardest moments and roughest edges. It is a reminder for me, that no matter what, joy can exist and there is possibility of a new way. A way of goodness, wholeness, acceptance, radical love and light. #claimitgood #faithinaction #christmaseve #sonomacounty at Healdsburg, California

2 months ago

12.11.18//: one more rotation around the sun. more turning, twists, and curves. to the blessings that will come, to lessons to be learned, to the grace that has been given. I am ever more certain that this is my year. #thisis33 #claimitgood #sagittariusseason at Sonoma, California

2 months ago

12.09.18//: I think the theme this season is making a way for miracles. Finding what fits and reimagining what is possible. Expecting the unexpected and rejoicing in the newness. Today was filled with home tours, hugs from soul friends, beautiful church community, a sense of belonging, a moving sermon providing the exact message I needed to hear, and then early celebrations with a family adventure with biting winds, curvy roads and incredible skies. #claimitgood #makeawayformiracles #firesign #sagseason #sonomacounty #ucc #faithinaction at Kortum Trail, Bodega Bay

3 months ago

12.03.18//: This fall I have been facilitating a sexuality education course with eight 8th & 9th grade youth. Today we completed over 52 hours of curriculum and presented to our church community. Impactful doesn’t begin to cover it- I am so humbled by these young people and hopeful for the world. Definitely recommend the our whole lives program for all youth- there are programs K through adulthood. The curriculum was created by the Unitarian Universalist and United Church of Christ but is also designed to be used in secular settings too. Remember, when it comes to sexuality- silence speaks just as loud as the words we say. #claimitgood #ucc #ourwholelives #bestmonth at Community Church of Sebastopol

4 months ago

10.12.18//: This is where it all happened! The Snake Pit... a former converted garage turned into Studio A. The floor in the control room was worn down from all of the dancing, the original drums where Marvin Gaye got his start, piano where he recorded “What’s Going On” and where Stevie Wonder perfected his craft, the hook where David Ruffin hung his coat while singing with the Temptations, the amps where the Funk Brothers plugged in lending their talents to provide background music, where Diana Ross sang her first hit. There was even special speaker piped up into the attic to get that Motown magic! Did you know that Barry Gordy had another label that recorded spoken word and speeches from prominent activists and artists? Yup... like Martin Luther King Jr, Elaine Brown, Huey P Newton and Langston Hughes. #claimitgood #detroit #motown #hitsvilleusa #keeplearning #keepdreaming at Motown Museum

4 months ago

10.12.18//: A visit to the @motownmuseum had me feeling all of the feels today. Incredible to be in the place where so many greats got their start. Barry Gordy purchased this home with an $800 loan from his family’s lending pool, recruited local talented artists, ended up buying the whole damn block, building a movement and changing the music industry forever. Complicated, yes. But so inspiring! #claimitgood #detroit #hittsvilleusa #motown at Motown Museum

5 months ago

09.29.18//: so lovely to celebrate Hailey & Jonny this afternoon! I’ve been friends with these beauties for over 18 years. These are the kind of moments to remember. Strength, sisterhood, love and joy. #celebratejoy #claimitgood #rememberlove at Sonoma County, CA

5 months ago

09.26.18//: Ya’ll... this month has been so big for me, personally and professionally. Yesterday I spoke at the biggest conference in my field, Dreamforce. I co-facilitated two sessions about innovation and leveraging technology in service of vision. It felt amazing to share my work, share about my organization and share the impact we’re making. Waking up this morning, I feel so damn humbled. For the recognition, for friends and family who have been my cheerleaders, for the support of my incredible team, for work that makes my heart sing. I’m proud of myself, and even though it sounds weird to say, I’m going to do it anyways. I did something big that scared me and I did it well. #dreamforce #claimitgood #innovation #faithinaction at San Francisco, California

5 months ago

09.09.18//: this month is going to push me. new challenges at work, new role as sexuality educator with youth at my church, full calendars, limited time, new responsibilities and opportunities to grow and learn. ya’ll, I am uncomfortable. and that’s okay. trying to cultivate calm. nourish confidence. hush my imposter feelings. and reside in the faith that I am capable, worthy and loved beyond measure. #claimitgood #lezdothis #queerfemme #faithinaction

6 months ago

09.01.18//: all the feels from the wedding of our dear heart friends this weekend. such an amazing community of chosen family, celebrating love and joy. #a2af #queerlove #claimitgood at Adeline Farms

6 months ago

08.12.18//: when I feel pulled by g-d, spirit, creator to seek them where the water meets the shore, I trust and listen. I lift my arms upwards, pulling good salty air inwards, releasing blessings outward. thank you is on my tongue and gratitude in my heart. and on days like this, I remember that walls cannot contain the amount of grace in the world. and I am so thankful to be here, alive, whole, loved. and that love is bigger than I ever imagined. and that grace fills everything around me. and that wholeness is the feeling that I deserve. every day. all my life. #claimitgood #queerfemme #sonomacounty #faithinaction #countryroads #queerinfaith at Kortum Trail, Bodega Bay