Chocolatecuckooorpington Photos & Videos

1 year ago

My coop power couple ❀ Andy definetly wears the pants in my flock, Uggo would die for his ladies but he is not a tough guy by any means. Whenever he does somethiung that displeases Andy, or any one of the hens, they are sure to let him know with so many ghost pecks and poor sweet Uggo just goes back to begging for their love and offering them treats. He's actually very smart, the hens always choose the gentle roo over the rough one and he's experienced that first hand lol #andytheblueandalusion #uggocuckooorp #blueandalusion #chocolatecuckooorpington #englishorpington #orpington #backyardchickens

2 years ago

All my peepers got caught in the rain and I was afraid they would catch a chill so I popped the heat lamp on and they were all so excited lol. Poor things were soaked to the bone, I hope no one gets sick. Poor uggo was hiding in the bushes and we couldnt find him for a good 30 mins after everyone else had been brought in... he his practically bald and the raindrops must've felt like needles, poor guy... I brought him in and he's sleeping with some old pajama pants and a towel in a box in my room... on my bed. Lol #housechicken

2 years ago

Yay! My Lavender & Chocolate Cuckoo Orpingtons were delivered today! Sadly 2 of the Lavender eggs broke in transit, which is a bummer, but I'm just excited some of them made it! They'll be settling for 24 hours and then make their way into the incubator 😬 #lavenderorpingtons #chocolatecuckooorpington #hatching #incubating

2 years ago

Not quilt related but for all you crazy chicken people here's a shot of my favorite hen. Isn't she pretty!?! She's a Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington. I got her as a chick on Mother's Day last year. The person selling them was pretty sure she was a rooster and therefore was in the box to be culled. I asked if she would sell it to me instead. So she sold her to me for $5. And she turned out to be a hen not a rooster. She's beautiful! So much fluff!!! #fluffybuttfriday #chocolatecuckooorpington #chickensofinstagram #backyardchickens also pictured are my Black Copper Marans/Lavender Americauna mixed Olive Eggers, my Cream Legbar roo and my Lavender Americauna! #oliveegger #lavenderamericauna #creamlegbar #blueeggs #greeneggs