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19 minutes ago

Happy birthday to meee🎉🎉🎉 I turned one today ( 7 in dog years, so I'm a big boy now) 😎

1 hour ago

She gets a little concerned when someone is leaving. Her anxiety is slightly better since starting the cbd oil. It's still a nightmare getting her into the crate and leaving her though.

3 hours ago

I love playing outside.☀️🍃

4 hours ago

When your friends ask you to dogsit their new puppy, think again.... Do a background check. On the surface he may look adorable, he will charm his way into your bed, he'll woo the ladies at the park, he will cuddle and stare at you with innocent eyes, but deep down those eyes may be dead inside. The similarities to a cold-hearted serial killer are all too much. He'll leave bite marks, he'll leave a path of destruction and terrorise anyone in his way. Ankles, wrists, shoes, clothes, plants, documents... He shows no emotion. His name is Fletcher, but I've renamed him Bundy. He is a monster. Don't be fooled @bevkillick He must be stopped! 😱😭💩

7 hours ago

Stella gets sad when her mama (my roomie) goes out for errands, so I'm keeping her company. 💜 #chiuahuasofinstagram

11 months ago

«Memories, happy filled of love and loyalty...».🕯 My baby Dali 🐶 🐾 Antwerpen / Portugal (Faro-Algarve) ————————————————————— #artist #dog #photography #pet #chihuahua #animal #dogslife #ilovemydog #cute #photography #dogsofintagram #rest #chiuahualove #watchdog #dog_feature #chiuahuasofinstagram #paradis #memories Gio : (18/03/07-22/10/18)🙏😢⛪️ <><><><><><><><><><> « You were like my baby for almost 12 years !. Thank you with all my heart, these moments shared with you : Laughing of joy, games, Cuddles and attention !. We never accept the abrupt departure but you know your soul rest in peace makes me less sad... » ——————————— Gio : (18/03/07-22/10/18 )🙏😢⛪️ <><><><><><><><><><> « Tu as été comme mon bébé pendant presque 12 ans !. Je te remercie de tout mon Cœur , ces instants partagé avec toi : De rire, de joies , de jeux , des câlins et d’attention !. On accepte jamais le départ brusque mais l’idée de te savoir ton âme reposer en paix me rend moin triste ... »