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3 days ago

You can't farm without a really good sense of humor. We decided to finally move the chickens into one of our tunnels and one of the coop doors opened mid-move so 40+ chickens escaped. If you've ever tried to catch a chicken, you know that those buggers just don't want to be caught. After managing to catch 16 by hand it was clear that it would be helpful to have a large net. Bingo - an emergency trip to the local bait & tackle store. Net in hand, we rounded up the stragglers much to their chagrin. They've been reunited with their sisters but sheesh, things are never easy or straightforward. In case you wondering, this is how farmers spend their days sometimes. PS. I missed my kids' Valentine's Day parties due to this silliness. #farmingisglamorous #chickenwrangler #chickensofinstagram #justgottalaugh #ridiculous #thisisfarming #farmerproblems at Skylight Farms

14 days ago

When the heat lights go off in the chickens pen😳...this little girl was a bit too chilly and the others started to pick on her.... Meet the chicken now known as Elsa. . . *Note* when bringing outdoor animals 'in' during the winter do not heat them up to OUR living temperatures... Keep it cool, a boot room, tack room, or garage .. you don't wanna heat them up THAT much, just enough to let them recover. She is in my tack room hanging out for an hour or so ... . . . . #rhodeislandred #rhodeislandreds #ilovechickens #chookchook #canadianwinter #coldoutside #brownchicken #chicken #farmlife #barnlife #countrygirl #countrygirls #chickenwrangler #farmgirl #chickensofinstagram #chickensofinsta at Coldstream, British Columbia

16 days ago

Happy February! 💕 We’re thankful our girls are still giving us fresh eggs even with the chilly temps outside. 🥚 . Sharing our egg love for #EggVignette with Penny from @happydaysfarm. Grab some eggs and play along. 😊

18 days ago

We’re living our best life back here on the farm. 🐓 ask Demi how long it took me to catch the damn thing.

18 days ago

Didn't think the heat tray we had for the chickens was working good enough today, so i left work early, picked up a heat lamp for tomorrow and brought them inside for the day/night! #warmchickens #chickenwrangler

1 month ago

Love full nesting boxes. 🥚 The cold weather hasn’t stopped our girls from laying. We’re getting 5 to 10 eggs daily from our flock of 14. 🐔 Who needs a dozen?

1 month ago

how many chickens do you have? what’s your favorite breed? do your chickens have different personalities, too? the flock we culled in the fall consisted of 1 barred rock, 2 rhode island red, and 2 black australorp. to me, the black australorp were the most intelligent hens in the bunch! i’m hoping to get 4 chickens in april... what breeds should i get this time? (in the photo is my girl, Millie). ⇾ ⇾ ⇾ ⇾ ⇾ #chickenwrangler #chickensofig #farmlife #naturehippies #natureseekers #outdoorsy #outdoorslife #outdoorsgirl #gypsywanderer #gypsysoul #gypsyspirit #wegetoutside #greatoutdoors #letsgetlost #selfcaredaily #badasswomen #workingfortheweekend #adventuregirls #freshairandfreedom #lovetheoutdoors #westernpennsylvania #explorepa #happyhomesteading #beautycounter #betterbeauty #womenwhoexplore #girlsthatwander

1 month ago

For those of you farming and homesteading, what brought you this work and way of life? Did you grow up doing it, or come to it as an adult? What inspired you to continue these traditions or start them anew? . I definitely did not come from a background of farming or homesteading. I read Animal Liberation by Peter Singer when I was about 10, and it spun me off into years of vegetarianism (of course, I'm no longer vegetarian now that we process our own birds). That book was so formative for me! It was my first time thinking about where my food really came from--and I didn't like what I saw. . I continued to be fascinated by food and health as I grew up. I've worked in some facet of the food industry for my entire adult life, but it took awhile for me to move into the producing end of things. I started growing food in my early twenties. I was newly sober and living in a studio apartment next to a lumberyard. Short on cash, I made my first garden out of my six foot tall bookshelf. I removed the back and the shelves and made that baby into a raised bed. I turned seeds into onions and I was hooked. I also tried to grow quinoa in a bucket in the shade, but that was less successful. 😂 . I didn't know anything about anything, but it didn't really matter, because I just kept trying. Every garden got a little bit bigger and better, and chickens entered the picture. And here we are now, working this little piece of land. Because I'm always learning, everything still feels like that first seed becoming an onion. It still feels new, and at the start of every season or project I get nervous flutters because I know I can't predict or control the outcome of a seed, or a bird. I can only do my best. . How'd you get to where you are? What's your story? at Greenfield, Massachusetts

1 month ago

Hello Everyone! My name is Sarah and I am a farm wife and mom! I raise kids, chickens, dogs and sometimes a little hell! I am a terrible cook but an amazing baker(or so I think). I am a farmers daughter who has always enjoyed the farm way of life. My hobby is home decor and my husband and I have spent almost 3 years renovating our dream farmhouse! I look forward to sharing our crazy lives with you! #realfarmwivesofillinois #farmwife #chickenwrangler #kidwrangler

1 month ago

Allow me to reintroduce myself--my name is Maeg. There are so many new faces here, I thought I'd say hello! Thank you so much for joining me and my wife Sarah as we share these little online messages in a bottle about our farm. . We live on 6.5 acres in Western Massachusetts, and bought our place almost two years ago. Our property is mostly woods, and hilly, which is wonderful for meditative walks but has demanded creativity from us in terms of farm planning (forest farmers, please say hi!). We currently grow blueberries and vegetables, and have a small flock of chickens which will be growing exponentially as we prepare to offer hatching eggs and chicks next year. We are also experimenting with ways to make our woods productive, too! . Our farm philosophy is self sufficiency before sales, working with permaculture principles, and growing and working at a pace that keeps everything fun for us, too (for a look at the long, handwritten version of our goals, go few posts back). . A few random things about me: if stranded on a desert island, I might choose potatoes as my only food. I'm obsessed with reading and know my library card number by heart (but not my license plate). And I absolutely NEED to be the first person in the house awake in the morning, no matter what day it is. . Please tell me something about yourself! I would also love to hear what drew you here--what do you enjoy and what would you like to see more of? . . . . #thesilverfoxfarm #whywegrow #farmher #iamcountryside #iamamodernfarmer #whywefarm #farmspiration #womenwhofarm #greenfieldma #westernma #homesteading #growyourownfood #knowyourfarmer #homestead #tellyourstory #ladyfarmer #gardener #farmer #chickenwrangler #queerswhofarm #queerfarmers #introductions #intro #hello #farmlifebestlife #permaculture #countryqueers at Greenfield, Massachusetts

2 months ago

Dear American Girl, if you think by calling the new Girl of the Year a “chicken wrangler” and having adorable chicken accessories will make us buy more things you are....... probably right 🤬. PS- Also please take the surveillance out of our house cause chickens seriously? how can that be a coincidence? 😜 #backyardchickens #chickenwrangler #chickensofinstagram at American Girl

2 months ago

•I never thought I’d be a lady who carries the trash in one hand and a dead opossum in the other, or wears muck boots 90% of my life, or hunts every year, or cans my own food, or makes my own deodorant, or has chickens and actually misses them now that they are gone. •But this is my life; and I wouldn’t change it for anything. •There’s something about watching my kids carry around a chicken, hunt for snakes and newts, pet the tail of a baby opossum, make a Barbie pond at the bottom of a rain gutter, or end up knee deep in thick clay while playing behind the garage. •There’s a type of pride in all of these things that I didn’t even know was possible. •Cheers to homesteading, whatever your definition of that is! May 2019 be fruitful and prosperous! 🙌🏻🌱☀️🐓 • • • • • #naturehippies #natureseekers #outdoorsy #outdoorslife #outdoorsgirl #gypsywanderer #gypsysoul #gypsyspirit #wegetoutside #greatoutdoors #adventuregirls #freshairandfreedom #lovetheoutdoors #westernpennsylvania #explorepa #happyhomesteading #adventureoften #darlingescapes #wanderingwarrior #beautycounter #betterbeauty #homesteadlife #homesteadinglife #chickenwrangler #farminglife

2 months ago

A chicken story. . Years ago, in another life, in another place, I lived on a small lot with a good number of neighbors around. I REALLY wanted to have a small flock of chickens in my backyard. Being the generally well-behaved citizen that I am, I went to city hall to find out how I could make this dream a reality. I left city hall with a chicken shaped hole in my heart. Due to the size of my lot, I would need to pay $300 just to present my case to the planning board. At the time, $300 just wasn't doable for me--it was everything I had saved for the coop and birds alone. . As luck would have it, soon afterward I was hauling rocks for one of my garden beds early one morning, and my next door neighbor spotted me. Because she was an amazing neighbor, she offered to help. We got to talking, and I mentioned in passing my chicken sadness. "But I would LOVE it if you had chickens!" she said. "As long as I could come visit them." Since she was the only neighbor whose yard abutted mine, I knew that no one else would even SEE the chickens, let alone complain about them. The spirit of the city rules--don't bother your neighbor with chickens--would prevail. . I had my flock at that place for two years, six Buff Orpingtons I raised from day-old chicks. I learned so much, and I think that both me and the neighbors were happier having chickens around. . I can't really advocate being a chicken outlaw, because it doesn't always end so well, but I really found a passion in keeping those first six birds. I'm glad I went for it with my neighbor's support. Now I have a larger flock, and so much land that we could keep pretty much any animal we wanted, but it all started there. . What was your first homesteady endeavor? Have you encountered any similar obstacles? What are the rules where you live? . . #thesilverfoxfarm #greenfieldma #westernmass #chickensofinstagram #farmstory #chickens #backyardchickens #backyardflock #petchickens #beardedchicken #iamcountryside #farmher #farmlife #chickenwrangler #homesteading #smallfarm #homesteadlife #farmlifebestlife #homestead #chooksofinstagram #mypetchicken #backyardpoultrymag at Greenfield, Massachusetts

2 months ago

Things have slowed down tremendously on the farm but there are still the daily animal chores. Everyone needs to be let out in the morning and locked up at night. There are eggs to be collected, a goat to be milked morning and night, and making sure everyone has feed and water which involves cracking the ice in the morning. But we are all enjoying this sunshine!!! #farmlife #smallfarms #chickenwrangler #oaksongfarm #fluffybutts #freerange #farmingwithkids #winterfarming at Oak Song Farm

2 months ago

Howdy folks! It's been a bit since I've introduced ourselves... . We're the rowdy crew that is @fischerfamilyfarm! (By rowdy I mean that little guy in the middle!) . We are 1st generation farmers in south central Wisconsin. We rent all our land/farm from neighbors and family. Someday hoping to have our own land to call ours! . We have come along way from the 8 pigs, 1 cow, and 25 chickens we started with! . We raise premium pastured meats that we sell to the Madison/Sun Prairie area and surrounding communities. We work with some outstanding restaurants in the area and love supporting them as much as they support us! We also are at the @madnfm on Sundays and do deliveries every Wednesday! . We have learned so much on our journey and still have a ways to go! We love raising our son with farm life adventures. Andy and I both grew up with farming and love what it has taught us. . It hasn't been an easy road towards our dreams, but why should it be!? The struggles we face make us stronger and better equipped to handle the next big steps. We are just at the beginning of our journey and are thankful for the friends, new and old that follow and support us along the way! We love to follow yours and see your dreams become reality too! . Now tell us about YOU! . #fischerfamilyfarm #dontbuyfoodfromstrangers #familyfarm #wisconsinfarm #countryliving #aglife #modernfarm #farmtotable #wisconsinraised #knowyourfarmer #smallfarm #madisonwi #iamamodernfarmer #farmkid #farmliving #chickenwrangler #wisconsinlife #pasturedpork #pasturedbeef #pasturedchicken #supportlocal #midwest #midwestliving #sunprairiewi #iamcountryside #countryside

3 months ago

These three stinkers insist on roosting on the porch rail every night which is not a safe place for them so my eldest collects them and carries them to the safety of the barn. Tonight he popped in for a light because he heard a critter and wanted to know what it was (coyote, opossum, raccoon...) and I couldn’t resist a picture. I wonder if they’ll ever figure out to put themselves to bed in the proper place. #chickenwrangler #dumbclucks

3 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 Our flock loves when we crack open the pumpkins so they can enjoy a special treat.

3 months ago

With all that’s been going on I haven’t posted many pictures from our homestead lately so I thought I’d participate in #ChickenSelfieSunday! 🐔 . This bearded beaner is Robin. She’s one of our newer chicks - added to our flock in April. She is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I mean, how can you resist that face? Robin also lays the prettiest blue eggs, hence her name. 🥚 . If you want to join in the fun, follow and post your chicken selfie today as it’s the first anniversary of the hashtag. 😊