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The time and effort you put into your passion/craft, others will begin to notice.

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They’ll tell you to stop. They’ll tell you you’re wrong, they’ll set you up for failure, they’ll try to break you and shatter you. Look beyond that, keep your sanity and stand firm on your ground. Voices can’t move you, only actions can. Take action against the voices, they really are just that; voices. Move on, they’ll only tell you to stop. at Los Angeles, California

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🥰Everybody here is this awesome Kickstarter invention I had won from @0.8l_usa and @getpivo it is called the Pivo Get Insanely Creative GIFs, Photos, and Videos with your smartphone. 🌟 I thank you and am honored to have won and tested this out. 4 people and myself won this out of 533, humbly speaking here! .🌟 I tried it with my smartphone and did the Double Take and Flash Feature for you to see how it looks like. I am making live action poses in the video for you to see! 🤗 You can see in my video how fun , creative, and on spot the videos with PIVO appear! . 🥰 Enjoy your week everybody! In Spanish: 💃🌟🤗 Todo el mundo aquí tiene este increíble invento de Kickstarter que gané de @ 0.8L y se llama Pivo. GIF, fotos y videos increíblemente creativos con su teléfono inteligente. Les agradezco y me siento honrado de haber ganado y probado esto. ¡4 personas y yo ganamos esto de 533, hablando humildemente aquí! . Lo probé con mi teléfono inteligente e hice la función Double Take y Flash para que vieras cómo se ve. ¡Estoy haciendo poses de acción en vivo en el video para que las veas! . ¡Puedes ver en mi video lo divertido, creativo y en el lugar en que aparecen los videos con PIVO! . ¡Disfruta de tu semana a todos! #dominicanbloggers #chicagoblogger #newyorkblogger #gadgets #gadgetblogger #lifestyleblogger #pivo #getpivo #kickstarter #prettylittleiiinspo #onmytable #contentcreator #youtuber #08liter #08l

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H A P P Y C H O O S E D A Y ✨ Choose joy, choose to smile, choose to be positive, choose to love, choose to be a blessing, choose to be humble, choose to be patient, choose to be kind, choose to see God in control of all things. I’m determined to make good decisions today! Who is with me? at Chicago, Illinois

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Did u have great President’s Day? Почему американцы «большие»? ⠀ В Штатах огромное количество ресторанов. Настолько много, что от выбора у тебя разбегаются глаза и ты не понимаешь, куда пойти поужинать. Американцы завтракают, обедают и ужинают не дома. Очень часто они покупают на дом готовую еду или заказывают take out (доставка на дом). ⠀ Некоторые и правда готовят, но не каждый день. Скорее на праздники. Еда тут на любой вкус, от невкусного Макдональдса до супер стейка за 50$. Но практически вся еда с вкусовыми добавками и соусами, поэтому люди съедают все подчистую. ⠀ Здесь я впервые увидела реально огромных людей, которые под тяжестью веса не могут передвигаться сами и ездят на машинках специальных. Но если честно, в Чикаго я практически не встречала таких. Изредка, когда пару раз заезжала в Walmart. ⠀ Огромные порции вторая причина почему некоторые люди приобретают размер + size. Лично мне одной порции хватит на завтрак,обед и ужин. А они умудряются заказать смузи,кофе,бургер и потом десерт. Конечно же их желудок расширяется. ⠀ Третья причина ГМО во многих продуктах. Гормоны в продуктах все таки вливают в наш организм и многих раздувает. ⠀ Лично я в Америке похудела. Хотя перестала стараться питаться правильно и сутками заниматься в зале. Магия 🤷🏼‍♀️⠀ at Kings Dining & Entertainment

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Mouxierenqingrenjieshenmeliwudoumeisonghaiyoulilezhentaoyan 😑 at Petit Margeaux

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🌸Powder Brows🌸 Requires two sessions to complete the look. Pigments will fade 30-40% once healed. The first touch up should be 4-8 weeks after healing. Healing takes 4 weeks. Aftercare will be given and instructed. . • •Pigment used @tinadaviesprofessional medium brown and @permablend_pigments forest brown • • ✍🏻👸🏻 #chicago #chicagobrows #brows #lashes #lashextensions #minklashes #minklasheschicago #browtinting #beauty #chicagoglam #chicagobride #chicagoblogger #pernamentmakeup #longlasting #semipernamentmakeup #chicagobrowqueen #redlips #microblading #microbladingeyebrows #microbladingacademy #chicagopermanentmakeup #pmu #pmubrows #pmumakepermanentemakeup #pmulips #chicagobrowspecialist

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•blonde & naturally rooted 💆🏼‍♀️• Michelle needed a fresh new color with less maintenance and more glow ✨ created using all @kenraprofessional as always! at Color Me New

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⠀⠀⠀ Вы когда-нибудь встречали восточную красавицу Жади, нашу любимицу Наталью Варлей и милую Нину Добрев в одном лице? А про настоящую и счастливую жизнь в Африке читали? ⠀⠀⠀ Открыла для себя блог невероятно позитивной Натальи @natalyayisa , которая влюбилась и уехала жить в Нигерию вместе со своим мужем Джейкобом и сыном Джаго. ⠀⠀⠀ Читая блог Натальи просто погружаешься в жизнь и культуру нигерийцев. Заряжаешься позитивом, огоньком от Натальи, восхищаешься красотой ярких нарядов и словно слышишь музыку под которою отжигают местные.🌺 ⠀⠀⠀ Про добро, любовь, счастье — всё это в одном блоге невероятной и яркой @natalyayisa ⠀⠀⠀ #натальяйиса_сфс

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Meet Paulie! 👋👋👋: 🔹We rescued Paulie in 2017 at age 6. He was surrendered to animal control a year prior w/ severe bladder stones that required surgery. He was just about to be put down when a local rescue stepped in. They got him the surgery & then Paulie went into foster care for 11 months, living in 3 homes; he was also adopted & returned once. Paulie came to us w/a lot of issues as we suspect he was prob abused/neglected. He also has chronic pain that went undiagnosed for awhile. Slowly but surely & w a lot of help, Paulie has become trusting of us. He even gives kisses now 🔹Personality: grumbly old man meets goof ball. Very smart 🔹Nicknames: Paulie Pepperoni, Paulito, Bubby Bear, Bubby McBubster and Puffermunkin Paulie 🔹Likes: eating, bones, humping a special toy, blankets, eating 🔹Dislikes: dieting (currently), going to the vet, car rides, having his sleep disturbed 🔹Fave Foods: string cheese & chicken at Chicago, Illinois

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I am on a mission to revolutionize the inner voice, the confidence of teens/tweens and young adults across the globe whom have been struggling with acne! . I AM LOOKING for pre teen/teen or young adult participants to help me launch our revolutionary new acne regimen, SPOTLESS! Message me for details 💟 . TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW FOR YOUR BELOVED PRETEEN/TEEN . . . . . #alwaysrosy #spotlessregimen #acnecontrol #tweenstyle #teenagerposts #youngadultsgroup #beautybloggersbelike #beautifyingskin #chicagoblogger #chicagoentrepreneurs #acneproblems at Evanston, Illinois

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Hip hip hooray... Lindsey and Brandon’s wedding is featured on @lakeshoreinlove today!!! 🥂 I absolutely LOVED photographing this joyful day last summer. Head on over to @lakeshoreinlove to check out the article, their love story is told by Lindsey herself (and features their hilarious proposal story that gets me every time!!!) at Chicago Riverwalk

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So when I say I love coffee, what I really mean is I love sugary lattes that taste like dessert 🧁 my husband loves the real deal and convinced me to do a tasting flight while in NYC (no syrup, cream or toppings allowed 😩). I was apprehensive AF but actually really enjoyed it! What was the last thing you said “YES” to that pleasantly surprised you? . . . . . #travellife #experiences #travelersnotebook #coffeemug #coffeelover #coffeelovers #coffeeaddict #coffeetime #coffeetime#starbucks #coffees #nyc #newyork #coffee_time #coffeemaker #coffeeshops #travelgram #tasting #datenight #coffee #chicagogrammers #chicagoblogger #igerschicago #igersnyc #windycitybloggers #traveldiaries #trysomethingnew #caffeineaddict at Starbucks Reserve

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• T A I L S • tonight i was holding her in my arms. she was snuggled in tight; she absolutely loves to sit with me. she’s so tiny and squishy and i kept thinking how much i loved this. how much she loves being in my arms. how much she adores being by my side at all times. how she follows me around the house. she doesn’t like not being right next to me or if i leave her side for a few minutes, she comes to find me. yes, i’m that parent that loves it {ok, minus the times i just need to get ready quick and she’s like in my face 😂} because before i know it, she’ll be a teenager not wanting to always be by my side and i’ll truly miss those tender, sweet, innocent moments. ❤️ #ohbebéellie #iloveherso #mysweetbabygirl

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Fam Bam 🌈🧸

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Give flowers while people can still receive them. Thank you so much for the special love on my Facebook page. If I’ve done your hair in the past year you can leave me a review. I don’t delete any bad ones and I love getting honest feedback so that I can improve and make the experience better when you’re with me. 🥰👑

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maki 🍣 Fresh + Fun Sushi at Indie Cafe. 🎈🎶 A vibrant spot in Chicago...... Indie Cafe is known for it’s beautiful presentation of food, friendly service, ...If you’re in the mood for sushi or Thai noodles, Indie Cafe has it all. Creative rolls, and sushi combinations make this an Edgewater hot spot. / Chicago is one of "The 50 Best Restaurants in Chicago" _zagat best of chicago also "Time Out Love Chicago Awards" 🍣 .................... #インディーカフェ. . . . . . . #eater_chicago #chicagofood #foodporno #instafood #instaeat #instayummy #instadinner #foodgasm #chicagoblogger #eatchicago #312food #nomnomnom #thefoodiehub #edgewaterchicago #chicagostyle #chicagoshots #eaterchicago #chicagolife #foodshot #foodgraphy #eeeeeats #wu_chicago #foodgram #choosechicago #forkyeah #sushiporn #sushi #chicagofoodie #maki at Chicago, Illinois

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The Russian Doll and The Umbrella Academy and A Discovery of Witches and Black Monday and Killing Eve. at Chicago, Illinois

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I kissed traveling goodbye.✌🏾 — It was fun, but I’m done. At least for a year, that is. And so now that I’ve got your attention-I’m desperately asking that you keep me in prayer because after three blissful years of constant ‘journeys’ and ‘jetlag’, I’ve hung up my traveling shoes and can happily say, “I choose you Chicago”...after struggling with geographical commitment issues. It’s been a bit hard not having a trip planned & not knowing exactly when I’ll go out of the country again...because I honestly think I attached a part of my identity to travel. Yet, even with the travel withdrawals, I’m ecstatic to call Chicago home! So this year, I’ll be using my new headquarters to focus on encouraging you under three main planes of thought✈️ .. 1.) The Backyard Journey.🚘 —Inspiring you to explore your home base, to stop elevating places that are extremely far as superior to where you are, and to take full advantage of the beauty that’s right in front of your eyes. 2.) The Single Journey.❤️ —Showing you why and how being single is not the end of the world and how travel can make your life as a single more fulfilling-by giving you more freedom to explore the corners of your self and the world. 3.) The Wellness Journey.🏋🏾‍♀️ —Revealing the connection between wellness and wanderlust while motivating you to stay active and health conscious so your vehicle (your body) is in it’s best shape to transport you to all your dream destinations. - Photo cred📸: @antonionobanderas at Chicago Riverwalk

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2.18.19 • Prepping lunch for tomorrow. Shrimp stir fry with riced cauliflower and a vegetable roll on the side.🍤 This was a busy weekend — had houseguests and being touristy around the city with friends, worked a bit, errands, booked a flight to Arizona, and decided on South Korea as the country I definitely want to move to in fall. It’s strange to think that this is the fourth country I will have lived in. When I imagined my adult life as a child, I never once pictured myself traveling abroad. Never. Now it’s all I think about and I’m living in places I never would’ve imagined. Life has turned out much more adventurous than I ever dreamt of and I’m glad. ☺️🇺🇸✈️🇰🇷 Anyway, spending the last hours of my weekend watching Party of Five. My latest obsession: this show and 90s nostalgia. 💁🏽‍♀️ #ProjectWW365 at Chicago, Illinois

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No place I’d rather be. 🏝☀️ 🐬 🍹 . . Relaxing in the sunshine on the beach with an ice cold margarita... I won’t have the beach, but this Friday is #NationalMargaritaDay so I can definitely have the margarita! @wshechicago is doing a live broadcast at @chuysrestaurant in Schaumburg from 10am until 2pm @wshechicago will be giving away 2 sets of dinner for two on site during the broadcast. . . . #SHE1003 #chuysschaumburg 1701 East Golf Road in Schaumburg. at Chuy's Tex-Mex

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Feeling good and sending you nothing but good vibes this week.💫 The Royal Earrings have been giving all types of life, which means they’ve been in heavy rotation lately. 🤩⠀ ⠀ #CraftedXCulture

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Want a deal on your meal? @chicagonorthshore restaurant month continues throughout the month of February! Mention "Restaurant Month" to your server and receive 15% off your bill. Dine-in only. Does not include alcohol, tax, and gratuity. Not valid with any other offers. #mozusushi at Mozu Sushi & Izakaya

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have some composure, where is your posture at Winky Lux

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Your girl is finally fulfilling her dream of living in NEW YORK come tomorrow morning. Chicago you'll always be home, but it's time to start a new & exciting chapter in my life. 🙏 Shout out to my family and close friends who I will miss dearly! Please come visit me soon. 💕 #thehungrydreamer #stayhungry #dreambig #newbeginnings #nextchapter #hellonewyork #lifestyleblogger #fashionblogger #fblogger #foodblogger #styleblogger #chicagoblogger #newyorkblogger #nycblogger #girlboss #personalstyle #fashiondiaries #realoutfitgram #styleinspo #fashionaddict #streetstyle #urbanstyle #urbanfashion #whatiwore #theallis #sohohousechicago at The Allis at Soho House Chicago