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4 minutes ago

Extremely content... ~~.~~.~~.~~.~~.~~.~~.~~.~~.~~.~~.

16 minutes ago

Chasing Oklahoma Sunsets! No filter needed!

26 minutes ago

Past 2 years,passion for planting has evoked a very naturing and calmness into my daily routine💕🧘‍♀️ I'm undeniably addicted to it❗ Cheers to life🌱🥂

1 hour ago

Walked my favorite stretch of beach tonight. A year ago at this time, it was an almost nightly routine and I found myself thinking about how full circle things have gone in the last year. I was thinking about where my heart was at this time a year was working through some stuff. But since then, it’s grown to size I didn’t know was possible....which then got me thinking about the ways it’s been crushed over the past few months and that’s where the full circle stuff came in. And it started making me feel bad for myself. Then outta nowhere, a four-legged, black ball of happiness went running by me. Tennis ball in his mouth, tongue hanging out the side, splashing through waves without a care in the world. And that’s what snapped me out of the pity party! That’s the important stuff. That’s how this place makes me feel...with it’s orange and pink sunsets, warm salty air and beautiful....well, everything. I’ve experienced so many highs over the last 12 months. So many mountaintop moments. I’m living the good life here. Exactly where I’m meant to be. That’s what’s important. And maybe it just took a silly little pup splashing in the waves to remind me. (I caught some video of him in my stories if you need a smile. 😉) . . . #shotoniphone #perspective #dog #charleston #thegoodlife #chs #charlestonsc #lowcountry #chstoday #explorecharleston #onlyinsouthcarolina #beachlife #sunset #chasingsunsets #sullivansisland #charlestonspired at Sullivans Island Beach

3 hours ago

MODERN RUSTIC • WARMER TONES • CLASSIC CHIC📸💕💯 Glimpse of a delightful evening🥂🧘‍♀️😘

3 hours ago

The best place to be ☀️ . Polihale sunset with @loeymac , it was so good to have you visiting. Love you 💙 at Polihale State Park

3 hours ago

Am I the only one who starts feeling apprehensive when things are just going so good? 🙃 I get in this dirty little mindset of, “I don’t deserve this.” It’s a mental battle I’ve fought for as long as I remember & the reason why my daily affirmation I stick to is, “I create my own self-value & I am worthy of all that I desire.” It’s also one of the reasons why I’ve chosen to dive so deeply into investing into my own personal, mental & professional development. I am a motivator but I need these constant reminders, too 💕 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Whatever energy you’re giving out, it’s the exact same energy that you’ll receive. Be open to abundance, manifest it, work for it, and you’ll stay on top ✌🏽 #LoveLifeTribe at Ocean Beach, San Diego

5 hours ago

First, I thought I will post pictures of the place. It just did not do justice to the full view of the sunset I witnessed. The video resolution isn't as great as what the eye captured. Truly soul stirring views of the Pacific! A great one day getaway from Seattle, a true deception like the name suggests. Do you have any one day get away that you recommend from Seattle? Comment below. . . . . . . . #deceptionpass #whidbeyisland #washington #seattlegetaway #seattlelife #travelphotooftheday #travellingthroughtheworld #travelasahobby #travelvideo #beachesofinstagram #beachdiaries #exploretocreate #sunset #chasingsunsets #wanderlust #explorer #coupletravel #coupleswhotravel #watermakesmehappy #waterfront #islandlife #islandvibes #preethiramchatraveldiaries #traveladdict #pacificnorthwest #pacificbeach #pacificislands at Deception Pass, Whidbey Island

5 hours ago

💫”Some say we are stardust fallen from the heavens like grains of sand. So I wonder, perhaps I dream, if those we feel closest to are part of the same star.”✨🌊 at Pisak, Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Croatia

5 hours ago

rooftop views 🥰 we’ve been having so much fun exploring santorini🇬🇷 and how cute are these cave homes?! The one we are staying in is over 200 years old !! at Oía Santorini, Greece

5 hours ago

Elegant wall installation, simple yet impactful❗ Lovin' the mix media synchronization📸😘💕

12 days ago

Our family is blessed by these WILD | BOLD & BEAUTIFUL | MAJESTIC AURORA of the animals, we witnessed during our East African SAFARI TRIP💯 Sharing few lifetime moments...enjoy them☝️🥂

21 days ago

NATURE and never ending solitude🙏 Lovin' the use of natural stone & modern aesthetics🙌. Care to share your Thoughts⁉️ Leave a comment 👇. at Greece

22 days ago

Epitome of Indoor/Outdoor living💯. Such gracefulness in one space, lovin' every inch of the it!

5 months ago

forever dreaming of those shuswap pastels 💕 at Shuswap Lake

6 months ago

the kind of ethereal moment that becomes apart of your soul ✨ at Sylvan Lake, Alberta

6 months ago

chasing sunsets through the hills .. back to the spot we use to chill 💛 at Yellowhead County