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Live. Love. Dream

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on the road again...

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cewek klo ditanya mau makan apa jawabannya terserah. pas dikasih makan buntut cicek eh marah2. 😑

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Rumah itu selalu ada. Aku saja yang pergi terlalu jauh, kemudian sering lupa jalan. Rumah itu masih ada. Aku saja yang sering lupa pulang. . Pada akhirnya aku akan kembali. Kepada Dia yang kusebut rumah..

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Monday's office looks like THIS. #werkperks

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not gonna lie, i thought all the hype leading up to the eclipse was laughable. but today i was given the opportunity to hike two hours up to an outcropping of rocks on a mountain that was in the path of totality, and watch the moon literally block the light of the sun for a few brief minutes. and y'all, it was utterly surreal and breathtaking. the whole world grew dusky-dark and peaceful, with a rainbow of sunset colors hugging the horizon in all directions. wonder and mystery drowned any need for scientific explanation, i just wanted to soak in that fleeting and sacred moment. and even more significant was to witness the eclipse alongside a small crowd other human beings, fellow creatures longing to be amazed by something more marvelous than themselves, all faces turned upward, mouths gaping open, applause erupting from all over the rocks as the eclipse reached its peak. it was beautifully disorienting and disarming, and my soul felt weighed down with a solemn sense of awe for the remainder of the day. to feel small and alive and to see your tiny place in this marvelous universe... wow. grateful beyond words to have been able to experience the #greatamericaneclipse

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The wind blows where it wishes.

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When you judge people you judge your character.

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I saw some incredible photographs today. A big part of photography is telling a story, but another huge aspect is bringing the viewer to the the moment. With 10 minutes before work. I surprised myself. I was able to capture something. Specs below. \\ •Landscapes (4/6)• . . . F/36 shutter 1.00s ISO 24-35 sigma A. 35mm. Nikon D800. . . . . Shout out to @lenonjames @bryanminear @mike_monaghan @derekrickert You all killed it today. Well done. . . . . #moodygrams #nikonusa #agameoftones #beautifuldestinations #earthfocus #artofvisuals #theimaged #fatalframes #gearednomad #streetdreamsmag #capturedconcepts #houseoftones #theweekoninstagram #reflectiongram #heatercentral #way2ill #visualsoflife #instagood #instagram #thelensbible #visualambassadors #expofilm #earthpix #hypebeast #watchthisinstagood #eclipse #myphotoshop_ #chasingemotions

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While biology gives you a brain, life helps turns it into a mind. And that although we might find ourselves poor, or our shoes broken, our mind will always be a palace that shines everlasting with the light and decadence of a thousand suns.

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Tfw you're about to graduate and don't have a job lined up... 😢

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100% missed the solar eclipse today but here's a pic of @jordy_alysse & I holding hands underneath the stars. ✨

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SL Downtown

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What you lookin at?

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Fido let's loose

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take 2

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light and rainbows

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8/365 ❤ Something More Today, a girl came up to me crying. I didn't know her, she didn't know me either. She was sad, depressed, overwhelmed with her troubles leading to suicidal thoughts. • • My first reaction was to hug her. I didn't want to leave her alone. I explained her that life was a cycle, there's ups and downs and that feeling like she is, with all her events, was totally normal and to not worry about it anymore. I told her: "Focus on your breathing. That's incredible that you can do that. If nobody ever told you, I'll say it: I love you." • • From this story, I just want to tell you how amazing you are. Without even knowing, you bright up someone else's day. You mean something to someone. By the action of listenning to someone with care, you help them feel understood (even if the troubles aren't solved). If you ever feel alone or lonely, please write me. It will be a pleasure to get to know you! • • • Life is sincerely too precious to see it gone, but it all starts from what we decide to listen to. You bring something more to this world, that's what I love about you. • • • Q. What moment connects you to why life is beautiful / makes you happy?

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🎶ROB $TONE // CHILL BILL🎶. . El sabado por primera vez me colgue solo con las manos de la orilla de un edificio, a pesar de la altura no senti miedo alguno, y estuvo muy cool intentar algo nuevo. No los motivo a realizar el mismo acto ya que aunque no lo crean sigo entrenando para mantener fuerza en mis brazos, luego se los enseño en historias 😏💪🔥, ah verdad. Mis partners in crime esta vez fueron @uaraiza y @diegoulh , por primera vez en San Luis senti que tengo un verdadero team de Urbex. Ya tengo uno en CDMX, todos los ubican, pero no en San Luis, hasta ahora. . . @urbigers . . #urbanaisle #way2ill #shoot2kill #killyourcity #illgrammers #moodygrams #eclectic_shotz #urbanromantix #yngkillers #aestheticshot #aovportraits #heatercentral #citykillerz #gearednomad #createcommune #streetdreamsmag #moodyports #artofvisuals #urbanandstreet #streetshared #exploreeverything #agameoftones #urbigers #strapsbyelroobs #chasingemotions #all2epic #streetactivity #visualambassadors #theimaged

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Photo by @januarymornings Okay but like I'm in love w/ this her photography is amazing and so is her self portraits. Tag your pictures to #inspireangelo to be featured on here.

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Photo by @dannytrz This is so sick. The quality is to die for and his photography is amazing. Tag your pictures to #inspireangelo to be featured on here.

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I feel it coming. ⚡️

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Once in an eclipse! =================================== I know.. I know.. I don't even post once in a blue moon! I post once every eclipse! But thank you all for sticking around.. I promise I will post more frequently! Maybe once every blue moon at least! 😇😂 Anyway, I was lucky to witness an eclipse second time in my life. Shot W/ @craigsbeds @rothenberglaw =================================== •Camera: Nikon D810 •Lens: Nikon: 14x24mm •Focal length: 18 mm •Shutter speed: bracketed at 1/8000 and 1/250 secs •Aperture: f 18 •ISO: 64 •Edit: Lightroom CC, Photoshop VSCO •Shot: Handheld/ manual mode =================================== Check out all the amazingly talented people whom I tag on my photos. I call them my photo famm. We shoot and learn from each other all the time. Instagram allows only 20 tags so keep checking my tags. I promise you won't be disappointed. 👍 =================================== #icapture_nyc #ig_nycity #instagramnyc #nbc4ny #udog_peopleandplaces #moodygrams #huffpostgram #nyc #newyorkcity #instadaily #exploretocreate #tlpicks #peoplescreatives #ig_worldclub #citylife #cityscape #iLoveNY #ig_unitedstates #gotitnyc #createcommune #exklusive_shot #master_shots #bestplacestogo #beautifuldestinations #igworldclub #eclectic_shotz #what_i_saw_in_nyc #wiredeclipse #eclipse2017

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I wanted to write a quote. But honestly Shakespeare Mama needs to chill with his sentences. Why must he be so annoying! 😂

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Have no fear, You will find your way It's in your bones It's in your soul Mark Z. Danielewski @hinfluencercollective

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"Graduated from the front, im in the back now"

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Stomach turning from mistakes I wasn't tryna make...

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still striving

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"Do you know the words that make the hidden door open? Can you speak my secret name and fix me? I have no heart. I have no brain. Lord, I have no courage. Can you get me home again?" - b r a n d ·  n e w ------- I just put up this small set in my blog! Click the link in the bio. #fyabrianscott Ft. @mollssteph #hvmansouls #agameoftones #aovportraits #moodyports #endlessvisionmag #sombrebeings #peoplefeature #inspireangelo #portraitsbypeople #pr0ject_soul #fotodome #dreamdwellers #featurepalette #humanedge #quietthechaos

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We intend to have our own store amongst these streets some day. Visions become reality.

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Kind of a late/random post but I've been going through old portraits. I'll probably be posting more like this soon. Also shout out to @a_nicole121 killing it per usual.

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Sky Series. Pic 5/7

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Distorsión El ambiente que existe entre nosotros al explorar un lugar es incomparable 👤: @juano_banano27

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i used to be down, i fucked around and got rich 🏃🎒

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It'll be alright.

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Road tripping with good people is the number one way to ensure creative growth. In less than 24 hours, almost as soon as I get off this plane, I'm embarking on my next one. When's yours?

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Bangsa yang besar adalah bangsa yang tidak pernah melupakan sejarah bangsanya sendiri.

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Don't get left behind

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Until tomorrow, Charleston ✌🏻

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The stars came out for today's viewing of the eclipse.