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🌹🌹🌹🌹OUR WEEKLY GUIDANCE🌹🌹🌹🌹pulled from Tuesday's LIVE streaming👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑goddess Guidance, that have the theme of all is well! Trust and allow as you enjoy life and trust the process!!!!!things are currently shifting and changing for our highest good🙏🏼enjoy your week sending you love and light today and always💗💗💗💗✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #weeklyspread #guidance #angelcards #wednesday #tuesday #spiritualguidance #spiritualawakening #spirtual #love #loveandlight #messages #messageme #goddessguidance #changes #live #livestreaming #livestream #livelaughlove #helpingothers #helpingpeople #followme #joinme #sanjoseca #sanjose #tracyca #sanjoaquinvalley # at Tracy, California

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Когда смотришь на Москву с 337 этажа начинаешь понимать,что твой налаженный маленький мирок в котором ты крутишься изо дня в день-чухня полная,ребят.Мир настолько велик,настолько интересен и настолько многогранен,что это самое ужасное преступление против самого себя-игнорировать возможность познакомиться с ним.И давайте не будем придумывать себе оправдания а-Ля «ой,это дорого;времени нет;у меня аллергия на заграницу».Нет ресурсов поехать в Европу-езжай в Сызрань.Это уже путешествие.Это уже опыт и маленькое открытие.Вырви два дня в своей привычной суматохе чтобы сказать: «Привет,мир».Сэкономь на очередной пачке сигарет,стакане кофе,сотой паре джинс,которая будет валяться в шкафу. Только прошу тебя,драгоценный мой человек,не стой на месте.Не уходи в рутину с головой,она сожрет тебя.Позволь себе увидеть больше.Позволь большему увидеть тебя🌪 #gyal #blonde #Moscow #weekend #world #back2black #changes #trip #mind #staystrong #arkadia #arrow #view #tower #останкинскаябашня #издругоготеста #мысливслух #papertowns #memory #expressyourself #перезагрузка #start #move #power #winter #january at Останкинская Телебашня Ostankino TV Tower

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[Werbung] Wer mein Lachen deuten kann der weiß wer den Schneeball abbekommen hat😁 Das passiert, wenn das Kind in dir die Kontrolle übernimmt😬 Wer hätte jetzt Lust auf eine Schneeballschlacht? 😬 • Outfit: @campdavid_official 👌 • #mrkriger #changetheindustry #morenutrition #smilodox #smilodoxwoman #transformation #me #shooting #photooftheday #selfie #blogger #changes #plauen #instadaily #instagramer #swag #fitness #fashionblogger #fitnessblogger #krafttraining #muskelnaufbauen #kooperationspartner #fitnessfood #foodporn #foodblogger #eatclean at Plauen

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[Werbung] Wer mein Lachen deuten kann der weiß wer den Schneeball abbekommen hat😁 Das passiert, wenn das Kind in dir die Kontrolle übernimmt😬 Wer hätte jetzt Lust auf eine Schneeballschlacht? 😬 • Outfit: @campdavid_official 👌 • #mrkriger #changetheindustry #morenutrition #smilodox #smilodoxwoman #transformation #me #shooting #photooftheday #selfie #blogger #changes #plauen #instadaily #instagramer #swag #fitness #fashionblogger #fitnessblogger #krafttraining #muskelnaufbauen #kooperationspartner #fitnessfood #foodporn #foodblogger #eatclean at Plauen

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grunge girl aesthetic | so, i've been dancing since i could stand. i get it from my dad. my parents and i used to live with my grandparents when i was way younger and they would play music around the house all the time. my mum tells me that i used to grab onto the boom box, stand up, and just start jumping up and down. the older i got, the more i would actually dance to the music rather than just jumping. when i was 3, we moved to connecticut and i was babysat a lot by 3 of my cousins. the middle brother used to play this one specific song that he and i used to dance to all the time. no joke, i still remember running to the living room and moving my hips to the song with him. i've always been a dancer. am i good? nah. can i learn fairly quickly? sure. it was always my dream to join the college dance team to my dream college. i dunno why but when i got into my dream college, there something inside me that changed and i just didn't want to go there anymore. i got into all the schools i wanted to go to, and yet i still chose to come to my 3rd option. why? no clue. the thing with this school is that they didn't have a solid dance team for the type of dance i do. they had one about 3 years before i started here. last year, someone had started up the team again but only as a club. a no drama, no obligation club. so, we didn't compete. but we did perform at culture shows both on and off campus, so that was pretty fun. this year, the club board decided to test the waters with comps. the girl who runs our team with choreo has been competing for a few years now, even before she started college. thankfully, people know her name in this dance circuit so we got through to a few. our team performed for the first time on a comp stage in 4 years this past weekend. we didn't actually compete at this one because our choreographer told us that this comp is known to be rigged. we were one of three exhibition teams. she didn't want us getting involved with that mess. but just being in the comp environment was honestly amazing. my parents know i dance, they encourage it. but my father is the typical, overprotective type. practice is always late at night. the usual 10-12pm, or som

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Living in the uncomfortable and vulnerable spaces of me. 🖤 Laying in uneasiness and working towards new perspectives and possibilities. It's not easy but I don't think it ever was for me. Yet, here I am. #selfgrowth #changes #resilience #moneymoves #thankunext

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Happy birthday xxxtentacion I love this guy it’s sad his career ended so soon

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Los Angeles me susurraron que no era necesario. Y así empezó mi cambio. Que ya no podía mirar al pasado y tenía que olvidarlo. #changes at Barcelona, Spain

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#Gods #Power #changes #people. Reposted from @inspirepostings - “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13 | #InspirePostings

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Alright insta fam... The time has come. After lots of thought and debate, I have decided to switch this to a private account. I am infinitely grateful for the friends I have met, and the connections I have made through this little grid on the internet, and this account has gone through many changes, but I have reached a point where I have tired of the harassment that can come with being as vulnerable as I have been here, and in many ways I have outgrown this space too. I am not deleting it, it will remain a place for me to post my beers and artsy shots, but I won't be on here as often. I have made myself a new little home on the gram, though it will be much different than the one here. If you would like to follow me there, feel free to DM me. This account will switch to private Sunday night. Much love fam 😘✌🏻❤🙏🏻🍻 Oh- and since I won't be able to participate in the hashtags once I'm private- throwing this in for one last #shewolfwednesdays with the #shewolftribe 🐺 love you ladies 😘😘😘

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I want to invite you to join me in a special Workshop titled “MONEY & PERSONAL LEADERSHIP”. In the workshop, I will be showing you how to use personal leadership skills to save more money in 2019. The workshop will be take place live on FACEBOOK on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th January 2019 by 8:00pm each day. Early bird registration is N5,000 before 23rd January. N7,500 after 23rd January. Account No: Diamond bank Plc 0060709627. Then send evidence of payment and your email or WhatsApp number to 08023139062 or e-mail to so we can send you the invitation link. As a BONUS, you will also be getting a free copy of my new book(ebook) titled “20 Habits of Achievers” upon registration. Be your brother’s keeper; Tag a friend who needs to be part of this workshop as well. #leadership #winning #dreamlife #photooftheday #motivation #inspiration #excited #marketing #marketingtips #stepout # makethatmovenow #newauthors #lifecoaching # entrepreneur # entrepreneur # business # growth #inspire #goals #business #fitness #change #changes # changemakers # changeisgood #changeourlife

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BODY UPDATE/PROGRESS 💪🏼 I just want to say how un-important the number on the scales is & how consistency & time is key!! There are 4 months between these photos (sep 2018 - jan 2019) but only a couple kg’s difference! I started a major lifestyle change in September last year with the beautiful @laurensullivanfitness while I was living in Hamilton. I’ve continued on with Lauren since moving back down south & although there’s been many things get in the way (travelling/unsettled/moving around) I’ve tried my best to stay consistent! There were days/weeks I completely fell off the wagon but Lauren has taught me to accept, reflect & grow from it and that’s exactly what I’ve done and how I’ve got to where I am now.. you don’t need to be perfect, nobody is!! You just have to accept the times you eat bad or don’t exercise (you’re only human) - reflect on why it has happened - and grow from there! Honestly over these last couple months I have doubted if I’ve made any progress but looking back on these pics definitely shows that I have! I’ve grown so much, my mind set has changed and I’ve adapted these things into a lifestyle not just a fad or phase! My mind is strong, my heart is strong & my body is strong. I’ve never felt so good before and I can not wait to continue to learn & grow & just be the healthiest happiest me I can be!!! 😁 this is just my beginning!!😌🙌🏼💪🏼 also have to give a major shout out to Lauren for being my number one supporter on this journey!! Lots of love & appreciation for you gf!!💞 #weightloss #musclegain #journey #healthy #happy #strong #lifestyle #love #proud #mind #body #soul #progress #update #justgettingstarted #watchthisspace #excited #loveyourself #changes #healthier #happier #me

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Czy się uśmiechałam? Odpowiedz brzmi - nie. #10yearschallenge Mialam nie ulegac modzie na ten hasthag, ale... zdalam sobie dzis sprawe z tego, jak wazny byl to w zyciu dla mnie rok. 2009. Niekoniecznie pozytywnie. 2009 rok - ten, w ktorym stracilam najwazniejszy element calej zyciowej ukladanki - siebie. I mija 10 lat. Bardzo trudne 10 lat, oparte na burzeniu i budowaniu. Na upadaniu i wstawaniu. Na traceniu i odnajdywaniu. Po lewej dziewczyna, ktorej kilka miesiecy po zrobieniu tego zdjecia - zawalil sie swiat. A moze sama go sobie zawalila. Ktora nigdy bardziej nie chciala przestac istniec. Po prawej kobieta. Swiadoma. Ktora nigdy w zyciu nie byla bardziej... soba. I nigdy nie byla z tego powodu bardziej szczesliwa. I na chwile obecna moge przyznac zupelnie szczerze, ze jest to moja przemiana zycia. Na chwile obecna... nie bylo wiekszej. I nigdy bardziej... nie bylam z czegos dumna. Mozecie wiecej niz Wam sie wydaje. #transformation #transformationtuesday #przemiana #poznangirl #polishgirl #ddob #ddobinsta #polskadziewczyna #loveyourself #changes #nowaja #lifegoals #instagirl #progres #motywacja #perfectimperfection at Poznan, Poland

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Got my a*** totally handed to me today! This mornings workout was full on! BUT I didn’t give up, I did the full 20 mins (ok I paused it twice to get my breath back) but I’m totally killing it! 💪 . Shaun T had got to be one of the most motivating trainers ever! It doesn’t matter that he’s on screen, it’s like he’s right there in the room with you, knows exactly what you are thinking and can totally get into your head and give you the mindset to push yourself further than you would believe! . This program is changing me and we are only on week 2! . Round 2 has a slot with your name on it! Come and claim it and let’s kill round 2 together!

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Yes, another post workout selfie! 😂

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When everyone in my house is sleeping I lay in bed with my chronic illness that prevents me from falling asleep the pain is pretty intense from morning till night and the medicine never takes it completely away it’s always just there torturing you all day and night it takes a tough person to keep going daily when this battle is a never ending cycle. #findacureoneday #zebra #changes #ehlersdanlosdyndrome #daily #mcas

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#Canada's new #foodguide is out & it's quite different than past guides which means progress bc we see dairy has been eliminated as well as most animal flesh with recommendations of more #fruit #veggies #water & healthy grains. I do see 1 sliver of a hens period aka egg with a bit of animal flesh but Rome wasn't built in a day however the foundation for change is underway which we see right here. 👍👍 . . Great 1st step Canada but can we pls also work on ending the barbaric unnecessary killing of baby seals & bears bc majority of Canadians are 100% against theses awful practises. . . . . #wednesdaywisdom #wisdomwednesday #wednesdaymotivation #wisdom #motivation #changes #bethechange #food #nutrition #health #eatclean #vegan #animals #meat #death #disease #selflove #compassion #planet #humanrights #animalrights #love

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Sure I have goals, but I do set intentions that will literally turn my World around. I started the year with many intentions but not just any ones. I’ve set some amazing intentions that will not only stretch me personally but also professionally. 🌷 For along time, I give intentions to just about everything I do daily to be open to opportunities plus limitless possibilities to making huge difference in my life. 🌷 I am so very grateful to have been chosen to be chair of judges to this prestigious awards. As I continue to making a profound impact to myself, contribute and leaving my footprints to this world and how I choose to touch others. #lifegetsgreater #ihavefoundmoremeaning at Conrad Dubai

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Опять)))))) ************************* Кабы я была мужчиной, То за эти десять лет Я бородку б отрастила И в @TOPGUN е её брила. Но поскольку я не мэн, Не поймала я сей дзен Стала я,всего лишь мышкой Неприметною нарышкой. Ну конечно это шутка И за долгих десять лет, Стала скромною я шибко Да утратила шармэль!!! ******************************************** А меня все не оставляет тема 10 лет))) Я глубоко задумалась. А вы как себе представляли свою жизнь 10 лет назад? *********************************** And I still do not leave the topic of 10 years))) I thought deeply. How did you imagine your life 10 years ago?

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Un pequeño respiro y aparta lo tristes recuerdos, empieza de nuevo, empieza amándote aunque suena fácil, es como comenzar por lo mas difícil. #JBN #nothingiseasy #changes #reset #life

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Somethings don’t change after ten years...