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1 month ago

🐝We love kale flowers, bees love kale flowers. We all win. 🥰

1 month ago

Shout out to my pops who crushed it yesterday for us! When we are establishing a new plot we do an initial till. This gives a baseline to start with and from there we build into a low/no-till system. We'll make permanent raised beds and add layers to it all season! Thanks dad!! 📸 @captainpegleg08

1 month ago

🌈We were able to get the frame of our hoop house up this weekend and we are so stoked! This week we will work on getting the baseboard and hip-board in place and hopefully skin this beauty this weekend! Continuing in an amazing season. 🎵Shout out to my dad, aunt, and our family friends who we couldn't do these things without! Connection is a driving force in my need to farm and I'm grateful to spend this time with people I love. 🥕Find our produce and farm products starting May 4th at the Central Point market and May 26th at the Jacksonville market!

2 months ago

🍄🥕This is what dreams are made of. The mushroom blocks we put down are already flushing and they're doing it amongst the peas! Spring is here and we are ready to get at this farmin' business regularly. 🤔Wondering where you can find our produce this season? Check us out at the Central Point and Jacksonville markets every week starting in May and in Talent as production allows!