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king & queen ♠️

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some of the livestream from today💗 - credit: @urmyacefamily

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sweet lil elle 💗

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hopefully the new princess makes an appearance tomorrow been waiting too long.. such an exciting time for all us ace fam members & of course for the ace family too. 💗

2 hours ago

I’m so glad I have my membership! I’m so excited for the live stream.. do y’all think Catherine’s in labour or had baby number 2??? 💗

1 day ago

guess who is back for real this time (not me, this bitch ain’t gonna stop disappearing yet, I’ve got my tests coming then I can get into my dream college, sorry social media) • • my queens ac: @blumeaudios

1 day ago

[THIS IS ELLE, NOT THE NEW BABY] I feel like if Catherine doesn’t go into labor by tomorrow then they will most likely induce her Wednesday because 2 days ago Austin tweeted how it’s unfair for woman to be pregnant for 9 months and not know when the baby will be born and austin mentioned that in today’s video and they had to at least filmed todays video Saturday and they said that if she isn’t born in 2 to 3 days then they’ll have to induce her like they did with elle so yeah that my theory ig if any of y’all read this lol. Anyways I’m wishing Catherine a safe and happy delivery with the baby being healthy. I’m vv excited and the baby will come when the time is right :)

1 day ago

💌 hotter than hell tag catherine! ♥️ ac revivaldolanson [DONT REPOST!!]

2 days ago

The best father-daughter relationship✨