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200ريال بسم الله على بركة الله جديد كادينا صباح موديل هويام الخامة شيفون الماسه البنطلون ity التطريز كثيف والغرزة تقيله عملنا منه مقاسات l xl xxl القفطان معاه بطانة داخليه يعني متبطن بخامة روزيتا انظف خامة في السوق بحزام خارجي ام عبدالله٤ #photoshoot . #losangeles #photographers #actor #actorslife #acting #film #films #movie #movies #makingfilm #makingmovies #artist #artistlife #casting #fitlife #model #mensstyle #menswear #mensfashion  #filmphotography # #cinematography #nativepride #nativeamerican #rain

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”To dream the impossible dream. To fight the unbeatable foe. To bear with unbearable sorrow. To run where the brave dare not go.” #theimpossibledream ———————————————————— ——————— ——— . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #geek #nerd #warrior #fighter #humor #fun #passion #dreamchaser #ambition #heman #gladiator #gameofthrones #starwars #superhero #actor #actorslife #conan #arnoldschwarzenegger #hercules #losangeles #malemodel #hollywood #malemodel #comedian #casting #audition #sandiego #bodybuilding #physique at Mount Doom - Mordor

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First dental cast ever made ✔️ Obviously not perfect, but not too shabby either; nonetheless i’m just immensely proud of myself! Thank you to @vinmarsolutions for these past two courses- i’ve become so much more confident in my hand dexterity and ability to utilize the dental equipment! Looking forward to more classes! #dental #cast #casting #dentistry at UCLA School of Dentistry

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#JerseyCity Wow.. Last night was truly a magical moment for the FIRST Annual Jersey City Fashion Forward 💫 I am so grateful to my family, friends and everyone who came out and howed out awareness and benefitting American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - New Jersey Chapter! 💙 • This beautiful dress is from local #JerseyCity designer @joyceyvonneofficial. MUA: @rparada75, @bridgetgrayson_ Hair: @crystalstyledme • Thank you to our sponsors @harborsidejc , @njacupuncturecenter , Light Rail Cafe, The Fountain Group LLC and our Media Sponsor @sheenmagazine. Shout out Baonanas for providing the best banana pudding in JC! • I couldn’t have had any more pleasure than to honor a literal trailblazer in the community Lewis Spears who is the epitome of overcoming and practicing positive #MentalHealth and using his platform to empower others. • So happy that 1000 cranes were made by County Prep High School students which represents a sign of hope and healing for challenging times. Shout out to DJ Chauncey Black for also entertaining us with some great music! To all the beautiful models and the fantastic designers you were truly incredible and half the success of the show I give to you. You were all remarkably supportive of each other and I couldn’t be more proud of each and everyone of you. Lots of healing and occurred yesterday and exchanging of stories in order to empower one another especially backstage. The support that was developed and how I saw people suddenly feel comfortable about sharing they’re struggles was profound. • Most importantly I want to thank MY TEAM, styling Director @mariobpro , My production supervisor Paul Walker @shootmenycmodels , the wonderful Tori Carter, my make-up and hair supervisors Crystal Ramsey always coming through with her Glam Squad and Angela Testa! I appreciate each and everyone of you at your core for executing your part to ensure a smooth running show. • I’m still on cloud 9 y’all but... WHOS READY FOR NEXT YEAR?!?! Or maybe 6 months? 😉 here are some sneak peek photos! #JerseyCity #JCFF #jcfashionforward2019 #JerseyCityFashionForward at Jersey City, New Jersey

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Chief running mouth .. coming back out soon

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Headshot Hasnath. Gonna get me a role - I feel like Acting again

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manbun collection 1of - I was asked if I wanted to feature my manbun in a society's post.. No response after I said yes, so thought I'd do it myself! Enjoy my manbuns from 2014 plus

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It's 01:01:01 in the morning here and I read a message I'm tagged in, from one of the most influential minds in my life; I introduce you all to @wasimdamree_ His words and photography conjured this response "The Honour is all mine- Some people just exist around me and I acknowledge them as something similar to what I am; something that eats, sleeps, works, creates and the such like. Then there are the few around me that make me acknowledge that I am different - that I feel, react, absorb and learn and at different rates. Thank you for making me feel more connected to my spirit and to remind me of what I can do with my time here on earth. Without people like you around me, my life would feel less meaningful!! Period! I am what I am only because of you! Forever Love, Tee" @love