Buttwhip Photos & Videos

2 months ago

Excuse me do these pants make my butt look big?? 🤷‍♂️😂 #buttwhip

4 months ago

Well... Finally got to hit my ramp I built. Been a long time coming... And yes I was a tad scared. Lol. Feels so poppy unlike a dirt lip. I have to say though, it was a successful day with @andy_dibrino at #ZebraStation Andy caught on real fast. Me on the other hand felt like a fridged bitch in the air.😆One things for sure, this place is going to be amazing! #buttwhip #rampcherrypopped p/c: @jme_at_premier_gear at Milwaukie, Oregon

5 months ago

Well haven’t rode in forever so just threw these together.🤷🏻‍♂️ Need to throw my leg over a bike before too long! 🤒🔥🐢 #FCTN #turtlespeed #1lapwonder #buttwhip

5 months ago

"We live in a time of deep political uncertainty, with the emergence of right-wing populism, ultranationalism, and threats to artistic and academic freedoms. In that context, it is deeply unfortunate that the Serralves Foundation has missed an opportunity to uphold the values that should have sustained it as a home for culture, thought and freedom and chose instead to succumb to moral puritanism and social conservatism." #mapplethorpe #serralves #selfiehot #photography #buttwhip #looknow