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3 months ago

On this week’s #sciencevsboxscore we look at @joshallenqb’s deep bomb to Robert Foster in #bufvsjax (Images and charts referenced are on original blog post, link below.) The @buffalobills beat the @jaguars today, 24-21.  Despite a couple 3-7 teams getting together in late November, fans did have reason to cheer today. Late in the second quarter, the Bills faced 1st & 10 from their own 25-yard line. Rookie quarterback Josh Allen ( #17) was under center when the ball was snapped (click on image for a larger view). Rookie wide receiver Robert Foster ( #16) was lined up on the far left side of the line. The screen capture I got from the replay shows a better view of Foster, the lone wide receiver on the left side of the line (click on image for a larger view). Foster was only put on the active roster 15 days ago, but he was about to be a part of something special. Look at the pile surrounding Allen when he threw the football (click on image for a larger view). He's about to be clobbered by the Jacksonville rush. But Allen's strong arm made the play. The main part of the ball's acceleration took about 0.15 seconds, leading to an average force from Allen on the ball of roughly 15 pounds. The peak force could have reached 30 pounds. That's a quick release with a lot of force! The power Allen outputted during a very brief instant of time reached 1.5 kW, which beats a lot of microwave ovens! The ball left Allen's hand at about 53.5 mph and at angle of 25.3 degrees above the horizontal. Fleet-footed Robert Foster hit a top speed of over 21 mph in crossing the field to catch the ball near the Jacksonville 38-yard line (click on image for a larger view). Replay gave a slightly better view (click on image for a larger view). The football was rotating at about 600 rpm and landed in Foster's hands at a speed of roughly 47.3 mph, about 2.0 seconds after it left's Allen's right hand. Nobody was going to catch the rookie as he scored his first @nfl touchdown (click on image for a larger view). To get all the numbers for the trajectory of the ball, I had to solve Newton's second law equation numerically... Find out more: https://johnericgoff.blogspot.com

3 months ago

Celebrating the Bills win with my girl Maddie!!!! Go Bills!!!!! #BUFvsJAX #GoBills

3 months ago

Bills Win! Josh Allen and the Bills win their second straight game as they take down the Jaguars in a thriller from New Era. Josh Allen was fantastic in his return, highlighted by a 75 yard touchdown pass and 111 rushing yards/TD. Great win for the Bills, lets get another next week #BUFvsJAX #buffalobills #billsmafia #onebuffalo #NFL

3 months ago

It’s Bills Gameday! After a bye week the Bills return to New Era Field for a matchup against a Jaguars team that has failed to meet expectations so far this season. This game has some extra juice because of the playoff game last season, and the comments of Jags corner Jalen Ramsey against Josh Allen. Hopefully Allen can expose Ramsey today, but that will be a tall task for the young QB. Predictions: Bills: 13 / Jags: 16 Jacksonville played a good game last week against the Steelers although in a loss. This will be a tight low scoring game, but I think Jacksonville will tough it out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bills won, however. Lets Get This Dub! #BUFvsJAX #Buffalobills #billsmafia #onebuffalo #billsnations #gobills #NFL

3 months ago

I’m sure Josh Allen is eager for nexts week matchup against the Jaguars to prove Jalen Ramsey wrong. Allen has be doubted his entire life, most recently not receiving any scholarship offers in College to becoming the 7th overall pick in the NFL draft. @joshallenqb @joshallenfanpage @thebuffalofanatics @thebillsmafia @thefbanalyst #bills #billsmafia #buffalo #buffalobills #onebuffalo #nfl #byeweek #joshallen #allenszn #tall #rocketarm #athletic #jalenramsey #jacksonville #bufvsjax

6 months ago

Offseason Award 🏆Comeback Player of the Year: Nelson Agholor. - He didn’t come back from injury like most people, but he came back from the most adversity I’ve seen anyone face. After coming off two seasons collecting 59 receptions, 648 yards, and 3 touchdowns. For the past two years he was labeled a bust due to his dropping problem, which he ended up fixing this year. This lead to him having his best season so far, racking up the stats listed above. @nelsonagholor15 Reposted from @broadstreetbirds #ao1 #nflplayoffs #malcolmjenkins #alshonjeffery #bufvsjax #ganggreen #eaglesfarm #phillysports #phivsatl #beastintheeast #gobills #eaglesdraft #eaglesfam

6 months ago

Why should we be afraid of the Rams? We’re the defending SB Champs while the Rams were knocked out in the first round by the Atlanta Falcons and they had home felid advantage too. They also couldn’t close out the game against us in their home stadium last year and we had our backup Qb play the whole fourth quarter. BTW threw a touchdown with a torn ACL. 🐐 Reposted from @birdstoday #philadelphiaeagles #wentzwagon #jayajayi #eaglesfans #eaglescountry #nflplayoffs #philadelphiaeaglesjerseys #bufvsjax #nickfoles #bufvsmia #eaglesnews #eaglessoar #carvsno #eaglescamp

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Up close #BUFvsJAX playoff game shouts out to @footballchic904 for the passes and dope seats er stood down there the whole game...we could touch the field goal nets we were so close to field..we pretty much were on the field behind a barrier

8 months ago

According to NFL Network, Eagles RB Darren Sproles is “leaning towards returning” rather than retiring after an ACL and arm injury claimed his season in week three. Sproles told Ian Rapoport that he doesn’t want to go out on an injury and would rather end his career on his own terms. Jeff McLane of the Philly Inquirer is reporting that Jason Peters emphatically told media members that he WILL be playing next season and expects to be at 100%. Peters said he has not spoken to the Eagles about his spot on the team but he is under contract for the 2018 year. Peters made it clear that even if the Eagles didn’t want him back next year, he’s going to be playing football again somewhere. Peters suffered an ACL and MCL year in week seven. 🦅 #EaglesNation #FlyEaglesFly Reposted from : @eagles.world #eaglesfansonly #eaglesdraft #theydoexist #philadelphiaeaglesnewz #eagleshat #eaglestrong #gobirds #americanfootball #jayajayi #flyeaglesfly #bufvsjax #nfceast #vinnycurry