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39 minutes ago

4 years ago today all my dreams came true! Gloria always wanted to propose to me in front of the castle. This wasn’t the castle she had in mind, but it will forever be the most magical moment I’ve ever experienced! Today was hard day for me, but I’m grateful I got to spend it with my babies... 💍👑👰🏼👰🏻 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 #DisneylandProposal #FakeCastle #021815 #TwoBrides #LoveKnowsNoGender #OurFairyTale #FavoriteLoveStory #WhenYouWishUponAStar #MyFamily #BrokenButStillGood #CancerStoleMyWife #YoungWidow

10 days ago

I went to the beach (like ACTUALLY went to the beach) for the first time today since breaking my knee. I wore my brace and my crutch and my bathing suit. I made it down to the water briefly but spent most of the time sitting on my towel. A lady came over to me and asked what I had done to myself. I told her and she opened up about how she had broken both her knees 1.5 months before I broke mine. About how the degree of help she needed was humiliating. She said she felt like a fool for being scared of everything: children, getting out of bed in the morning, walking, going anywhere without a crutch/cane, driving. I told her it was okay to be scared and that I was afraid of those same things. And I was glad I could offer her some comfort. Not glad my knee broke - idk if I ever will be - but glad I could step into someone else's darkness with them and defeat the lie they are alone. #RageAgainstTheDarkness #FightOnFighter #NothingsGonnaStopMe #SlowAndSteady #SteadierEveryDay #Blessed #BISSisterhood #TheLordWorksInMysteriousWays #YouAreNotAlone #SoWorthLoving #BeautifullyBroken #BrokenButStillGood

12 days ago

This succulent was destroyed several months ago. Or so I thought. The top was accidentally whacked off somehow. I continued caring for what was left. Now this plant is growing 3 beautiful rosettes. We may be smashed to earth from time to time. But when we rise above our circumstances... in my opinion that is what makes us beautiful. Just keep moving forward. Who knows what tomorrow will look like ❤️ . . #succulents #succulent #newgrowth #brokenbutstillgood #beautiful #nature #houseplants #plantgram #plantsofinstagram

20 days ago

Who knew 8 years ago today that we would be where we are now and I wouldn’t trade Brian for anyone...except Zachary Levi, Ryan Reynolds or someone who likes to clean and wants to move to Florida! Anyways mappy Anniversary Brian!! Here’s to 999 more!! #4hourolivegardendate #ofcoursehewaslate #hetoldmehehatedpomeranians #ilikedhimanyway #thankgodhedidntlooklikefreakshow #onlinedatingisforthedesperate #andwelivedhappilyeverafter #punzieandflynn #smurfity #brokenbutstillgood #somappytogether

28 days ago

I’ll always think of you this way. Snuggled in your chair with a crossword or a magazine, with a purring cat nearby. 💖

28 days ago

Sometimes someone will post something I need to read in perfect timing. #brokenbutstillgood

1 month ago

So the last few #tbt posts have been a little lackluster, not really feeling the vibes of 'remember when this was a thing' or 'holy hell, I wore that?' Well, time to punch it up a notch. Last week, my sister-in-law (and really, lets call her my sister) @meliroq contacted me out of the blue to catch up and to give me something I really couldn't be more appreciative of. Photos of my brother and me. You see, for some time I had a nasty habit of either torching or throwing away everything when I had a massive reset in my life. That also included photos and keepsakes. So most things of my past were gone. So I can say with all certainty this was hands down the one of the best things anyone has given to me in some time. Thanks again Melissa, you really do rock! #TeamBarrett #neverboringbarretts #ohanameansfamily #brokenbutstillgood

1 month ago

My dad just turned 76 few days ago this new year 2019.. He was born in 1943. Both my elder sister n I simply call him Papa. When I was still small, I remember feeling very safe when he is around and his body was(and still is) white n soft like a hairless polar bear. He has big hands, feet and a very big heart to help others who cannot help themselves. Last year in 2018, in recognition of his lifelong contribution to charity work, he was awarded the title Datuk which is Malaysia's equivalent of British knighthood. My father was not at all 🌈 and IG picture perfect man/father..phew! I think sometimes..quite often.. we can be too obsessed with our expectation of perfection to our own detriment. My dad is 'broken' in some ways, not perfect but still good 👍. He would often say to us, don't throw it away if it can still be fixed hahaha. He never complained about the difficult life that was handed to him or the challenging times he faced. He always gave his best with what he got and made lemonade out of 🍋. To me, he RoCKS! and when I think about him..I'm proud and honoured to be his son. No doubt or question! 🙌😁 Today, with so many DC and Marvel movies, almost everyone has a fav superhero. Well, not all superheros wear a cape or have special superpowers. Their names are dad, daddy, pappy, pa, papi, aba, bokap etc. Regardless of their past, dead or alive; Honour them your own way. Cheers 😉 #mydad #brokenbutstillgood #dadmyhero💙

2 months ago

I spent the last week of 2018 in Brazil, ending not only a calendar year but a major chapter of my life involving pain, confusion, and wonder. Like many families, mine is broken. Has been for a while. But for the first time in my life, I was give the opportunity to meet my paternal grandfather and, at least in my own heart, allow true healing to take place so as to move forward with life in a powerful and intentional way. The last truly is not meant to control or confine us, but to allow us to learn, strengthen, and grow. Dealing with issues of family history is never easy, but is so incredibly important. I now know that I am not defined by my past or my family’s past. I can move forward, and so can the rest of us if we choose, to live life (as it were) from square one but on a higher plain. I gained new family members this past week. And I spent precious quality time with others that I have known for years but have seldom had the chance to hang out with. And the added blessing of seeing my friend @brunnograngeiro! So yes, I am tired and feel a little ragged from the ten or more hour travel days that seemed to happen every other day, but it was sooooo incredibly worth every moment. My heart is truly full. - - - - #healingfromhistory #familyhistory #breakingthecycle #breakingfamilycurses #healingjourney #hearthealing #brokenbutstillgood #love #familylove #secondchances #qualitytime #travel #brazil #braziliangirl #movingforward #godisgood #forgiveness #forgivenessisfreedom

2 months ago

These two pictures were taken within moments of each other. This pair of cottonwood trees are about a thousand feet apart and have grown next to the same irrigation ditch. They may even be about the same age. The first caught my eye because it was framed so beautifully against the sunset. While not perfect, its limbs and branches are well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing. It appears to be well cared for. As I turned away from the first tree and continued my walk, I noticed the second tree. It is far from visually perfect, with broken limbs and sparse branches. Perhaps a disease had inflicted it in the past. Maybe an inexperienced hand tried to prune it, with devastating effect. But, I saw beauty in its character and story. As I have reflected on this, I drew a comparison to our human condition. Some of us have lives which are visually appealing and appear nearly perfect to others, framed against a stunning background. In contrast, some of us have lives which are visually flawed, allowing others to see the scars and broken pieces against a drab setting. Both of those trees can provide shade on a hot day. Both can be shelter for birds and other wildlife. Both can bloom in the spring and produce the seeds of the next generation. Green leaves will turn gorgeous gold in the fall, to be gathered in piles to jump in, collected for fall decorations, or even turned into mulch to nourish the ground. Whether our lives appear flawed or perfect to others, we all have the ability to fill the measure of our creation. To love others and lift them. To teach the rising generation. To nurture the world around us. Broken pieces or not. #Inspiration #LifeIsBeautiful #BrokenButStillGood #LookDeeper #LDS #LoveOneAnother #ShareGoodness #HisDay

2 months ago

With everything that has happened within the last forty eight hours, this is something I am struggling to remind myself. I am unfortunately not returning to work as soon as I had hoped. I am to do three months of light duty while working with PT. I have absolutely zero strength, which is something required for my job. While I agree with the decision, it just had me bummed and frustrated. The PT eval kicked my behind today, which just shows me how how much my body is still healing from this surgery. I’ve came along way since surgery and I’ve got an even longer journey ahead of me but, I know I can do this 💪 It just seems so daunting at times. I appreciate all my family and friends who’ve been with me every step of the way and my boss who’s given me such kind words! I just wish I could heal faster! 😩😭 #womenwhohavepectusexcavatum #nussprocedurerecovery #roadtorecovery #healing #surgery #pectusexcavatum #overcomer #overcomeobstacles #overcometheodds #brokenbutstillgood #staymotivated #stayfocused #ontrack #patience #pttime #physicaltherapy #lightduty #sixmonthsoffwork #missworkingasaPCA #frustration #babysteps #slowandsteady #icandothis #iwilldothis #keeppushingforward #mytherapistisgonnakickmybootay 😂 #imalreadysore at Cincinnati

3 months ago

Tonight we had a little Christmas disaster...our big Attila tripped and fell into a table that held my Genny’s ceramic Santa and sleigh 😭😭I sobbed, I mean I really took it hard. All I could see was the shattered glass. I remember my grandmother decorating with it at her house and I always loved getting to put it out in mine. Well after Ryan put me back together, we cleaned up the mess and I started collecting the pieces. Y’all, Gorilla glue is no joke! I actually ended up only losing one reindeer. Santa and his sleigh will be proudly displayed in a much higher location from now on, a little broken but still good🐶 #thedogwhobrokechristmas #stilllovemyTilly #brokenbutstillgood #yeahstillgood #santa #mygennysdecorations #kidsbreakeverything #thoughtthecatwassupposedtobreakchristmas #attila #clumsypup #allbetternow at Fultondale, Alabama

3 months ago

Before the day is through, I wanted to wish the man who made me and kinda raised me a very #HappyBirthday Where ever you may be Dad, ia manuia lava lou aso soifua! I know we haven't talked in years and that I'm not the son you wanted despite your every effort and beating. And I know you left us because you wanted a stronger legacy and family but I still think of you and pray for you. Tonight's #Drag look is a #Traditional #Samoan #Puletasi #MadeByMe and I'm wearing it to honor my #Utaileuo #Toomalatai side #Proud #Faafafine #Drag #DragQueen #InstaDrag #InstaQueen #Cheewhoo #ThisIsMe #BrokenButStillGood at Lips - San Diego

3 months ago

So there’s someone who thinks I am pretty great, even though I’m a train wreck. Someone who has faith in me even when I have no fucking clue what I’m doing. Someone who sees the chaotic shit show that my life can be but still wants in on this circus. I was busy dwelling on the past. I let myself fall apart. Once I started to focus on myself, I finally saw what was right in front of me. Im glad we are friends I’m glad I took a chance. I’m glad that you’re in my life. ❤️❤️ #whenyouleastexpectit #soworthyoflove #didntseethatcoming #brokenbutstillgood #babyimworthit #romanticatheart #dowegetacouplename #myboothang #shitdidwejustgopublic

3 months ago

So Friday was actually pretty great! Spent some time with my grandpa Ray, bro'd down with Elliot and then....i hung out with my dad!!! Yup you read that right!!! After over a year i got to see my dad!! My sisters are getting SO big! He was SO happy to see me he started crying. I've only ever seen him cry twice! Hopefully this is the start of us getting our relationship back🤞🏼🤞🏼 #brokenfamiliessuck #whatsbrokencanstillbefixed #mendingwounds #everygirlsneedsherdad #daddysgirl #mybestfriend #growingup #healingoldwounds #brokenbutstillgood #brokenhome #TheBlackDahliaMurder #cute #goth #punkass #greenhairstilldontcare #girlswithpiercings #halloween365 #anewchapter #takingbigsteps

3 months ago

I know everyone says this. Every year this starts. But I am so ready to keep this change going. This last year, I’ve gotten real with myself and I’ve taken care of myself mentally. This has made the biggest change in my life. I’ve learned that I was never going to get better physically while I was falling apart mentally. I am so much better than I was when this year started. I’m not perfect but I know what I need to do to be better. And that’s all I want to be happy & better than I was yesterday... #igotthis #babyimworthit #brokenbutstillgood #refocusyourfocus #operationjuggernaut

3 months ago

To anyone that's been wanting to say I Told You So, you may now do so. Jeffrey's narcissistic ways have ended us for good. I guess this is what i deserve for trying to be happy🤷🏽‍♀️ #whydoiattractnarcissists #narcissistsareoverrated #toogoodforthatshit #iamnotadoormat #emotionalabusesurvivor #mentalabuseisstillabuse #theydontloveyouiftheyabuseyou #scarsonmyheart #GoneGoneGoodbye #brokenbutstillgood #brokenbutstillgood #iamworthy #iamenough #iamworthit #youhavenopowerhere

3 months ago

So there’s someone who may just love me. Someone who knows my flaws yet sees my beauty. Someone who knows my temper & rage yet sees my compassion & kindness. Someone who see how broken I am yet stands by to put the pieces back together. Someone who accepts the flaming train wreck that I can be because they know I can be fucking magical... I think I’m pretty fucking lucky... #babyimworthit #romanticatheart #ithinkyoulikeme #youthinkimpretty #brokenbutstillgood #quietmydemons #mytrainwrecklovesyourdumpsterfire

4 months ago

Halloween is one of those days that my kids cant wait for. They wait impatiently for it and try to be ahead and ready months in advance. Lol! We usually coordinate something as a family. But this year was a little different. They all absolutely loved their costumes tho! It was another good halloween for the books. #halloween2018 #makingmemories #doinghalloweenright #happybabies #funtimes #showemoff #mylittlefamily #weremakingit #brokenbutstillgood #everythingicando #iwilldoforthem #ilovemykids #native #nativefamilies #makeupskills